New London Board of Education puts off vote on superintendent till Thursday

The Hartford Courant is reporting the latest news on the “Dr.” Terrence Carter debacle…and while Carter is the Malloy administration’s choice for New London Superintendent of Schools, allegations that he falsified continue to build.

The Hartford Courant story entitled, Vote Off On Incoming School Chief Who Called Himself Ph.D. Without Accredited Doctorate, explains;

The New London school board Monday postponed a vote to approve a contract for Terrence P. Carter as its new schools superintendent after The Courant disclosed that Carter has been calling himself “doctor” and “Ph.D.” for more than five years on the basis of what he’s described as a degree from an “unaccredited” university.

“We had a number of questions,” said Margaret Mary “Peg” Curtin, president of the Board of Education.

She said board members plan to meet in a closed-door session with Carter on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Science & Technology Magnet High School in New London. After that, she said, the board will meet in a public session, scheduled for 7:30 p.m., to consider approving a contract.

Meanwhile, stories, blogs and jokes about “Dr.” Terrence Carter are popping up across the country as news about “Dr.” Terrence Carter reaches other public education advocates.

Check out the following from public education advocates and bloggers.

George Schmidt. Here a doctor. There a doctor.

Call me Dr. Klonsky, if you please.

Ten minute drawing. CPS central office. Is there a real doctor in the house?

And there are a growing number of news stories as well,

New London school board cancels meeting, delaying vote on new superintendent

Incoming New London superintendent’s references to Ph.D. at issue on eve of contract vote

Without An Accredited Doctorate

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  • Linda174

    From The Day:

    wonderingPosted: July 20, 2014 9:14 pm

    Lesley University lists it’s Spring 2014 Ph.D. Dissertation Topics.
    Interesting to note that Terrence Carter is not listed or mentioned in any way. If he completed his work in May, why is he not listed?

    The Graduate School of Education will confer 15 PhD degrees this spring. The following is a list of the students & their dissertation topics.

    (too much info to cut & paste, so here’s the link:)

  • JMC

    Exit any flight at Bradley and receive a FREE 092 CT Administrator Certificate! Just show any piece of paper with the word “University” on it. Can you believe it? But wait! If your flight originated at O’Hare International Airport, you will receive a coupon good for an upgrade to 093 CT Superintendent Certificate after one month of residence!

    • Guest

      Actually a Superintendent has to have an 093 – a higher level of certification than 092 (for principals, assistant principals, coordinators, etc.)

  • buygoldandprosper
    • msavage

      WTF is this? It’s like some kind of a google cult!

      • buygoldandprosper

        They worship your tax dollars!
        The party starts, pretty hard, when the contracts get signed…think Forrest Timothy Hayes and his fifty-foot yacht, Escape.
        Paaaarty!! A modern version of Monkey Business and Gary Hart.

    • Guest

      Everyone seems to benefit financially from education except teachers and parents, and, of course, students lose out on a real education.

      • brutus2011

        Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes…

  • brutus2011

    Someone should do a retroactive investigation of former superintendents in our cities…and some towns…could be interesting…statute of limitations to save the day?

    I know, a little mean-spirited but look at what teachers have had to, and still, endure.

  • Guest

    Vote on what? His name should be withdrawn from consideration. There is nothing to vote on!

  • buygoldandprosper

    Even a fat pig like Chris can make Dan look like the fool that he is:

    “Listen, I know Gov. Malloy is thrilled I’m here today, and I know that he’ll be thrilled when I come here again and again and again to do the best I can to make sure that Connecticut has a governor that will bring growth to the state and jobs in its economy. Dan Malloy’s had four years to do that. He hasn’t done it,” Christie said.”
    Danny is, once again, revealed as the no-talent bag ‘o wind that he is.

  • buygoldandprosper

    A day late and a dollar short:

    “More Federal Subpoenas In Hartford Charter School Probe”
    Welcome, Feebs, to Dan’s Wild Wild West!

  • buygoldandprosper

    Danny buying a few more votes:

    “Disability Advocates Attack Malloy Over New Appointment”,0,4476996.story

    Everything is on the table, when Dan is at the helm.
    Dan is a scumbag, low-life, politician who may (hopefully) be put out to pasture in a few months. But will Cathy keep her job?

  • WEP

    Good grief, the New London Board of Ed chairperson said she has no questions for Carter?!?! ”
    From The Day:
    Curtin said she does not have any questions of her own for Carter “at this point,” but that other board members wanted to either table or
    postpone the vote until they are able to ask Carter certain questions.
    When questioned Sunday about whether the board still intended to
    vote on Carter’s contract tonight, Curtin said the board would go
    forward with its vote as planned.”

    We have here a man who has committed professional fraud, claims he was certified as a minister but has lied repeatedly about his credentials and the source of his credentials, and New London is still considering him to lead their district?!?!? WTH?!?!?! Have they learned NOTHING from the FUSE debacle?

