Look there goes a flying pig!

The truth is that Connecticut is facing a projected state budget deficit of at least $1.3 billion dollars for the fiscal year that begins after this year’s gubernatorial election.

But today Governor Dannel “Dan” Malloy boldly announced… “We don’t face a deficit.”

In a late afternoon CT Newsjunkie story entitled, Malloy Dismisses Deficit Projections, Won’t Ask for More Concessions, the Governor not only explained that the deficit was going to disappear but he took the opportunity to repeat his iron-clad pledge that he will not propose or accept any new taxes in a second term.

As Malloy explained, “There will not be a tax increase.”

And to top things off, Malloy said that he was ruling out asking state workers for more concessions should he be re-elected as Connecticut’s Chief Executive Officer.

While the Governor’s hyperbole is impressive, there is not a state employee, retirees, public school teacher or retired teacher, let alone a public official or taxpayer who believes that Malloy’s portrayal of reality is accurate.

Hearing about Malloy’s remarks, one can’t help but dwell on that classic idiom about pigs flying or the one about Hell freezing over.

Or for that matter that one we used as kids that always got a good laugh and referred to the possibility of monkeys flying out our butts.

For the latest on Malloy’s economic theories check out the CT Newsjunkie story at: http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/malloy_dismisses_deficit_projections_wont_ask_for_more_concessions/ and the Hartford Courant story at: http://courantblogs.com/capitol-watch/malloy-promises-no-new-deficit-rejects-new-state-worker-givebacks/

  • buygoldandprosper

    Another reason Dan will get another four years…”Tom Foley was not immediately available for comment”
    Not to worry! Dan Malloy will balance that budget, in spite of the GAAP between his ears. All it will take is a few more suggestion boxes.

    • buygoldandprosper

      And lest we forget the votes for sale up in New Milford:

      “Neeltran, a maker of custom transformers and power systems in New Milford, will receive a $750,000 loan from the state Department of Economic and Community Development for a renovation and 6,000-square-foot addition that’s expected to lead to 10 new jobs.
      The company, which has 119 jobs, will borrow the money at 2 percent interest, and $150,000 of the loan will be converted to a gift if it meets its hiring and retention goals.”

      • jonpelto

        I am so using that line – FREE ENTERPRISE IS NOT FREE!

        Hooray for the advanced capitalist system in which the taxpayers assume the risk and the profit goes to the someone else

        • buygoldandprosper

          Sure enough, Dan is peeved! He might consider the fact that the roads were jammed up as well. Perhaps he should STOP RAIDING THE TRANSPORTATION FUND and actually use those dollars to improve infrastructure.

          “This is now the second major failure in two weeks, leaving thousands of passengers stranded and causing unacceptable delays,” Malloy said in a statement. “Let me be clear, this is outrageous.”

          PLEASE Mr. Pelto. When you get elected NEVER use the tired old line…”let me be clear”!

        • buygoldandprosper

          “State Department of Transportation spokesman Kevin Nursick said that the bridge is scheduled to be replaced in 2018. Design work is underway and is planned to be completed by 2017, he said. Construction on the bridge would start the next year and run until 2024.”
          Really? Ten years to replace a bridge? By then, Governor Pelto will almost be drawing his pension.

        • buygoldandprosper

          “FARMINGTON — The Jackson Laboratory and Frasergen announced Friday that a Cancer Genomics facility will be built in Hubei Province of China and some of the data will be analyzed at the Jackson Laboratory location in Farmington. ”
          One wonders if China is paying as much as Connecticut did for a rat lab???

      • buygoldandprosper

        A gift? Gee. I could use a gift like that from Catherine Smith. How generous of her.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Flying pig? Is Cathy off doing GHAC “business” this weekend? That travel budget sure increased when she took charge at her almost $200K per year post, making unforgetable videos.

    One HAS to fly in Connecticut because the ROADS ARE ALL JAMMED UP! Expect Dan and that Dick Blumenthal to rant about railroad bridges too…they did not have bridges like that when Richard-the-Great Blumenthal served in Vietnam! Go check out I-95…soon to have tolls, and the Parkway. Might as well charge parking fees.

    No wonder Dan has to pay for it…IT being companies relocating for taxpayer cash. Today’s vote buying:

    “One of the oldest athletic conferences in the country – the Eastern College Athletic Conference – is moving to Danbury from Massachusetts…
    The deal calls for a matching grant of $100,000 if the ECAC creates five jobs – and a $300,000 loan. Overall, $200,000 of the loan can be forgiven if the ECAC creates 10 jobs over a period of 18 months, according to the deal.”

  • Fed Up in CT

    And just how does Malloy plan to start adequately funding the public schools once the state loses the CCJEF lawsuit? Maybe he has some magical beanstalk he can climb? Or he’s learned how to spin straw into gold? Is his campaign rhetoric just boastfulness, self-delusion, or straight-out lying to everyone?

    • Philip Stull

      I vote lying.

      • jonpelto


    • msavage


    • NS

      he is a liar. that has been proven. he promised on the campain trail that he would not support the magic bus.

  • henryberry

    Connecticut is not running a big budget deficit, and the Pullman and Comley law firm he has close ties with is not a criminal enterprise. Malloy has convinced himself that both are true despite stubborn, demonstrable facts. He lives in a fantasy world.

    • jonpelto

      I think I saw a bigfoot the other day too J

  • Malloy the flying Pig with a BIG Nose!