Will the Malloy administration force the New London Board of Education to hire “Dr.” Terrence Carter?

New London’s elected board of education will be meeting tonight, first behind closed doors, and then in a public meeting to decide whether or not to hire “Dr. Terrence Carter, the individual who has claimed that he had a Ph.D. for the last eight years when it turns out that the only “doctorate” he had appears to be from a diploma-mill, on-line website that explains – Pay Now, Graduate Today.

Last night, the Hartford Courant reported even more revealing and embarrassing developments surrounding “Dr.” Terrence Carter.

The Courant wrote,

A national research organization said Wednesday that Terrence P. Carter, the incoming superintendent of schools in New London, submitted a biography in 2011 that indicated he had received a Ph.D. from Stanford University, an assertion that contradicts what the embattled educator has said.

Stanford has said that Carter never attended, which Carter has acknowledged. Carter has previously told The Courant that he was not the source for either the 2011 biography or a 2008 biographical article that also indicated he had received a Ph.D. from Stanford.

Larry McQuillan, director of public affairs for the American Institutes for Research in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday emailed to The Courant what he said was “the original bio submitted by Carter.” It indicated that he held “a Ph.D., in Organizational Leadership from Stanford University.”

The institute used the biography in a “Presenter Biographies” document for a June 2-3, 2011, education conference in Rosedale, Ill.

“I don’t know where they got it from, but they did not get it from me,” Carter, 49, who has been an education administrator in Chicago for a decade, said in a telephone interview with The Courant on July 15. He said that a request for information “was submitted to my secretary” at the Academy for Urban School Leadership in Chicago, but that he had not responded personally. Ultimately, Carter did not attend the conference.
Efforts to reach Carter on Wednesday were unsuccessful.


McQuillan provided The Courant with a string of emails from May 2011 — which included an attachment containing the bio that McQuillan said that Carter sent. The string also included a note from Carter: “Here it is…sorry for the delay! Terrence P. Carter, Ph.D.”

As observers now know, over the past eight years, “Dr.” Terrence Carter has been listed as having a doctorate from Stanford University, a doctorate from a non-existent program run by Stanford University and Oxford University and a doctorate from Lesley University.

But he was never enrolled at Stanford, Oxford and is only now (apparently) getting his Ph.D. from Lesley University in Boston.
In a related story yesterday, the Hartford Courant also revealed that “Dr.” Terrence Carter demanded that people call him “Dr.” despite the fact that his only doctorate appears to have been from a mail-order website.

As the Courant explained,

It is clear from public records that Carter made formal mention of his unaccredited doctorate while he was principal of Clara Barton Elementary School in the Chicago public school system.

Illinois State Board of Education teacher service records show that for Carter’s first three years at Barton school, he had a Master’s. The state records list a “doctorate” – with a notation that it was obtained “Outside U.S.A.” – for the first time in the 2008-09 school year.

Over a two year period, his pay jumped from $133,203 with a Master’s in 2007-08, to $142,128 with a doctorate in 2009-10. In the middle year, 2008-2009, the first year that a doctorate is listed, his pay dipped by $369 to $132,834. It’s unclear why the unaccredited doctorate, which Carter said he received in 1996, appeared for the first time in that year. Attempts to reach Chicago Public School officials have been unsuccessful.

A onetime Chicago teacher also said that Carter required staff and students to refer to him as “Dr.” from his start at Barton in 2005. Barton Elementary’s letterhead stationery also listed him at “Terrence P. Carter, Ph.D., Principal.”

“He wanted to make sure you called him Dr. Carter. Don’t call him mister, you better call him doctor,” said Marcia Brown-Williams, a former Chicago teacher who was a delegate for the teachers union and attended meetings at Barton when Carter was there. “That was an important thing to him.”

In 2008, Carter wrote a letter on Barton school stationery to Shawn Gowder, a local school council member and parent, recounting a disagreement they’d had a month earlier in which he had said: “[I] ask that you address me as Dr. Carter.” He signed it “Terrence Carter, Ph.D.”

So why is someone like “Dr.” Terrence Carter still being considered for the top job in New London’s School System?

Well, last we heard from Special Master Steven Adamowski, the person who serves as Governor Malloy and Commissioner’s Pryor’s mouthpiece, was saying that there is nothing that he has seen that would suggest the New London Board shouldn’t go forward with handing New London’s schools students, parents and teachers over to Terrence Carter.


Nothing that would suggest that New London could do better than “Dr.” Terrence Carter?

One thing is absolutely certain – if Malloy, Pryor and Adamowski do not pull Carter out of contention before tonight’s vote, they and the New London Board of Education will become the laughing-stock of the nation.

The latest Hartford Courant article can be found at: http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-carter-resume-0724-20140723,0,6761650.story

You can also read more about Terrence Carter and his on-line doctorate at: Now exactly what is “Dr.” Terrence Carter’s Lexington University? or http://jonathanpelto.com/2014/07/23/now-exactly-dr-terrence-carters-lexington-university/

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  • Linda174

    Read below:

    Nobody is available for comment anymore: Pryor, Adamowski, the search firm (collected $16,000 for a lame google attempt).

