Malloy says he is running – But he can’t win – Nor should he

Earlier today Governor Dannel Malloy sent out an email saying that he was announcing that he would be seeking re-election this year. (see email below).

But as public opinion research has consistently shown, Malloy has alienated significant Democratic constituencies and implemented policies that will make it impossible for him to garner the support of many Democrats and unaffiliated voters.

For starters, Governor Malloy pushed through the most anti-teacher, anti-union, anti-public education bill of any Democratic governor in the nation.

In addition, his ongoing attempt to dismiss and undermine the critically important CCJEF school funding lawsuit is a permanent stain on his tenure as governor.

Malloy’s unwavering commitment to the Common Core, the absurd Common Core testing scheme and the unfair and inappropriate teacher evaluation system has rightfully earned him the ridicule of parents, teachers and public education advocates across the state.

The Malloy administration’s concerted effort to mislead parents into thinking that they lacked the right to opt their children out of the Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Field Test of a test is just the latest example of his lack of respect for the rights of parents and the importance of local control of public education.

The fact is, as long as Stefan Pryor, an apologist and advocate or the corporate education reform industry remains in charge of the State Department of Education, Malloy will lose in November.

But Malloy’s failures go well beyond his education policies.

Malloy’s irresponsible budget policies, including the widespread use of budget gimmicks and the inappropriate use of one-time revenues, has ensured that Connecticut will face massive budget deficits in the three years following this year’s gubernatorial election.

Meanwhile, few will forget that Malloy’s $1.5 billion dollar tax increase disproportionately hit the middle class.  While tens of thousands of Connecticut families faced higher Connecticut income tax rates, along with higher local property taxes, Malloy has consistently coddled the super rich by failing to increase the income tax rate on those making more than $1 million.

Connecticut’s middle income families are being squeezed out of existence while Connecticut’s most wealthy residents are laughing all the way to the bank.

Malloy’s claim that there were no new taxes in his most recent budgets is nothing short of an out and out lie considering Connecticut residents were hit with the largest gas tax hike in state history and the expansion of a variety of other taxes and fees.

Also, as students and families across Connecticut know, Malloy’s record breaking cuts to Connecticut’s public colleges and universities have meant unprecedented tuition and fee increases that have burdened many families with additional debt and pushed the cost of a college education beyond the reach of many students.

And every rank and file state employee understands that Malloy successfully made them the scapegoat for his budget problems and that his policy of increasing insurance costs effectively cut employee pay while the state postponed paying its fair share into the new health insurance fund.

Of course, the state’s remaining employees also recognize that Malloy’s unwillingness to fill key state positions has led to chaos in many state agencies.

At the same time Malloy’s so-called “economic development policies” have been nothing short of a corporate welfare program in which hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars was given away to extraordinarily profitable companies.

Adding insult to injury, Malloy put those irresponsible corporate welfare payments on the state credit card meaning taxpayers will have to pay even more so that multi-million dollar corporations could gobble up Malloy’s give-a-way programs.

If all of those policies failures weren’t offensive enough, Malloy has significantly undermined Connecticut’s  laws and programs that were designed to promote transparency, ethics and the public’s right to government information.

Thanks to Malloy, more and more government activities are going on behind closed doors.

And the list of Malloy’s failures goes on and on.

The voters of Connecticut deserve better and they certainly deserve alternative choices to another four years of Governor Dannel Malloy at the helm.

Over the coming weeks we here at Wait, What? will continue to explore what options voters have to find a candidate who is committed to putting Connecticut back on track – to have a candidate who actually deserves to be Connecticut’s next governor.

For the record, here is the email Malloy sent out earlier today.

As readers will note, perhaps the most incredible development of all is that with Election Day now six months away, Governor Malloy is reverting back to calling himself Dan rather than Dannel.

It is a sure sign that Malloy’s political handlers will try to convince Connecticut voters that the Governor known as Dannel Malloy is stepping back into the shadows where he can transform himself back into Dan Malloy, the candidate who claimed to be a “man-of-the-people.”

Malloy’s email:

I’m in. I just announced that I’m running for reelection and wanted to make sure you heard the news from me right away. This campaign will be about you and the work we’ve done together over the last three years. But it’s mainly about what we still need to accomplish together in Connecticut.

