Pryor now using out-of-state company to recruit out-of-state school principals

With just over a month left in Mass Insight’s $1 million contract with Stefan Pryor and the Connecticut State Department of Education, the out-of-state company hired to run much of Stefan Pryor’s “turnaround” operation is posting job advertisements to recruit out-of-state school principals to take jobs in Connecticut.

Mass Insight’s move comes despite the fact that Connecticut has hundreds of qualified candidates for school administrator positions, unemployment in the state remains at historic levels and a day doesn’t go by that Governor Malloy isn’t claiming that he is working to create jobs for Connecticut residents.

Even more to the point, the job of hiring a school principal is the exclusive responsibility of the local Board of Education in conjunction with the local school’s parent governance committee.

Neither Mass Insight nor Commissioner Pryor has the authority to hire local school principals.  Bridgeport is the only community where Pryor got special legislation passed that allows him to play a leadership role in picking a local school administrator and that is only for the position of superintendent of schools.

But perhaps the most incredible issue of all is the fact that the contract between Commissioner Pryor and Mass Insight DOESN’T provide Mass Insight with the authority to recruit principals or anyone else for local Connecticut’s local school districts.

But recruiting is exactly what Mass Insight is doing.

According to the on-line recruiting information posted by Mass Insight’s Boston-based human relations director;

“On behalf of the CSDE and Network schools and districts, Mass Insight Education Recruiting is supporting the recruitment of highly skilled and motivated school leaders to be a part of this local and national reform movement.  There are openings in several urban elementary, K-8, middle and high schools identified to begin full implementation as Network schools in Fall 2014. Principal candidates who are available for planning work in Spring 2014 are strongly preferred.”

The announcement adds…

“To apply for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter via the following link:  [email protected]  In your cover letter, please indicate which level of school you feel most qualified to lead (elementary, K-8, middle or high school) and whether you have any geographical limitations or preferences.”

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Meanwhile where is the CEA on all this Pryoritizing bullshit? Hartford breaking the law. Pryor breaking the law. Vallas….don’t even ask. Is this what the CEA agreed to? Perry I think is an illegal alien from the planet Mongo. There is not a Republican administration in this country that is worse then Danny and his merry men……even Jindal has some redeeming graces, but not Danny and the Grifters. Meanwhile the public schools in the inner cities are forced to abide by the laws that Malloy, Pryor, Perry, Kishimoto, Adamowski, Vallas, and Finchy Bird just laugh at.

    • Jonboy

      Has the CEA done anything to oppose or expose all of this malfeasance in CT? Just what have they done for public education here?

    • Gloria A. Brown

      CEA worked very hard with the BEA to get the anti-Finch, anti-Vallas BOE members elected in Bridgeport. CEA is working to get changes in the evaluation plan that is so burdensome to teachers. Are we really going to start blaming CEA because these people are breaking the law?

      • Jim Spellman


      • Linda174

        Is CEA involved in this CCS forum/rally?

        Was Gates money used to support this event?

        Do you really think teachers never had kids talking to each other solving problems or thinking critically before CCS? We never put objectives on the board?

        If CEA promotes this philosophy, these trite sound bites, they are playing into the hands of those who want to destroy public education.

        Most of the sponsors have received funding by the Gates foundation to sell the national standards and CCS is a package deal: standards, high stakes testing, student worth/school ratings/ teacher evals tied to test scores

        • Gloria A. Brown

          CEA is one of the sponsors of the forum. I don’t think CEA has ever received money from Gates. I see this as an opportunity for many of us who oppose CCSS to voice our opinions.

        • Linda174

          NEA definitely has received money from Bill and Melinda and national has some pull over the states I would assume. A CEA rep was seeking parent support for this even via email. It appears they are surprised when others are not believers.

          They already have college students lined up to rally for CCS even though these students would know very little about learning under the national standards.

          There is a full court press in support.

