Pelto calls on Malloy Administration to reverse course on unfair health care policies

Pelto calls on Malloy Administration to reverse course on unfair health care policies

As recently reported in the Connecticut media, the Malloy administration is developing a new “State innovation Model (SIM) that would negatively impact the availability of care for hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents. Education and Democracy Party candidate for governor, Jonathan Pelto is calling on the Malloy Administration to halt their plans to implement this flawed healthcare payment and delivery model.

“Yet again, the Malloy administration is playing games with the healthcare of Connecticut residents” Pelto said. “Working behind closed doors and without proper public and legislative review, the Malloy administration is attempting to roll out a new, and untested, State Innovation Model (SIM) that could adversely impact thousands of unsuspecting Connecticut citizens and the healthcare providers who treat them. The Malloy Administration’s new plan is nothing short of a return to the failed ‘managed Medicaid system’ that was tried and rejected because it hurt some of Connecticut’s most vulnerable residents and cost the state more rather than saving taxpayers’ money.”

The SIM  plan seeks to cut costs by attempting to limit unnecessary tests and other forms of “over-treatment.”  Advocates for low-income residents have said that this type of extraneous testing and treatment might be a concern for people with private insurance, but people on Medicaid often struggle to receive even limited access to specialists and general care.

Healthcare advocacy organizations also have expressed also concerns about the fact that the proposed Medicaid changes were so rushed to meet the federal grant deadline that they have not been adequately were developed so recently that they haven’t been properly evaluated and have called for additional study before being used for 200,000 Connecticut residents.

“We are in an era of unprecedented changes in our health care system, instead of rushing to sneak in something that will clearly jeopardize access to the care people needs and deserve, the Malloy administration should stop playing games, put a halt to the new State innovation Model (SIM), and ensure that citizens, advocates and the legislature play a more active role in reviewing and modifying this plan before it is put into place,” Pelto concluded.

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  • sharewhut

    I’m rather dismayed by the (relative) cricket chirping that accompanies this and other recent posts on issues that don’t directly affect teachers… lends credibility to those saying you are running a one issue campaign.

    • jonpelto

      Let’s hope people are reading them and just not commenting (?)

      • sharewhut

        But lack of commentary shows the narrowness of ‘passion focus’.
        Fraud and vote buying in the poor communities can easily outweigh +/- 20k teachers’ votes, especially with a friend in a new Haven where he still won handily. Truthfully, as one who is fervently anti-Malloy, I hope it’s not enough to additionally overcome the 6k it overcame last time around and we can be rid of him. Toni and Bill have their people on the Xerox machines as we speak..

  • Castles Burning

    I would go for hopefully reading and not commenting, and will speak for myself. Reading this, I am thankful (as always) to Jonathan for bringing this issue to my attention and yet I do not know enough to comment.

    I am also reading with less energy since a family member has been in a hospital for most of this month. Still, I am thinking, “What if that test had not been done yesterday?” about one that did not seem especially “necessary” to me but revealed key information.

    The issue of the “rush to do” seems like SOP for this administration.