Will you join my campaign to keep Connecticut moving forward by visiting my new website right now?

When I was a boy, my mother always told me that we have an obligation to leave this world a better place for having lived in it. Those words are burned into my memory. But as a kid who couldn’t even tie his own shoelaces because of some disabilities I was born with, I sometimes wondered what kind of future I’d have. I dreamed of the chance to help others the way my mother and my teachers helped me.

I fought my whole life to have the privilege to serve my community, my city, and my state. It’s how I live my mother’s words each day. I never would have made it to where I am today without the inspiration and help of so many – my parents, my wife Cathy, my family, teachers, friends and supporters – to overcome obstacles and take on the challenges that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Connecticut has been through so much these last three years, but every time we’ve faced a challenge we’ve stepped up, and together, we’ve overcome every single one. We’ve given small businesses the help they need to grow and create good jobs, turned the worst deficit in the nation into a balanced budget, reduced the state’s long-term debt by billions, and made Connecticut the first state in the nation to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.

We’ve made a lot of progress since 2011, but I’m not satisfied. We have more work to do. Today, I’m asking for your help because you will drive this campaign. Its success depends on you.

Can I count on you to make a contribution to help move this campaign forward?

My focus right now is on the legislative agenda we’ve put forward for our state’s future; that’s why this campaign will be built by you. There’s so much more I want to share with you, and I will in the coming days and weeks. Right now I humbly ask for your support so we can continue the work to leave this world – this state – a better place for having lived in it.

Thank you,


P.S. Can you click here to visit my website today?

Paid for by Dan Malloy for Connecticut. Len Miller, Treasurer. Approved by Dan Malloy.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    I can’t wait to hear Danny Boy’s platform: Wreck public schools, get rid
    of CT residents who wish to work in their home state, eliminate
    pensions for teachers by eliminating teachers, Win the TFA Man of the
    Year Award and the CT slime ball of all time award, raise the minimum
    wage years after CT residents have starved to death and where
    there will be no more jobs.

    Danny Boy…..three words to remember for your next career: “Fries with That?”.

  • Kathy CT

    OMG…. “I dreamed of the chance to help others the way my mother and my teachers helped me.”
    …”without the inspiration and help of so many – my parents, my wife Cathy, my family, teachers, friends and supporters…”

    Talk about trying to suck up to the teachers who will never vote for him again!

    Sure… thank those teachers while you stab them in the back. What a hypocrite! I’m gagging reading this email….

  • guest

    No. Burn me once shame on you. Burn me twice shame on me.

    A CT teacher who has in the past week been: injured in a fight, called a MFing bitch by a student for being reprimanded (kid is supposed to receive many services, but does not,) Been blasted by a parent because her child’s 504 services were not being met. (NOT by me, but unfortunately we have no 504 coordinator.)

    Parents and the public seem to think that teaching is a cushy job and that we make 80+K a year.

    The only reason I will stick with this is because someone needs to care about the kids. In the trenches we do. At the admin and state level………

    • jschmidt2

      I’m sure the little darlings are just misunderstood. My wife taught in Ocean Hill Brownsville in NY in the 70s, much like the worst school in Hartford. It isn’t an easy job. She quit after 8 years, burnt out and moved to CT. I like to think I rescued her. She got her class out of a fire in the building and collapsed, was assaulted by 3 female students, and the drug deals went on in the stairway while the principal ignored it. Not much has changed I guess except the standards keep being lowered. Good luck but don’t endanger your health.

  • jschmidt2

    Malloy will say he implemented a new paradigm for the education system ( by bullying), championed money for the poor with the minimum wage hike (taking affect in 2017), rallied companies to stay in the state (through bribery), brought the budget under control by being tough on unions( ignoring the continuing deficit), and created jobs (though we have less than in 2008) by being a voice of reason and taking firm action to make businesses grow and become productive contributors to the Democrat party while rewarding them with state contracts ( he won’t say that).

    He;ll discount that CT is at the bottom of every business friendly rating, that it is one of the worst 10 states to retire in and stay. He’ll ignore UCONN salaries being out of control especially when someone can retire with a $200+k pension. And if the media such as our great Hartford paper supports him, the public will not get the real news of how bad he and Democrat control has been for the state. the question is how many bags of uncounted ballots will appear in Bridgeport this time.

    • R.L.

