State Seeks “Dr.” Terrence Carter’s Withdrawal

From the Hartford Courant’s Jon Lender and Kathy Megan;

State Seeks Carter’s Withdrawal As Incoming School Chief After Doubts About Use Of ‘Ph.D.’

The state Department of Education asked Terrence P. Carter to withdraw from consideration Thursday as superintendent of schools for New London – after a week of damaging disclosures that he used the titles of Ph.D. and Dr. for at least five years without holding an accredited degree.

“On behalf of the Department, Special Master [Steven] Adamowski has asked for his withdrawal. At the request of the Commissioner, the Special Master is participating in ongoing conversations with the local board regarding this evolving situation and potential next steps,” said education department spokeswoman Kelly Donnelly.

There was no answer yet from Carter as of 2:45 p.m.The message was delivered to Carter only hours before a scheduled 5 p.m. meeting in New London at which the local Board of Education planned to grill him over what he has said, or not said, about his education credentials.

The board had planned to question him behind closed doors before considering whether to approve a contract for Carter to take over the city’s troubled school system on Aug. 1.

The state holds more sway in this local hiring decision than it typically does with municipalities. That’s because the low performance of the New London schools brought about the decision by the state education department, more than a year ago, to install a “special master.” Adamowski, the former Hartford schools superintendent, oversees the system.

The New London school board asked state Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor to interview Carter last month after it voted to select him after a national search. However, no contract was yet approved.

The request for him to withdraw came the day after The Courant reported that a national research organization said Carter submitted a biography in 2011 that indicated he had received a Ph.D. from Stanford University, an assertion that contradicts what the embattled educator has said.

Stanford has said that Carter never attended, which Carter has acknowledged. Carter has previously told The Courant that he was not the source for either the 2011 biography or a 2008 biographical article that also indicated he had received a Ph.D. from Stanford.

Larry McQuillan, director of public affairs for the American Institutes for Research in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday emailed to The Courant what he said was “the original bio submitted by Carter.” It indicated that he held “a Ph.D., in Organizational Leadership from Stanford University.” The institute used the biography in a “Presenter Biographies” document for a June 2-3, 2011, education conference in Rosedale, Ill.

That story was the latest in a series that began last Friday with a Courant report revealing that Carter has been calling himself “Dr.” and “Ph.D.” for more than five years on the basis of what he described as a degree from an unaccredited university — Lexington University, for which no campus address can be found, and which offers no website for online instruction.

The Courant found more than a dozen documents listing him as a Dr. or Ph.D. Carter first said that he had earned a doctorate in theology in 1996 from an unaccredited school called Hamersfield University in London. Educators in London told The Courant that they never heard of it, and, when pressed for more information two days later, Carter emailed a copy of a transcript from Lexington University. Hamersfield has changed its name to Lexington since he attended, he said.

The Lexington University transcript indicated that Carter received an A in each of 45 graduate courses on the way to a Ph.D. However, the transcript says that the degree was in Human Resource Management and Organizational Learning, not theology. The Courant was unable to locate a school by either the name Hamersfield or Lexington.

There is a website headed “Lexington University,” which advertises for people to obtain their degrees at prices of up to several hundred dollars but doesn’t include working links that allow enrollment. It was unclear if that website is connected with the transcript sent by Carter — and he has declined to answer more questions about it since Thursday.

However, a cached webpage from 2002 – found via the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine” – is headed “Lexington University” and displays the same two toll-free phone numbers that are printed on the transcript that Carter provided to The Courant last week. One number has been busy since last week, and the other, a fax number, rejected an attempt to fax a document. The cached web page bears the motto “Order Now, Graduate Today!”

Carter completed requirements in late May for a Ph.D. in education from an accredited school, Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass., and is scheduled to receive the degree on Aug. 25. He and some New London school officials say he has the right to call himself “Dr.” since he completed the degree requirements in May.

