“Dr.” Terrence Carter – Lexington University:  Order Now, Graduate Today

The individual known as “Dr.” Terrence Carter – who, thanks to Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor and Special Master Steven Adamowski is scheduled to be hired by the New London Board of Education on Monday told the Hartford Courant that he received his doctorate from “Lexington University.”

As the Hartford Courant’s Jon Lender reports,

On Thursday when pressed further on the Hamersfield degree, Carter sent The Courant a printed transcript from Lexington University. The transcript listed no campus address or Internet website for online studies.

A web search turned up a site headed “Lexington University,” which advertises for people to get their degrees at prices of up to several hundred dollars. It’s unclear if that website is connected with the transcript sent by Carter – and he declined to answer more questions.

“I have nothing further to say on this matter,” he wrote late Thursday in response to a follow-up email.

So where is and what is Lexington University.

Lexington University photo

Could it be this?


As Lexington University’s “website” explains, “What are the Graduation Package Fees?”

Graduation Package Fees are based on degree level:

High School Diploma:
*price includes diploma and one official transcript with unlimited lifetime verification

*price includes diploma and one official transcript with unlimited lifetime verification

*price includes diploma and one official transcript with unlimited lifetime verification

*price includes diploma and one official transcript with unlimited lifetime verification

*price includes diploma and one official transcript with unlimited lifetime verification


So “Dr.” Terrance Carter….

How about coughing up the truth….

Just which Lexington University did you “attend”?

The one that charges $225 for a Doctorate and the “price includes iploma and one official transcript and unlimited lifetime verification —– or was it another Lexington University you attended?

Or maybe you actually did graduate from Stanford as you had claimed earlier?

Or maybe it was Stanford and Oxford?

Or maybe it was Lesley University?

All we know is that you started using Ph.D eight years ago.

For more about this breaking story go to:

Meet the latest Corporate Education Reform Industry Charlatan “Dr.” Terrence Carter


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  • Linda174

    Citizen journalists unite:

    • JMC

      OMG please, no more. I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe. Jonathan, stop! Give the man his Phd. and let me live!

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Impeach Malloy and Pryor right now.

  • brutus2011

    Can’t make this stuff up…..

  • Maria Pereira

    So anyone of us could find these discrepancies by completing a Google search, but the highly paid search firm, Adamowski and Pryor couldn’t discover what your average citizen could. If Malloy had a brain he would ask Pryor for his resignation immediately.

    • Guest

      That’s a big IF! Of course, Malloy only cares about his own reelection, so… Whether or not people are kept on depends on whether they hurt or help his campaign. One would think the slew of embarrassments would result in people being let go, but they are not, Malloy must be aware of something we are not.

      • Martin Walsh

        Malloy is probably terrified that Pryor will sing like a canary should he be axed. This has gotta be like holding a wolf by the ears for Dan[nel].

  • jrp1900

    I have done extensive researches on the internet, and I have discovered that Lexington University.Com is just an alternative spelling for Oxford University in England. Apparently, Oxford University is known as Stanford University in the United States. There. That clears matters up…

  • cindy

    This borders on complete corruption.

    As a recipient of an 092, I spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours, completing papers, projects and forms, validating it in one office or another, sending transcripts, and documents, etc. How did this clown get a CT 092 with bogus paperwork. I want my money back, or a complete investigation into the workings of the State Department of Education and the Department of Certification.

    Even better, can we FOI all his applications and paperwork??? Look it up here if the image does not show: http://sdeportal.ct.gov/CECSFOI/FOILookup.aspx

    • brutus2011

      Yes, I agree … even getting cross-endorsements as a classroom teacher involves extra university classes, Praxis II exams, fees, time, tuition… a lot of hoops but a nod from Pryor and Malloy and a phoney gets access to millions! Wait, What?

      • Linda174

        Vallas wasted his time on the two papers and one phone call with Villanova….wow all he needed was PayPal. What a dope.

        • JMC

          Carter got an 092 just for “showing up” in CT. Should be interesting if other stuff “shows up” from “Dr.” Carter’s past!

