Now exactly what is “Dr.” Terrence Carter’s Lexington University?

Thanks to the investigative reporting of the Hartford Courant, we learned a whole lot about Terrence Carter and the various references to his Ph.D(s).

For eight years “Dr.” Terrence Carter has claimed, implied, suggested or was introduced as having a Ph.D.

As we now know, some documents report that he got the doctorate from Stanford University in California, but it turns out that he never actually attended Stanford University.

Other documents report that he got it from a non-existing joint program between Stanford University and Oxford University in England….but he didn’t attend Oxford either.

At yet another point, “Dr.” Carter claimed he had his Ph.D. from Lesley University in Massachusetts – but turns out that wasn’t true either – although he is quoted as saying ne now is going to get that degree any day now.

But in the end, the only document he could produce for the Hartford Courant was a “Ph.D.” from a place called Lexington University.

But what and where is Carter’s Lexington University.

As noted in a recent Wait, What? blog post, “Dr.” Terrence Carter – Lexington University:  Order Now, Graduate Today, there is a Lexington University.  You pay a few hundred dollars and they send you a degree and provide “lifetime” verification to potential employers.

$300 and you too can call yourself a Doctor… or for that matter… can buy almost any other degree you want.

But is this the actual Lexington University that “Dr.” Terrence Carter “graduated” from or did he find another on-line diploma mill called Lexington University?

While Special Master Steven Adamoski and the Malloy administration continue to claim there is no reason not to give “Dr.” Terrence Carter the six-figure, lucrative job as New London’s superintendent of Schools, the students, parents, teachers and taxpayers of New London (and Connecticut) at least deserve a clarification as to which Lexington University Carter received his Ph.D. form.

For starters, is “Dr.” Terrence Carter’s Lexington University the same Lexington University that was under investigation by the United States General Account Office?

If it was, there is a whole lot more explaining to be done before handing New London’s students, parents, teachers and schools over to this guy.

Just take a look at what the GAO found when its investigators looked into a diploma mill called Lexington University.

United States General Accounting Office (

November 21, 2002:

The Honorable Susan M. Collins:
Ranking Minority Member:
Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations:
Committee on Governmental Affairs:
United States Senate:

 Subject: Purchases of Degrees from Diploma Mills:

Dear Senator Collins:

This report responds to your request that we investigate issues concerning the proliferation of diploma mills, which sell bogus academic degrees based upon “life experience” or substandard or negligible academic work. Specifically, you asked that the Office of Special Investigations, acting in an undercover capacity, demonstrate how easy it is to purchase a degree from a diploma mill. You also asked us to identify and interview individuals who have purchased degrees from diploma mills and determine whether those individuals have used their bogus degrees to increase income, defraud employers, or gain positions of public trust. We briefed your office on our investigative findings. This report summarizes those findings and includes documents referenced in that briefing.


Posing as Susan M. Collins, we first contacted Degrees-R-Us to obtain information regarding the steps to follow in purchasing degrees. Following those instructions, we successfully purchased a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology dated June 13, 1975, and a Master of Science degree in Medical Technology dated June 10, 1988, in the name of Susan M. Collins. The degrees were awarded by Lexington University, a nonexistent institution purportedly located in Middletown, New York. Pursuant to Degrees-R-Us’s request, we provided the names and telephone numbers of individuals who could provide references and vouch for Ms. Collins’ job experience in biology and medical technology. However, Degrees-R-Us did not contact any of our references. We paid $1,515 to Degrees-R-Us for the “premium package” The package included two diplomas from Lexington University, honors distinctions, and a telephone degree verification service that could be accessed by potential employers wishing to verify information regarding the school transcripts and degrees purportedly conferred.

To test the degree verification service, we posed as a potential employer of Ms. Collins. An individual associated with Degrees-R-Us confirmed that Ms. Collins had been awarded a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Lexington University.

