Saw it on the Internet so it must be true… (No, but…)

After an email exchange earlier today, Neil Vigdor, a leading reporter for the Hearst Media Group, put up a blog post entitled, “Malloy gets “Pelto-ed” from the left?”

As the saying goes, take the story with a grain of salt.  Like much of what we read on the Internet, aspects of the story are true while other elements aren’t quite so accurate.

What the story does represent is the growing concern that many of us have about Governor Malloy’s record over the past four years and his extraordinary failure on a number of fronts.

A direct challenge, either as a Democrat or as a third-party, independent Democratic is just one of many options for those of us who truly believe that another four years of a Malloy administration would be disastrous for a variety of reasons – one of those reasons being our on-going effort to push back the corporate education reform industry and the pressing need to retake control of our public schools.

So….let me be perfectly clear, I am not a candidate for governor (at this time).

The Hearst Media Group blog post begins with the following;

Just when the denizens of Connecticut thought the debate over Common Core was caustic.

Now there’s this.

Jonathan Pelto, a relentless opponent of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s education agenda and former state representative, is entertaining a run for the state’s highest office, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers has learned.

The 53-year-old from Storrs, who has expended significant bandwith on his “progressive” blog and on Facebook railing against Malloy, could run either as a Democrat or a third party candidate, a person familiar with Pelto’s thinking told the newspaper.

“We are looking at a variety of options,” Pelto told Hearst by email Friday afternoon.

A campaign spokesman for Malloy, who is considered by political pundits to be vulnerable in the midterm elections this November, declined to comment on the prospect of a Pelto candidacy.

On his blog, “Wait What?” Pelto penned an April 13 entry titled “the growing list of reasons to vote against Dannel “Dan” Malloy’s re-election.”

“Malloy’s “education reform” legislation has earned him the title of the most anti-teacher, anti-public education, pro-charter school Democratic governor in the nation.”

For those who enjoy the nuances associated with politics, you can read the Hearst Media Group blog post at:

  • buygoldandprosper

    And will you wish to be called Jon, John, Jonnie, Johnny, King Jon, Your Higness ,Sire?
    Splitting votes is tricky business. Proceed with caution, but you have my vote!

    • ReTired

      Proceed with caution, walk tall, and carry a big stick!

  • buygoldandprosper

    AND NEVER use the line…”let me be perfectly clear”! Keep you pointy finger down or in your nose, and do not forget who you are or where you came from!
    ANYONE BUY MALLOY in 2014!!

  • Philip Stull

    You would think that any smart politician in an election year would not want to make decisions that would hurt their chances of reelection but Malloy does not seem to be this type of politician. He is kicking a hornet’s nest in any number of issues and given his victory margin in 2010, he, his advisors, and party leaders may end up sending a strong anti-corporate message in this time when many are trying to rein in the oligarchs. This maybe a turning point and if so, I will vote and support those that wish to restore our democracy.

    • realsaramerica

      The State Board of Ed decision, particularly adding the two additional charters in Stamford and Bridgeport over the objections of the ELECTED Boards of education, was just a mind boggling move, IMHO. Malloy might have thought he was doing Finch a favor, but he’s alienated and divided the base, which, given his slim margin last time, he can’t afford to do. And Stamford – that decision is just incomprehensible. He’s angered Democrats – DEMOCRATS. And that is going to affect not just him, but other Democratic candidates. I’ve never been a Malloy fan, but I didn’t think he was stupid. So is it arrogance, denial or what?

      • Philip Stull

        I vote arrogance.

      • Mary Gallucci

        Agreed. The actions of Pryor and the State BoE were reprehensible, as well as incomprehensible. They are greedily grasping anything they can in the way of more charters. We need to stop them. The legislators need to prevent the money from going to charters–all the new charters, which are hyper-segregated and do not deliver the results they promise. School districts should have the ability to refuse to pay for the “in kind” and other services–busing, nursing, meals, etc.
        When is Pryor going? The legislature must have some standards for a Commissioner of Education, some educational qualifications. It is offensive.

      • 27Reasons

        Malloy must GO!

  • Linda174

    Up with Jonathan, down with Dannel, Dan, Danny Boy. Start the countdown clock now.

    • ReTired

      Is that like malware?

      • realsaramerica

        Kind of, but it’s a Harry Potter reference : )

  • ReTired

    This story appeared because Dannel probably has the writer in his back pocket! He’s playing with you and testing the waters; he’s worried!

    • Castles Burning

      Interesting analysis.

  • Michael Fryar

    Without question I would assist with your campaign in any capacity.

  • Jim

    Jon if and when you seriously consider running for ANY public office again please know that you can count on me to ensure a victory.

  • Guest

    “Governor Pelto” has a nice ring to it.

    • wendy lecker


  • mookalaboona

    Jon, let me know, I’ll help as well. You’d be great!

  • Tim

    I’m a Republican who’s not satisfied with any of the canidates running, I say run…you only live once.

  • Margaret Rick

    Jon, If you do not want to run for governor, would you consider offering your name as a write in? I know a lot of people who do not want to vote for Molloy. If we had a name to write in that represented the anti-corporate education movement, we could send a message. Ideally we could get 6,500 people to endorse our message, take the message to Molloy. Either he meets the requirements of our movement or we write in your name and help him lose the election. What do you think?

    On the other hand, if you actually run for governor, you have my vote!

  • jschmidt2

    They want to marginalize your voice Jon. My labeling you an opponent they diminish you voice. Be careful.

    • jonpelto

      Thanks for the reminder, there is no doubt that you are right.

      It is a time for only the most strategic moves.

  • David Lynch Topitzer

    Pelto: When are you going to come out and run? lets go. I will help any way I can along with many other people who want to get our state back.

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