    • Mary Gallucci

      I am just outraged that Paul Vallas was absolutely coddled in the press. It’s true he didn’t lie about a Ph.d.–as a guy of his class and connections, he just got promoted to the top position even without any credentials (kinda like Arne). However, as Sharon Schmidt of Substance News reported years ago, Vallas completely lied about having taught:

      It may be true that for charter schools there are basically no standards as people like Pryor seek to privatize as many public schools as possible, but why is it that only certain categories of people take the fall?
      The Hartford Courant had no interest in tarnishing Paul Vallas’s phony credentials.

  • Mary Gallucci

    I’ve always admired the speed with which one can complete an online degree–at some schools a diploma is granted as soon as the payment clears.
    Truth be told, high school credit recovery is not a lot more rigorous. Beware the online charter school, where the ratio of “student” to computer is 1::1. Welcome to the state’s newest charter school, in Windham, CT: Path Academy.
    Maybe a person with a drive-by online degree or two can run this operation.

  • missy

    There are so many, myself included, hardworking and truly dedicated teachers and administrators – we are constantly swimming upstream, always defending our practices and are expected to right all that is flawed or neglected in our society. It is situations like this that make our profession even more difficult. How is it that incompetence keeps finding high paying positions and we give them another community of children and teachers to “lead”. Really?? Yes, over and over again! I have worked with many administrators, without a doctorate if you can believe it, who get the job done – and done well – with quiet confidence but strong presence in their school. Let’s stop looking for the “Superstar ” and focus on those with proven practices and records right in our own state!

    • Adelaide Dewberry

      Hate to burst your bubble, but you arent asked to right all that is wrong in our society..U are only asked to do your job.

      • Guest

        I disagree. Schools ARE in essence asked to right the wrong in our society. This country has a huge problem in refusing to deal with the enormously devastating effects of racism. We throw money at schools and abuse teachers as scapegoats when the real problem, the root of other ills, is racism, meritocracy, and white privilege. Nevermind dealing with racism, we don’t dare even talk about it. We pretend it was only an ugly blemish on our country’s history. Sorry, it is and ought to be recognized as THE most current event.

      • Mary Gallucci

        You’re partly right, Adelaide Dewberry–teachers “arent” asked to right all that is wrong–they’re just blamed for all that is wrong.

        • Adelaide Dewberry

          Here’s where your argument fails…You have one job to teach students. Teachers seem incapable of doing what their OUTRAGEOUSLY high salaries ask that they do! You are only asked to work 9 months out of the year. You get a vacation every 6 weeks. You get a billion days off for workshops and holidays and personal days etc etc etc…And STILL you seem incapable of performing the task! You have an incredibly POWERFUL union that has milked the public dry! Ask your union to demand that you prove your worth and you start screaming like somebody stole your last donut!!!! When will teachers and unions start putting kids first rather than sitting around whining @ how hard it is??? You cant handle the job, you are incapable of performing to standards expected of you? GET THE HELL OUT!!!! After all, it’s not like you can do the job anyway!

        • Adelaide Dewberry

          The only reason people scream so loudly about their jobs and feel the need to defend their performance so vehemently is when they are guilty of wrong doing. When they know they are wrong. And now the hate mail will pour into my FB page…I will copy with name and post every last one of them too!!!!

        • Maria Pereira

          The only person who comes across like they are screaming is you. Adding multiple exclamation points or capitalizing every letter doesn’t make your statements any more credible. It actually looks a bit desperate and angry.

        • Adelaide Dewberry

          Desperate?? Yeah I’m desperate!! Desperate to get children taught the way they should be!!! Angry?? DAMN RIGHT I AM!!! Talk about a waste of money!!!!

        • Linda174

          I recommend yoga, mediation and maybe a long time out.

        • Adelaide Dewberry

          Why?? Because the truth hits you a little too close to home?? I have yet to hear ANYONE of you teachers come back with a decent argument yet! All I see is whining and oh boo hoo!! What did u all think?? That these kids come pre-taught and all you had to do is show up in your high priced cars and your WAYYYY over the top salaries??? Sometimes you actually HAVE TO WORK!! I know that is a real foreign concept to most of you hang out in the teachers lounge clowns but here in the real world, we do WORK!!! When I buy something, I want what I paid for! My daughter and many other kids never EVER got what their parents paid for!

