Hey Look – “Dr.” Terrence Carter – went to Columbia Teachers College too…

The famous, infamous, hilarious and just plain absurd controversy surrounding Terrence Carter, the proposed new superintendent of schools in New London, just keeps getting worse and worse.

According to various resumes, articles, websites and bios, “Dr.” Terrence Carter received his Ph. D. from Stanford University, from Stanford and Oxford Universities, from Leslely University and from a university outside of the United States.

But the apparent truth is that Mr. Terrence Carter got his ‘doctorate’ from a notorious diploma mill called Lexington University – and if it is the same diploma mill that has received national news coverage – it is the one whose website explains – “Order Now, Graduate Today”

Lexington University photo


But in the latest twist, it turns out that “Dr.” Terrence Carter’s educational achievements even go beyond the institutions reported by the Hartford Courant.

In an article about his experience at Barton Elementary School in Chicago, the Chicago Catalyst, a Illinois-based media outlet wrote,

“Carter also brought in a reading and writing curriculum he learned about while enrolled in Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City. (Carter was a teacher before joining the corporate world.) He also launched a before-school reading program to help youngsters who are behind and emphasizes professional development.”

Terrence Carter went to Columbia?

Wonder why that isn’t on his resume….

You can find the full Chicago article at:  Principals get creative within the bounds of district bureaucracy

  • roberto1000

    You can find the full Chicago article at: Principals get creative within the bounds of district bureaucracy
    By: Debra Williams / February 1, 2007

    From the February, 2007 issue of Catalyst-Chicago Autonomy and Accountability


  • Bill Morrison

    Hmm . . . I wonder if there is a Columbia transcript,, or if there is a degree mill called Columbia.

  • TiredofGettingHalftheStory

    Published articles keep saying they cannot be located. To quote the Courant this morning, “Lexington University – for which no campus address or Internet website can be located.”
    A similar statement was made about Hamersfield. But there IS publicly available material about entities named Lexington University and Hamersfield University. Using a few hours of time on there web-archiving tool Way Back Machine, here is what can be learned:

    Of course, there is no direct way to connect the Sup candidate to these archived websites, except a) via his naming of ‘universities’ with these names in quotes to the Courant, and b) the Lexington transcript he provided to the Courant from Lexington, which shares the SAME toll-free numbers as the web-archived site referenced below.

    1.) A Lexington University website (www.lexingtonuniversity.com)
    is first recorded on July 20, 2001. See here: https://web.archive.org/web/20010301000000*/http://lexingtonuniversity.com/

    2.) The first few links do not generate readable pages. The first archived link that does is September 22, 2002.

    3.) FAQ content is pretty consistent. Here is a sample from the version dated April 9, 2003. https://web.archive.org/web/20030409204032/http://lexingtonuniversity.com/?page=faq&#

    “What will be the date of my degree? What if I would like to obtain a Bachelors, Masters, PhD and Doctorate, would they be dated differently?

    Yes. The graduate provides the dates of conference for each degree sought based upon their own Self-Directed Portfolio Assessment.

    What is the Self-Directed Portfolio Assessment?

    First, it is recognition for prior experience and knowledge NOT the actual study of any field of academia: The purpose of Lexington University is to allow an individual to possess an academic degree on a much more flexible basis than traditional colleges and universities. Second, it is independent SELF-assessment. The individual grades the responsibility for the individual’s academic, occupational, or professional expertise. It is shared between the
    individual and Lexington University to develop the portfolio profile that can be obtained by authorized requestors. The degree is earned by demonstrating what is known, not how long a student has spent in classroom lectures or completing projects. Lexington University confers degrees based upon the individuals’ Self Directed Portfolio Assessment.

    Is the Lexington University Degree legal?