          Good luck with the TFA cult phrase: critical friends. You will be painted as a tea party zealot or a white suburban mom who can’t believe her baby is not a genius. They really aren’t prepared to deal with legitimate concerns nor do they want to hear it.

        • Linda174

          This is displayed on my bulletin board. My lessons are organic and reflect the needs of my students. I refuse to shovel prepackaged CCS crap down their throats….get a Stepford robot for that.

        • Linda174

          Oops, can’t multitask today:

        • JonBoy

          Resistance is futile!


      • Linda174


        It’s a well planned assault and it is a package deal. CCS will never exist without all the other strings.

        And CEA says it was state led. Two guys, (NGA & CCSSO: Malloy, elected and Pryor, appointed) do not represent an entire state.

        They also accepted the national standards before they were written.

        So they are not state led; they are state followed or federally forced. It was blackmail.

        Most states received their waiver to NCLB ONLY if they accepted these conditions, except for Virginia and that’s an interesting tidbit.

  • Nice. Would have been easier if I lived out of state! And you get a deferral to pass the CAT.

    [1] Connecticut has signed an interstate agreement on qualifications for
    educational personnel. All administrators
    prepared outside of Connecticut with fewer than 3 years within the last 10
    years of administration experience who apply for the initial intermediate
    administration must pass either the CAT or SLLA in order to be certified. An
    applicant recommended by an out-of-state institution is eligible for a one-year
    deferral of the CAT or SLLA.,d.cWc&cad=rja

    • Jonboy

      Is it safe to say the Pryor is skirting/violating state statutes and CSDE requirements on applicant qualifications to be an administer at these schools?

      Based on JP’s outing of Steve Perry on here, and reading the document linked above, I can not see how Perry could possibly hold suitable qualification to do the job he, sort of, does at Cap Prep!

  • Linda174

    Read the latest propaganda push. The state has a cool million laying around so a pr firm can pimp for Gates. And hey teachers out there, we never placed the objective on the board or had the kids engaged in dialogue with each other until the national standards came along.

    We were all bumbling idiots but have no fear, we have been saved by Arne and the Gates USDOE:

    Million-dollar media blitz may push state’s Common Core curriculum


    • Linda174

      Here’s the beginning:

      HARTFORD — The state is looking to spend up to $1 million to hire a public relations firm to help promote the new Common Core curriculum standards, which have faced a growing number of opponents.

      Four bids have been submitted to the state Department of Education but no firm has been picked yet, according to department spokeswoman Kelly Donnelly.

      The department wants to hire a company to help state education leaders develop a communication strategy and implementation-through-media campaigns, marketing material and public events, according to the department’s request for proposal.

      The move is to counter the growing number of people who are opposing the new standards, which nationalize curriculum standards across the country. (Though Connecticut has adopted the Common Core, five states have not adopted the curriculum.)

      The biggest threat to the Common Core, according to the State Department of Education, has been the state’s ability to counter the negative messaging effectively, according to a question and answer section of the request for proposal document.

      The state downplayed the plans to hire the PR firm, for a contract that would run until December 1, 2014.

  • cindy

    Have they hired for this one?

    Bureau Chief for District and School Transformation, Connecticut Department of Education

  • Castles Burning

    Jonathan, you indicate that this contract expires in a month. Does anyone have recommendations for preventing its renewal?

    This principal who is available for planning is the model that Vallas used with the Bridgeport Military Academy and yet something went so wrong that he was ready to let the principal go–until Bridgeport citizens protested. I wonder what specific duties (aka, indoctrinations) are outlined for this particular time.

    There must be more than meets the eye in requesting that principals leave their position mid year in order to be “ready” for the new one. Greater instability in more schools?? Hiring a mid-year principal would not seem to be so “easy.”

    Rhetorical question: why is ever move that these non-educators (corporate types) make a detriment to the educational system?