        • Linda174

          I love and adore all of my students. I would do anything for them and I have. I dedicate my life to teaching, learning and mentoring children. My students are very receptive and their parent are always supportive. I do show up and spend every day perfecting my craft. I am so sorry you are angry. God bless you.

        • Mary Gallucci

          Is a certain principal coming on here in drag here? sure sounds like it!

        • Guest

          You probably have not heard teachers “come back with a decent argument” because they realize quite quickly from what spews from your mouth that you are off balance and not worth bothering with.

        • just a teacher

          Psst. Adelaide…listen up. If you think teaching is so easy I ask you to try it. Try teaching a class when a student tells you to “Fuck off.” and then administration does nothing. Try teaching a class when students are too lazy to take out their calculator from their backpack which is sitting on the floor next to their feet – yet it is my problem they don’t get good test grades?! Try teaching a class when half of the kids are gone on some field trip. Then what do you do? What would you do for a young man whose father just died on the operating table? What would you do when kids refuse to do their homework or to even study? What would you do when administrators don’t even support your basic of classroom management needs? Yeah, that’s right… all those make my job freaking easy that by the end of the year I can’t keep up with all the boatloads of paperwork now required for my evaluation, PLO’s, SLO’s, pre/post tests, blah blah blah. Only people like yourself complain so bitterly about how easy my job is yet when presented with the opportunity to work it for a week you look the other way.

          I bet you are a “joy” to have as a parent. Sheesh.

        • Adelaide Dewberry

          If the job is too tough for you honey, QUIT!!!! As a parent, u bet your ass I am great! My kid survived public education not because of crappy teachers but in spite of them!

        • Adelaide Dewberry

          Calling yourself “just a teacher” says it all! You are nothing more than an overpaid underworked worthless place holder! I see “Only people like yourself complain so bitterly”. YOu spent a good couple of paragraphs COMPLAINING! Oh wait, I get it – you are one of those teachers who didnt have the advantage of a decent education…I know, public school right?!

        • Linda174

          You are deranged. Please seek counseling.

        • Linda174

          You are full of anger and presumptions. It must be difficult to consider other points of view. The best to you and your family.

        • JMC

          Adelaide, do you have some anger management issues?
          If an eighteen-year old HS graduate gets a job as a DMV clerk, it will take still 14 years or even many more for an 18 yr old prospective teacher to pay for an education and then make up the salary loss in working life to reach cash parity with the clerk in total salary earned by age 32. And probably never in pension credits. Nor in job security. The DMV closes at five. Teachers take home work nights and weekends. Such a sweet life, huh?

  • readdoctor


    Maybe the FBI might need to look around New London as well as Hartford?

    • brutus2011

      And definitely look at New Haven and Bridgeport…

    • Mary Gallucci

      Your link doesn’t work–can you resend?
      When the FBI looks around Hartford, I hope they will be going back a few years.
      I also hope they notice the nice arrangement whereby Jumoke students would be “fed into” the newly approved Achievement First High School (Stefan Pryor’s former company, from whose board he resigned 5 minutes before being confirmed as Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education).
      Let’s make sure that while we are demanding transparency and compliance among charter schools, we get the docs from all the Achievement First schools in Connecticut–which should be available without FOI.

  • cindy

    Who says money can’t by happiness?

    New London is a terrific town to “turnaround” and plans to go “all magnet” are in play. Former chief academic officer of the Academy for Urban School Leadership WAS going to be in charge. (http://www.theday.com/article/20140614/OP01/306149981)

    But there is a catch. Taxpayers will have a new bond to pay off:
    “Moving forward, the renewal of the New London school system will
    include reconstructing as new its high school…….”
    “We use the phrase “effectively bond,” because the ordinance the council will be presented with Monday actually calls for appropriating $219 million – gulp – to complete the rebuilding of city schools, most of it offset by the promise of those state reimbursements.”

    Luckily, his past work “turning things around” has been funded by
    the Gates Foundation in excess of $10Million:

    Make these people go away.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Wherever Adamowski goes, hundred-million-dollar plus school bonding plans and facilities studies follow him.
      I hope that New London drops this irrelevant all-magnet school idea.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Another million and a half reasons Danny will get another four years…that, and because he just showed up for the first four.

    Fore-play, Malloy style!

  • Adelaide Dewberry

    From here on in, I would like to be referred to as Dr. Dewberry!

