The growing list of reasons to vote against Dannel “Dan” Malloy’s re-election

The growing list of reasons to vote against Dannel “Dan” Malloy’s re-election

  • Malloy’s “education reform” legislation has earned him the title of the most anti-teacher, anti-public education, pro-charter school Democratic governor in the nation.  Malloy’s decision to hand Connecticut’s public education system over to Charter School advocate, now Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor has ushered in an unprecedented attack on teachers, students, parents, local school districts and the professionalism of the State Department of Education.  As long as Pryor and his allies are running the State Department of Education, Malloy deserves to lose.
  • As if Malloy’s corporate education reform industry agenda wasn’t bad enough, the Governor and his administration has displayed the height of arrogance and dishonesty in his flip flopping about Connecticut’s inadequate school funding formula.  Although Dan Malloy ran on a platform of confronting Connecticut’s unfair and inappropriate school funding system and settling the historic CCEJF School funding lawsuit, Malloy has not only used his power to try and dismiss the vital lawsuit, but has implemented policies that place an even greater financial burden on Connecticut’s local property taxpayers when it comes to funding public schools.
  • As governor, Malloy has also instituted the largest budget cuts in state history to Connecticut’s public colleges and universities.  Malloy’s unwillingness to fund public higher education has translated into massive tuition increase, which in turn, disproportionately hurt working and middle-income families.
  • At the same time, under the guise of “shared sacrifice,” Malloy pushed through tax policies that also unfairly targeted middle income families while coddling the wealthy.  Those making more than $1 million a year saw absolutely NO INCREASE in their income tax rates while middle income families were hit with higher incomes tax rates and a reduction in their property tax credit.  Taxpayers were also confronted with a variety of new and expanded tax increases, most of which place the greatest burden on middle income families.  Malloy’s tax program also included the largest gas tax increase in Connecticut history and, incredibly, the revenues collected from that higher gas tax wasn’t even used to pay for programs to improve Connecticut’s transportation systems.
  • When it comes to the issue of economic development, Malloy’s rhetoric about creating jobs has been little more than a cover for a massive corporate welfare program that gave hundreds of millions of dollars to extremely profitable companies.  Billion dollar companies literally walked away with hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds.  Making matters worse, Malloy charged his corporate give-a-way program to the state’s credit card meaning taxpayers will not only be picking up the entire cost of those corporate welfare checks but are now going to have to pay tens of millions more in interest to pay for Malloy’s irresponsible borrowing.
  • The growth of government secrecy, the loss of public accountability, and the inappropriate role of campaign contributions donated from state contractors and lobbyists may well be the Malloy administration’s worst “accomplishment.”  As a result of Malloy successful efforts to limit the powers and resources of the State Ethics Commission, the State Freedom of Information Commission and the State Elections Enforcement Commission, and create new loopholes in Connecticut’s campaign finance laws, Malloy will go down in history as the governor who turned back the clock on openness, accountability and the public’s right to know what its elected and appointed government officials are doing.
  • Furthermore, despite running on a platform in honest budgeting, the Malloy administration has made constant use of budget gimmicks and the inappropriate use of one-time revenues.  Malloy’s failure to be honest about Connecticut’s state budgets will leave the taxpayers of Connecticut with $1 billion budget deficit in each of the three years following the election.
  • And while teachers and Connecticut’s public schools have borne the brunt of Malloy’s attacks over the past two years, few will forgot his 2011 war on state employees.  His disrespect and unfair treatment of state employees continues to this day with his unwillingness to provide agencies with adequate staffing.  While state employees stepped up and did their fair share to help solve Connecticut’s budget crisis, Malloy’s contempt has not only undermined state employees and state agencies, but has resulted in a system in which Connecticut taxpayers are paying more while getting less.

Sadly, this is but a partial list.

Feel free add or expand as warranted…

  • buygoldandprosper

    -Pay to Play.
    -Fencing in the state capitol.
    -Family “issues” that clearly reflect a dysfunctional mother and father.
    -Questionable home improvements.
    -Questionable contracts for cronies…Al Barbarotta,for one with a long list of others.
    -Nixonian arrogance and a fabricated/spun CV. Dan is just not very smart or qualified.
    -A suggestion box that was supposed to save $200M.
    -Low quality hires who are getting on-the-job training at our expense. Ben Barnes comes to mind, and gee! After her corrupt little stint in Stamford, Tania Barnes is now the personnel director in Milford! Sort of like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse but she no doubt FINALLY got her family city jobs!
    -The purchase of a failed tennis tournament…what a great idea!
    -Dancing on the graves of dead kids in Newtown for soundbites and face time.
    -The bus to nowhere that is costing almost a BILLION DOLLARS and will eventually be a 10K track for runners.
    Blaming NY for rail problems yet robbing transportation funds to prop up the general fund and ignoring his own train wreck in Connecticut.
    -Snuggling up to anyone with an open checkbook and making “friends” like a dog.
    -Playing politics with every little detail of state business for his personal gain, instead of attempting to make this small state a model of efficient and honest government.
    -Raising taxes on everything from paint to mattresses, not to mention income! except for the 10%.
    -Opening a DC office. Trips to China and Davos. Bodyguards and bunkers…come on Dan! You are not that important!
    -The FACT that he could have done things soooo differently but took the low road called the Malloy Highway, to his next government job.
    You are right,Jon. The list is very long and everything this administration has done leads to the same conclusion…ANYONE but Malloy in 2014.