    YES. Lexington University is a private Educational Resource Provider, conferring an award based on Personal Achievement and Evaluation. To be issued an Award is Legal, to be issued a Degree is Legal, if licensed under local, state or federal law in a Country which recognizes such authority. Additionally, these degrees are not just issued by the United States or Canada. The British Parliament 1988 Education Act states that, “The awards made by overseas establishments should be recognized, and the assessment and recognition of such qualifications would be a matter for the individual employer and professional bodies”.

    Possessing a degree implies that you have mastered your subject and have received acknowledgement for your effort. Awarding your degree is based on your own personal assessment of skills and application thereof. This degree is legal, because it does not claim to be from an accredited United States learning institution or a British University. Lexington University issues Legal but Non-Accredited degrees.”

    Here is what can be learned about Hamersfield. Hamersfielduniversity.com yields nothing. Hamersfield.com yields archives from between Oct 1999 and Dec 2002.

    You can navigate through using the ‘next page’ link at the bottom of each screen, or read the cut-and-past content below.


    Hamersfield College
    and International University

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    It’s also common that people, who have a working life, full of experience but with little or any “formal qualifications”, are passed over, giving the sense that they’re in a “‘Dead-end Job”.

    Let’s face it, many folks have work experience far in excess of their schooling, but are unable to even get an interview when looking for work because they do not have the “right” qualifications.

    Only those with acceptable “degree buzz words” are likely to be

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    they deserve to be recognized…”


    The archived content goes on to explain the process and cost for
    getting a degree based on self-reported, self-assessed life experience. (I have not pasted in all the content because of length.)

    Main points: a) this what a SEARCH FIRM is for (remember: this took just a few HOURS), and b) this is what the press, if doing their job, should turn up, especially when the candidate is quoted as saying there was time spent in London to earn the degree.

    It is not a Board of Education’s job to verify what a search firm should do (and is being paid to do), which is look into every credential that a candidate has or claims to have, as well as to verify every accomplishment stated by the candidate. At least, that is my understanding…

  • TiredofGettingHalftheStory

    See the Day’s article and materials. This may just be poorly worded in the Catalyst. The documents do indicate that he was a participant in Teachers College PD, as many people are, on Writer’s Workshop. http://www.theday.com/assets/pdf/NL158174721.PDF Either way, it’s not as egregious as many other things going on here… There are the ethical issues, clearly, but also just the horrible judgment all over the place, even in sending the Courant that ridiculous transcript with a graduation date that appears to predate the existence of the granting entity itself!?!? I mean, really? You have to be panicking so hard, or a pathological and arrogant liar, or both to think you’re not going to get caught in this mess. It’s so bad, it’s enough to make a person wonder…

  • Mary Gallucci

    I thought Carter was a teacher *after* entering the corporate world… that’s what one of the stories says. Now, the above quote from Catalyst says he was a teacher (enrolled at Columbia University in New York City) *before* entering the corporate world. Which is it?
    The issue, however, is that I don’t see how anyone can possibly take on the challenges of being a superintendent with so little teaching (which I cannot figure out–was he a substitute? a substitute en route to alternative certification, which is a program that used to be offered? a teacher before going corporate?) and the bare minimum of administrative experience. Come on! Let us stop pining for the next miraculous gap-closer who knows a lot better than traditionally trained educators–*none* of these superstar “Michael Jordans” of school admin has ever actually improved schools! Not Vallas, not Adamowski, not Michelle Rhee, and certainly not Arne Duncan, who presided over New Leaders for New Schools and other managerial initiatives while dissing teachers left and right in Chicago. Arne Duncan might as well have created Terrence Carter, and Arne Duncan’s creators and colleagues created the rest of this nonsensical school reform mess.
    This is what happens when non-educators and greedy corporate interests decide to invade a *profession* and *art* such as teaching.

