Connecticut deserves a government that will tell its citizens the truth

And a Governor who has the courage and conviction to work to set Connecticut back on the right path.

As the CT Mirror explains in the series on where the candidates stand of the state budget, Pelto: State budget deficit reveals a broken fiscal system; 

Former state Rep. Jonathan Pelto doesn’t have any trouble standing out from the rest of the 2014 gubernatorial candidates. For Pelto, a $1.4 billion shortfall – more than four years after the last recession ended – typifies a broken fiscal system that threatens Connecticut’s schools, state workers’ pensions, and middle class families.

The story outlines one of the cornerstones of why I am running for Governor.

Please take the time to read it at:

Paid for by Pelto 2014, Ted Strelez, Treasurer, Christine Ladd, Deputy Treasurer, Approved by Jonathan Pelto

  • buygoldandprosper

    Holy cow! Some of the folks who signed my petition would shoot me if they read this!
    That’s OK though. I let everyone know that a signature is not a vote or an indication of support but a very important part of the democratic process.
    Pelto 2014!

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  • Philip Stull

    Excellent article, getting increased and positive media coverage, nice.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Almost made me gag!! What a waste of money!

    • buygoldandprosper

      Danny is running again but this time, from his own miserable record. Sickening. All that is missing is a puppy…it’s morning in Connecticut! The kind of morning when you wake up and look at the person next to you and ask yourself…where am I and how did I get here?
      Money can’t buy you love Danny!

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    Here is the honest truth! Perhaps Dan should take less cash from CL&P and work to get a lower rates for consumers… race to the bottom, thanks in part to Dan Malloy.

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    Here is another bragging right for Danny Malloy!! Dan Malloy leading the way in the race to the bottom!,0,4346900.htmlpage#.U8RUG5VOW70

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    I knew they were raising tuition for a reason!

    More Dan Malloy vote-buying.

    “The governing board for the state’s largest public college system Thursday will consider merit raises of as much as 5 percent for management and nonunion personnel.”

    “…”We were advised by the governor’s office about what the state is doing in general,” Steiner said. “We are being consistent with what the state is doing for state employees.”