And the scandal surrounding Moales, Finch, Vallas, Pryor and Malloy grows.

After reviewing the facts, it is clearly time for a truly independent investigation into the Moales daycare center operation…

Here are the facts;

We know that Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. is Governor Malloy’s loudest supporter in Bridgeport.

We know that Reverent Kenneth Moales Jr. is Mayor Bill Finch’s campaign treasurer.

We know that Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. played a pivotal role in the illegal state takeover of the Bridgeport School System.

We know that as a member of both the illegal and democratically elected Bridgeport Board of Education, Reverend Kenneth Moales, Jr. was one of Paul Vallas’ most influential backers and a leading advocate for the expansion of charter schools in Bridgeport.

And we know that Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. was instrumental in working with Malloy’s Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor, and Capital Prep Principal Steve Perry to orchestrate the State Board of Education’s inappropriate approval for a new charter school in Bridgeport that will be owned by Steve Perry’s private company.  According to Perry’s charter school proposal, Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. will sit on the Board of Directors for the new charter school.

But after those key facts, things get very murky.

Reverend Kenneth Moales, Jr. is facing an extremely serious foreclosure suit that seeks to take his church and all the church’s property including Moales’ house, cars and belongs.

Moales’ church also rents space to a series of daycare centers that, according to the Internal Revenue Service, is called Kingdom’s Little Ones in Christ, Inc.

From 2008-2012, the company collected over $2.3 million in taxpayer funds and that was before the company received an influx of cash from the Malloy administration’s expanded early childhood program and before the company was caught over billing by at least $75,000.

According to the Connecticut Secretary of the State’s records, Kingdom’s Little Ones in Christ, Inc. is actually registered as PRAYER TABERNACLE KINGDOM’S LITTLE ONES IN CHRIST, INC.

The records recorded with the Secretary of the State indicate the company is owed by Bishop Kenneth Moales Sr. (now deceased) and Peggy Moales (his wife). The company was created in 1999, but has not filed any of its annual reports since 2004.

On the other hand, the Connecticut’s Department of Public Health has given daycare center licenses to Kingdom’s Little Ones (1243 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport) and Kingdom’s Little One Academy (1277 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport). Both properties are owned by Kenneth Moales’ church.

One of the centers is run by Kenneth Moales Jr’s mother, Peggy Moales while the other is run by his sister, Kenya-Moales-Byrd.

As part of Governor Malloy’s early childhood initiative, the Moales family “won” a contract to provide 60 of the 72 new early childhood slots in Bridgeport.  The contract appears to have gone to the Kingdom’s Little One Academy but the problem is the daycare centers were not licensed to handle the influx of children.

Although the contract provided that centers must be up and running by November 2012, the Moales family did not get a license for a daycare center to serve those slots until August 15, 2013 – at least ten months after the required date.

The New License, which carries the number 70117, was issued on 8/15/2013.  However, the building, located at 729 Union Avenue in Bridgeport (another property owned by Moales’ church) may still not have a permanent certificate of occupancy, a criteria that must be met before a provider can open a daycare center.

According to emails and memos acquired from a variety of state entities, professional staff at the Connecticut State Department of education were well aware of the problems associated with the Moales’ daycare centers and were diligently trying to get the unused slots moved to a daycare enter that could provide Bridgeport’s children and parents with the daycare services they were entitled to.

Following information provided by the professional staff at the State Department of Education, the Bridgeport School Readiness Council voted on February 19, 2013 to move unused spaces from the Moales daycare center to a center called Cheyenne’s Daycare.

On February 26, the state determined that the Moales’ center could keep 42 slots and 18 others would go to Cheyenne’s Daycare.

But by summertime it became increasingly clear that something was seriously wrong with the Moales daycare operation and that they had never acquired the license needed to utilize those additional 42 slots.

An email to Kenneth Moales’ sister on August 1, 2013 from the State Department of Education reads,

“There are 42 children that were to attend Union St [the new Moales center] but the site did not open and I have no confirmed indication of a date when it will open.  These spots were claimed on Peggy” [Moales] site but we know there not served at that site.  [Peggy’s license only allowed 15 total students].  So, again, since Peggy is claiming 57 students on her monthly report, I assume you are serving them at your site.  But, you only have 19 approved School Readiness spaces at your site.


….Each month you are being paid for 76 spaces but at this poi t you are only approved for 15 at Petty’s site and 19 at your site.

