NEWS FLASH: Executive Session on Steve Perry re-appears on Hartford BOE agenda

The agenda is out for the Special Meeting of the Hartford Board of Education to be held on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.  The meeting beings at 5:30 pm at the Fred E. Wish Museum School located at 350 Barbour St in Hartford.

One of the first items on the agenda is the “Public Comment” period. In an unprecedented move, the agenda reads that that Public Comment is “limited to business items”.

The last item is an agenda is an Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter and entitled [Steve Perry].

Assuming this is still America where Freedom of Speech is guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the constitution of the State of Connecticut, one has to assume that public comments can be addressed to the Steve Perry issue since it is on the “agenda” although the language limited public comment to “business items” is bizarre to say the least.

So as long as the Superintendent and Board don’t try to stifle public comments, this may well  be the only time parents and community members can address the Hartford Board of Education before they meet in Executive Session to discuss Steve Perry’s flagrant violations of Board policies and potential violations of state law.

And here is a rather odd item: 

The Hartford Board of Education Agenda for Tuesday contains a rather strange note that explains that the “Public Comment” period is recommended to last no more than 30 minutes.

In all previous sessions of the Hartford Board of Education, the “Public Comment” section is called a “Dialogue Session” and almost never included a “recommended” time limit.  The few times a time limit was listed it read – (Recommended 60 minutes)

According to previous Hartford Board of Education agenda, there was no time limit for the following meetings:
A “Recommended 60 minute time limit for the Dialogue session was listed for two meetings:
 1/27/2014 and 12/19/2013

Those concerned about whether the Board of Education is trying to remove your guaranteed right to free speech may want to check with the Superintendent, Board of Education Chairman or Mayor before the meeting.

Superintendent Kishimoto:  [email protected]

Board Chairman Matt Poland: [email protected] and [email protected]

Mayor Pedro Segarra: [email protected]

The Tuesday February 4th meeting agenda can be found at:

  • cindy

    It would seem that Steve Perry is all up in everyone’s business…so any concern classifies as a “business item.”

  • Linda174

    I think it’s the business of Hartford parents that Perry is abusing their children. No excuses Mr. Truth.

  • buygoldandprosper

    It is an election year so they will follow Malloy’s lead and pander to the public a bit. Just a bit.
    One wonders if today’s announcement by Governor Scumbag will soothe the masses…if so, see what happens if you let him get re-elected!!

  • Linda174

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  • The Real Truth

    This attempt to silence the voices of those they serve shows that the Hartford Board of Education knows they are in big trouble. Every member deserves to held accountable for all the wrongs that Steve Perry is accused of committing by choosing to ignore the complaints and pleas of those they wish to silence.

    The Hartford Board of Education’s guilt doesn’t stop with Steve Perry. These are the same people who vote in the policies that are abusive by neglecting the real needs of the hundreds of children who attend the neighbourhood schools deemed for failure to justify a hand-over to a Charter School Company.

    For those who doubt this I challenge to take tours of the failing schools, review school discipline policies, review schools climate surveys, after school activities, effectiveness of school’s leadership, support of teachers and compare with a magnet school. Most of the rhetoric that Perry uses to slam Hartford Schools is manufactured by Hartford’s leadership.

  • Puff Daddy
  • P. Diddy

    I’m not a businessman. I’M A BUSINESS, MAN!

  • HartfordPirates

    Rich is a major fan of Perry’s so don’t expect that there will be any action taken other than to try and figure out how to quell the voices. I’ll be at the meeting. With popcorn. It should be a show.

  • Mary Gallucci

    The Hartford BoE–the majority of which is appointed by the Mayor–will have their new Republican, charter-school-loving, Achievement-First worshiping chairman ready at the next meeting:,0,2917893.story
    “Workshop meetings” are a Steven Adamowski innovation that he has carried from Hartford to Windham and to New London. Adamowski instituted these and altered the public comment portion of the meetings so that it followed the “workshop” and had to be on topic only. Windham’s former BoE chair was very diligent in upholding Adamowski’s invented rules. Nowhere in the statutes regarding BoE meetings or any civic meetings is there a legal category of “workshop,” certainly not a category that has swelled to one in every two meetings. Former BoE chair Murphy Sewall used to interrupt the public and say, this is not on topic, and other stifling interjections. I tried contacting the ACLU, but they were too busy. None of my elected representatives cared either.
    My advice for Hartford residents is to ignore the increasing strictures on free speech and on your right to ask pertinent questions regarding Steve Perry–or any other school administrator. Let’s get Michael Sharpe over there, too.
    Beware the charter school–this is just the kind of deception they revel in–once they have their “charter” and their lion’s share of public money, they cease to answer to the public.

  • Dross1958

    The rules for public comment are set by the BOE according to that BOE’s policy, State law does not dictate that a public comment item is even mandatory. BOE’s have the right to limit time speaking because it is up to them to set policy. But they can’t change policy without a vote to do so. But usually public comment policies are written to give the chair freedom to decide on limits.

    Personally I think it’s madness not to let the public get it’s say. If you don’t, they do things like starting blogs…..

  • Grasshopper

    I don’t want to provide step-by-step instructions here, but suffice to say that the restriction on public comment should be easy to get around, ESPECIALLY if people show up in numbers to talk on the issue. People who comment here: put your money where your mouth is and show up to the meeting. It is public and recorded. Stop being cynical and self-defeating by saying it will make no difference. Want to know how to be powerless? Give up your power by not even trying.

    Public comment is not usually allowed at special meetings. This is not an outrage or anything. The only reason any comment is permitted at this one is because two items were tabled from a regular meeting. With that said, one could ask why the executive session was rescheduled for the special meeting rather than a regular meeting when public comment is allowed.

  • Andrea Wilson

    Can someone please help me here? I have not seen pictures of abuse at Capital Prep- just hearsay. If there is proof on this site please direct me to it. I decided to investigate the school and noticed they have 100% of their grads go to college so I keep wondering if this is political or if someone has a bone to pick.
    I am serious here– if there is tangible proof of wrong doing then please direct me to it. And with regard to someone working for a city or town and having business with the state- I have not found where that is illegal. I have however, provided leads and proof of this type of relationship where it is illegal (state employees can’t contract w/the state so the get around is to have a family member do the business– most cases a spouse).
    I would look forward to becoming educated if pointed to the places where I can get information and not just rants.