Michele Rhee’s StudentsFirst rally to support Steve Perry; Board fails to take up Perry’s threatening tweet

At last night’s Hartford Board of Education meeting Hartford Superintendent Christina Kishimoto and Hartford Board of Education Chairman Matt Poland failed to address the status of the promised investigation into Capital Prep Steve Perry’s threatening email rant or the growing controversy surrounding the Capital Prep Scholarship Fund.

Instead the meeting was dominated by a lobbying effort pushed by Michelle Rhee’s national corporate education reform group, StudentsFirst.  The goal of the effort appears to be to resurrect Steve Perry’s attempt to take over two Hartford Schools and transfer them to a private company that he owns.

The involvement of Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst is an impressive indication of the corporate education reform industry’s commitment to Perry and his tactics.

Michelle Rhee is infamous for pouring tens of millions of dollars money into the local political process to try and force local officials to shift scarce public funds from their public schools to the  privatized corporate education reform model.

In Connecticut, Michelle Rhee and StudentsFirst have set up a front group called GNEPSA (The Greater New England Public School Alliance).

Although it claims to be the New England Public School Alliance, the direct connection with StudentsFirst becomes obvious when looking at the organization’s Connecticut Ethics Reports, Connecticut Campaign Finance Reports and even their website – http://www.gnepsa.org/state/connecticut .

For example, Jeri Powell, who submits her testimony to the Connecticut General Assembly and authors commentary pieces by listing her title as GNEPSA’s Connecticut state director, has an official bio that reads:

“Jeri Powell has worked as a State Director for StudentsFirst since March 2011 and was the founding State Director for Florida, Georgia and Minnesota, guiding StudentsFirst’s policy efforts in those states over two legislative sessions… She currently sits on the Board of Democracy Prep Public Schools, a network of high performing charter schools based in Harlem, NY.”

Since Governor Malloy introduced the most anti-teacher, anti-union “education reform” legislation of any Democratic governor in the nation in 2012, Michelle Rhee and StudentFirst (AKA GNEPSA) has become a leading sources of money in the effort to lobby and support Malloy and his education policies.

In less than two years, GNEPSA has spent over $889,604 lobbying on behalf of Malloy’s legislation, another $150,554 in “independent” expenditures to try and influence two legislative races and hundreds of thousands in support of Mayor Bill Finch’s failed effort to do away with a democratically-elected board of education and replace it with one appointed exclusively by the mayor.

Now Rhee’s organization has apparently dived into the controversy surrounding Steve Perry and Capital Prep Magnet School by joining organizations like Achieve Hartford, Inc. and HART to try and force the Hartford Board of Education to reverse its previous action and give Perry and his private company control of Capital Prep Magnet School and at least one other Hartford elementary school.

In their propaganda and rhetoric to date, neither StudentsFirst nor their allies have explained to Hartford or Connecticut taxpayers that Perry’s plan would shift approximately $15 million a year in public funds to Perry’s company.

With no public hearing and no competitive bidding process, StudentsFirst wants the Hartford Board of Education to simply transfer the schools and the related funding to Perry with some type of “MOU” to be worked out later to determine the level of public oversight over those funds.

Despite all the controversy surrounding Capital Prep Principal Steve Perry, perhaps the single greatest indicator of what Perry is really trying to pull off can be seen by the arrival and involvement of Michelle Perry and StudentsFirst —- the leading purveyors of the modern corporate education reform industry.

Hartford and Connecticut taxpayers need to keep a special grip on their wallets if Michelle Rhee and her ilk are coming to the aid of Capital Prep’s Steve Perry.

  • cindy

    Studentsfirst showed up at one of the John King forums in New York. They filled all but one of the speaking slots so that every person who stood up was speaking in support of the new common core state standards. Parents really need to wake up. They are stealing our children right out from under us, And a lot of good people are looking the other way and letting it happen. It is going to take a whole lot more good people to speak up

    • jrp1900

      Cindy: “They are stealing our children right out from under us.” Yes, sadly, you are absolutely right!

    • brutus2011

      Right on, “cindy!”

      It is astonishing how gullible our electorate is…..

