Connecticut Democratic Party Leaders: It is okay to lie, as long as it’s to raise money…

The question bothering a number of Democrats these days is what happened to our political party? 

We all know it takes money to run effective campaigns, but Connecticut’s Democratic State Central Committee is reaching new lows when it comes to misleading potential donors in their effort to raise funds.

Last week, Democratic State Central Committee Chair Nancy DiNardo sent out a blast email to donors and Democratic activists requesting a “contribution to our 2014 Early Action Fund. A $15, $10 or $5 contribution will ensure the Party is ready to support Democratic candidates at every level this fall and beyond.

This from the same individual who apparently played a leading role in diverting $40,000 in State Party funds to pay for Mayor Bill Finch’s failed attempt to elect the “endorsed” pro-corporate education reform industry slate against a Democratic challenge slate that was committed to dumping education reformer extraordinaire Paul Vallas and ending the effort to privatization Bridgeport’s Schools.

The money had been raised with the promise that it would be used to “support Democratic candidates” and yet it was actually spent on trying to defeat pro-public education Democratic candidates.

When repeatedly asked about the apparent violation of party rules and the waste of $40,000 that should have been used to fight Republicans, Democratic State Central Staff refused to respond.

When the Wait, What? post was sent to State Central Committee members and local Democratic Town Committee Chairs, one state central committee member wrote back, “Stop the bull shit,” a Democratic Town Chair responded “What is your point?” and two others asked to be removed from the mailing list…despite the fact that as Democratic State Central and Democratic Town Committee members they actually hold elected positions under Connecticut law.

Then today along came another blast email from the Connecticut Democrats. 

This one came from the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee’s Executive Director.  Jonathan Harris wrote, “Tuesday marks the 4-year anniversary of the Citizens United decision. While Super PACs and Tea Party groups are gearing up to target Connecticut Democrats in 2014, the Connecticut Democratic Party is building our Grassroots Organizing Program. It’s the only way we can compete.

Now we need you. Every $3, $5 and $12 contribution adds up to something big. Contribute to our Grassroots Program, and tell the Koch brothers and Karl Rove that in Connecticut, our elections are not for sale

A powerful and convincing statement…

Except it comes from an organization that is engaged in a widespread “pay to play” scheme to funnel tainted money from state contractors and other politically connected companies to the Democratic State Central Committee’s “federal account” as a way to by-pass Connecticut laws that restrict those types of contributions.

Malloy and his advisors may claim that the in a world in which the “end justifies the means,” it is necessary to fib a little or a lot to persuade Democrats to donate to the Democratic Party.

But the fact remains, the blast emails from DiNardo and Harris are misleading at best and outright lies at worst.

These and other Democratic Party officials are not doing the Party or the cause any favors when the create an environment in which a growing number of Democratic Party members realize that they are taking the Democratic Party in the wrong direction.

For more background on the diversion of $40,000 to influence a Democratic Primary for Board of Education in Bridgeport see Wait, What? posts: Connecticut Democratic Party hit with campaign finance complaint (1/8/14);  Connecticut Democratic Party Chair fails to explain – Why did the Party divert 40k to fight pro-public education Democrats in Bridgeport Primary? (12/10/13); Time for the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee to come clean about spending (12/3/13); Malloy/Finch/Vallas lose in Bridgeport but questions remain about role of State Democratic Party (11/6/13); Did you make a contribution to the Democratic State Central Committee? (11/4/13); State Democratic Party (quietly) dumps $20k into losing Bridgeport slate (10/18/13); Connecticut Democratic Party subsidizes Mayor Finch’s Bridgeport Board of Education Slate (9/6/13)

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  • buygoldandprosper

    “As the state Department of Transportation’s opposition to the proposed transfer of the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry terminal finally evaporated last year, the company’s chief executive wrote a $10,000 check to Connecticut Democrats.
    Two weeks later, on Sept. 26, Brian A. McAllister, chairman and CEO of the ferry line’s parent company, sent another $10,000 check to the Democratic State Central Committee.”
    It’s OK. Don’t worry about a thing. Dan Malloy is not John Rowland…there are firewalls in place. Rules and regulations. Ask Dan Etsy, the “honest” Yale professor.
    It’s all good.

    • jonpelto

      Well said!

  • R.L.

    I used to be a democrat. It’s pretty apparent why I’m no longer a member of the ass-branch of the plutocratic mono-party.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Your tax dollars, hard at work:
    It is harder and harder to think of Foley as an alternative to anyone…anyone but Malloy!
    What a group! Connecticut deserves what it gets I suppose.