    Pryor has not been available for two days and won’t be available today either says Kelly Donnelly. Where in the world is Stefan?

    Check the FUSE offices…..he may be shredding emails.


    • bamboozled teacher

      Perhaps Stefan has fled the country…

      • Mary Gallucci

        We can only hope.
        Haiti doesn’t want him, I can tell you that.

        • bamboozled teacher

          I’d love to know how the FBI is doing so far with those Pryor emails.

        • Mary Gallucci

          Well, he supposedly used a private email address, but the FBI must know that. I hope the FBI has their best code-breakers on hand when they do look at Pryor’s emails, because the acronyms of ed reformese are impenetrable!

        • jrp1900

          bamboozled teacher: I might be wrong: but I believe it is a violation of state ethics, or at least office operating procedures, to conduct state business on private email accounts. Obviously, this conduct sends the message that there is something to hide. And it can be construed as way of getting around FOI laws. Can anyone clarify the legal and ethical standards regarding email communications for state business? Just curious…

        • JMC

          Of course, too, if Pryor was foolish enough to use off-record email addresses to send emails, those addresses now appear on the receivers’ email programs. And some of the receivers are unsavory folks and may cough them up. Or turn them over to the FBI. Or leak them as they deem expedient.
          … MMM….I wonder if there’s a mail scrubbing going on at ConnCan?

        • TeacherTalk

          If they were served a subpoena duces tecum, especially from the FBI, they should have a hard time not complying. I would at least think (hope) so.

      • Linda174

        I saw him on the third flood of the FUSE building shredding with the mystery resident.

  • Martin Walsh

    As a result of their hubris, Malloy & Co. have set themselves a no-win trap. If NL rejects Carter, all eyes will be on them for recommending him in the first place. If NL approves him (which they desperately want) they think they can scapegoat the board. That won’t work either and may ultimately make them look even worse.
    By Zeus, this situation is nothing short of poetic!

    • JMC

      Not to mention that Pryor bestowed an 092 administrator certificate on Carter in June literally seconds after Carter was annointed superintendent-elect. I assume that the actual 093 superintendent certificate “coronation” was scheduled to take place immediately upon official reception Aug. 25th of the Lesley Phd.

      • Mary Gallucci

        Degrees-R-Us; questionable graduate programs that demand little class time (or, as Our Piece of the Pie says, “time in the seat” as if that is a bad thing!)–how could Carter have attended graduate seminars? hand in several papers? write a dissertation, cough, cough?–I guess a “drive-by” superintendent’s certificate is the logical outcome. hashtag: thanks stefan…. lord and master of Connecticut’s Edu-stablishment. He’ll close the “achievement gap” by dragging us all into the gutter of credit recovery and deplorable standards.
        Where are the state authorities who underwrite the integrity of our certificates and licenses? Maybe Nate Snow and Morgan Barth can sign the provisional certification, they’re all about provisional and alternative. I wonder if John Taylor got a fast-track license to be head of Booker T. Washington? Step right up, folks, it’s two-for-one day at the State Department of Education! Get your shreddable paperwork today!

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  • Linda174

    Carter blames his secretary, Chicago and the AUSL connection.

    Must read:


    • Mary Gallucci

      How dare he blame his secretary! Is this the one he chastised for not hailing him with the title of Doctor?
      New London, take note. Carter does not treat his administrative staff with dignity and respect–and he plays the blame game.

      • jrp1900

        Whatever happened to “no excuses”?

        • JMC

          Accountability is for the “little people”.

      • Martin Walsh

        Fits right in with Malloy & Co.