      • jrp1900

        Brutus 2011: The situation is not at all helped by a compliant corporate media that pretends not to see. “The Hartford Courant” does an excellent job of closing its eyes to all proceedings in Hartford. As far as public education goes, in many school districts the privatizers are in the driving seat. In other words, the foxes are in charge of the hen houses!

  • Mary Gallucci

    StudentsFirst pays lip-service to the idea that parents and local communities know their schools best and are the ones who should take a stand and “not back down” while waiting for Superman/great schools. StudentsFirst is behind groups that propose “parent trigger” laws–which supposedly allow parents to shut down a school and reconstitute it as a charter (this has had disastrous results when the naive parents realize they’ve been stooges for a national reform agenda–financed by ALEC). However, as for example in Hartford last night and, 2 years ago during the Ed reform Dog and Pony show, these are really big-money corporate groups who prey on poor families and distressed communities in states such as Connecticut, where inequitable educational funding is an article of faith.
    StudentsFirst and its founder, TFA alum Michelle Rhee, have been dodging test cheating schemes and they have no credibility in terms of education at all. Thus they are ideal supporters of Steve Perry, another educational fad and snake oil salesman. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/04/14/1201734/-Erase-to-the-Top-Michelle-Rhee-s-DC-Cheating-Scandal#

  • Fed Up in Hartford

    Question is, who’s the more vile of the two — Perry or Rhee? Pretty much a toss-up, I’d say. Throw them both out of CT, along with any of their enablers, like Kishimoto, Poland, and Pryor!

    • JonBoy

      … don’t forget Malloy!

      Speaking of dyslexic Dannell, do you suppose that for a single minute he has considered the fate that would have been his had he been a child under NCLB and CCSS? He would be washing dishes, or maybe banging nails! Yet he will sell an entire state’s special needs children down the river for his own personal gain. Talk about a maggot…

      • concerned parent

        Ain’t that the truth! !!!

      • sharewhut

        Um, shame, uh, on you for uh, this bullying, err, attack on an, um, individual with, uh, challenges.

  • jrp1900

    Steve Perry bills himself as “America’s most trusted educator,” but in truth he is “America’s most protected principal.” Perry has been granted extraordinary license for misconduct by the Hartford BOE: his absenteeism, his poor personnel skills, his abrasive style of leadership and his frequent use of abusive language would not be tolerated in any other school district. But Perry, under the reign of the current BOE, enjoys a charmed life. And now we know why.

    Perry is allowed his many failings because he is far too useful to the big players in corporate education “reform” to be dispensed with. No doubt some of the “reformers” are embarrassed by Perry’s ridiculous antics. But in their mind, he is a “useful idiot,” so they resolve to put up with his nonsense in hopes that, through him, they can get what they want. What exactly do they want?

    With the appearance of Michelle Rhee’s front group, Students First, at a Hartford BOE meeting, it’s clear that what the “reformers” want is as many schools privatized in the Hartford Public Schools system as they can get away. In this regard, Perry is just a means to that end. The reformers don’t really care about what goes on at Capital Prep or whether Perry is the right man to takeover two Hartford Schools. If Mickey Mouse turned up promising to turn two public schools into private charter schools, the corporate “reformers” would back him to the hilt, and they would be sending live “supporters” to any meeting at which Mickey Mouse spoke in favor of his proposal. In my view, this is one of the great indictment of the corporate “reform” movement: they claim that everything they do is “for the children,” but then they will let almost anyone “run a school,” just so long as so doing advances privatization. It’s analogous to the way that “reformers” will let anyone teach, just so long as so doing undermines teachers’ unions and destroys teachers’ professional status. But remember, it’s all “for the children.”

    A few thoughts in conclusion. There is something very unseemly about “Dr.” Perry, the principal of a PUBLIC SCHOOL, actively campaigning, while in the employ of that school, to make it a private entity under his stewardship. It’s remarkable that the Hartford BOE takes Perry’s self-interested activism rather casually in its stride. Imagine a doctor in a public hospital agitating to privatize that hospital (so that she might become a principal owner) while at the same time treating her patients. Most people would say that this sort of thing is improper and perhaps unethical by professional standards. The doctor ought to be giving her full attention to the responsibilities of her vocation. How would you feel about being treated by a doctor who has it on the brain to find a way to take ownership of the very hospital bed you are lying in?

