Steve Perry, the reader known as “Reality Ed” and disaster known as Capital Prep

As Wait, Wait? has investigated the allegations associated with Capital Prep Steve Perry and the potential violations of federal and state laws and Hartford regulations and policies at Capital Prep, readers have become accustomed to the constant comments and attacks from Steve Perry or one or more of his supporters.

Over the past few months close to 150 comments have been posted by an individual or individuals associated with Steve Perry.  Many of these comments have been posted during school hours.

The person or persons commenting have used pseudonyms like Reality Ed, Hartfordtruth, just saying, Wait? what…, reality, uhart, Really, to tell the truth, really concerned, concerned, 2 days?, dogs?, FOI, Just saying and other fake names.

While most have been sent from a computer with the IP Address, the individual or individuals have used a number of different computers to send their messages.

Reality Ed, along with Hartford Truth, have been one of the most regular pseudonyms used

Reality Ed has used a computer with the IP Address ( nineteen times.  This IP Address uses Comcast Internet Service.  This computer is also the favorite of the person who uses the pseudonym Hartford Truth.

Reality Ed has also used IP Address ( four times.   This IP Address is an ATT Wireless Service. (Coincidently Perry has a blackberry with ATT that he used in repeated secret communications with Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor).

Reality Ed has used IP Address ( three times.  This IP Address uses a different ATT Wireless Service.

Reality Ed has used also used a computer with the IP Address ( on one occasion.  This IP Address is located at a Hartford Public School.

And Reality Ed has used the IP Address ( at least two times.  This IP Address is also located at a Hartford Public School

This morning, at 7:34 am, Reality Ed returned to hurl an insult at another Wait, What? Reader.  This time Reality ED once again used the same Hartford Public School IP Address of  (You can see the information below).

Superintendent Kishimoto needs to stop covering up for Steven Perry and conduct a proper investigation and take disciplinary against Perry and others who are violating Board of Education policies and potentially state laws.

If Kishimoto fails to act, the police need to step in and take over the task she is legally responsible to do.

For those who don’t know the background, here are some of the Wait, What? posts to read;

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Hey Steve Perry – Tell us about Capital Prep’s “Table of Shame”

NEWS FLASH: Steve Perry’s use of private email account will not shield public’s right to know

Hartford, Steve Perry and his threat make the Washington Post

Update: “Strap up [my gun], there will be head injuries” (Steve Perry 11/20/13) – Geo Information
IP Address
Location  US, United States
City Hartford, CT 06106
Organization Hartford Public Schools
ISP State of Connecticut
AS Number AS22742 State of Connecticut
Latitude 41°74’24” North
Longitude 72°69’05” West
Distance 7427.33 km (4615.13 miles)
  • brutus2011

    Good job, Jon.

    The law may not work with these folks but it seems to be the last resort. Thank you for your diligence.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Steve “OJ” Perry is a ticking time bomb and a con-artist out for a profit at the expense of the public, and children specifically. It seems to be a pattern in Hartford and sadly things do not seem to change…thus their 74.29 mil rate.

  • George

    This guy is a bigger weasel than we thought. The truth will out Mr. Perry. And your sordid, pathetic truth is out for all to see. Nice job, Jon.

  • notafanforeal

    Thank you Jon, you are a the best! Your hard work will payoff!

  • Rafael G

    Ok now that I’m back online i can catch up. See! I knew you could get to the bottom of that with the ip! Lol hey I can’t blame him. No matter what they say you are one of the most powerful resources toa parent in this state if they really want to know what’s going on. If I were him id personally keep an eye on whats said too

  • Mary Gallucci

    I can’t believe Kishimoto and the Hartford BoE are so remiss. This is just unbelievable.

  • educationmatters

    Hmmm…why isn’t one of those “puppet accounts” on here denying it is all true? Afraid we’ll catch him posting from a Hartford public school IP address during work hours again?

    • Magister

      I don’t think he’s terribly concerned about that.

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Superintendent Christina Kishimoto, whose contract with the city schools expires at the end of June, has been named a finalist for the superintendent’s job in Gilbert, Ariz., according to local media reports.”
    We know where her priorities are…hint…NOT with the HPS schools system or tending to the business that affects kids.
    Steve “OJ” Perry is free to loot and pillage!

