In bizarre political ploy: Malloy says Delay Teacher Evaluations; Set up task force on Common Core

With the 2014 gubernatorial election ten months away, Governor Dannel Malloy held a press conference yesterday that would have made Saturday Night Live or the satirical website, The Onion, proud.

Malloy removed his blinders and took out his ear plugs long enough to announce that the unfair teacher evaluation system should be delayed until after the election, a task force should study the implementation of the Common Core and that Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor, would be ordered to hold off spending that “$1 million on a public relations campaign to promote the Common Core.”

In his effort to “win” over (aka snow)  teachers, parents and public school advocates, Malloy’s plan appears to be to push off a couple of elements of his corporate education reform industry agenda until he can make it past November’s election for governor.

Malloy’s message was a simple one.

The essence of which is, “I hear you and we’ll wait until after I’m re-elected” to proceed with some of our efforts to undermine Connecticut’s public education system.

According to Malloy, in the meantime, simply overlook and forget about the time and effort wasted on the SLOs that teachers were required to develop and the new software towns had to get to track that information.

Forget about the time and money wasted to “calibrate” and train administrators to conduct the faulty evaluations.

Forget about the time wasted on the evaluations that have been done to date and forget about the waste of money and time towns spent to purchase and set up the “teacher evaluation” software that the state has forced towns to use.

Forget about the millions of dollars wasted to purchase Common Core compliant computers and Common Core test prep software.

Forget about the hundreds of hours that children have already spent prepping or the absurd Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Field Test and forget that instead of informing towns that only 10% of their students need serve as rat labs for this test, Malloy and Pryor decided that ALL Connecticut public school students should be used a guinea pigs – test subjects for a testing that will run from March through June – all without the approval of their parents.

And forget about the massive changes in instructional schedules as schools have been forced to reduce “specials” like art, music, PE and academic subjects like social studies to make room for the Common Core mandated subjects.

In fact, just forget all that ugly stuff until after you cast your ballot in November’s election.

Note however, that Commissioner Stefan Pryor, his Turnaround Director Morgan Barth and “Special Master” Steve Adamowski’s destructive policies will go forward as a planned. No slowing down on the Commissioner’s Network or Special Master’s efforts that are quickly ruining schools in Connecticut’s 30 poorest school districts.

It’s hard to call Malloy’s announcement as anything other than a sick political joke.

As part of Malloy’s “bold” move, Governor Malloy, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, and Senate President Donald Williams wrote in a  joint letter (see joint letter) that read, in part;

“Since the beginning of the school year, we have heard from teachers and administrators voicing their concerns that too much change is hitting their classrooms at once…This confluence of changes jeopardizes the success of our teachers, and thus our students…We’ve hear their concerns loud and clear, and understand.”

Apparently Malloy and company are saying that they failed to hear the concerns and warnings articulated when Malloy’s education reform initiative was announced.

They missed the concerns and warnings brought up at hundreds of meetings at the local, regional and state level since Malloy’s bill become law.

And instead they wasted tens of millions of scarce taxpayer funds on out-of-state consultants, inexperienced staff and expensive new software in their race to the bottom.

Meanwhile, organizations like Achievement First, Inc., ConnCAN and other corporate education reform industry advocacy groups have spent more than $6 million lobbying on behalf of Malloy’s “education reform” initiatives and the education reform industry money continues to pour in to support Malloy’s political aspirations.

As if the whole move wasn’t unbelievable enough, according CT Newsjunkie;

“Malloy, Wyman, Sharkey, and Williams asked the [PEAC] council to create a subcommittee of classroom teachers to share the obstacles they face and have them make recommendations to the council, General Assembly, and state Education Board by Jan. 1, 2015, nearly two months after the election.”

Teachers, parents and public school advocates are certainly not going to fall for this hoax.