    • jrp1900

      Mary Gallucci: Excellent comment. You are right about the futile search for the “Michael Jordans of school admin.” But, given the ideological nature of corporate education reform, it has to be this way. The corporatists do no want to talk about child poverty, homelessness, racism, segregation by class, etc. No, these worthies say that “every child can learn, no matter their worldly circumstances” and bringing this about is only a matter of good management practices. They say that it is all about organization, structure and authority. When people are given clear roles and when everyone in the system is made “accountable,” children will learn and climate change will be reversed. This preposterous utopianism is drawn from the business world, an inappropriate measure of how schools should operate. Perhaps the corporatists haven’t noticed that American businesses are not exactly the happiest places for people to be. And we want to make schools “function” like Walmart?!
      If good management is the key to “high performing” schools, then good managers are the key to good management. Hence the emphasis on Michael Jordan. The reliance on “superstars” and demi-gods for “innovation” and “improvement” is inherently problematic, as it depoliticizes the education debate, by suggesting that a “failing school” is merely a technical rather than moral or political matter. When the likes of Terrence Carter ride into town, we don’t need to have any discussion about the structural factors bearing on schools. We just need to give the Great Man time and space so that he can work his magic and bring up those test scores in no time at all…
      The Terrence Carter story gets more bizarre every day. He may have studied at the Sorbonne. He seems to have a degree in astrophysics from the University of Copenhagen. There is a rumor that he went to MIT and worked on rocket science for sometime, but he did not do enough to earn his degree. Apparently, NASA thought well of him and were looking to hire him after he graduated. But Mr. Carter followed his heart and decided to go into teaching, where the pay is low and conditions are hard. But it’s all for the children. While he was learning the craft of teaching at Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Princeton, Mr. Carter saw that he could achieve more for the children in school administration. It was about that time that he enrolled in London University, with brief stays at Oxford and Stanford. At the same time he was studying for a doctorate in theology. Evidently, Mr. Carter is a humble fellow, so he has not made public the full extent of his education. He is content to let the public think that he purchased a doctorate from an online faux “university.” A man of such character will obviously make a good leader of children.
      Mary, you are dead right: when non-educators take over education, with to view to advancing “greedy corporate interests,” all sense collapses and we enter the twilight zone where nightmares become real…

  • Mary Gallucci

    I must emphasize that Carter’s utter lack of experience teaching and administering schools is the biggest reason not to vote for him for superintendent. The ambiguity about his former public admissions to various degrees is disturbing on an ethical level. It is moot, in my opinion, to look for the “real” Terrence Carter. New London’s children deserve a Superintendent who has experience teaching and administering–deep experience, not shallow; who has the integrity to have completed his or her own education with the highest standards; and who is committed, perhaps for many years into the future, to being the head of New London schools.
    That’s it. It is a tall order, but if Boards of Ed and districts stopped looking at the “bling”–the barely coherent official titles; the certificates; the conferences; the formulas and name-brands of success touted by candidates, they might actually have a smaller, but more honest pool of applicants.
    New London has to look at its 2 most recent superintendent searches, this one and the one for Fischer, and realize that they have made mistakes. Learn from them! You–New London’s Board of Ed–should resign and let a newly elected (not state-appointed! that is, after all, part of the problem here–Adamowski’s and Pryor’s interference) BoE start the process afresh. It is urgent because it *is* for the children. *You* are failing them.

    • Mary Gallucci

      I meant to say that the current BoE *should* resign if they cannot learn from their mistakes and embark on a more realistic and better-informed search process. I did not mean to say they should resign now. They were voted in, but get to work!

  • Mary Gallucci

    My last comments stated what I believe is true: Terrence Carter does not have enough experience as a teacher (one should have 5 years, minimum) and as a principal (again, 5-6 years, not counting interning!) to be Superintendent of New London.
    But Carter’s experience is about the same as Morgan Barth’s–Barth was a TFA (and TFA, remember, is an “alternative route to certification”), then a teacher at an Achievement First charter school, then a principal at an Achievement First charter school–and now Turnaround specialist for the CT State Department of Ed–
    Morgan Barth: TFA 2002-2004; 2004-2008 “founding” teacher and academic dean!!! for Achievement First Elm City prep (2 years teaching, 2 years as “dean”); Principal 2008-2013, Elm City Prep.
    And he is now in charge of all school “turnarounds” in CT! Including the Commissioner’s Network–Barth was most recently hoping that the Booker T. Washington charter plan would go forward! Argh. Next up, I guess Barth can apply to be a superintendent somewhere–and encourage lots of charter schools.

