Opt out movement grows amid Common Core testing disasters

Commissioner Stefan Pryor’s PR operation says the implementation of the Common Core Smarter Balanced Testing Assessment Test of a Test is going well.

When Governor Malloy’s State Board of Education met this week they had time to adopt a resolution re-committing Connecticut to “immediately implementing” the Common Core but didn’t even bother to discuss the opt out issue or whether Commissioner Pryor had acted inappropriately when he engaged in an extensive campaign to mislead parents into thinking that they didn’t have the right to take their students out of the inappropriate and wasteful Common Core test.

Meanwhile the Stamford Advocate reported that, “While some parents of high school juniors are looking to have their children excused from taking a weeklong standardized test in May, students seem to be taking the imposition of yet another test in stride.”  The news article was referring to the new 7½ hour-long Smarter Balanced Assessment Test of a test that will be burdening most Connecticut students, teachers and classrooms this spring.

But stories are pouring in from around the state that paint a very different picture.

In Cheshire, the Common Core Testing machine came to a halt the other day when the software crashed their internet.

In a town not that far away, a special education teacher wrote about having to watch some of her students with special needs start to cry as they tried to log on and maneuver through the complex on-line test.

Meanwhile, at Trumbull High School more than a third of the junior class had submitted opt out letters and when the Common Core test actually began yesterday morning, only 47 out of 530 students showed up to take the test.

Teachers at two other Connecticut public high schools reported that more than seven in ten of their high school juniors reported that they quickly clicked through the common Core test filling in non-answers or didn’t even bother taking the test after signing in.

Rather than explain the truth to Connecticut’s parents, students and teachers, the Malloy administration has turned ensured that the Common Core Smarter Balanced Test of a test is a nothing more than a complete and utter farce.

  • jschmidt2

    I waiting for Malloy to establish the re-education camps for parents and teachers who don’t follow the party line. If people object they;ll need to do it forcefully while they still can, and while we are still a free country.

    • brutus2011

      You may not be far from reality although we still think our society is immune to what you suggest.

      Malloy, Pryor et al are ramming this privatization agenda down our throats. Even when Malloy gets the boot along with Pryor, the damage will be very hard to undo.

      We are in far more jeopardy than we realize.

    • CTedFromTheTrenches

      Excellence in Education will help this effort as well.


    • CTedFromTheTrenches

      Here’s a dose of what your speaking to, in CA.

    • CTedFromTheTrenches

      CT Core Standards, Family & Community (English & Spanish)

      • JMC

        I checked out all your links. Very interesting. Thanks!

  • JMC

    The kids are even smarter than the adults who helped them opt out! The false answers they randomly submitted will not only nullify the testing profile – which opting out would have done – but will also totally annihilate any use that the test constructors could make of the students’ responses for adjusting the individual questions on the test, invalidate any lessons that might otherwise be drawn from the answer choices on the test, and render the test itself utterly futile.

    • Philip Stull

      Most Juniors are smart and quickly know the score and with today’s social media spread the word quicker than high speed trading on Wall Street. This test of the test will be worthless but the elite will use the results to further their effort to destroy public education.

      • JMC

        They will indeed try to use it to destroy public education. I think, though, that the kids themselves have possibly destroyed the Beta version of CC as a valid yardstick and they will finish off CC next year in the 3.1 version.

      • CTedFromTheTrenches

        You got it!

    • CTedFromTheTrenches

      SBAC will claim it was the just the fault of teachers, and all the money that sides with them will parrot this theme like crazy.

      • Philip Stull

        If anyone things that Juniors can be fooled into caring for this BS, they have never been a classroom of Juniors. I loved my many years with them because of their BS antennas along with many many other great attributes.

  • Linda174

    Check comments here:


    • JMC

      Very interesting, L. Thanks!

  • Linda174
    • JMC

      Thanks, L! I am proud signer #745.

    • Philip Stull

      #790 🙂

    • Mary Gallucci

      I’m 797!

  • Linda174

    And now Michelle Rhee is lecturing parents in Connecticut. She is upset we are not listening to her lies.

    “But in places like Colorado , Connecticut and New York , parents are getting in the way. We’re seeing a new and problematic movement within public education to persuade parents to pull their children from participating in any standardized testing. They’re opting out of the exams designed to measure how well our schools are teaching our children.”


    • JMC

      OMG, kids’ PARENTS getting in the way! How impudent of them to get involved in their chidren’s education! This gaff of Rhee’s will haunt her forever. Note that CT is now one of “The Big Three”! Rhee gets whiny in the rest of the article and clearly it’s pucker time for the Deformers. Thanks L, and thank you Jon and all the others who have worked so hard to ensure our children’s educational future.

      • Linda174

        Walk softly and carry an extra large:

  • Guest

    I proctored the test of the test the other day. What fun. I clicked on the test for the kids to start and went to sit down and before I could even hit the chair guess what happened? Two students already “completed” their tests! My God. Who’s have thought I was in a school surrounded by such Einstein’s that two finished in under two minutes and the others were done in less than 10. Lake Woebegone has nothing on this school. To top that off an administrator commented to me, “We just did not foresee the number of kids just not caring.” Wow…..simply amazing insight.

    • Linda174

      Bingo…same everywhere. Kids don’t care. They are sick of testing and don’t want to be automatons. Civil disobedience rocks!

      • Philip Stull

        Kids care for things that have meaning for them and they know this BS.

  • Fairfield County Teacher

    I have heard numerous stories from 3 DRG A & B high schools that MANY of the students who did not opt out are doing there best to sabotage the test – typing in nonsense answers that don’t address the prompts. I wonder if we will every get data on the number of “useable” tests.

    • Linda174

      Bu junior year the kids have been in the school system twelve years, don’t you have enough DATA? It’s unnecesasary and a federal takeover of our local schools. Kids are more than a test score. Opt out or sabotage…civil disobedience!

  • PerpetualLearner

    Teachers: Please make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. You’re not making a good argument for going back to the old ways.