NEWS FLASH: Hedge fund founder buys leadership ‘pipeline’ in Malloy’s office

Don Michak of the Journal Inquirer newspaper has a blockbuster story on the way Governor Malloy, Commissioner Stefan Pryor and the corporate education reform industry have contaminated the public policy making process in Connecticut.

The JI story, entitled, Hedge fund founder buys leadership ‘pipeline’ in Malloy’s office, raises extraordinary legal and ethical issues about the possibility of illegal lobbying and ethics violations, as well as shines a light on how a billionaire Malloy donor is not only giving the Governor campaign cash but paying for Malloy staff who are in the unique position to help push the corporate education reform industry’s agenda.

Don Michak explains:,

“A hedge fund billionaire’s private foundation is paying three “fellows” to develop public policy in the office of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and two state departments.

The arrangement is eye-catching because the foundation is bankrolled by Stephen F. Mandel Jr., the founder of the Lone Pine Capital hedge fund in Greenwich and one of the biggest financial backers of Malloy’s Democratic Party.

But it also is extraordinary because of the controversial role Mandel’s foundation and its executive director, Meghan K. Lowney, played in Connecticut’s education policy — particularly in the state’s failed takeover of the Bridgeport Board of Education.

Asked if those developments pose conflicts or, more simply, the potential for political backlash, Malloy spokesman Andrew Doba responded that the program sponsored by Mandel’s Zoom Foundation is “a learning opportunity for aspiring leaders and public servants to get a unique view at the executive level of state government.”

“Outside of recruiting great fellows and providing outside leadership training to the fellows, Zoom has no influence on the fellows’ work with the state,” he said. “As a foundation, there is a prohibition of advocacy and lobbying for the fellows which is made abundantly clear from the start and reinforced through the yearlong fellowship.”

Doba compared the governor’s arrangement with Zoom to that of “several similar learning opportunities in other states, cities, and at the federal level like the White House Fellows Program.” He said Malloy’s office previously hosted a fellow from the Dukakis Governor’s Summer Fellows Program through the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, “which is funded privately.”

Reminded of the role played in Bridgeport by Mandel’s second “charitable trust,” the Lone Pine Foundation, Doba said the governor’s office works only with Zoom.

“The fellows do a variety of work from staffing task forces, research, grants management, project coordination, among many other assignments with a view to ‘executive experience,”’ he said. “They do not replace a job that would normally be done by a state employee, whether in our office or an agency.”

As Wait What? readers will recall, Mandel and his aide, Meghan Lowney, played the pivotal role in the creation of Excel Bridgeport, Inc. the corporate funded education reform advocacy group that supported Malloy’s education reform bill, worked to pass Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch’s failed charter revision proposal to do away with an elected board of education in Bridgeport and has been the biggest boosters for Paul Vallas and Kenneth Moales Jr, the disgraced former chair of the Bridgeport Board of Education.

Excel Bridgeport’s incorporation papers revealed that the lobby group was formed by Meghan Lowney and that its corporate address was also Lowney’s address.  Since then, Nate Snow, the Director of the Connecticut Chapter of Teach for America has become Excel Bridgeport’s President, although Lowney remains on the board of directors.

Billionaire Steve Mandel is also on the Teach for America’s  Board of Directors and helped finance Finch’s failed charter revision campaign.

As reported here at Wait, What? and in the Journal Inquirer, Mandel has also donated the maximum allowable amount ($10,000) to the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee.

In addition, as the JI goes on to explain;

“Lowney was a key figure in the brouhaha over public schools in Bridgeport in 2011 and 2012. Basically, the city’s Board of Education, stalemated and facing an $18 million budget shortfall, voted to dissolve itself, backed by what the Wall Street Journal called “well-funded outside interests.” A state-appointed board subsequently brought in a new superintendent, but the Connecticut Supreme Court in 2012 ruled that the state’s takeover was illegal and ordered a special election.

Lowney, together with Nate Snow, the executive director of the Connecticut chapter of Teach for America, had founded Excel Bridgeport, a proponent of the state takeover. One of the biggest opponents of that move, retired state Superior Court Judge Carmen L. Lopez, dubbed Lowney “the conspirator in chief”’ of the “coup that led to the illegal removal of a democratically elected Board of Education by the state.”