The full Courant story can be found at:,0,7482548.story

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  • buygoldandprosper

    No doubt Dan and Stefan have arranged a severance package…
    It would be their style, for sure! Maybe even a pension too.
    Better yet, have the Neag school issue him a couple of credentials…

  • JMC

    “On behalf of the Department…” Keep that name Stefan Pryor out of the announcement at all costs! Send out the valiant spokeswoman/flak Kelly Donnely to hold up the shield while the he-men Adamowski and Pryor cower and cringe under their desks
    . And call Adamowski “Special Master” -keep that name off the page!

  • Martin Walsh

    NL must have refused to go along with the plan. Pryor and Adamowski got some ‘splainin’ to do regarding their original recommendation. Can’t wait to hear it.

    • Linda174

      Stefan has disappeared…not available two days ago, yesterday and today. Where in the world is Stefan?

      • JMC

        Hiding in Kelly Donnelly’s purse!

  • Linda174

    Check out the comments on the Courant….readers get it….Pryor and Adamowski are the ring leaders here….A fish rots from the head down.

    Accountability for the BIG BOYS and NO EXCUSES Stefan and Steven!

  • buygoldandprosper

    Malloy continues his war on the indigenous people of Connecticut.

    Ah begorrah! Thank the Lord the Hibernians do not have to trace their parentage too far back…that might prove a bit problematic for some.

  • buygoldandprosper

    QUICK!! Some state “loans” for those misogynist ticket scalpers!

    “South Windsor sports and entertainment ticket vendor TicketNetwork will pay $750,000 to settle allegations it violated trade and consumer protection laws, the state’s attorney general and consumer protection officials announced.”
    Some say you can be defined by the people you lend money to…

  • Magister

    A “national search,” and this is the best candidate they came up with? Please…

    • Linda174

      There was no search. He was selected via the Chicago cabal with Arne, Stefan, Steven et al huddling. They needed someone to follow their orders.

      Here’s his great claim to fame with the AUSL, a spinaround acronym meant to destroy neighborhood schools:

  • sharewhut

    Pandering Dan,Steph, and Steve now asking for him to withdraw… meanwhile Dan got this out of the way until after election..

    School funding lawsuit trial postponed

  • TrueEdReformer

    Hi Jonathon. I know this is in the wrong post but I was curious if you saw how the Mansfield Sup was put on admin leave for irregular travel and reimbursement expenses. I am a faithful follower of yours, so I am using your same logic here that you used for charter schools. FUSE had some sketchy unethical leadership and funding practice and you said we should get rid of charter schools in CT because of that. That FUSE was an example of how charters aren’t working, so I am to assume that we should get rid of all CT public schools because I am using Mansfield as an example and representation for all public schools. Isn’t that a fair argument?

    • truthsayer

      Pretty idiotic logic if you ask me, but typical, I suppose, of the now frantic charter school advocates.

    • Guest

      The warrant for your claim is faulty, a false analogy, leading to a very weak claim.

    • sharewhut

      This showed that the checks involved in public school administrations work, there are always stories of this type of misuse being caught. In the whole privatized school establishment these checks are not present, with no real accountability for the extra millions being poured in.
      Mansfield took someone in central office matching receipts, it’ll take the feds having got there in time to save some of the shredding to shed any light on what ‘Dr.’ Sharpe may have got away with.

      • TrueEdReformer

        Sharewhut…first off what checks and balances are you talking about because it is not like the Mansfield board caught this right away.

        Bamboozled Teacher…No I am not Jennifer A

        Truth sayer…how is this idiotic? It is idiotic for people to project the actions of one unethical man on the entire charter school movement. Just like how I am not going to project the actions of the Mansfield sup on the entire school system of Mansfield, or how one teacher sexual misconduct with students I will not project those actions on that entire school, etc.. There are poor public schools and great public schools. There are poor charter schools and great charter schools. There are public officials who steal money and there are charter officials that steal money. I think it is pretty idiotic logic to use the actions of one to represent the entire group.

        Guest…see my comment to truth sayer

        Bill Smidders…no I am not Steve Perry and thank god I am not.