    The turn out of Students First in support of Perry is depressing for two reasons. First, as Jon Pelto notes, it shows the determination of the “reformers” to succeed in Hartford at any costs–their motto appears to be: if at first you don’t succeed, propagandize and agitate until success is yours. And second, the presence of Rhee’s organization is revealing of the cult-like culture in which the “reformers” move. Rhee is a fraud, another “useful idiot” for the power players. Her record will hardly bear scrutiny, and yet we keep hearing about what a dynamic person she is. Rhee (a “Democrat”?!) is promoted (by some of the most formidable reactionaries in the American elite) for the simple reason that she is an unrelenting opponent of teachers’ unions. Like so many in education “reform, Rhee is a simple-minded person (the slave of a few mindless dogmas) who attracts a loyal following who pay no regard to the supposed truth or her claims or the facts of her record. This is the sense in which we are talking cult. Alas, Perry is Rhee on a much smaller scale, as there are a few people who will come out in defense of the great principal at Capital Prep. But thanks to the work of Jon Pelto, and the tireless efforts of concerned parents and teachers, there are many others who see through Perry’s act.

    It will be a sad day for Hartford schoolchildren, if the Hartford BOE loses its mind and awards Perry two schools of his own to preside over.

    Public schools ought to remain with the public; that is, they ought to remain the common properties, or trusts, of the communities they serve.

    • Mary Gallucci

      The fact that the Hartford BoE is majority-appointed–by the Mayor, who can and does place himself on the board, is the reason this is occurring, base and cynical as it is. Kishimoto is clearly being promised a pricey job in the State Department of Education for her loyal service to the reformers (she has her predecessor, Steven Adamowski, to look to–he who implemented the reforms and privatization, using the Sheff decision as a major means for effecting quasi-voucher programs, “school choice,” and privatizing charters).
      Jrp1900, you are so correct to point out the outrageous position of Steve Perry in undermining public schools while he is employed by Hartford Public schools.

      • Tom Burns

        Kishimoto is gone, soon–maybe not soon enough–she has hurt Hartford enough–yet she still tries in her lame duck year to hurt Hartford even more–there is NO place for her in CT’s State Dept–she WILL NOT get a job in education in our state at the State level–this I guarantee–I don’t know her personally but I do know of her decisions and ideas and they are for the likes of Louisiana and Indiana–Im sure they will take her–or she can follow the biggest phony on earth to Illinois to work for Paul Vallas–Mr Pryor would never think of giving her a job in our State Education Dept–or at least I wouldn’t think so–we need to rid ourselves of the followers who call themselves leaders and the phonies who have no experience in education on the ground floor–then we can get it done–T

        • R.L.

          Pryor is one of the phonies, one of the biggest. Why would you think he wouldn’t give Kishimoto a job? She fulfilled her duties to the privatizers faithfully.

        • Mary Gallucci

          “Mr. Pryor” is Kishimoto, Adamowski, and Vallas rolled into one. I have no idea why you are so confident, Mr. Burns, that Kishimoto would not be getting a reward of some kind… perhaps her reward will be out of state, but that is not because Connecticut, especially PRYOR’S State Department of Education, has any more integrity than its counterparts in Chicago and Louisiana…. Haven’t you noticed Pryor’s latest hires (and fires)? Morgan Barth does not belong in the SDE–a TFA alum, Achievement First barely-certified “teacher” (or maybe they are called coaches or facilitators or something else since reformers have such disdain for teachers), and finally an un- or semi-certified principal… all this in a brief span of time, only to land in the State Department of Ed, appointed by one of the founders of Achievement First… ? What are you defending? It is certainly not “our” State Department of Education with Reformer in Chief Pryor at its helm. I learned this to my sorrow and outrage when I attempted to get answers to my questions regarding Adamowski’s reign in Windham… Pryor and the State Board of Education do not treat the SDE as if it is ours… and they don’t even let US, the parents, treat OUR school district as if it is OURS.

        • AllStudentsMatter

          You should run for elected office! I’m being serious.