Moreover, the Connecticut Post reported that emails showed that Lowney initially introduced herself to state education officials as an agent of the Mandels, saying they had joined with other funders to revise the city’s education charter to give control to Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, a political ally of Malloy.

Although there were numerous emails between Lowney and officials within the Malloy administration, Meghan Lowney never registered as a lobbyist nor filed the required lobbying reports.

You can read Don Michak’s story at:

Check back for updates because there is MUCH MORE to this story than has been revealed so far.

  • ReTired

    Where do I sign up for this “learning opportunity?” This stuff just doesn’t end!

    • jonpelto

      50,000 – 70,000 learning opportunity – plus you get to lobby without having to register as a lobbyist –

      I bet there are going to be professional lobbyists lining up for these positions!

    • Guest

      You can call WNPR’s show Where We Live tomorrow beginning at 9am and ask the guest, Stefan Pryor.

      • jonpelto

        Ha! So funny…. Wonder if someone will call in and ask him some questions

        • JMC

          I bet Stefan has already got folks from his team rehearsed and ready to choke up the call lines. Astroturf is their profession.

        • jonpelto

          True…. We should all start calling at 8:30 – lmao!

        • DBryan

          What’s the over/under on how many minutes it will take for him to use the word “fidelity”?

        • jonpelto

          Ha, OMG that is funny!

          I’ll but a buck down on 12 minutes ….

        • Linda174

          Yes that’s the tag line so he isn’t held responsible. It was the poor implementation not the crappy leadership. Where’s the webinar Stefan? The one you promised would clear everything up. H E L L O

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport


  • Linda174

    Oh Danny boy…you just pulled the knife out…it hurts going back into a fresh wound. Oh why do you hate us so much, eh?

    • R.L.

      I don’t think he hates us. I think he just doesn’t care who or how many people get hurt as long as he gets his. He’ll get his in the next election. Nice picture.
      You do know that all a politician has to do to have a job for the rest of his life is to show up for work and whore himself out to the highest corporate donors for a couple of years.

  • realsaramerica

    “It’s good to be a billionaire in America” has become the new “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

  • Mary Gallucci

    For Sale–the state of Connecticut. Especially CT children.
    Recall that last year Pryor–whose charter school company Achievement First was one of the beneficiaries of Mandel monies–staffed two positions in the State department of education with Broad residents–that seems to be similar to this “Leadership” graft promoted by a hedgefund 1%er. The Broad foundation, which supports charter schools, teacher evals, TFA, standardized curricula, and general privatizing of education, funded these positions–Gabrielle Ramos had one–and yet they were called State Dept of education employees. It sounded like Broad was buying the positions, and, indeed, the Broad residents were supposed to promote those privatizing items.
    Another greedy and grasping governor, Chris Christie, was such a fan of Broad that, after the Broad began staffing positions and “granting” tens of thousands of dollars to school reform in New Jersey, the Broad foundation was found to be sending emails around saying, they were not going to commit to more money if they couldn’t be certain Christie would be re-elected.
    Nice people.

    Hot tub, anyone?

  • buygoldandprosper

    Hedge funds lack transparency.
    The Malloy administration lacks transparency.
    Steve Mandel has the arrogance of a hedge hog.
    Dan Malloy has the arrogance of a corrupt politician.
    Lone Pine sprouted from a failed business endeavor.
    The current administration is yet another in a chain of failing elected officials.
    Tax benefits are the motivation behind big $$ involved in EdReform.
    Dan benefits from big taxes and big spending.
    The pipeline will drain Connecticut in many ways, with Dan’s blessing.

  • David Lynch Topitzer

    Wow. This would make a great movie script.

    • jonpelto

      If the Wolf of Wall Street sells, imagine what we can do with this…

  • cindy

    Connecticut schools up for grabs?

    So Stefan Pryor, side by side with Achieve’s Michael Cohen at this event, where we are told, “the children belong to us.”

    should worry:

    View clip here:

  • buygoldandprosper

    Stefan Pryor is to education what Woody Allen is to parenting.
    Expect the usual soft-ball questions from a radio interview…