    • JMC

      Please deposit $1.98 from your PayPal account into the account named “JMC” and your summa doctorate and transcript will be emailed forthwith. Text in Latin for an extra $.50!

  • educationmatters

    So we have two school leaders with fake Ph.D’s,( Carter and Sharpe) a Bridgeport superintendent with no O-92 or O-93 who did a “one course wonder”certification (Vallas) , Capital Preps “strap up” Perry wrote a paper and had no teaching experience but was awarded his O-92…why isn’t there a class-action suit against the cities or the state of Connecticut of people who have actually earned degrees and certifications but were turned down for jobs?

  • educationmatters

    Presenting a diploma acquired through a diploma mill (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diploma_mills_in_the_United_States) has been found to be fraudulent. That it was used by an professional in the education field to acquire an education position raises this person to a higher standard as they know or should know the penalty and implications. That a professional background check would not catch this points to collusion on the part of the agency as the information was so easily located. A real attorney general would be all over this – AG’s in other states have actually fired up just over the diploma mill factor. But it’s an election year and Connecticut has a track record of ignoring blatant fraud and corruption so expect this to just disappear.

    • WEP

      Do we even HAVE an attorney general in Connecticut? I thought since Blumenthal left the AG ofice, the position has been vacant [sarcasm intended]. Let’s find someone to run for that office, too. I don’t think one even need be an attorney to be AG, so who’s up for the job? (We know that Education Commissioners don’t have to be educators.)

  • truthsayer

    I’ve always been told that you are judged by the company you keep. Now we see the company that Malloy, Pryor, Vallas, Morales and the lot associate with; Sharpe & Carter. I have a feeling there is more to come.

  • Charlie Puffers

    How is it possible that Adamowski and Pryor could bring this guy in so soon after the Sharpe debacle? Is arrogance paralyzing them?

    Adamowski was one time Superintendent of Fraud for the Hartford Schools. He deceitfully increased test scores by radically decreasing the number of students tested and throwing parties for principals like Oscar Padua who are rumored to have encouraged cheating on the CAPT.

    Then he increased grad rates by requiring all teachers to increase an ‘F’ grade to 55, threw out the attendance policy, and awarded mysterious credits to students who were sent out to the portables for a few months, Also, large roups of students at Bulekely High School took the same classes over and over for credit even though they passed it the first time.

    Pryor has lauded Adamowski, Sharpe, Vallas, Achievement First and FUSE. He has ignored legislation on no bid contracts, handing out jobs to unqualified former TFA and AF people. He blindly follows the business plan for increasing charter schools set forth by hedge fund “philanthropists” and other ALEC advocates. He is unqualified for the job because he never spent a day teaching in a classroom. He is so happy with Adamowski and Sharpe that he keeps giving them more money.

  • Fredda Friend

    I’m starting to think Jerry Lundegaard did a better job covering his
    crimes than Adamowski and Pryor. The difference is Marge Gunderson was
    on Jerry’s tail. You betcha. Where is good ole Marge when we need her?

  • Linda174

    Here he is referred to SEVENTEEN TIMES as DR by the New London pr person, former reporter and they include the Lesley phd, the one he didn’t earn yet. So NLPS is lying to their families?


  • Linda174

    Go to page 20 where Illinois BOE refers to DR. Carter


  • Jack Covey

    This Carter guy is the person that Curtin and the others want in charge of a multi-million dollar school budget:


    You MUST read the whole thing… it’s a stunner.

    — multiple bankruptcies in multiple states… (which Carter dismisses as nobody else’s business, and “personal” matters not relevant to being hired) and then Carter failing to follow through on court-ordered repayment plans

    — losing a lawsuit to a Chicago building contractor—hiring a
    contractor to do $18,000 in condo renovations, then after the work is done, ignoring the invoice… and eventually being sued by the
    contractor and a lien is put on the same condo…

    and on and on…

    Curtin admitted to knowing all of this history, and basically replies, “So what if he did do all this?” In a bizarre use of a double negative, she says that we “cannot not hire” Carter because of this history. When asked if this damning information gave her the slightest pause as to hiring Carter, she said, “No.”

    Seriously, hiring Carter to the oversee the finances of a school is equivalent to hiring a convicted pedophile to babysit your kids.

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