    • Mary Gallucci

      The sooner she leaves, the better. They’ll privatize anything in Arizona–prisons, old age care, universities, schools–Kishimoto will love it. I’m just so glad she’s not coming to Windham.

  • Bill Morrison

    As the insulted party, I feel profoundly honored that “Dr.” Perry or one of his minions chose to insult me. Wow! It shows that he is reading my comments and feels threatened. Let’s all keep up the pressure on this fraud; we are bound to win in the end!

  • jrp1900

    Dr. Perry has presented himself as “Reality Ed” and “Hartford Truth.” He has also played the role of “America’s most trusted educator.” But by far his best role is that of Education Reformer. Dr. Perry has taken on this role for the same reason that criminals rob banks: that is where the money is. He hasn’t been great in the role, but he hasn’t been too bad either: he’s written some “books,” and has gotten himself on television. He’s managed to convince some people that he’s some kind of expert on education and motivational psychology. This is pretty big stuff for a man who has no real idea what he is talking about. If only Dr. Perry would commit to being a real school principal and stop assing around trying to be a celebrity. I fear that his massive ego will prove to be his undoing–he cannot refrain from the social media, even while he is supposed to be working. It’s the old story. Pride and vainity goeth before a fall.

  • Peter Blau

    It’s chutzpah for one characterized by highly-aggressive blogging — Pelto — to claim that Perry is a criminal for doing exactly the same thing.

    Also: if Pelto believes it’s so unethical to comment anonymously, why does Pelto’s blog publish anonymous comments in the first place? (Perhaps because it makes things more interesting, and attracts more eyeballs, fans and ad dollars?)

    Insofar as whether any of the Perry’s tweets can be characterized as making threats of violence — that’s quite a stretch. Again, it’s chutzpah for a journalist to seek to restrict someone else’s free speech. Doesn’t that have what First Amendment advocates call a “chilling effect?”

    • HartfordPirates

      I went back and forth with that as well – is it appropriate to target a poster or posters and out them when part of the purpose is to allow for anonymity.

      I’ve been posting on BBS’s since 1987. I was there at the start of, which led to 4chan, which led to Anonymous (I know it’s more complicated than that.) One of the consistent themes that make a difference between a successful forum and one that collapses is the management of trolls and bullys.

      It is one thing to have individual posters who are at odds over an issue and engage in a healthy, fact based debate. It is another for an individual to create multiple puppet accounts to troll, bait and bully posters.

      Pelto made a decision – he wants a healthy environment for discussion. That means he has to take on the bully’s and expose them for what they are – individuals more interested in attacking than talking.

      • Peter Blau

        I have a different take on this, having friends on both sides of this debate.I think the problem is political polarization: the belief that the other side is evil, corrupt, criminal etc. Both the charter and anti-charter sides have stooped to this. And, I believe a key reason is that both have enlisted professional political consultants who enjoy sort of mudslinging — and profit from it.

        • ReTired

          Wrong! You’re comparing apples and rats.

        • Charlie Puffers

          As a long time Hartford school teacher I am thrilled with Mr. Pelto’s chutzpah – as are many teachers and administrators in Hartford. You won’t find much chutzpah in those writing for the Hartford Courant – except for Colin McEnroe and maybe Kevin Rennie. Are the rest being stifled by the corporate bosses? Who knows?

          Mr. Perry and others who work in administrative capacities in the HPS are self- promoters of the highest order and abusive to anyone who challenges that. Believe me I have been on the receiving end. I have also consoled colleagues who are in tears after being berated by ignorant, foolish administrators. All of these teachers are courageously trying to compose themselves in order to get back in the classroom to teach.