If you want to read more of the details about Malloy’s “proposal” go to:

CT Newsjunkie:

Hartford Courant:,0,4058443.story and and

Check back for updates as they become available


  • mookalaboona

    I hope that teachers will not fall for his sick rhetoric. And I hope our teacher unions (CEA and AFT) do not think he made a miraculous recovery from his insanity so they endorse him!

    • buygoldandprosper

      They will. I would bet money on it. Teachers put him in the first time. Teachers will do it again.
      Dan is playing the citizens of Connecticut like the mindless puppets that they are.

      • jonpelto

        Nope, rank and file teachers know better. Fool me once…. There are a lot of parents, teachers and public school advocates who will not fall for this hoax… a delay until 2 months after the election and a sub-committee of a committee to “study” common core.

        So full of shit

      • Linda174

        You don’t speak for us. I will not vote for Malloy and I know many other teachers who will never vote for him. Stop!

        • R.L.

          I will NEVER vote for Malloy again!

        • bill Morrison

          I would vote for Satan before I ever vote for Malloy again! Satan is more trustworthy.

    • ReTired

      Teachers need to start thinking for themselves and forget CEA/AFT. They also need to go enmass to CEA’s board of directors’ meeting and demand a different course of action from CEA leaders, If you’ll recall, their initial endorsement for governor last time was not Malloy. OOPS! Payback time.

      • jonpelto

        Another excellent point….

      • brutus2011

        Right the blank on!

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Please….I would like a kilo of whatever Malloy is smoking

    • buygoldandprosper

      Wrong Malloy…you will have to hunt down his spawn. They were/are the dealers.

      • buygoldandprosper

        Marijuana Could Be Ready For Sale By Summer; 1,684 Patients Certified
        Dan ‘s plan is to get the electorate higher than kites so they forget the horrors of the last three years.
        Roll me up and smoke me when I die… I will gladly share my sacrifice.

        • Sleepless in Bridgeport

          Lot’s of peeps will be certified, but Paul Vallas won’t be….oops I forgot UCONN will offer a 3 day two phone call course and with the blessing of Stevie Wonder Pryor pass the pipe.

  • educationmatters

    They will. And when magic checks start arriving as he “returns the surplus” to the citizens of CT they will also buy into it. It’s nothing but election ploy smoke and mirrors and the Republican party will help Malloy by running a weak candidate selected by a group of people who still think it is 1988.

  • Jonboy

    Students, parents, and teachers win the first battle of the CT education reform war!

    Malloy is now on record as acknowledging Common Core and the SEED evaluation program are deeply flawed!

    As Common Core continues to crumble across the nation it will become ever more difficult for Malloy and Pryor to implement it here.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • buygoldandprosper

    “State legislators are feverishly soliciting campaign contributions from state Capitol lobbyists before Feb. 5, the opening day for the 2014 legislative session, when it becomes illegal for lobbyists to make contributions during the three months of the session.”
    Do you REALLY expect change in Connecticut?
    The whores in office, from Dan on down, are selling themselves.
    Dan suddenly is a man of the people again!
    ANYONE who votes for Malloy deserves what they get!

  • cindy

    The only candidate we should vote for should be the one who supports local public schools with parent/community oversight, and guidance (and funding) as needed from the State.

    Those schools that are already privatized should be subject to INCREASED scrutiny as a result of the potential for abuse resulting from the “cut-throat” market forces to make scores look good to attract more customers, rather than effectively serve the population they are given. There should be fair reporting regarding sped and ell students so that when comparisons are made, they are fair.

    This move by Malloy is simply to buy time. He isn’t slowing down his privatization plans, and right now, the Dem and Republicans actually share the same goal – the privatization of public schools. Don’t be fooled by either. The RTTT simply standardizes the “machine” so they can compare the student “product” it creates, but some things are simply not meant to be privatized. And the innocents, the children, in the machine don’t have the ability to speak up for themselves. They are simply victims, or collateral damage, in this whole movement.