        • Linda174

          Does he have a free apartment, a shredder and a Mercedes too?

        • Guest

          Sounds like you are suggesting that “Jonathon” used “the actions of one to represent the entire group.” This would be another faulty warrant on which to base your claim. In addition, both of your claims lack evidence.

        • sharewhut

          No, I meant checks. Balances come in to prevent one entity from overstepping their authority and encroaching on another’s territory. This was an accounting check per custom that found potential misuse. System working as intended. Which make it tougher for common public employees of any standing to get away with even a few grand. As far as I can see he put down some things that weren’t approved with no attempt to obscure the expense.
          This opposed to the FBI needing warrants to bust into his office in an attempt to save supposedly protected public documents from the shredder. No accountability for the public millions poured into these operators’ companies? No need to fake expenses, or any costs. Just say you need more money and it will come.
          And no need to be vetted like a public school commish, just print out a degree and fake some qualifications and the ATM starts spitting.

    • Billy Smidders

      Perry being Perry

    • bamboozled teacher

      Jennifer A… is that you?

    • Mary Gallucci

      I don’t believe that the Mansfield Superintendent was placed on any kind of leave. He had to reimburse the District for overbilling on travel expenses.
      While there are questions regarding the use of travel funds, the issue has been properly investigated by the Board of Ed, which shared its findings with the Town Council. I don’t know all the details, but it seems that this was done prudently and the parties were satisfied that an investigation was done and a new policy put in place.
      The above was possible because superintendents of public schools are subject to public scrutiny and must answer to the public. There is absolutely no comparison to FUSE, which, although charter schools are, by CT state law, “public agencies,” has declared itself beyond the reach of public scrutiny and FOIA laws. “Sketchy unethical leadership and funding practice” is not the same thing as *perhaps* charging for every mile outside of Mansfield that this super ever drove for meetings. The FBI is not serving warrants for some double-billing of parking fees.
      Your entire post is an exercise in extremely faulty logic–if not willful obfuscation.

      • Mary Gallucci

        So the evening paper reports that the super of Mansfield is being placed on paid administrative leave (wonder if he still gets mileage reimbursements?). It is rather hard to believe that in one year he ran up $30K+ of extra mileage… and that, so far this year, he’s billed $10K+. This is a man who has worked in the same system for over 30 years.
        I think it is such an indictment of the high-octane corporate values that have taken hold of public education. Start the bonus and merit culture, the cut-throat competitive culture, and that’s it–you just drag it all onto the most vulgar level.
        An investigation is ongoing. The Mayor and Town council are allowing the School board to monitor the audit (by an outside firm), without undue carping and interference, which would never happen in my town! Everyone’s got something to say about all aspects of the schools and the BoE, alas.
        Maybe that super needs a hybrid. Or he can bike to work, there you go!
        For anyone who thinks this is at all comparable to charter schools which operate in the twilight zone of their own making, concealing just about everything about day-to-day operations, they’re just willfully ignorant.

    • JJ Thorpe

      Ha! Thanks, I finally feel like someone else here understands there is nuance to the reform debate. I’m tired of the “charters bad, no matter what” blanket statements.

  • guest

    Carter smells money. Pryor in hiding. NLBOE heads on platter. Adamowski side dish on platter. Emperor with no clothes SILENT.
    Taxpayers held hostage. And its all for the children.

  • Linda174

    Terrence brought a pr firm with him too. See here

    New Londoners are reporting the CEO, Roxanne, was with Carter at the NLBOE meeting

    Push Marketing: What we do

    No matter what your needs, PUSH Marketing Group (PMG) can help you build successful media solutions for your professional and personal life. PMG specializes in multimedia content development, video production and marketing strategies to help you grow your business, expand your audiences, and rebrand your professional life.

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    Our client list includes a broad range of professionals from the corporate and nonprofit industries, as well as students and small business owners. We tailor our services to fit your needs.

    • JMC

      I hope Roxanne and the attorney got paid for their work tonight in cash, in advance!