    Unless we start re-assessing this TFA and charter school madness.
    How do these unqualified people get elevated? Because we have a Commissioner of Education who has *never* taught (I think he has less substitute teaching than Carter) nor administered anything other than charter schools, including his own chain, Achievement First. No wonder Carter looked so good! How could Pryor tell, when he knows nothing of administering schools?

  • Martin Walsh

    Half a degree, philosophically, must, ipso facto, half not be.
    But Terrence P. claims the whole degree through a healthy dose of fakery.
    So can Terrence P. be said to be or not to be a PhD
    when half his degree was purchased through a phony university?
    a laa dee dee, a one two three
    Terrence is a fraud you see!
    He’s not a PhD!
    Is this Chi-ster gonna be
    approved by NL’s BOE
    We’ll just have to wait and see!
    More reform insanity.

    With apologies to Monty Python

    • Sleepless in Bridgeport

      He is a PhD…….Piled Higher and Deeper that is

  • Guest

    Given all the negative publicity and having been outed, Carter should hang his head in shame and withdraw his application.

    If the New London BOE is stupid enough to hire him and he is brazen enough to accept, his entire time as superindendent will be under a cloud. How can he possibly be effectual or be taken seriously at this point? Is he really not concerned with anything else except the money the job offers? Is he not the least bit concerned with doing the right thing?

  • DK

    I worked with Terrence Carter when he was a principal at Barton Elementary School as well as in his position at AUSL. He is an outstanding educator. He DID attend a program at Columbia Teachers College and DID bring back a reading and writing curriculum to his school. Specifically, he and several other Area 14 administrators under the leadership of Area Instruction Officer Jose Torres (now Superintendent of Schools in Elgin, IL) attended a couse with Lucy Calkins and Nancy Atwood. Please check your facts more carefully before writing unfounded accusations!

    • CosmicTinker

      The Reading and Writing Workshops provided by Caulkins at Columbia University are not credit bearing courses, they are Professional Development activities (PDs) for educators. I attended numerous PDs in literacy development for 3 YEARS at a similar graduate school and it never occurred to me to claim credit for taking courses there, or even say that I was “enrolled” at that university, because I was enrolled only in the PDs, not in the university, and I did not earn any semester hours of credits, just a lot of PDUs. Carter seems to go out of his way to take credit for college where credit was not earned.

  • CosmicTinker

    Thanks for doing the legwork. It’s still just a part of the story though. For example, did anyone bother to do a search for the domain name owner of the lexingtonuniversity.com website? I did here: http://who.godaddy.com/whoisstd.aspx?domain=lexingtonuniversity.com&prog_id=GoDaddy and I found that it has been owned since 9-2-2002 (and registration has been extended ever since that time) by Bruce McLeod of McLeod Capital Corp. in Calgary, Canada. The LinkedIn page for a Bruce McLeod in Calgary indicates he is “Owner, McLeod & Associates and Market Research Consultant.” Google searches indicated that he owns a lot of different domain names.

    Free domain search engines didn’t turn up any history of the hamersfield.com domain name for me. Maybe a fee-for-service “Who Is” type search engine could access that info, as well as the history of domain ownership for lexingtonuniversity.com in the 90s, but I can’t afford to try to find out if that’s the case.

    I think it’s rather odd that, in all my searches, I could find only two other people who claim to have graduated from Hamersfield University, one of whom is a clown (literally): https://www.facebook.com/tim.strauch1