By September 2013, the State Department of Education’s office of Internal Audit issued the following finding,

“We reviewed documentation supplied by the Office of Early childhood’s Program Manager in connection with school readiness funded programs at Kingdom’s Little Ones Daycare facilities located in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  We believe that the program was overpaid by approximately $75,114 (27 children x 4 months x $695).  We recommend that the Office of Early childhood work with SDE’s Bureau of Fiscal Services to pursue a refund from Bridgeport.

The State Department of Education then issued a refund request writing that said,

The refund request should go to the Bridgeport Public Schools and indicate that it is applicable to Kingdom’s Little Ones.  The Bridgeport Schools will do two things; 1) refund the funds to SDE and 2) work out the details with the Program(s) to recover their funds – likely some kind of monthly recovery, spreading the pain.

But then, in a surprising and suspicious twist, on October 1, 2013, Paul Vallas stepped in to try and stop the state from recouping the money it was owed by filing an appeal.

The appeal was eventually rejected and the state is now working to collect the taxpayer funds it is owed.

When the story is laid out, perhaps the most telling point of all is that Kenneth Moales Jr. was the Chairman of the Bridgeport Board of Education at the time these events unfolded and the Board of Education was apparently never informed that their Chairman’s company had overbilled the City and state by $75,000.  Furthermore, the Board of Education was never told that Vallas, on behalf of the Board of Education, was attempting to stop the state from collecting the misspent funds.

Paul Vallas is now long gone, but the rest of the players are still very much on the scene.

The interrelationships between Moales, Finch, Pryor and Malloy run so deep and the allegations are so serious that a truly independent investigation is needed.

In the meantime, as noted above, Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. should relinquish his seat on the Bridgeport Board of Education.

  • Philip Stull

    Not going to be as many mystery votes showing up election night in Bridgeport this time around with the new spotlight on these individuals.

  • Linda174

    Evidently some of us are more equal than others:

  • Jim

    Jon it seems to me like the good Reverend could, or rather should, see some jail time. That ought to really put egg on the faces of Malloy and his cronies, and further ruin their political future.

  • Castles Burning

    If I have followed the “twists and turns” correctly, then the Bridgeport BOE still would not know about these dealings since Vallas did not inform them. Do you know if any of the Vallas team that is left behind knew that the city and state were being “defrauded”?

    Amen to your comment: “The interrelationships between Moales, Finch, Pryor and Malloy run so deep and the allegations are so serious that a truly independent investigation is needed.”

    Not enough can be done to remedy BPS until this “working relationship” is stopped.

    Moales, since Vallas left, has been very concerned about the “failing” public schools (which he had previously been praising). Clearly the corruption brought to the system by himself and his family is NOT worth mentioning. Let us see what next comes out of his mouth and we need only wait until Monday night.

  • Charlie Puffers

    Is there anyone in this state with the integrity to call for and the clout to follow through with an independent investigation? My guess is it won’t be Jepson. After seeing the non-results of the Hartford BOE investigation of Steve Perry’s threats and the lack of press coverage by the so-called newspaper in Hartford I have my doubts. Has any newspaper in this state even picked up on this scandal?

  • realsaramerica

    Where is the FBI?

  • brutus2011

    The majority of the electorate is asleep at the switch and the rest are intoxicated with political kool-aid…

  • jrp1900

    W.E. Du Bois noted that for powerful historical reasons the clergy have always enjoyed an esteemed status in the African American community. Of course, some swindlers and hustlers have profited from the community while laying claim to the title of “Reverend.” So it is in the wider American community: the fraudulent religious leader is one of the great American types. His type existed in the 19th century and they will probably exist in the 22nd century, just so long as there are enough desperate and credulous people who might be exploited.

    The Rev Kenneth Moales is no Reverend Martin Luther King. He may or may not be interested in “civil rights, ” but he’s definitely interested in wheeling and dealing and making a fast buck. It’s hard to see what is ‘spiritual” about the man: he seems like your typical local politician/small businessman–cunning, conniving, ambitious, greedy. You can find his kind all over this great country. A major knock against Rev Moales is that he is beginning to make Ernie Newton look good. It’s tragic that the people of Bridgeport–many of whom are deeply impoverished–have no one better to “represent” them. The people need deliverance from such “priests”…

    • Mary Gallucci

      Another day, another scandal. Last year Pryor and his puppet SBE were approving Vallas’s phony ed. leadership “course”, even though Vallas did not complete the plan of study he and the UConn prof presented to the SBE. It is all a huge joke and a huge scandal.
      As for Moales, I don’t know how he is able to fend off the creditors–but overbilling the state for “daycare” services sure sounds promising. It’s like taking candy from a baby, as they say.