  • Linda174

    From Push Marketing, Carter’s PR firm:

    The central question in this media frenzy is whether Carter, ever fibbed about his Ph.D. credentials, or used the title before he completed his coursework. (Though, it should be noted that a Ph.D. was not a requirement for the Superintendent’s position.) And further, none of the stories have provided any documents to prove beyond question that Carter himself has ever falsified his resume, any professional documents or misrepresented his credentials during job interviews.

    Just a fib?

    • Mary Gallucci

      Well, there are a few more “fibs” here, like when Carter says the “university” where he got the first Ph.D. (he doesn’t name it!) “lost” its accreditation and has “since shut down.” So he is claiming that it once had accreditation! He also says he hasn’t used the “dr” title for the last decade–just ask his secretary.
      Carter is turning this issue into one about whether he lied to the NL BoE on his resume (and I do hope that the NL BoE is calling every former employer–although a few have gone belly-up, like Baan; hmm, I guess there’s no way to check on that, just like there’s no way to check on the Theology/Human Resources/fill-in-the-blank Ph.D. he got) and calling Chicago, too. It’s all the fault of someone else that Carter is listed as Ph.D. or called Dr.–even on tax forms! I hate it when that happens, don’t you?
      Carter also has a new story about how he got into teaching. The sabbatical from the corporate world to do substitute teaching has morphed into a life- and career-change prompted by a love of teaching.
      But these are just fibs, mere quibbles!

      • Mary Gallucci

        Terrence Carter likes to “innovate” even in his own life! I like how he says that, because he did not mislead on the resume he submitted to New London, it doesn’t matter if he has done so in the past.
        I can see a brand-new world of legal defenses resulting from such a stance! Hypothetical case: a man accused of theft, for example, comes before the judge. When asked if he stole, the man says, “Your honor, it is a fact that I did not steal from you.” This statement could be multiplied throughout the courthouse, “proving” that the man was telling the truth–or that he told the truth about stealing much of the time.

        I think that the divorce lawyer and PR firm Carter is traveling with these days can make much of this line of reasoning.

    • Mary Gallucci

      So, wait–how/why/when did Carter get his certification or provisional certification in CT?
      Can we FOI Pryor for that?

  • Mary Gallucci

    Hello? What? *New* London calling?

    [New] London calling, yes, I was there, too
    An’ you know what they said? Well, some of it was true!
    [New] London calling at the top of the dial
    After all this, won’t you give me a smile?
    [New] London calling

    • Martin Walsh

      New London stalling, Carter wears a frown
      War is declared, will it bring Pryor down?
      New London stalling; where’re the Overlords?
      Dan, Stefan and Steven we thought YOU controlled the boards.

      November is coming, chances wearing thin
      meltdown expected, Danny’s done in
      Pelto’s star rising let’s all give a cheer
      ’cause the reform movement simply doesn’t…deliver!

      Gotta love The Clash

  • jrp1900

    Having enthusiastically endorsed the candidacy of Terrence Carter when nothing was really known of him, the State now seeks his withdrawal from the applicant pool for New London superintendent. Just a few days ago, Mr. Terrence Carter was the right man for the job: he had the right pedigree and he was “highly-touted” by those who ought to know. I am not talking of his experience in the classroom, or his skills as a school administrator. His pedigree is simply a matter of moving through the right reform circles in the dismal city of sin that is Chicago. He was touted by people who move in the same circles.

    In the 1970’s, economists at the University of Chicago (the so-called “Chicago boys”) lent their (supposed) expertise to governments around the world, but most notoriously in General Pinochet’s Chile. The advice of the Chicago boys proved disastrous: living standards collapsed, life expectancy went down, social services were slashed, unemployment rose. But in the midst of all this social devastation, inflation went down and the rich got richer. The Chicago Boys were very big on privatization.