    • JonBoy

      Did Mr. Perry declare himself “America’s most trusted educator”, or did someone, Oprah?, tag him with that?

      Just read the WNPR blog (http://wnpr.org/post/education-conversation-dr-steve-perry) on Mr. Perry’s visit/discussion/horn tooting session with John Dankosky this fall. Poster after poster savaged him for all of the usual reasons?

      Does anyone voice support for this idiot in public?

      • Fredda Friend

        The devil himself?

      • hartfordtruth

        Did you go to the BOE meeting? Was that public enough?

        • Linda174

          You mean where all the paid sychophants speak or else?

        • AllStudentsMatter

          You mean the SAND meeting in which the BOE was told to put a leash on Perry? That meeting?? If Michelle had been present at that meeting, she could have brought her dispenser of tape instead. She and Perry could use a roll each.

        • Concerned Parent

          Steve our children and their education are NOT for sale!!! I wish you would try to stop selling a model that doesn’t have any evidence based data to back it up.”Shame on you” for selling Capital Prep to Sands parents as a model that is fit for SPED and ELL. We both know that is as outward lie; last year you only had one SPED teacher for 6th – 12th grade.

          Yes you brought the Rhee cronies and a few select CP parents to show out but let me say this you have gotten the attention of the educators across the state and nation, current and past parents of Capital Prep, legislators and concerned citizens and we are NOT sitting down with your lies anymore!!!!

      • educationmatters

        Perry has self-interested sycophants who have tied themselves to his coat tails and are doing everything they can to try and salvage the ship. It’s always interesting to me when they parade out students to recite the script – no one pauses to ask “how would a 10th grader know they are getting a quality education?” The student doesn’t possess the lateral knowledge of other school performance or the longitudinal knowledge of what they need to be successful in college. That exercise always strikes me as more about drama the true substance. After all – the real questions that the students can answer about the school – bullying, atmosphere, teacher consistency – can’t be asked of the students because we all know the answers to THOSE questions.

    • Fredda Friend

      Steve is also “America’s Most Entitled Fraud”.

  • educationmatters

    Follow…the…money. If private education is offering millions of dollars to Hartford for access, then it makes sense why they are protecting Perry. It does remind me of an old joke:

    A man is talking to a woman at a party and they are getting along very well. At one point, after flirting for a bit, the man asks if she will sleep with him for $10,000. The woman ponders for a moment and then says “Yes,: mans asks “How about $100? The woman, upset, responds “What kind of woman do you think I am?”

    “Well, we’ve established what you are. Now we’re just haggling over the price.”

    Are the mayor and the Hartford Board of Education, now that they’ve been romanced a bit, willing to sell out the students of our city for a paltry sum of cash? It seems that the haggling is over and Hartford leadership has admitted what they are. No surprise there’s no reaction over Perry – he may be the lesser of evils.

    • AllStudentsMatter

      Classy analogy.

      • educationmatters

        I like Winston Churchill quotations. They have a way of cutting right to the chase in a way that is both amusing and attention getting.

        • AllStudentsMatter

          Except it’s not a Churchill quote EM. Though Churchill did say “a joke is a very serious thing”. This quote should please you more, “I never have developed indigestion from eating my own words”.

          Actually the joke you used has dozens of variations and was found not to originate with Churchill, though he somewhat plagiarized it with his own spin as did numerous authors. http://quoteinvestigator.com/2012/03/07/haggling/

          I’ve read “snake oil salesman” dozens of times on this site regarding Perry and his co-reformer peers and then we get your analogy.

          Women for sale….didn’t Perry beat you with his speech that schools are overly feminized? What is it with denigrating women (though a wife can still be a good treasurer?)

          A former HPS teacher recently showed a class of 12-13 year olds a movie clip of an online prostitute taping herself for her paid subscribers in which she shows her entire naked derriere. However, the boys in that very grade level then put out a “thwot” list online, denigrating numerous girls in the school – first and last names and the reason the girls made the list, some for merely being lesbian (“thwot” is slang for slut or prostitute).

          And what school did both events occur? None other than C Prep!!!

          As an HFT rep, I met and know the former C Prep Building Rep. Would you like the honor of sharing your written communications with her or are you going to stand behind the facade of your anti-Perry rhetoric under the guise of anti-ed reform?

