Education Blogger Mercedes Schneider warns: Beware of Data Sharingcheerleaders Offering Webinars

Fellow pro-public education blogger Mercedes Schneider is one of the most powerful and important voices in the anti-corporate education reform industry movement.  Her research is extraordinarily thorough and her writing is amazing.

As proof, the nation’s leading voice on behalf of public education, Diane Ravitch, links to Mercedes’ work on a regular basis.  If you don’t subscribe to Mercedes’ blog you can do so by going to

In one of her latest blogs Mercedes Schneider continues to confront one of the most important problems with the corporate education reform industry….the effort to data mine and share information about our children.

Mercedes Schneider writes:

Perhaps the most sobering component of the privatization push is its unprecedented demand for data collection (data “mining”) on American students. Data mining is not just an American issue. However, on the American front, two education activists have been at the forefront of the fight against this mammoth student data collection: Louisiana’s Jason France (here’s a great example of his writing on the subject) and New York’s Leonie Haimson (her is her testimony on student data/privacy issues in a September 2013 New York city council meeting).

(For those unfamiliar with the data mining issue, see this concise yet thorough summary on the WhatIsCommonCore blog.)

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan believes that there is “power” in data for “school reform”.

Indeed there is. The issue isn’t whether there is “power” in data collection and storage, and its potential sharing. There certainly is power. That is precisely why the public is wary of the federal push to develop statewide, longitudinal data systems.

The question is whether state and federal governments (and the privatizing interests nurtured by state and federal governments) should have control of over 400 data points per student.

As is true with any attempt to hand over the public to privatizing interests (i.e., the heart of corporate reform), the potential for exploitation abounds is this so-called “data storing/ data sharing” endeavor.

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  • Linda174

    Please read all comments on Mercedes’s post.

    See the excerpt below and view the link.

    Do not be fooled by the CCS claim of improving education for our children. Students and tax dollars are now a source of revenue (test scores, data, marketing schemes) under the guise of improving schools.

    “All parents and teachers must read carefully the nineteen page document available on the engageNY website at the link below. There are about 400 USELESS data points being collected by News Corp. on schools, districts, teachers, parents, families, and students WITHOUT permission.”