          Peter, I have an idea. Why don’t you invite 25 six year olds over to spend seven hours in your living room some day? Well, make it every day for a week. Choose the children randomly so that you will have a diverse group. Make some decisions ahead of time about what to do with these young inquisitive people for seven hours each day. You can use the common core standards to guide you.
          Some of these six year olds will be reading; some will not know how to read or write their own name. One or two might feel overwhelmed by the noise and confusion and run out into your yard. You will have to coax them back in while the rest are watching or running around your living room knocking over lamps and possibly hitting and shoving each other. Every one of them will get hungry, need to use the bathroom and get restless more than once during those seven hours. You will have to make decisions on meeting all of their basic needs as well as entertaining them and using the common core standards to measure their learning. You will need to deny your own basic needs because you can’t leave them alone in your living room. Will you have time to compose your thoughts to send a tweet or post blog comments? Think about it. This blog comment cannot do justice to what a typical teacher deals with every day. But, hopefully you get the picture.
          Now, what if you were dealing with all of that and then you had witnessed or experienced the wrath of someone like Perry and lived in fear that it would be directed toward you at any moment. Granted the six year olds won’t give you much time to dwell on it but the time you are using to plan for those seven hours with them will bring additional anxiety if you have a monster like Perry looming. Are your creative juices flowing while dwelling on Perry?
          I don’t consider what Jon is doing mud-slinging. I consider him a hero for standing up for oppressed teachers everywhere who are unable to speak against bullies like Perry for fear of retribution and recognition that the free press is not so free when it comes to exposing the harm caused by the corporate “reform” movement.

          Mr. Perry has no business being a principal of a school. He has never been a classroom teacher. He has an abusive side to his personality that is not suited to managing anyone, anywhere, at any time; never mind students and teachers. You may not find his tweet threatening but many of Perry’s victims feel differently about it.

          Thank you for sharing your take on the situation, Peter. I know there are many thoughtful people like you trying to understand the truth in the debate about public schools and charter schools and the “reform” of public education. So please continue to listen to all sides and learn as much as you can and be open-minded and seek the truth. There are many lies being told and there are no easy answers.

        • speaking up

          I agree with your political polarization call as I, too, have friends on both sides of the charter school debate. I have taken great care to keep my comments here focused on Dr. Steve Perry’s administration of a Hartford Public Magnet School – Capital Prep. I am the parent of a former (bullied) Capital Prep student; I have personal experience dealing with Dr. Steve Perry; and I very strongly believe that he is not qualified to be in a position that involves leading teachers or students of any age – and in any setting.

          I posted an account of my child’s and my experience at Capital Prep here on January 5, and I took great care to leave all personal information about my child out of the post. Someone who claimed to have knowledge and understanding of the situation (that took place 2+ years ago) replied with inappropriate comments suggesting that my child was an “unruly,” “mean” 6-year-old who “often hit his classmates,” was “verbally abusive” and that this child’s mom believed that this child “could do no wrong.”

          This same person posted an exact sentiment that Dr. Steve Perry had expressed to me when I attempted to have the bullying situation at Capital Prep addressed: this person posted “Bullying is such a ‘buzz word’. Parents often do not distinguish between mean behavior and bullying.”

          The attempt to silence what I was expressing in my post was very similar to Dr. Steve Perry’s attempt to silence me 2+ years ago when I voiced unbecoming comments and questions about “his” school. 2+ years ago I continued to voice my concerns; I wasn’t silenced so much as worn out. Taking my concerns to first, the school, then the district and then the state… forwarding copies of these concerns to the Hartford BOE… all resulted in no response and, eventually, I stopped.

          Whomever “to tell the truth” is, he or she claimed to have knowledge and understanding of a Capital Prep student’s history, and they used this to very callously suggest that Capital Prep was the innocent victim of a “bad” 6-year-old child. Whether this comment was posted by Dr. Steve Perry or by one of the very few members of his faculty/staff that had any knowledge of the situation, it was inappropriate, unprofessional, unethical and unkind for this information to have been posted on this blog. It is also a very accurate representation of exactly the kind of climate/atmosphere that my child and I experienced at Capital Prep.

          I judge Dr. Steve Perry guilty for this, and I judge the district and state administrators that have condoned this behavior also “guilty as charged.”

    • Linda174

      It’s not a stretch at all…did you miss the tweet?

      • Peter Blau

        Yes I saw that. Who, exactly, was being threatened or bullied? There is no context given. It seems he is speaking metaphorically — albeit using unfortunate (and yes, agree, inappropriate) language. But that does not equate to threatening or even bullying.