          HPS is a small world EM. The only HFT rep at C Prep was harassed by Perry, admin, and other teachers – and in writing no less. I check in on her. Yes, she’s now in another school and still advocating for students and still being harassed. Heard directly from her she didn’t appreciate you speaking on her behalf on this blog and that you threatened to expose her remarks about C Prep to the general public. Nice try but she beat to you to the punch.

          She’s waiting for her time to speak out to a larger audience but began complaining back in July all by herself about violations and issues. Her complaints are no secret to anyone at the HPS or HBOE. Her harassment started not long after and once she became HFT rep, it greatly increased. Perry even called her into his office and told her he was going to “fix” her like he “fixed other teachers”.

          BTW, private education isn’t offering millions (privatized corporate ed reformers and hedge funded billionaires are). Please don’t confuse a Waldorf school with the Waltons.

  • WEP55

    Perhaps it’s time to press for a financial audit of all members of the Hartford board of ed who support the privatization attempt, to find out where the money is going. This extraordinary circumstance, with a PRINCIPAL actively campaigning for the massive $$$$$$$$$ for his private corporate entity, and the involvement of the corporate backed Students First cabal means there must be a lot of money going into a number of pockets. WHY is a school board composed of a majority of APPOINTED members? Talk about a recipe for ripoff of the public, at the expense of taxpayers and ultimately, the death of neighborhood control of public schools.

    • WEP55

      Add to the audit list the Hartford Supt of Schools.

      • Linda174

        This is what you’ll get:

        How to tell if your School District is Infected by the Broad Virus

        Schools in your district are suddenly closed.

        Even top-performing schools, alternative and schools for the gifted, are inexplicably and suddenly targeted for closure or mergers.

        Repetition of the phrases “the achievement gap” and “closing the achievement gap” in district documents and public statements.

        Repeated use of the terms “excellence” and “best practices” and “data-driven decisions.” (Coupled with a noted absence of any of the above.)

        The production of “data” that is false or cherry-picked, and then used to justify reforms.

        Power is centralized.

        Decision-making is top down.

        Local autonomy of schools is taken away.

        Principals are treated like pawns by the superintendent, relocated, rewarded and punished at will.

        Culture of fear of reprisal develops in which teachers, principals, staff, even parents feel afraid to speak up against the policies of the district or the superintendent.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Appointed boards are a favorite with reformers, who speak of parent “choice” (when it comes to their deceptive charter schools) from one side of the mouth and of top-down mayoral appointments out of the other. Adamowski would probably never have ended up in Hartford were it not for the first strong Mayor of Hartford and his ability to appoint school board members.
      Appointed boards of ed are also known as how to disempower the poor and people of color, because you will note that this is never suggested in Fairfield county school districts, or in Glastonbury.
      Adamowski has been agitating to get Windham to rewrite their charter to allow for an appointed, or partially appointed board.

      • AllStudentsMatter

        Glastonbury has it’s own skeletons despite an elected board. Just google the issues on AlanBookman

    • Linda174

      Vultures of a feather flock together to demolish public schools for their own personal gain while feigning concern for poor brown children:

  • Kay Wiliams

    There’s no accountability for ed reformers at the top.

    Look, it isn’t a mystery that this “movement” came out of and is funded by the finance sector. They follow the same playbook. You have your untouchable execs and the powerless peons at the bottom.

    It’s the business model.

    • brutus2011

      Yep…the managerial myth…..the gift that keeps on giving…

  • educationmatters

    From Kishimoto’s remarks last night:

    “We know that words are extremely powerful. We know that social media is part of our community and our way of life now. And we know that social media and words can be used to be destructive, or they can be used to be empowering to share information. And I’m hoping that we can all, as we go into the holidays, take a break and come back and be absolutely recommitted to choosing our words carefully, working together, remembering that we are here only for the kids and our young people.”

