Hartford Courant – Is Pelto A Spoiler In Race For Governor?

From the Hartford Courant comes their latest – a clear-cut, concise and to-the-point editorial;

Is Pelto A Spoiler In Race For Governor?

Former state representative and political consultant Jonathan Pelto has been a burr under the saddle of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy ever since the first Democratic governor in 20 years took office in 2011.

The governor’s loudest, most relentless critic on the left could cause Mr. Malloy even more misery if Mr. Pelto’s petition drive to get on the ballot as a third-party candidate for governor succeeds. Mr. Pelto claimed last week that he and Education and Democracy Party running mate Ebony Murphy have already collected the required 7,500 signatures they need by Aug. 6 and “will be on the ballot.”

If that happens, many Democrats fear Mr. Pelto will be a potential “spoiler,” that he could throw the gubernatorial election to the Republicans in a close race by siphoning off votes from disenchanted schoolteachers and state workers that otherwise might grudgingly go to Mr. Malloy.

But isn’t that scenario really about giving voters more choices? You don’t have to approve of Mr. Pelto’s independent sally or agree with his positions to admit he’s using the rules as they exist. The barriers to mounting a third-party or independent candidacy shouldn’t be raised too high.

Such candidacies can give a cathartic option to voters dissatisfied with nominees produced by the two major parties — as Ross Perot’s surprising presidential candidacy did in 1992, or the choice that Rep. John B. Anderson of Illinois gave some 5 million 1980 voters unhappy with the fecklessness of Democratic President Jimmy Carter or the polarizing campaign of conservative Republican Ronald Reagan.

Instead of demeaning so-called spoilers, supporters of the major party nominees should help their own favorites make the most persuasive case.

And here is what Diane Ravitch, the nation’s leading voice for public education said about the Hartford Courant editorial

It is funny to see the big-money corporate types behind Governor Dan Malloy criticizing Jonathan Pelto as a “spoiler.” These are the same people who love school choice. The just don’t like voter choice.

The Hartford Courant says quite rightly that Pelto is playing by the rules.

This is democracy, Governor Malloy and friends.

Jon Pelto is standing up for teachers and parents and everyone else who is not in the 1%.

Good for him!

You can find the complete editorial at:  http://www.courant.com/news/opinion/editorials/hc-ed-pelto-is-no-spoiler-20140707,0,1798206.story

And Diane Ravitch’s blog post can be found here: http://dianeravitch.net/2014/07/07/hartford-courant-pelto-is-no-spoiler/

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  • elliew1234

    Is Danal Malloy a spoiler in the race for Governor? Really anytime someone who offers voters a choice to the the one party with two names they are called a spoiler. We need many more choices in our political system, If Malloy loses so be it the voters are sending a message and the political party with two names names just can’t stand competition because real competition means they will lose.

    • jonpelto

      Thank you for saying that – amazing that politicians wrap themselves in the flag, say they want easier registration and voting and then howl when told people might actually use their democratic rights.

  • buygoldandprosper

    The office of governor is spoiled…rotten to the core, and Danny is stinking up the place like no one before. He is John Rowland Lite.

    New twist on Dan’s vote buying:

    “Gov. Dannel P. Malloy delivered some good news to the most distressed municipality in the state Monday when he announced that the state planned to spend about $19.2 million in Waterbury buying up properties, renovating old ones, and improving transportation options.”

    And even better:
    Using SANDY FUNDS, basically to replace old-folks housing. And nobody in the state got a chunk of Sandy money that big except Stamford. The place did not even get flooded! It is part of Dan’s “vision” for a green belt that has sucked up oodles of city money, basically for the greening of developers pocketbooks.

    “Charter Oak Communities in Stamford has received a $6.4 million funding commitment from the State of Connecticut for the replacement of the aging Czescik Homes elderly housing property. The source of this grant is … part of Connecticut’s allocation of $72 million awarded by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery program.”

  • R.L.

    It would be impossible for Jonathan to be a spoiler. The term spoiler implies that the spoiled candidate has a chance of winning. Don’t waste your vote on Malloy, he’s one and done. Vote Pelto/Murphy 2014

  • Although
    I am a lifelong Democrat, there is NO WAY I could vote for Malloy
    again, so Pelto’s candidacy is saving me from having to vote for a
    Republican, which I would do before giving another vote to Malloy.
    Democrats who betray their constituencies need to lose their seats. If
    it takes electing a Republican to send a strong message, so be it. A
    Democrat who acts like a Republican is not helping Democrats or any
    Connecticut residents anymore than a Republican would. I am glad that
    Pelto is offering Connecticut voters a choice.

  • roberto1000

    File this story under: “I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right.” This article was a plus all around.

  • Philip Stull

    The real issue is who are the people that are spoiling out state, and can we change course with new leadership to build a better future, where 90% of our neighbors want to stay, and not the 49% that today want to leave. CT is going in the wrong direction in too many ways and this leadership in Hartford is not helping. Either they don’t get it or they don’t know how to fix it, but either way it is not good, and going after CT’s public educational system in these many different ways is going to make it much worst. The tax giveaways and the tax increases heavy on the middle class and lite on the Millionaires and Billionaires is another example of a failure of this leadership. What happens more and more in CT is that we keep borrowing money to give to others while many of the others are doing just fine. “Let the next administration solve these problems because if we do the heavy lifting and face up to our problems, we’ll lose our jobs” is their MOP. Imagine if our forefathers had this same set of values. Thankfully they did not, but some of this present bunch would still be on the other side of the ocean because it was too much of a gamble to risk riding in a boat to a new land. Jon Pelto’s type of person would have been here in the 1630’s because he is the type of person that sees things that could be better with a change is management and values. He knows what a better future would look and feel like, and has shown that he can get in done.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Dan re-writing history:


    Just appalling. Nobody’s buying Danny line of crap anymore.

  • Philip Stull

    Anyone know who is the holder of Education Bridgeport.com? They have really got it in for Jon, and they have a number of attack posts about this campaign. Their link About Us is really the opposite of enlightening. Is it Labor or Bridgeport Democrats they are behind this front?

  • Hi Jonathan Pelto, have you collected enough signatures to get on the ballot yet? If you have not or need some extra ‘cushion’ should Malloy challenge your candidacy, please post. I could help you get about 500 signatures in a few days in my area (central CT), I’d consider it an honor to do so.