        • Ed Harris

          “muttering” is different from typing and pressing send/post.

        • ReTired

          It’s all about holding someone in this position to standards that even his subordinates and underlings are held to. You can bet your mortgage that if a teacher had done such, he or she would be gone in a heart beat!

        • jonpelto

          So true – putting aside everything else – this is about the unequal treatment when it comes to laws, rules, regulations and policies.

          The elite truly believe that can be excused because … they are entitled.

          Regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. etc. ….

          An elite class has developed in this nation who think they are above the law. E.g. Justin Bieber and Steve Perry

      • Peter Blau

        Sorry to beat this thing to death, but do you really want a world where political opponents feel encouraged to constantly trawl through a public employee’s internet postings and use them to try to get that guy (or gal) fired?

        We recently had a basketball coach in my town fired because someone found, on the internet, an R-rated film the coach had acted in years earlier. The REAL reason, of course, was that a parent was mad at the coach for other reasons,

        Fortunately, the community and media picked up on the story, and the school reversed its decision,

    • Missy Anthrope

      Perry is engaging in political speech while being paid as a public servant. That is illegal. If he had done it once or twice, well, then maybe okay…it might have been a lunch break.

      But the sheer VOLUME of his tweets suggests that he is using taxpayer time to send out tweets. Do you feel confident in this man as a public servant?

      Anyways, Pelto isn’t being paid by the public. This is his job.

  • HartfordPirates
  • Peter Blau

    By the way, I expect my comments to be pulled/blocked after that last comment, as my experience is that activist journalists love free-wheeling criticism…as long as it’s not about themselves.

    • jonpelto

      Peter, I actually believe that “free-willing criticism” is useful and with nearly 15,000 comments on the blog there are certainly some that cut a bit deep. But I try to adhere to the phrase that “people are entitled to their own opinions, but are not entitled to their own facts.” From time to time I’ve had to circle back to change things when I discovered what I thought was factual was not. I urge readers to refrain from attacking each other personally but some of those get posted and when I’m alerted to them I will review and delete.

      That said, I don’t ever recall deleting a comment about me because people have and are welcome to attack all they want.

      PS, I didn’t think your comment was an attack in any way what-so-ever.

      • Peter Blau

        I thank you for your open-mindedness.

  • Missy Anthrope

    Great find!

  • realityed

    I understand you believe “The corporate education reform industry is our common enemy”, but when an individual voices dissent to you and/or your readers what do you do?

    You try to “out” them.

    Your blog is set up (by YOUR choice, mind you) so people can post under any pseudonym they wish; with the idea no one can personally attack them. This again is not the posters choice, it was YOURS. YOUR posters trust in YOUR honor that this is the format of YOUR blog. YOU broke that trust with your readers yesterday.

    As your posters spew hate with mean comments, you revel in their mostly half-truths. It is ok for someone to exercise their right to free-speech on your blog, as long as you “kind of” agree with them. But everyone else is evil and must be cast-off.

    Your posting yesterday proved two things:

    1. I am not Steve Perry
    2. You do not believe in free speech.

    This will be my last post on this blog because I have no faith in YOUR ability to host any type of two-sided discussion on this blog.

    • educationmatters

      You set up 15 accounts and try to hide behind the shield of free speech? Good bye and good riddance.

    • Linda174

      You don’t want two sides…good riddance.

      • guest

        And neither, actually, do any of the people who post on here blasting Steve Perry and Capital Prep. Have you been in that school? Or do you just want to hate it so you believe everything you hear from people who have been fired (never, btw, the most impartial witnesses)? Does it never occur to you that their terminations may have been justified? You accept what they say as objective truth without any scepticism whatsoever. Why is somebody evil if they disagree. Somebody who works there and has a different point of view should be allowed to state it. People on this blog say the nastiest things about people who work there but that’s ok because by default if somebody who works at Capital Prep isn’t saying horrible things about him or Capital Prep they must be Steve Perry. You guys are so convinced that the Capital Prep world is black and white and that everybody who works there must hate it. If you hate steve perry you’re good and if you defend him (or not even him, just his school) you are bad. How old are you people? Six? You are the ones who don’t want two sides. Because every time somebody trys to give another one they are automatically blasted as being nasty or steve perry. And now Jon Pelto has ensured that the only people who post on here are the ones who think that Capital Prep is a bad bad place.