    Probably the closest we’re coming to an acknowledgement…

    • Mary Gallucci

      Or a capitulation.
      A few years ago, someone was hired in a Connecticut school district as the new principal. He set up a facebook page with all his accomplishments and acknowledgments of well-wishers. Then, on like day 3, he wrote on the facebook page, time to go fire someone.
      Well, this caused an uproar and the principal had to go before the BoE. Within hours, he had lost his job.
      Admittedly, during a probationary period, it is easier to fire someone. But it is stunning to witness the white-glove treatment Steven Perry, media darling, receives.
      Shame on Kishimoto. At least she didn’t cry, as she did when her contract was not renewed.

      • Linda174

        Keep your eyes and ears alert for her next gig. Turned on the tears for Clark families too. Maybe she’s heading for Hollywood.

      • Fredda Friend

        Word on the street is that Kishimoto was set up with a job in Perry’s organization. Next question: Will SAND and Clark become Commissioner’s Network School like Kishimoto wants and Pryor will give SAND to Perry and Clark to AF?

        • Linda174

          The incestuous cesspool will always take care of each other. Kids are props while they pillage the village.

        • Rafael G

          Oh my that would imply quite a deal. That may be why the details of the lighthouse model and the managerial aspects were not disclosed. We need to get a way to verify this because I’m sure it has to be some kind of illegal to try and sneak through a deal that would benefit the superintendent on her way out the door since she knew her contract was not being renewed. Sounds like a desperate and risky play. We need to move on this info we have before it all becomes useless. We are giving him time to prepare without so much as throwing a punch.

        • realityed

          Word on the street is that Pelto is getting money funneled to him from unions, to attack the teachers they represent.

          Next question: Will Pelto comply with the FOI?

        • sharewhut

          Being a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ kinda guy I’ll presume you’re being facetious with the FOI remark.
          Now if Jon were to take a $100k+ job with AFSCME in next year I’d give some cred to your statement, but if he were getting anything I doubt it would match the millions being poured into the ‘debate’ by corporate eduformers. And he probably wouldn’t need to solicit nickle and dime contributions to maintain his blog on a social media. More than likely he’d have a nice big professional site…

        • realityed

          You’re kidding right? That’s why there’s a “Please Donate” button on the top right of the site? I am sure Pelto knows FOR A FACT none of his donations were from union reps funneled through others. (that was typed sarcasm)

          Pelto, thanks for raising teacher’s salaries in CT. That’s why teachers at SAND and other failing schools will never change their professional regardless of the damage they are doing to the children of Hartford.

          You just may have to share your ledgers…

        • jonpelto

          Steve, every time you post you lose another vote for Malloy. Tell is again the average salary at sand elementary, You said $80k right?

        • Mary Gallucci

          wow, so if the princely salaries of teachers are the reason they will “never change their professional [sic] regardiless of the damage they are doing to the children of Hartford”, I guess that means Perry, with his kingly salary, will never leave and he is doing even greater damage… although I don’t for a minute think that teachers are the problem, nor are their salaries.
          Perry’s salary is not ever necessarily the problem (right now anyway), but it is a problem that he devalues education degrees, teaching experience, and professionalization in general–and he is allowed to get away with it, which no other profession would allow.
          By the way, realityed, brush up on your FOI knowledge–FOI exists so the public can obtain information critical to public business, state agencies, local government, etc.–items that should be in the public domain because they relate to how taxpayer money is spent, and they prevent private persons from, say, “sponsoring” a young person’s education (because said private person may have less than honest intentions in doing so…). Jonathan Pelto is not working for the state, or a union, nor is he an elected official. He–and every single one of us, including you–has a right to know how government is operating, how public agencies are spending money or awarding contracts, etc.

        • Realityed

          And you are sure no tax money is being funneled to Pelto? There are people who are not so sure.

        • sharewhut

          TAX MONEY???!!!
          More like ‘Losingtouchwithrealityed’

        • sharewhut

          And meanwhile Dr. and Mrs. Perry use the resources and address of a publicly owned (taxpayer funded) facility for personal gain. They could at least have the discretion to use a PO Box or Mailboxes Etc for their address.
          Oh wait, that would come out of THEIR pockets!

        • Mary Gallucci

          Maybe realityed thinks that collective bargaining is a criminal activity! and having professional licensure standards is terrible because it keeps total amateurs and TFAers out of the classroom! Yes, it sure sounds like a UNION conspiracy–fair wages, living wages, decent working conditions…. too hell with that!