    The message that needs to get out is about the value of education remaining public, and we should not let it be influenced by market forces. Children can’t speak up for themselves, and if they are forced to learn developmentally inappropriate standards by teachers and principals who fear for their job security, we are creating a grave error in preparing for our future society.

    • ZorrObama

      Good luck – the only candidates you will GET to vote or are those who can raise or HAVE thousands to millions of dollars to run, i.e. those BOUGHT by someone…

  • msavage

    OK, I give up. If Dan and Foley are the only options, I WILL vote for Foley this time.

    • Linda174

      Agree, let it all implode faster. Dems will fight then. Flip the political machine…sit back and watch.

      • msavage

        It could work. Anything is better than more Malloy. Good chance they would destroy each other with a Republican in office.

  • Rafael G

    I’d rather not vote then vote for him again

  • Matt Bracksieck

    I know that there are a lot of CT teachers who follow this blog. Take a moment to follow this link to send a message to the CEA & AFT about endorsing a candidate for Governor. Then take the message back to your local.

    Should CT Teachers’ Unions endorse a candidate for governor in 2014?

    • R.L.

      This was a bad survey. It seemed to assume that his opponent is a republican. First of all he should be challenged before the general election as I seriously doubt that he could win a democratic primary. Also, it’s time for unions to start endorsing candidates that are not from either side of the plutocratic monoparty (republic-rats).

      • R.L.

        Just because it’s not a good survey doesn’t mean people shouldn’t take it. The unions NEED to understand just how much Malloy is disliked. It’s time for the union leadership (Melodie Peters) to understand that they work for the people who pay union dues and not the politicians.

  • Jonboy



    I believe it would serve as a foundation/anchor for the discussion of keeping our schools under local control.

    • jonpelto

      Will do….. Excellent suggestion.

      • cindy

        People need to realize that family/community has so much to do with why we need to preserve public schools.

        Charters and vouchers decimate local communities, and having a federally driven model really removes the “choice” that maintaining local control actually provides. Parents choose their community and by default, their schools, and their “choices” continue to be made every time they elect BOE members to represent what they want.

        How do we get both sides of the aisle to realize there really is no “choice” in the market-driven model, and the product ultimately is flawed??

  • Tom Burns

    What is the option? We don’t know yet—lets get Malloy to say and promise prior to the election–no more charters—only public school support—and no testing and no non-valid evaluations–and no judging teachers on their students test scores at all–this would show that he has a bit of intellect and does not just follow the corporate crowd down a path of destroying real education for ALL students—then we can vote for him and he can show actual integrity–I am willing to listen and act if he is willing to change course—Tom

    • R.L.

      Words are easy. Especially for a shyster like Malloy. He’ll say what ever you want to here, but his past actions show where his heart (not that he has one) is.

    • msavage

      Oh, come on, Tom–really? You’re REALLY going to fall for this–even for a second? Can’t you see this is nothing but a political move? It doesn’t matter what Malloy says or promises before the election. He will do whatever the hell he pleases–and whatever his corporate handlers tell him to do–the second he secures the re-election. If he does secure the election. And we need to make sure that he does not.

  • ZorrObama

    Forget about the time and money wasted… AH yes! The last safe Democrat talking point….

    • R.L.

      Now you sound ignorant. You could easily replace republican with democrat in that statement. They are both sectors of the same plutocratic monoparty. They have tried to “educate” us (more like program us) to believe that there is a difference between the two. You have been programmed well.

  • guest

    “make room for common core mandated subjects?” you have a lot of valuable things to say but then you ruin your arguments with baloney like this. teachers don’t have to make room for reading and math. they already teach those subjects. and have you ever actually looked at the standards? aside from the fact that some of them are a little bit developmentally inappropriate at the younger grades there is actually nothing outrageous abt the standards (which is another topic of discussion). what is outrageous is the high stakes testing and the extensive time teachers will have to spend preparing kids. The sbac is very very complex and will require a lot of time to prep kids for. The standards themselves are fine.

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