        • speaking up

          Yes, I have been in the school and I have faced Dr. Steve Perry from the other side of desks, tables, issues and ideas.

          As a result of this experience, I very strongly believe that he is not qualified to work in a position that involves any type of leadership – and especially not that of children.

          I also believe that there are very good people who work at Capital Prep, and that there are very good students enrolled in and graduating from the school.

          If Dr. Steve Perry wants to run a charter school, if he finds a way to make this happen and if parents then want to enroll their children in ‘his’ school, I wouldn’t want to interfere in that decision, but I would want them to make an informed decision. What Dr. Steve Perry touts in his marketing of this school is not based in fact – not all or even most of it. I’d like for actual numbers/statistics to be used, and I’d like for actual policies and procedures on issues e.g. attrition, discipline, bullying, Special Ed and ELL to be spelled out for prospective parents.

          In the meantime, Dr. Steve Perry is not running a charter school; he is the principal at a Hartford Public Magnet School. Administrators are not holding him accountable to uphold his responsibilities and duties in this role, and I would like some answers as to why this continues to be the case.

        • guest

          I think you have valid points. People have a right to criticize Dr Perry and to question his ethics/qualifications. However, as you say, there are some good teachers there and a lot of good things going on at the school. People should be allowed to present their point of view without their identities investigated and exposed by Jon Pelto. What he did with regard to realityed, whether you agree with realityed’s point of view or not was just plain wrong.

        • speaking up

          I was not aware that anyone’s identity had been exposed. Please forgive me – and correct me – if I am wrong, but I haven’t seen anyone’s identity exposed. I would be very interested in knowing who some of the most unethical, unprofessional posters have been and I think that the use of Hartford Public School computers makes this(location) identity fair game. Is this what you meant was wrong? Pelto’s exposure that the posts were made on HPS computers?

        • guest

          Two wrongs don’t make a right. I am not commenting on whether what realityed did was wrong, I am commenting on what Jon Pelto did. The IP addresses were researched and disclosed for all those posts that dissented from Jon Pelto’s viewpoint. He deliberately looked up the identication information for every post from a variety of commenters (some of whom turned out to be different pseudonyms for the same commenter but how would he know that if he respected their privacy and didn’t look into it?). Why would anybody else who disagrees with Jon Pelto now want to comment on this blog? Will I now have to worry that he’s going to publish my ip address? It’s not right. Why doesn’t he publish the IP addresses and anonymous comments of the people who don’t like capital prep but make negative (and in some cases slanderous) statements about the place? Because they agree with him. Can’t you see how that’s wrong?

        • guest

          and some of the ip addresses he publishes above are not from HPS computers but he does it anyway. I bet if he looked into the IP addresses of some of the comments favorable to his point of view he’d find that they too are from places of employment during work hours. And I bet some from schools. I challenge him to do so in the spirit of fairness and transparency.

        • speaking up

          I’m afraid I’m still not seeing what you’re saying. I read this blog post to be saying that Pelto had looked into one “commenter” – realityed. I understood Pelto to have been doing this because realityed has made comments indicating that he or she has knowledge and understanding of administrative goings-on at Capital Prep – and of making unprofessional, unethical remarks about these goings-on.

          Pelto’s looking into the ISP address of one commenter – and then finding that there was more than one ISP address for that one commenter – is very different from looking for “all those posts that dissented from Jon Pelto’s viewpoint.”

          Am I misunderstanding something?

        • Ebony in Inwood

          If folks are so proud to work there, why must they use an alias? I am not at all ashamed that I was forced to resign by Perry. In fact, the head at my current school, a former college vice president and 16 year head of a NYC prep school, knows all about my tenure at Capital Prep and was impressed to hire someone who had the courage to stand up to bully. Folks pushed out by Perry are local artists, writers and other community do-gooders and we won’t be silenced or shamed into using anything other than out full names.

