How much time and money can Malloy and Pryor Waste on the Common Core Test of a Test

Maybe they really don’t understand how public schools function or maybe they really don’t understand the impact inadequate state funding has on Connecticut’s public schools.

Or maybe they just don’t care…

When you see one of state’s elected officials you might want to give them a big “thank you” for putting Connecticut’s public education system on the wrong track while wasting hundreds of millions of our taxpayers’ funds.

Because here is the TRUTH about the Common Core Smarter Balanced Field Test of a test.

In addition to the loss of instructional time, the added anxiety and tension for children and the colossal waste of time for public school teachers and administrators, here are just a few prime examples of the types of materials and mandates that are being forced upon Connecticut’s school districts, public school students, teachers and taxpayers – all due to this inappropriate and unfair Common Core Test.

“Math and LA teachers are required to administer a classroom lesson prior to the SBAC exam. If students are absent for classroom activities which must be presented before the SBAC test,  they are required to provide a makeup class prior to the student taking the SBAC exam.

The most basic review of the materials will reveal that the “lesson” was not developed by a real educator.

And then there are these RECENT COMMUNICATIONS about the Common Core Smarter Balanced Field Test form Commissioner Pryor and the Malloy administration:



And these MANUALS AND GUIDES from the Malloy administration:

And then there are these Connecticut specific SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS from the Malloy administration:

 Online Field Test Administration Manual Addendum For Spring 2014 Field Tests of English Language arts/Literacy and Mathematics: NOTE: This Addendum should be used by Connecticut educators in conjunction with the Online Field Test Administration Manual.

And then these TRAINING RESOURCES from the Malloy Administration:

And then these SCHEDULING RESOURCES from the Malloy Administration:

And then these ADMINISTRATION RESOURCES from the Malloy Administration:

And then these TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENT GUIDES from the Malloy Administration:

And the list goes on and on and one…

The corporate education reform industry’s program can be summed up in four words – LESS LEARNING, MORE TESTING.

  • Maxwell

    From their perspective it is not a waste as it is not their money it is our money. It also must be understood that Common Core is not a test- it is a business plan.

    It’s all about rampant profiteering. Charter schools and voucher
    programs are merely the repository for the capitalists- they are the
    marketing scam as the vultures seek to make inroads on a massive and heretofore untapped pile of cash. As a 1.3 trillion dollar pool of money that is publicly funded the privateers wring their greedy paws at the thought of turning that public money into their playpen.

    None of this is about education- this is a business plan that has the political backing of both bought and sold parties.

    NCLB, Race to the Top, Common Core and all the rest of the alphabet soup testing titles, reform schemes etc. are merely the front for a business plan. The corporate greed heads want all that cash to take a direct u-turn from public institutions and head into their private coffers. Charters and vouchers are the repository of our public funds for these venture capitalists.

    The current situation surrounding Common Core and Race to the Top must be seen in the context of the privatization of everything.
    Resources are dwindling (being stolen) for municipalities in all areas and those funds are being shifted to private interests. The politicians at all levels- Team Donkey and the Elephants- are merely overseeing and rubber stamping the policies that sanction this theft.

    Public education, like all else, is being replaced with a market-based, non-unionized privately managed system. Common Core is
    merely the latest marketing concept (the hammer to crack open the nut of taking public monies and placing them into private hands) used to manage public opinion and sell the idea that schools need radical restructuring that can only be done by corporate ideology- and investment. It has the convenient (and purposeful) benefit for those who have initiated it of ignoring the unsightly fact that the very same interests and methodologies that are being proposed to “fix” our “broken” schools are the same ones that have been and are destroying our schools (and all else) at breakneck speed. And all of this is by design.

    High Stakes Testing, NCLB, Race to the Top, Common Core etc. have never been about educational processes they are political processes driven by business interests.

    • V4V

      As a teacher I agree 100%~!!! 1,000 likes!!!

    • Philip Stull

      It is great to read you on this site. Your wisdom and insight in today’s issues are most illuminating. Thank you.

    • R.L.

      Yes, this is the Shock Doctrine, Friedman economics, in action. What do we do about it?

