• CTedFromTheTrenches

    I’m feeling much like the scarecrow lately; too bad we have so many lions out there!
    Michelle Rhee must be the wicked witch… or perhaps Jennifer Alexander…

  • Oj perry

    Can I have a shot of Malloy , with a Steve perry chaser please

  • Jessica Chiong

    west haven boe didn’t get their money they wanted from the budget and is now saying they will lay off 111 teachers!! yet they recieved 2.8 million this year and is asking for 4 million for next year in alliance grant money~ I need to save our teachers. this is looking like a charter school coming our way!!

    • CTedFromTheTrenches

      Your story is the kind of thing that should go public A.S.A.P. If you have direct evidence of this, please try ‘News Channel 8 on your side’ or something of that nature.

  • buygoldandprosper
  • buygoldandprosper

    Ever wonder how Dan Malloy, who really never has done anything but suck on the public teat for a living, could manage to own a house with an ocean view in what many think is a very desirable neighborhood (some might even call it exclusive) that was last on the market for $1,478,000?? While there was an investigation re: the “remodel” , locals in the know laugh because few of the right questions were asked in the right way. Teflon Dan had his way in Stamford.
    Yup. Politics pays. Stamford politics pays BIG. Hartford politics…well, there is a lot more than hot tubs and Mustangs being traded with this administration.

  • Linda174

    Michelle Rhee is lecturing parents in Connecticut. She is upset we are not listening to her lies.

    “But in places like Colorado , Connecticut and New York , parents are getting in the way. We’re seeing a new and problematic movement within public education to persuade parents to pull their children from participating in any standardized testing. They’re opting out of the exams designed to measure how well our schools are teaching our children.”


    • s

      I had a graduate professor who used the word ‘problematic’ ever other sentence. I ended up spending more time tallying her than listening to what she was saying. So it goes with

      • Linda174

        If we did shots everytime she said something stupid, self serving or misleading we would all be dead. She’s so nasty.

      • realsaramerica

        While Michelle Rhee is telling parents they are “wrong” for opting out, actual educators (I mean REAL educators, not the kind of educators who think the way to deal with children is to tape their mouths shut and then use that as a laugh line in front of a corporate edreform crowd) are saying this: http://nycpublicschoolparents.blogspot.com/2014/04/liz-phillips-brooklyn-principal-i-have.html

        “A focus on the structure rather than the meaning of passages.” Thank you, David Coleman. Thank you, Pearson. Thank you, PARCC and SBAC. Thank you, Arne Duncan. Thank you, Bill Gates.

  • Sue

    Hysterical! Who let the dog out?

    • Linda174

      Nancy Wyman

  • Mary Gallucci

    brilliant and creative. thank you, Ms. Darer Littman!

  • Mary Gallucci
  • buygoldandprosper

    And speaking of Dan Malloy and the rights of indigenous people…
    We KNOW Dan is in the pocket of the casinos and has sucked up to
    Obama to keep the rights of the first people surpressed. Too bad the IRISH were let in, eh Dan?
    The Navajo Nation has suffered health issues thanks to KMG and KMG spun off TRONOX to avoid liability and DAN MALLOY embraced TRONOX and paid them to relocate to STAMFORD with precious tax dollars and a “promise” of jobs.
    Dan Malloy is a WHORE. Tronox declared bankruptcy but APC paid out to put the issue to bed. How many jobs were “created” for the souls of how many first people?
    Dan Malloy. A greasy politician who has sold his sold to the Devil.
    Check with Catherine Smith re: jobs created. And don’t bother doing much math…