      The Hartford “Corporate Propaganda Rag” Courant has already shown thier support for the one and done governor Malloy.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Cathy Malloy? The one Earl O’Garro helped snag an almost $200K a year sinecure with GHAC even though she did not have the skills to manage an organization like that? And how did Dan repay Earl, at taxpayers expense? Almost everyone knows the answer to that!
    People who know the Malloy Mob from back in Stamford are well aware of how morally corrupt the entire family is. An arrogant stink of self-importance and entitlement follows each family member everywhere they go.
    Dan. Danny. Dannel. Whatever he wants to be called,he is a dangerous politician who has sold his soul to the Devil and he REALLY needs to stop playing the Mommy card every election cycle. Much like his work history, it is campaign fiction.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Dan Malloy. Lace Curtain Irish who fenced in his rent free digs in Hartford at a cost of, what? A half-million++ taxpayer dollars? Really? A man of the people? With all his limo and helicopter rides? His Praetorian Guards that even followed him around his million dollar+ waterfront estate in Shippan while he walked his dog and out to California for his “fundraising”. His silly trips to Davos and China and DC and NYC and his pathetic need for microphone and camera time. He is embarrassing, and ANYONE who votes for that clown deserves four more years of the continuing destruction of Connecticut, Malloy style
    Man of the people? Bosh!!

  • mookalaboona

    He’s not even true to his “name” He went with Dannel in honor of his mother who he talked about in his email, but his website says “Dan” for governor. What a joke!

  • R.L.

    I can’s say it enough…..

    • R.L.

      Bumper stickers of this can easily be made at or any number of other sites. Please feel free to download this image and use it. Or, use your imagination and design your own. I had 50 made and gave them all away in one day. I then had 50 more made. I only have 5 left. They are cheap enough as to make them a nice gift for all of your friends and relatives.

      • wpca guy

        make a second one spelled “MaLOLy”

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Pitney Bowes, which announced earlier this month that it would be keeping its headquarters in Connecticut, will receive a $15 million loan at a 2 percent interest rate for 10 years. The company will be eligible to have the loan forgiven if it retains 1,600 jobs and creates 200 new full-time jobs by 2019.”

    He has bought another four years but we will pay for his stupidity for decades.

    Dan Mallloy is to state government what cancer is to the human body.

    Pitney Bowes…last time I looked, they were hiring down in Texas.

    Rick Perry must be laughing his arse off! And who would not want to work down in Tejas? As bad as it is down there…it is better than CORRUPTICUT!

  • Bluecoat

    The Corporate pandering is nothing more than money laundering Back to the Democrat Machine.
    He’s learned from Clinton and Obama how to do this.
    Just imagine if we had a real investigative press, we would find out that much of the taxpayer giveaways will be circumvented back to the Democrat election committees

    • notespeciallyinterested

      Really, Bluecoat… what evidence have you for this assertion?

  • Bluecoat

    I told many in the Republican State leadership over a year ago, that Malloy was going to lose the teachers over Common Core and all it’s evil partners like Race to the Top, Evaluation, and The privacy invasive SBAC testing scheme, but they wouldn’t listen.

    • Linda174
    • realsaramerica

      I’ve been begging every Republican I know – “DON’T RUN FOLEY.” The problem is that they won’t go with someone moderate that would attract the large number of disaffected Dems and Independents because of the gun issue. If they nominate an old-school New England Republican (like my late father’s kind of Republican) – someone who isn’t a social conservative/guns uber alles person, they would CRUSH Malloy. But they wouldn’t be able to get that past their own base. This is why I want open primaries – or at least a CA type system. The party system has us all f*cked. I used to think that we had to work without the party to change it – in fact that’s what I told my son when he registered to vote and wanted to be unaffiliated. But having been both a Republican and a Democrat, and seen how screwed up the parties are from within, I now think that it’s the party structure itself that’s the problem. Politicians are too cowardly to call out unethical behavior in their own party because they need the machine to get reelected. The party identified won’t do it either. But they’re all too quick to point out such behavior in the opposite party. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m giving up by changing to unaffiliated and not participating in my local party, but I’m choosing to use my time and my voice a different way in the hopes of effecting change, because I’ve learned from bitter experience and to my deep disappointment that working within the system is an exercise in futility.