    • Guest

      Time to reread Orwell’s Animal Farm. While he was denouncing totalitarian governments, the similarities in the Use of propaganda and the blatant misuse of the public’s trust is appalling.

      • buygoldandprosper

        I will vote for Frequent-Flyer Dan, who is sooo taken with China, if he flows their lead:

        “China executed 14 people with assets of at least a 1 billion yuan ($155 million) during the past eight years as the government expanded its fight against corruption, according to the New Culture News newspaper.”

        • buygoldandprosper

          A little over the top, but I laughed!
          Maybe Dan can read upon this before his next trip to China!

          “There’s a reason why the Chinese are ascendant while America is in decline. Because the Chinese walk upright and aren’t afraid to apply justice to the pigs who are ruining their country; while at the same time, Americans bow and scrape to the same people who loot them, dreaming like peasants of the day they can become Donald Trump’s “Apprentice.” It’s a grotesque role-reversal, and we ought to be ashamed.
          I’ve written about the wonderful Chinese “Mobile Execution Bus Fleets” as the solution to America’s banker problem, but you folks are all too damn squeamish and worried about “class war.” So while you roll over and take it as AIG announces yet another new round of bonuses stolen from your bank account,the Chinese get down to the business of executing their millionaire traitors. Can’t reform ‘em, folks. Gotta put ‘em down for the good of the country. Three more big ones this week, including two put to death because they “seriously damaged the country’s financial regulatory order and social stability”:

    • henryberry

      I see you mention Milford in your comment. Milford is a town you want to be paying attention to. I believe it along with next-door Branford was one of the towns where Malloy cronies the Pullman and Comley law firm muscled out the law firm Milford had been using for a long time to handle bond matters for it upon Malloy’s election. This is only a small part of the crime and corruption going on with Malloy in partnership with this criminal, corrupt law firm.

    • buygoldandprosper

      Oh! I just thought of another reason that goes back a long time.
      The Malloy family, and Dan, were neck deep in the first S&L
      “crisis”…I never heard if they paid off all those bad loans. Me thinks they walked away like most blood-suckers of the period while the rest of America played by the rules.
      Rules do not apply to Lace Curtain Familes in Stamford.

    • brutus2011

      Nixonian arrogance … now thats a good one!

  • Bluecoat

    Sp, Since it only took Malloy’s and Pryor’s signatures to bring Connecticut into the death grip of Common Core and it’s evil step sister’s, RTTT, Smarter Balanced Assessments, and Teacher Evaluations, does this mean the MOU will be rendered null and void when the next Governor is elected And Pryor gets fired?

    Mercedes Schneider thinks so in her post titled “Exiting the Common Core Memorandum of Understanding”

  • guest

    the one that hurts the most – its a jobless recovery. Many of us are still very nervous about losing our jobs in this state.

  • Bill Morrison

    I had a telephone call last night from a Democrat pollster asking me if Malloy could count on me in November. My answer was a resounding, “NO WAY IN &*%%!” At least the pollster asked me why, to which I gave a discourse on Malloy’s education deform and on Commissar Pryor. The pollster said in return that he was hearing a lot of the same comments. Apparently, the word is getting out.

  • buygoldandprosper

    “An Australian company, Redflex Traffic System, will install surveillance cameras on some school buses at no cost to the town or its schools. But once police start issuing tickets to motorists using evidence from Redflex’s Student Guardian surveillance system, the company will get $234 of each $450 ticket issue for illegally passing a stopped school bus.
    The town will get a $126 share of each ticket while the state of Connecticut will get $90, Masciana said.”
    Key words–AUSTRALIAN COMPANY. Job creation, Malloy style!
    As long as Danny gets his cut ,he could care less.

    • buygoldandprosper

      “A half-billion dollar, 9.4-mile bus-only corridor in central Connecticut is nearly a year away from opening, but officials are already in high gear as they try to persuade commuters to leave their cars at home.”

      “The state is budgeting about $3 million for an 18- to 24-month marketing effort on radio, billboards, movie theater ads and the Internet.”
      Another $500 MILLION (probably more like a billion) reasons to vote for ANYONE BUT MALLOY! What an expensive joke!

  • Brian Marcey

    Good to see someone from the Left understands and questions the Governor. Things would be a hell of a lot better if there were more like him in the legislature who wouldn’t just rubber stamp Danny’s agenda.

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