        • Linda174

          Sounds more like delusionsofgrandeured.

        • Mary Gallucci

          “to hell” not “too”; oh, well!

        • Mary Gallucci

          Are those unsure people worried about the tax money being spent by Stefan Pryor to privatize education? Are those uncertain persons wondering about the laws being evaded and the legislation being contravened in poor and distressed school districts so that public monies can find their way into private pockets? Do inquiring minds want to know why the state thinks it’s alright to deprive local citizens and parents of their right to run their schools? The state Board of Education and the appointed commissioner have tried different means to take over different poor, urban districts, but not enough people seem to care. They are too busy thinking that the big bad unions are funneling money to Jonathan Pelto, to… do what, exactly????

        • Linda174

          Do all the Perrites think alike….all your fears and weaknesses lead back to the unions? Is that your only crutch? Is critical thinking allowed at CP? You all sound the same or Perry had many handles. Either way your charade is crumbling and you must be worried or you wouldn’t be trolling here.

          Read a book if you can:

        • FOI

          So funny.

          notjonathon pelto ‏@notjonathonpelt

          I can not enjoy XMas. Filing an FOI to figure out how Santa gets all his money. He’s an edureformer. I can prove it. Read tomorrows blog.

        • sharewhut

          “You just may have to share your ledgers..”
          Was I giving too much credit by thinking you were joking on the FOI comment? Go ahead, request his numbers under FOI. Then complain to Commission when he doesn’t respond. Go ‘head, I triple dog dare ya!

          Have you clicked on the button? Try it, no charge to see what’s there. No secret.
          A big $2135 from 26 people. One $500, one $200, five $100. Looks like a big union funnel job to me!

          Of course if he was a lobbyist he’d need to register and disclose amounts and activities to the state just like all the big reform school groups…oops, my mistake, that seems to be optional.

          And I hope those teachers never change their professional.

        • Guest

          Hey dumbass! Ever heard the difference between a private and public entity. Stupid people really annoy me.

        • AllStudentsMatter

          Thank you. Thought I was the only getting really, really annoyed.

        • Fredda Friend

          Wow. Are you really going after the hardworking professionals at SAND School? If you work at Capital P you are fully aware of the fraud going on in that building – the students that “don’t fit” and are asked to leave, the recruiting as if you are a private school, the bullying in the bullpen, etc. People in glass houses……

        • Concerned Parent

          Fredda Friend please send Jon and email so we can get you on our team & thanks in advance for advocating for the children of Hartford!! I was one of those parent’s that was asked for my child to leave but I looked @ Vice Principal Beganki (AKA The BULLY) like he had lost his mind….. Capital Prep is a PUBLIC SCHOOL!!!

        • Concerned Parent

          Really Realityed damage to the children??? Damage to our children is the following: Please explain why Capital Prep’s CMT scores and recent readings scores have such a variance??? Please explain why Vice Principal Beganski from Capital Prep changes children’s grades before report card grades are submitted ??? Crickets……….I was personally told that he would do this……

        • AllStudentsMatter

          Were you not the very person who complained and whined the HFT wouldn’t acknowledge you weren’t being paid properly at C Prep?? Why don’t you ask Perry where your missing dollars are! Maybe they helped pay for his beach house. Bet you teach math too.

          All bloggers ask for donations. It’s how they survive. Don’t even compare Perry to Jon. Jon is NOT claiming to be a CNN contributor long after being canned. Jon doesn’t need “I put tape on kids’ mouths” Rhee cohorts to come out and defend him.

          We support Jon but he’s never asked anyone to speak on his behalf – not once.

          Perry cries like woman on Twitter every 3.2 seconds and needs women like Rhee and brainwashed teachers/admins to do his dirty work. One of his teachers publicly stated she’s the “it girl” of the Hartford Public Schools!! Never saw an ad for that on Applitrack. Maybe she’s getting your missing dollars to buy her the faux tiara to go with her title. Thought Kishimoto was the “it girl”.

          Everyone needs to get paid including you otherwise you would not have made such a big stink on this blog about your missing pay!!! Linda, you can stop asking if critical thinking is taught at C Prep. Can’t teach it if the teachers don’t possess it.