          What’s YOUR name and connection to Perry, ‘guest’?

        • guest

          You are skirting the issue I brought up. The point is, I shouldn’t have to disclose my identity. My reason for not disclosing my identity has nothing to do with Steve Perry, Capital Prep or shame. Even if it did, that’s none of your business. Plenty of people who comment on this blog who are not fans of Dr. Perry don’t disclose their identities either, presumably because they also want to preserve a modicum of privacy. Jon Pelto thinks that’s ok. That’s why he has an option for people to use pseudonyms. He believes in respecting privacy. Except the privacy of people who disagree with him. My criticism here of Jon Pelto has nothing to do with what he says about Steve Perry or Stefan Pryor or Malloy or charter schools My criticism has to do with this blog post in particular. I think it is shameful and a betrayal of what he purports to stand for. But all you can think about is Steve Perry. To you that’s what every post must be about so that if I criticize one thing on this blog and even when what I criticize has nothing to do with defending Steve Perry, you can’t even fathom that such a defense is not my purpose: it automatically brings you around to talking about Steve Perry (and yourself). And then demanding that I identify myself. There’s no point in continuing a dialogue with myself.

        • Ebony in Inwood

          God forbid I discuss MY experiences using my OWN name, right? I should just shut up and cower in shame while Steve Perry continues his reign, because you prefer to hide behind aliases? You’ve got another thin coming. i won’t be silent, and you can continue to grumble.

          My offer stands to discuss anything I have raised IN PERSON with anyone here. Name the time and place.

    • Ebony in Inwood

      I have used my real name on every post even as you attacked me here and on the Washington Post article, but you never have done the same. When are you going to tell us who you are and your role at Capital Prep? Why the fear if you are so proud of where you work?

      Let’s stop this silly dance and hold a public forum at the Hartford Public Library about this situation. Invite Matt Poland, Stefan Pryor, Rich Beganski, Kishimoto (if she hasn’t yet left for Arizona), the folks from Achieve Hartford, and whomever else you want.

      You name the date and time, realityed, and I’ll be there.

      FREE SPEECH for all!

      • guest

        The poster’s point is that Jon Pelto betrayed his role as a blogger allowing anonymous comments. Whether or not realityed is a coward as opposed to you, is not the point. THe point is the blog allows for anonymous comments (not all blogs do). Therefore, when somebody posts a comment anonymously (with a pseudonym), the expectation is that their identity will not be investigated or publicized. It’s a matter of Jon Pelto’s honor. Does Mr Pelto want an honest dialogue or does he only want the voices of the people who agree with him? By only betraying the anonymous identities of people who disagree with him, he is encouraging epistemic closure. Something the left, by the way, always accuses the right of.

        • sharewhut

          This is an inferred ‘outing’ of identity, based on some pretty compelling circumstantial evidence that posts are made by Perry or a supporter within the HPS system.
          At the point some of these posts were made on a PUBLIC, SCHOOL SYSTEM ACCOUNT- during school hours. all bets are off at least with regards to locational anonymity. This is a misuse of resources warranting investigation and possible discipline. The tone of the posts leads to inference that they are made by Mr. Perry or a supporter within the schools. The fact that the posts are made with no apparent fear of discipline infers high administration level.
          The potential tie-ins to Mr. Perry’s ‘personal’ accounts are opened up by the use of these accounts to attempt to get around FOI rules.
          I would welcome, even encourage, Jon exposing multiple IDs posting from the same address to show any ‘ballot box stuffing’ going on with regards to opinions.

  • brutus2011

    I feel compelled to respond to a poster’s insinuation that anonymous posters are somehow suspect or sneaky or cowardly or whatever.

    What some call “anonymous posting” is using a pseudonym.

    During our revolutionary times, pseudonyms were used by some of our most revered historical figures. For proof, consult the “The Federalist Papers” mostly written to influence New York’s convention held to ratify or not ratify the Constitution drafted in Philadelphia.

    Pseudonyms are a part of our political tradition and valuable in the marketplace of ideas. Pseudonym use is not suspect or sneaky or cowardly or whatever–unless James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton were suspect.

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