  • buygoldandprosper

    Dan Malloy has no limits when it come to spending…as long as it is someone else’s cash or debt.
    His working history is a myth, spun for votes, and people swallowed the fiction hook, line and sinker. He has sucked greedily at the public teat for pretty much his entire adult life, and his concept of fiduciary responsibility sets a standard so low that none would be an uptick!
    Does he put in hours? No doubt. Is it quality time? Hardly. Who benefits? Dan and his cronies and family.
    Ask the ratings agencies how much Dan and Stefan can waste…don’t bother asking the rubber stamps known as the legislature.

    • Philip Stull

      My D State Senator has decided to retire, looks like smart money is shifting position. One and out seems to be happening.

  • buygoldandprosper

    A partial quote from a letter, down at the ass-end of the state…or the Southern Front. Whatever you want to call it. The Fools-Gold Coast?

    “As most of you know, the State severely underfunds the city of Stamford for its public education. Our local budget pays for approximately 92% of our school budget, which percentage is significantly higher than most, if not all, districts across our state. While Stamford has been fighting for additional funding for its public schools for years, rather that attempt to redress the inequities of state funding for all students throughout the state, the state has chosen to focus on funding charter schools which will serve, at best, no more than 1% of students. The impact of these charter schools will most certainly deplete the amount of funding available to traditional public schools.

    To this end, the State is seeking to open a charter school in Stamford in September, 2015, to eventually serve 392 students. This proposed charter would receive $11,000 per pupil from the state for each of the 392 students; the state gives Stamford, for our 16,000 students, $580 per pupil. Do the math. Does this make any sense? Can the state maintain this level of funding for charter schools and still adequately fund the remaining traditional public schools which over 97% of the student population attend?

    In less then two weeks, on April 2nd, the State Board of Education will decide if the Stamford Charter School for Excellence will be approved. It will decide based on a boiler plate application submitted by a charter company which admittedly did not ascertain the curriculum or services that Stamford provides to serve its students.

    I am not passing judgement on the merits of this or any charter school. The issue is that a charter school will address the needs of 392 students; the charter school will be exorbitantly funded by the state; the limited pot of education funds across the state will not be fairly distributed to ALL students.”

  • Mary Gallucci

    This is what we get when business people and managers try to run education, with Stefan Pryor, who is not an educator, is not and has never been certified, is the Commissioner (or is that Commissar?) of Education–a travesty by any measure.

    • ReTired

      Do you recall CBIA trying to get into public schools back in the 80s? Wonder if this is what they had in mind?

  • cindy

    Thank you Jon. My child told me that her teacher apologized for having to read the script. She was not allowed to deviate. Wow…who gave the consortium control over our classrooms? Can we sue to get it back?

    • ReTired

      Reading from a prescribed script is part of the protocol for standard test administration. The theory is that it equalizes the playing field for ALL students.

      • cindy

        No, this was not part of the test. This was a task prior to the test administration. It was a practice PBA. The point, though, is that is what is happening in NY. The teachers are giving “scripted” lessons outside of the testing. Why even send our kids to school?

  • LutherW

    corporate education reform industry’s program can be summed up in four words –

    Apparently NO TESTING when it comes to the actual test software.

    • Philip Stull

      I think you need to include “monies to corporate interests.” As Maxwell said, this is about money and also power over the future of our country.

  • cindy

    ANY FEEDBACK YET??? The suspense….how did it go on the computers today with the SBAC test?

    • guest

      some of our students were not able to take the test due to technical issues with their computers.

      • jonpelto

        Any additional information would be help and confidentiality assured – please send to [email protected]

        • cindy

          I can tell you kids in our district (as reported from 7th graders and 11th graders) made up answers, answered in Spanish, typed the same nonsense phrase repeatedly, and clicked random patterns of answers. It took almost half of the class period to get one group logged in. The kids have been told that it is “no stakes.” To a kid, that really means it doesn’t matter.

    • Linda174

      Tweets from high school students re SBAC:

      @PQ_Hammer: 1st day of SBAC testing went so well that some students finished in as little as 5 minutes!

      @JackManke: for the essay portion of SBAC i wrote the lyrics to Ignition…hopefully whoever evaluates my test is a huge R Kelly fan

      @jennak123: If I don’t know the answer to an SBAC question immediately, I’m guessing

      @BrookeBarney2: These 90 minute class periods because of SBAC are literallllly hell

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