          Instead come and debate with us. We’ve been asking for weeks now. I donate funds to many bloggers and independent journalists. They’re the few who are telling the truth.

          You all worry about your finances and scholarship fund because that will make the news. I doubt with 100% assurance the donations Jon gets will ever make news.

        • Rafael G

          You know…for all the hilarious regurgitation of use less statistics that nearly everyone here is already aware of i would think by now you’d have said something worth hearing. All you really are is flame bait. In fact that’s my new nick name for you guys. Teflon Doc and the flame baiters! The funny thing is that you really think you piss people off. Jon presents us with citable facts of public record. even if he was paid he can’t LIE about laws that are currently being broken…any of us can look that up. No matter how you want to say jon is the bad guy…he’s only reporting the facts. Surely he’s opinionated but that’s because ANYONE going over the facts in the case SHOULD be of the opinion that this man is making a joke and a buck off our kids and the people in charge don’t give a crap!

        • AllStudentsMatter

          He has to know what facetious means first.

        • jonpelto

          Ha….. Nope. Only funding for wait, what is from my semi-annual request for funds…. No union check to be had. .
          Realityed. I’ll trade my checking account ledger for perry’s any day of the week.
          You are probably to young to know but education was one of my primary issues when I was a legislator 28 years ago – helped draft the education enhancement act and ECS formula…. Do you know about those? Raised teacher salaries from 36th in the nation to 1st – you probably would have voted against it.
          I don’t need anyone’s money to blog about education……

          Never have, never will.

          But it does say a lot about Perry to think you have to be paid to stand for something.

    • jrp1900

      “We know that words are extremely powerful.” Yes, indeed Superintendent Kishimoto; this is particularly true when words are uttered as a threat.

      “we know that social media and words can be used to be destructive.” How do we know this? Perhaps we have learned this from the example of a certain infamous Principal.

      “recommitted to choosing our words carefully.” You’re not kidding!!

      “we are here only for the kids.” Of course, EVERYTHING we do is “for the kids”!!

      • sharewhut

        From reading quotes of her comments and not seeing any direct references to individuals, I don’t think she was referring to Perry, or anyone on ‘her side’.
        I believe this was aimed at blogs like this one, and others that vehemently oppose her/their agenda. In her/their minds opposing views are destructive, and only serve to harm the kids.
        What she was really saying was: “Let’s all take a break, then come back and peacefully get our mission accomplished without all this nasty stuff that a few union rabblerousers keep spewing.”


        • Sleepless in Bridgeport

          Yeh….right! Let’s all be friends. The Silence of the Lambs

    • rafael g (guest)

      Oh for now, When I get to the next BOE meeting, I WILL be bringing certain things to the attention of the board and the people in the crowd. Yes I have been absent from posting this week but have been following everything going on. Words are powerful, and from what I hear we need more parents who know whats happening BEHIND the scenes, not the “official” garbage we are fed

      • Concerned Parent

        Thank you because Steve Perry is praying on the Sand’s parents and he is a sneak in how he does it; inviting Sand’s parents to Capital Prep PTO meetings & collaborating w/ HART, (HART- Hartford. Areas Ralley Together) HART has unfortunately sold out….their funding has been in jeopardy & receive city contracts from the City of Hartford and their Executive Director Mayra Esqulin sits on the Board for Achieve Hartford). It’s like connecting the dots….. and like any parent such as Sands parents or way back when myself; when I heard Steve Perry’s elevator speech he is very appealing, charismatic and tugs on your emotional side however the important thing he fails to mention is: There is NO concrete statistical evidence that supports his model. Actually if you really take the time to research his stats & model they actually contradict what he says. Time for all of us on here to show “Steve Perry” that “NO our KIDS are not for sale”!!! We will make sure to keep all of you on here aware of any upcoming Hartford BOE meetings and sorry Michelle tell your troops to go home the people of CONNECTICUT have louder voices and will be heard!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Burns

    Michelle Rhee is afraid of CT–we kicked her out and ignored her before and we will continue to do so–ya see here in CT we don’t listen to LOSERS–goodbye Michelle–Tom