    Does anyone in power give a [email protected] anymore about the ethics of people they hire as school administrators?? Is it really only about bringing in these slick “ministers”-turned-school-heads, or is it just about the money? Privatizing education?


  • Linda174


    “Dr.” Carter was the principal of Barton Elementary, left for AUSL. One year after his departure it was slated for turn-around and handover to AUSL. The parents and community fought a fight and the action was stopped. Leads one to wonder if the stop action was in some part a result of CPS knowledge of this fraud. The link to this post clearly displays that during his tenure at Barton he indicated doctorate status.

    From Klonsky blog:

  • Guest

    Im confused. Dont you have to have an 093 to be a superintendent? And dont you need to have a doctorate to get an 093? So wouldnt the certification office have had to vet him through the certification process in order for him to obtain his 093? Isnt that the purpose of requiring certification? So that teacher an administrator credentials are verified by the state before the interview process has even begun? Urban schools are constantly being criticized for the poor quality of their staff yet the state seems to think that urban schools can afford to have frauds run them. This is discrimination. If i were a parent in an urban school district i be outraged

    • EdLeadershipcrisis

      No, one does not need a doctorate to get an 093. They need to complete a superintendent preparation program at a university that is not to be confused with a doctorate. It focuses on district leadership skills, but is certainly not to the rigor of an accredited doctoral program. 1/2 the Supes out there don’t have a doctorate. Under normal circumstances (notwithstanding the Vallas fiasco),this candidate would have to meet the certification requirements for study and experience as an administrator. In some cases, the requirements are waived if one has the experience in the role in other states. Not sure if he can get around the educational requirements having served in the role elsewhere…a question for the state certification officials to answer.

      • Mary Gallucci

        Unfortunately some of the “ed leadership” courses and preps are taught by Steven Adamowski and the UConn prof who did Paul Vallas’s phony “independent study” program! Why has Connecticut become the site of fraudulent non-educators? why has this state and its legislature made it so easy to certify and credential anyone who shows up spouting the reformy creed and inflating his/her own accomplishments? This is why we have professional programs and the requirement for university degrees (actual, not virtual, ones)!
        When Windham hired CABE (under pressure from Steven Adamowski and his designated “man” on the BoE), the CABE folks were going on and on about doing a national search for an excellent superintendent; attracting skilled people from different backgrounds, yada, yada. This CABE guy even said–like Bridgeport with Vallas (this was before Vallas jumped ship, although after the CT Court deemed his phony coursework sufficient because Stefan said it was). CABE tried to say, look how hard they make it for non-traditionally trained “experts” to become superintendents! well, it’s for a good reason! These people are almost to a man (and woman, Cami Anderson) a disaster.

  • EdLeadershipcrisis

    This superintendent search is a sham. Peg, you are not able to see the wool being pulled over the board’s eyes by Adamowski. Even this whole magnet district thing is not being planned correctly and has several legal, financial and regional cooperation hurdles. The devil is in the details and with the fox guarding the henhouse, the current direction is headed for disaster. Peg, and board, please, get all the facts and don’t trust what is being sold to you by this Superintendent search process or this whole magnet district plan. Do the right thing, go to the next candidate on the list and show some leadership.

  • Jack Covey

    This Carter guy is the person that Curtin and the others want in charge of a multi-million dollar school budget:

    You MUST read the whole thing… it’s a stunner.

    Multiple bankruptcies in multiple states… (which Carter dismisses as nobody else’s business, and “personal” matters not relevant to being hired) and then Carter failing to follow through on court-ordered repayment plans

    losing a lawsuit to a Chicago building contractor—hiring a contractor to do $18,000 in condo renovations, then after the work is done, ignoring the invoice… and eventually being sued by the contractor and a lien is put on the same condo…

    and on and on…

    Curtin admitted to knowing all of this history, and basically replies, “So what if he did to all this?” In a bizarre use of a double negative, she says that we “cannot not hire” Carter because of this history. When asked if this damning information gave her the slightest pause as to hiring Carter, she said, “No.”

    Seriously, hiring Carter to the oversee the finances of a school is equivalent to hiring a convicted pedophile to babysit your kids.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Wow, this might put the lawyers out of business–multiple huge bankruptcy charges *dropped* because the accused never showed up??? really?

      • Mary Gallucci

        The student loans Carter is charged with not paying can’t be for the Stanford or Oxford doctorates!

      • Jack Covey

        Just to be clear, the judges “dropping” his request for bankruptcy did not mean Carter then got away scot-free for failing to pay back his creditors. Indeed, it was Carter who wanted and was asking for the debts to be discharged—and/or greatly lessened—through bankrupcy. When Carter then failed to complete the processes or even show up, the judges in each case put a stop to each of the bankruptcies, and thus, Carter still owes all his creditors to this day.

        • Mary Gallucci

          thanks! Non-legal mind here.
          I guess a change of location every few years “slows down” the process, as well.