Malloy political operation sidesteps Connecticut law limiting contributions from lobbyists.

Limiting the financial influence of lobbyists was one of the most important elements of Connecticut’s post-Rowland campaign finance reforms.

In its final form, Connecticut law states that,

“…lobbyists and their immediate families may make qualifying contributions of up to $100 like any other individual, but only when the legislature is not in session.”

The law means that as candidate for Governor, Malloy could only accept checks for up to $100 from a lobbyist and COULD NOT accept any funds during the legislative session.

But that law didn’t stop Governor Malloy and his political operation from collecting well over $32,000 from Connecticut lobbyists during the past eighteen months.  More than $10,000 of those funds was collected during the legislative session, despite the complete ban on lobbyist donations during that period.

So how did Malloy’s political operation do it?

As noted previously here at Wait, What?, a gigantic loop-hole built into the campaign finance system allows the sitting governor to divert money to one of the Democratic Sate Central Committee’s campaign accounts, even during a legislative session.

This loophole allowed more than 25 of Connecticut’s top lobbyists to sidestep Connecticut law and reward Malloy’s political aspirations with contributions in excess of the $100 limit over the past year and a half.

Even Governor John Rowland’s former chief of staff, who is now a lobbyist, got in on the act by providing the Malloy political operation with a campaign contribution —- right in middle of the 2013 legislative session.


  • buygoldandprosper

    What do you expect from Malloy? Honest government?
    The man paid back Earl O’Garro with state “loans” for his efforts in snagging CATHY MALLOY her almost $200K gig at GHAC…that turned out well for Cathy, but not so well for taxpayers.
    And do not forget the Malloy spawn who snagged an “internship” with Global Strategy Group while other state workers were reduced to having their kids hired for the summer by various state agencies.
    Dan Malloy…man of the people, every election cycle that is.

  • buygoldandprosper

    While Dan works hard to destroy public education and open, honest government, the folks in the trenches do the real work that bloodsuckers like Malloy NEVER did!