      • notespeciallyinterested

        Your problem, Sara, contrary to the people you want to believe your views represent, is that you are a spoilt, entitled, brat, who expects to get her way and, when she doesn’t, throws a public hissy fit.

        Your issues are your own, reflecting not-at-all on the people who lack the material advantages you enjoyed as a child, including a solid public education.

        Where did you finish, again? And where did you do your undergraduate?

        • realsaramerica

          Way to stick to the issues. And I wasn’t aware that I had “finished”. As far as I’m aware I’m still alive and well and working for a living every day – including today.

        • jonpelto

          Hey, keep it up “notespeciallyinterested” – you’ve done a perfect job explaining why we need a Democratic to run as a third-party candidate and put your observations to the test. Living out here in the real world I’m convinced that “sara” is absolutely right and you are absolutely wrong.

          But thanks to what remains of our democracy we can put the question to the test by running a candidate that can give Connecticut voters an option other than voting for Malloy or the Republican nominee.

          I actually want to thank you for focusing on the very issue we’ve been raising here at Wait, What?

          You say people don’t deserve an alternative, but prove in your words that they not only deserve one, but need one.

        • speaking up

          It’s good to know that you’re not especially interested in reading, much less responding to, anything that is posted on this blog.

          First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

          Mahatma Gandhi

  • Linda174

    Public schools for sale, Moyers and Ravitch:

  • X13sy5ui5i5ktykfxxxxxxxxxh

    Connecticut has a terribly regressive tax system, especially with us being #2 in property taxes. I pay 15% of my income to West Haven, then add the state taxes on top of that. I know there are many residents just like me, but unfortunately, they just don’t realize it. As I was already paying much more in state/local taxation than what I should be responsible for, Malloy tighten the noose around my neck further with his regressive tax increases. The question is, can Mr. Foley make solid proposals of well needed tax relief for the lower middle, working poor, one income households and retirees? If Foley proposes expanding the economy by putty more money in the hands of the wealthy, we’ve been there, and done that for over 40 years. It’ll probably be another case of voting for the lesser of the evils.

    • Linda174

      And that would be Dannel or is it Dan now?

  • Joel Gonzalez

    Considering that Dan or Danel Malloy or both of them isn’t going to have a primary, is this a Republican endorsement? Will the BEA and WFP step up to the plate and try stopping this Machine or will they hide like they did during the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee Primary? I can’t wait to see if WFP dares to endorse one single Democrat. You sound pretty sure that Danny Boy won’ be jumping from joy on election night. Care to clue us in Jonathan?

  • Joel Gonzalez

    Read the comment of buygoldandprosper below. Out of the 1600 jobs, Pitney B will retire 200+ then fill the spots after changing the title of position and report it as new jobs. Most of the new jobs will just be low paying, subcontract work and the like.

  • wpca guy

    dan really digs himself and is very thin skinned, keep referring to him as “MaLOLy” during the campaign and watch the anger boil. it’s in the great tradition of american politics (some old fashioned name calling) and will be great fun to watch.

  • Voter

    I am a 30+ year veteran teacher and a State employee.

    (I’ll just give those who monitor this site a few seconds to take that in)

    Any comment would be frivolous. I’m on this site for a reason.

  • notespeciallyinterested

    Really, Jonathan. If you’d gotten the appointment to the administration you sought, this blog would not be happening. So transparent and silly. And, no doubt without intending to, your screeds validate whomever took the decision to exclude you from wielding influence beyond your insipid little blog.

    • realsaramerica

      It appears the Malloy campaign has hired an oppo to troll blogs. Sad.

    • jonpelto

      LMAO- come out from hiding and I’ll happy to respond to your comment.

      Readers (and I) will want to know who is the apologist for the most anti-teacher, anti-state employee Democratic governor in the nation.
      Really – tell us who you are and let’s talk through Malloy’s failed policies.

    • speaking up

      It seems to me that persons who are not in any way interested don’t know the URL of this blog.
      It seems to me that persons who are not interested don’t read it.
      It seems to me that persons who are not especially interested don’t post comments.
      Just sayin’.

  • CTedFromTheTrenches

    No publicly conscious teacher (in their right mind) will vote for Malloy EVER again.

    Are the establishment Dems. too arrogant, or are they just too dumb to realize this fact…?