Since the investigators “purchased” the premium package, they were provided with the following:

1) Bachelor of Science in Biology, dated June 13, 1975 – diploma.

2) Transcripts for a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a GPA of 3.8.

3) Master of Science in Medical Technology, dated June 10, 1988.

4) Dean’s List Certificates for all 8 semesters on your Bachelor’s Degree.

5) Envelopes from Lexington University.


Wait, What? readers can find the full GAO report at:

In fact, there you will find the fake diplomas as well as an “Official Transcript” from Lexington University.

It is pretty impressive what a few hundred dollars will buy you.

And when all is said and done, rather than vote to hand over the keys of New London’s schools to “Dr.” Terrence Carter, the New London Board of Education should tell the Malloy Administration to back off the pressure.  Instead of saying they see no reason not to hire Carter; Malloy’s operatives should be helping the New London Board of Education to determine exactly what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to Mr. Carter’s educational background.

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  • TiredofGettingHalftheStory

    Just to be clear… to the question posed above, “But is this the actual Lexington University that “Dr.” Terrence Carter “graduated” from or did he find another on-line diploma mill called Lexington University?” Who can know for sure, however, it should be said that the toll-free phone numbers match…

  • Mary Gallucci

    A naive individual might, just might, think that a degree from “Degrees-R-Us” was comparable to a degree from the tired, old “bricks-and-mortar,” state-accredited (and perhaps world-famous) universities of this world (I am starting to wonder about Stefan Pryor’s two Ivy-League degrees), but my reservations about Terrence Carter have just increased 10-fold with the realization that this man may have incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt en route to getting his Ph.D. from Lexington University. Look, even a Ph.D. should set you back only $300!
    Perhaps he is just as much a victim of fraud as we in Connecticut are.

    • JMC

      Must be the “Son” who answered the phone. That’s an old dodge, too.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Could I get fries and a Coke with that degree?
    It is ALMOST as good as Dan and his claims of being a “seasoned” prosecutor after two years in Brooklyn.

    • Mary Gallucci

      You’d have to pay for those fries and cokes.

  • Guest

    This twisted tale just goes on and on and on!

  • Bronx

    Degrees from a Cracker Jack box>>>>>>>>>> Degrees from Lexington University

    • Mary Gallucci

      How dare you impugn the name of my favorite candy-coated-popcorn!
      I wonder if the “R-us” tag is not under copyright?

  • jrp1900

    One thing is clear in all this: Terrence Carter is too stupid to be a Superintendent. He should have known that claiming an academic credential that you actually bought is bound to be discovered once you decide on remaining in education!! Earth to Mr. Carter: there is this little invention called the Internet which allows people to track an individual’s past. It’s impossible to keep secret things that are already a matter of public record. If Mr. Carter is too dull to recognize that his lies had no chance of succeeding, I doubt he has the intellectual moxie to lead the good children of New London over the rainbow. BTW, I think he might have gone further with his deception if he hadn’t been so greedy. Why claim Oxford AND Stanford?? Even moderately brilliant people (LOL) don’t get to go to all the “great schools.” Mr. Carter obviously has delusions of grandeur, mixed in with a strong element of insecurity. Academics who insist on being called “Dr.” often display this paradoxical character: aggressively arrogant, but also anxiously fragile. It’s also possible that Terrence Carter bought his academic title because it all too easy to pass it off as real and he was too damn lazy to do real doctoral work. Now how is this man going to talk to New London students about commitment and integrity as educational and life virtues? My advice to Mr. Carter: renounce your candidacy and save yourself the embarrassment of being further exposed in the media.

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  • Bill Morrison

    Okay, so this is the crux of corporate education reform . . . in the future, kids will be able to purchase their high school diplomas with their allowance monies for $50.00! All they would have to do would be to successfully write a check for the full amount to Rupert Murdoch or Bill Gates. They would therefore prove that they could write and use numbers.

    • jonpelto

      Perfect solution!