“Corporate tables available” — a sign of the times

Today’s CTMirror.org features an article entitled, “Corporate tables available for “Small State, Big Debate.”

As CT Mirror advertises its upcoming conference – “Small State, Big Debate:  Inequality” – the headline isn’t “Tables available” or “Packages available” but “Corporate” tables are available.

According to the story,

Corporate tables are available for The Connecticut Mirror’s first signature event, “Small State, Big Debate: Inequality” on Tuesday, April 29, at the University of Hartford. You can find registration, speakers and the day’s schedule at the event’s website here.

And the CT Mirror article concludes with the statement,

In 2014, inequality is a defining presence in Connecticut and throughout this country. Equity issues persist with topics such as health, income, education and housing. We have put together a program that will bring the conversation to another level and hope you will be a part of it at the University of Hartford on April 29.

CT Mirror is one of Connecticut’s finest media outlets.  They probably don’t mean to be telegraphing the core underlying issue with inequality in Connecticut and the United States.

Or maybe they are.

Or maybe it is a Freudian slip.

Or more likely it is an interesting reflection of the systemic acceptance in our “advanced capitalistic system” that corporations are people and that corporations must have a seat at the policy table — not to mention an opportunity to pay for the entire policy discussion.

  • buygoldandprosper

    I sure hope GE buys a table! Corporations are people but some people do not pay their taxes ( Attention Mayor Harp!):

    “The GE Loophole report says that, between 2008 and 2012, GE has claimed refunds from the U.S. Treasury totaling $3.1 billion, despite making $27.5 billion in profits”
    Can you give me an AMEN, brother?!

  • buygoldandprosper

    Speaking of corporations!
    Big Dan’s corporate welfare “vision” paid TRONOX three million dollars of taxpayer money in June 2012 to locate in Stamford.
    Recall that this good corporate citizen went into bankruptcy to avoid environmental claims and today a record $5.15 BILLION was paid by
    their distant relative Anadarko–APC bought KMG, who spun off Tronox, in an attempt to avoid liability
    How did that job creation go? Can Malloy imitate TRONOX and put Connecticut into bankruptcy? Do you think all that money can actually clean up the mess left behind by those good corporate citizens or will it vanish into general funds like it does in Connecticut??

  • buygoldandprosper

    Will caviar be served? Perdro loves his caviar…
    Better check with his $60,000 per year scheduler.