A plea to the public for help in tracking down the Malloy Administration’s effort to extend $1 million contract

An out-of-state company of consultants that have already collected $1 million in taxpayer funds wants even more.

Wait, What? needs your help in tracking down this travesty of justice.

The following link is to the $1 million contract between Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor and Mass Insight, the out-of-state company brought in help Commissioner Pryor with his plans to take over up to 25 public schools in Connecticut.

The link to the contract is:  http://www.biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Documents/Results/12064/12SDE0092AA%20-%20Massinsight%20Contract.pdf

This contract is scheduled to end later this week on January 31, 2014.

However, not only are the high cost, out-of-state consultants not leaving their state offices but they are moving to new offices in the State Department of Education.

These out-of-state consultants replaced dedicated, experienced, state employees who were let go or transferred to make room for this politically connected company so that it could come do the dirty work for Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor and Morgan Barth, his director of the School Turnaround Office.

Multiple FOI requests, media requests and nicely worded emails about whether there is a contract extension for Mass Insight have gone answered. 

The question is – if the contract with MassInsight was extended, how and when the extension was processed, considering there is no extension clause in the contract. 

Making the matter even more suspect, there was no information posted on the Department of Administrative Services website about a request to extend, a re-bidding process or the new contact.

Any information from the public about whether the MassInsight contract has been extended would be appreciated.  The questions include if the contract was extended, how was it extended, when was the extension signed and whether a copy of the extended contract can be obtained.

It is incredibly frustrating that the Malloy administration can extend a $1 million dollar contract without providing any transparency what-so-ever.

Wait, What? and the taxpayers of Connecticut thank any member of the public who can come forward and provide information about this latest outrage.

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  • rsoxrule

    maybe this is fodder for the Chief State’s Atty?!?

    • ReTired

      I agree; however, politics being what it is, and political cronies being who they are, my hopes are dim. Edugate-The next election can’t come soon enough. Hopefully the electorate will see the light!

  • BodiJohn

    I would double check to make sure what policies and procedures are required for this contract. Most contracts do need to follow specific guidelines for posting, etc…but, I don’t know if the Commissioner is empowered to extend this specific contract.

    • jonpelto

      This is the same Stefan Pryor who did $1 million plus in no-bid contracts through SERC until the auditors came down hard on him…

  • buygoldandprosper

    Contracts?!! We don’t need no stinking contracts!!

  • buygoldandprosper

    Ask Megan DeSombre. She has time on her hands and is seeking attention.

  • Mary Gallucci

    When and if we find out about MassInsight’s contracts, I’d like to know about Education Pioneers.
    It’s a brave new world of profiting off children out there.

  • buygoldandprosper

    “Right now it’s critical to focus our energy on professional support to teachers and educators undertaking the shift necessary to enter the Common Core era,” Pryor said Tuesday in a phone interview.
    OK. So they see that the election hinges on support from educators and they are backing off selling CommonCore.
    Just remember, that when re-elected, Dan Malloy will continue to pursue his foolish agenda.
    ANYONE who votes for Dan Malloy deserves what they get! It is a lose/lose situation for FF County though if he fails to win another four years. Maybe he will relocate to Davos or China! He is corrupt enough for DC, but not smart enough to survive there.

    • guest

      Exactly. It’s all about the votes. the ONLY reason he is backing off….for now….and my guess really only because he heard that repubs were backing teachers on this issue.

      • Linda174

        Dannel lost us a long time ago. Lay him play…and we will still vote out his sorry ass.