  • henryberry

    Another aspect of how citizens are being disemfranchised in the artifical democracy. The prime evidence of this is the accumulation of unprecedented, obscene, and unearned wealth by the banksters and other thin, top tier of elitists by duplicitous means and with government passivity and often support and approval. I have described this as a holocaust on the middle class for its devastating impact. What Malloy, Pryor, Perry, etc., are doing now is largely a mopping-up operation on vestiges of the middle class–in this case, public education–left after the banksters’ success in deconstructing democracy and polluting the politic system.

    • JMC

      Pullman and Comely are now being scrutinized on

      • henryberry

        Thanks. I read the report. It says Pullman and Comley billed the state $1 million for the fiscal year. My guess is that the firm took in a lot more. The firm is Malloy’s agent for state bonds. The figure commonly given for state bonds issued by Malloy is $1.8 billion, BILLION. I don’t know what time period this is for. But $1 million in fees seems paltry on this amount. I notice Capitol Report mentions Pullman and Comley “billed” the state. But I expect the law firm receives other forms of payment apart from billings, e. g., fees automatically taken from bonds issues which do not show up as “billing.” I’m not surprised that Stafstrom, a Pullman and Comley partner, donated $10,000. This is the amount given by top executives at Malloy favored corporations, recently the one in NJ (I forget the name) that created the stir. I believe Pullman and Comley is a much bigger player in Malloy’s scheme of things than the $1 million in billing suggests.

  • educationmatters

    How the heck did we as a country become ndustrial leaders, inventors, and innovators culminating in placing Americans on the moon without Common Core? My god, what dopes we were! Thank goodness for our saviors in Ed Reform who will create an education system guaranteed to generate students who can pass tests so that they can get jobs for foreign companies creating the next generation of innovation who don’t subscribe to such nonsense.

    • Guest

      Education is now being plundered by imperialism. Same tactics and without resistence will be the same results… People need to realize that the golden years are over and it’s all hands on deck to save the rights, liberty, and freedoms that we have left.

  • Linda174

    We need to stop playing nice with those who want to destroy our children, our teachers and our schools. NEA and AFT are happy to have a seat at the table while we are being served. A new graphic traveling on twitter. Wake up unions..once the profession is destroyed so are you:

  • Mary Gallucci

    The wording of the MassInsight job descriptions is so chilling! I feel like I’m reading the screenplay for some sixties sci-fi movie; behind the reform-speak, this seems to be the kind of person they are looking for: organized; disciplinarian; analytical; with laser-like focus; on-task; results-oriented; able to execute orders; no-excuses; fuel-efficient. We might as well add, will cede place to later, updated model. Is there anything about children, about the love of learning, about the possibilities for young people to show us adults a better world?
    I have always loved the title of the novel on which Blade Runner was based: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I think school reformers dream of artificial children and automated “stake holders,” which is one reason not to listen to them. Philip K. Dick, like many great sci-fi writers, thought a lot about how messed up the world is:
    “Because today we live in a society in which spurious realities are
    manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by
    religious groups, political groups… So I ask, in my writing, What is
    real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities
    manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated
    electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I distrust their
    power. They have a lot of it. And it is an astonishing power: that of
    creating whole universes, universes of the mind. I ought to know. I do
    the same thing.”

    Philip K. Dick

    • Mary Gallucci

      While checking on Philip K. Dick insights (rather than Mass Insights), I also found this:
      “This is a mournful discovery.
      1)Those who agree with you are insane
      2)Those who do not agree with you are in power.”

      Philip K. Dick,VALIS

      • Charlie Puffers

        You are spot on in your descriptions of the
        world according to Pryor, Adamowski, Kishimoto, Perry, Rhee, Gates,
        Broads, Waltons, Malloy, Finch, Vallas, Duncan, etc. Spending some time with real children in a classroom can be incredibly humbling. I would like to see everyone making policy decisions about public schools spend a few days alone in a lower and upper primary classroom, a middle school classroom, and a high school classroom. Maybe a week in each room with 20-25 students. I’m limiting it to a week for the sake of the students. It is so obvious that these people JUST DON’T GET IT and they only listen to each other and massage each others ego and hire others who will do the same. Also, they are good liars.