  • jrp1900

    Someone pinch me–I must be dreaming! With what is now known about Terrence Carter’s deceptions, how can there be any doubt at all that he is unfit for the position of superintendent? These facts are clear. He bought the title of Phd from an online company which specializes in selling fraudulent academic credentials. Mr. Carter then made use of his phony doctorate to gain respect and recognition from his peers and from those he supervised. It’s also possible that the fake title led to financial benefits. And finally, Mr. Carter claimed that he earned his degree from Stanford University. There are other inconsistencies in Mr. Carter’s stories. And his history of bankruptcies is also meaningful. But his misrepresentation of himself as a Stanford graduate should be sufficient to disqualify his candidacy for superintendent of New London. Mr. Carter’s actions are an affront to academic ethics–the right to use a title comes from hard work and commitment, not from sending $200 to a shady bunch of people with a PO Box address in exchange for some fake documents. If Mr. Carter knows this then he should not be employed because he is willfully disregarding ethical standards. And if he does not know the difference between merit and deceit, then he should not be employed because he is too ignorant.
    Mr. Carter obviously has very little sense of how the world views him. A presenter biography at a conference lists him as a Stanford graduate, and Mr. Carter says: “I don’t know where they got that from, but they did not get it from me.” Come on Terrence, don’t insult the public’s intelligence: of course they got it from you; where else would they get it? Are you seriously claiming that Conference organizers just make up stuff about the people they invite to speak at their proceedings? I mean does someone say, “hey I can’t find the bio for Terry Carter. Let’s just say he went to Stanford”? No, it does not happen like that. In order for the conference organizers to say that you went to Stanford, you had to tell them that you went to Stanford. And indeed that was the case: Mr. Carter (not his secretary) was the one who submitted the bio, and, unless Mr. Carter is a delusional schizophrenic, it’s not to be believed that he wrote down Stanford as his alma mater, and then forgot that he had done so. Mark Twain said that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public. But I’m sure Twain would agree that the public is not so stupid that it will swallow anything. Terrence Carter should just admit to lies and take what is coming.
    Special Master Adamowski reveals what really matters to him (and his fellow reformers) when he says that Carter is still a suitable candidate for the position of Superintendent. As Jon Pelto says, the Special Master is saying that we cannot do better for the children of the New London or that we do not have to do better: Terrence Carter (warts and all) is good enough. This is outrageous. It’s hard to imagine that Terrence Carter would be made a superintendent in, say, Darien, after the string of embarrassing revelations. The very fact that his name is still being considered in New London is proof positive that rich and poor school districts in CT are treated in grossly unequal terms. Adamowski is sending the message that ethics and academics don’t really matter in places like New London: what is wanted there is “good management” and “no excuses discipline” and other such dogmas of the corporate reformers. Adamowski is all for holding teachers and students “accountable”; but he does not seem concerned to hold Terrence Carter accountable for his many obvious lies. Terrence Carter is a true believer in reform and so he is the right man for the job. We will have to see if the New London BOE has the courage to do the right thing and stand by ethical principles.

    • bamboozled teacher

      Every teacher in the state must go above and beyond just to keep their cert up, while this scab is about to be anointed as a superintendent, despite having zero professional ethics.
      The reality of this situation looks more like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Excellent comment! I do hope that the New London BoE reads it–and re-reads it!
      I find it mind-boggling that there is any doubt about the outcome of a vote on Carter tonight. At the very least, the New London BoE–which now apparently has some of its autonomy back, since Pryor and Adamowski keep declaring publicly that they have not made this decision for NL–should say, we did not have all the facts. We need to go review Carter’s application and references; we need to look at our next four candidates and dig more deeply–the other candidates were not fairly assessed given the questions surrounding Carter’s resume.

      I do think that the “search firm” was utterly useless–and the NL BoE should never have agreed to any search firm. These are your children you are educating, in your community! Do the work yourself, then you won’t be in for any nasty surprises.
      What everyone is missing about the head-hunter consulting firm is the point that no firm can or should be doing *all* the work (that said, this guy should never have
      passed their muster). The New London BoE was supposed to look closely at the top candidates, at their careers and claims. The search committee should have had specific questions; if they didn’t know about Terrence Carter’s phony claims to a doctorate, the BoE surely could have looked at the district data on Barton and seen how under-whelming Carter’s impact there was. They should also have been *very* concerned with his lack of experience –the man is not qualified to be a superintendent, even with a Lesley Ph.D.! Wake up and stop believing in the slogans and self-promotion in the application materials!
      Talk about taking the easy way out!
      It is the laziness and cowardice of Boards of ed that result in stuff like this. So the candidate brags about gap-closing and rigorous assessments and data-driven nonsense; it is galling that such things enthrall the BoE, Adamowski, and the Commissioner!

    • Mary Gallucci

      I want to emphasize that this is the time for the elected Board of Education in New London to stand up–for the children (first and foremost), for the principles of education, and for democracy. Neither Pryor nor Adamowski was elected–they are now running for cover–seize the moment, and take your schools back! But be on notice that the state, and possibly the nation, is watching, so do the right thing and stop believing in quick fixes, all-magnetized districts, and other nonsense. Stand up to the state which is stiffing your children educational cost sharing dollars, and forcing you instead to receive money with strings attached.
      And while you’re at it, declare a moratorium on the common core and the standardized testing-tyranny. The children deserve better.

      • JMC

        Bravo JRP and Mary G.! Nobody says it better!

  • Linda174

    Charter schools and the subprime mortgage disaster:


  • brutus2011

    “We need a great teacher in every classroom!”

    “Its the teachers fault!”

    Sharpe and Clark have probably said these words many times …

    • Linda174

      “Great” teacher equals young, new, compliant, no pension, no due process rights, leave within five years, cheap. Churn churn churn.

  • WEP

    Fake-Dr. Carter should be (and maybe will be) charged with fraud for obtaining raises based upon fraudulent credentials. Malloy loses more votes by backing yet another crook. New London had better wake up. Is someone in New London benefiting $$ financially $$ by continuing to press for the appointment of a criminal to serve as superintendent of New London schools? Surely, there are members of the New London Bd of Ed who don’t want their “Aye” vote connected with a crook? Can’t a BOE member who knowingly votes for a crook be sued later for dereliction of duty?