    Now the “thinking” of the Chicago Boys has reached “the education industry.” This is the cesspool of intellectual vacuity and crass opportunism in which Terrence Carter arose. Carter was a “success” in Chicago because he was carrying out the philosophy of the Chicago Boys, as applied to school turnarounds and the like. I bet his “reforms” were just great for educational consultants and educational technology services and other carpetbaggers, but they did very little, if nothing, for actual children in classrooms. Terrence Carter is a fraud not only because he does not yet have a PhD. He is a fraud because he subscribes to a spurious approach to education. In this regard, his siblings in fraud are Paul Vallas, Steven Adamowski, Stefan Pryor, Dacia Toll, Jennifer Alexander and all the other movers and shakers in the corporate reform movement.

    Steven Adamowski does have a PhD, but he has no more expertise than Terrence Carter when it comes to dealing with the human dramas of the classroom. Bear in mind that Steve Perry is also a “Dr.” ; but you only have to read one of his stupid tweets to know that the man is fundamentally uneducated. In other words, it’s a scandal that some people claim doctorates that they haven’t earned. But it’s also a scandal that some utterly clueless people have PhD’s to their name. What is going on in some of the education depts in universities across the US?

    Pryor and Adamowski have wisely decided that Carter is too much baggage to carry, so they have asked him to step aside. Amazingly, Carter wants to fight on. He somehow thinks that he has a right to the position, even when it’s clear that he has a history of lying and hustling. Now I am all for people forgiving themselves for their past sins, but your self-forgiveness is only genuine when you acknowledge the depth of your failing, and that you might have hurt people by deceiving them. But Terrence Carter wants to have his cake and eat it: he wants to forgive himself WITHOUT truly acknowledging his past indiscretions. This is like being a judge and jury in your own case. It does not say much for Mr. Carter’s maturity or ethical character that he cannot understand this elementary principle. I would not have someone of such poor moral vision in charge of impressionable children.

    Terrence Carter, it’s time to man-up and face reality. You lied. You were caught. You have no recourse in law. New London is under no obligation to offer you the position of superintendent. Save yourself the embarrassment of more exposure. Save yourself some money by not paying lawyer’s fees. Give it up, sir. Just move on! I’m sure there is some place out there that is desperate to have onboard another true believer in corporate school reform. Maybe your best bet is to return to Chicago…?

  • Mary Gallucci

    Let’s give Dr-in-waiting Terrence Carter credit where credit is due.
    Glancing over the document compiled by McPherson and Jacobson (MacnJake for short), Carter listed his accomplishments after “15 years of leadership experience in education and corporate America” (I am not sure where the other 12 or so years were spent, since he includes a lot of internships, traineeships, and substitute teaching–leadership???–in this count). What jumps out at me is (and these bullet points are lifted verbatim from the doc linked in this story):,0,6040752.story
    • Responsible for Innovate approaches to increase student outcomes:
    ~ Middle school students started school one hour later
    ~ Created a high school where students:
    Focus on hardcore STEAM skills […]
    ~ He had teachers’ desks removed from the classrooms, to
    create more space and encourage more active instruction.
    Of these “innovate” strategies, removing teachers’ desks is quite a novelty to me. I am trying to figure out how the later start to the day is innovative and able to increase student outcomes…. every principal in CT will likely jump on this one, if merely declaring that one has changed the start time is equated with any improvement.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Some more innovations from Carter (isn’t parallel structure a fundamental of resume writing? Can’t MacnJake get that right?):

      • Data based decision-making is firmly entrenched by him in all of his Chicago schools.
      • Has served as an excellent mentor for many Chicago principals.
      Strong advocate for National Board testing

    • Mary Gallucci

      Now, this is interesting. D. Lang, called Carter’s supervisor on his application and one of his referees, said this in an interview–it really tells one a lot about Chicago Turnarounds:

      “AUSL’s Debra Lang oversees Orr and two other high schools the group runs for the Chicago district. Lang says AUSL is applying what’s called the broken-windows theory. It’s a way some police try to keep the peace by focusing on low-level offenses like vandalism. Lang says the approach works for schools, too.”