Malloy’s double dipping campaign finance gravy train

By participating in Connecticut’s public financing system, Governor Dannel “Dan” Malloy will receive $6,500,400 in public funds to pay for his 2014 re-election effort…. Yes, that number is Six Million, Five Hundred Thousand, Four Hundred Dollars.

As readers know, public campaign finance systems were designed to take “big money” out of politics. 

By agreeing to be part of the public finance program, candidates agreed that they would NOT ACCEPT campaign contributions from political action committees, corporations or large donors.

Following the scandal that sent former Governor John Rowland to prison, Connecticut adopted the nation’s premier campaign finance system.

However, in 2013 at the request of Governor Malloy, the Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly intentionally undermined Connecticut’s public finance system by creating a series of loopholes that will allow Malloy to take the $6.5 million dollars in public funds yet still participate allow him to benefit from a “shadow campaign” in which millions of dollars are funneled through political committees to benefit Malloy’s re-election aspirations.

At the time, Republican State Senator Michael McLachlan and others warned their colleagues of the consequences of undermining Connecticut’s campaign system, but legislators went ahead and did Malloy’s bidding.

Malloy’s scheme to double-dip campaign funds was laid out in a What, What? post entitled, “Campaign Finance Reform Malloy Style: NU CEO says support Malloy by giving to the Connecticut Democratic Party.”

And now the fruits of Malloy’s efforts are coming to fruition.

As reported in yesterday’s Wait, What? post, “Corporate Education Reform Industry pours money into Malloy campaign operation,” Team Malloy has raised approximately $2.5 million into one of the Connecticut Democratic Party’s accounts and that doesn’t even count the money that is being laundered through other party or political action committees.

So who are writing the big checks for Malloy’s shadow campaign operation?

Here is just a partial list,

Political Action Committee Amount
Wal-Mart PAC $5,000
Bank of America PAC $5000
Comcast PAC $5,000
Dominion PAC $3,500
AT&T PAC $5,000
Cigna PAC $5,000
Praxair Inc. PAC 5,000
Webster Bank PAC $3,000
United Healthcare PAC $5,000
Travelers PAC $5,000
Phoenix Companies PAC $5,000
Xerox PAC $2,500
Walt Disney Productions PAC $5,000
JIM PAC $5,000
Coventa Energy PAC $5,000
Dominion Energy PAC $3,500
GHC Ancillary Corp PAC $3,000
Purdue Pharma PAC $5,000
Boehringer Ingelheim PAC $2,500
GE PAC $5,000
National Confectioners PAC $2,500
Pfizer PAC $5,000
Pitney Bowes PAC $3,500
WellPoint PAC $2,500
Northeast Utilities PAC $2,500

And the list goes on and on and on….

  • buygoldandprosper

    Too bad Connecticut does not have an Attorney General because John Rowland is looking for a cellmate.
    Pay to Play by the Malloy administration is bigger than it has ever
    been in this corrupt little state. And it could have been soooo different!
    All the fools who cast their vote for Dan should, by now, see what a poor choice they made. All we can hope for is Federal intervention at some point and that won’t occur for a while yet. Dan may be an attorney, but he was not a very good one in spite of his CV historical fiction. Perhaps Pullman&Comley, and all the other firms infesting Hartford are offering sound legal advice.
    I hope Cathy has donated to her husbands campaign. Her almost $200K salary with GHAC goes far with the low expenses in Hartford. Perhaps she can shoot the video for the campaign!! But giving back, for a Malloy, is going backwards.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Anybody know who JIM PAC represents? Jim Messina? Someone else? The usual names on this list make sense but while we never absolutely will know who Dan Malloy has sold out to (and sold out the best interests of state residents) JIM PAC might prove interesting.

  • guest

    Never thought I’d say this, but what choice do companies in CT, particularly in Hartford have, if they want to continue to be supported in this state so that they can do business? Since Day 1, Malloy has intimidated his own party and the legislature. They know their job is to make whatever he says happen, happen. And happen fast. CT businesses know their fate lies in his hands. It’s a scary time for this state.

  • jschmidt2

    If they re-elect this guy, the people deserve what they get.