Malloy tells right-wing American Enterprise Institute he is the “education governor”

As reported earlier today, Governor Malloy traveled to Washington D.C. today to speak to the ultra-right wing American Enterprise Institute.  (see Wait, What? post: Malloy speaks to right-wing American Enterprise Institute in ongoing effort to alienate every teacher and public education advocate).

The purpose of his trip to D.C. was to brag about his Education Reform Initiative, the most anti-teacher, anti-union, anti-public education bill introduced by any Democratic governor in the United States.

The American Enterprise Institute introduced Malloy’s speech with the following:

“Since taking office in Connecticut in 2011, Governor Dannel Malloy (D-CT) has made K–12 school reform a centerpiece of his agenda, calling education “the civil rights issue of our time.” To date, the state has passed key legislation surrounding teacher accountability, charter schooling, and turning around underperforming schools. At the same time, Connecticut has one of the nation’s largest academic achievement gaps, and Governor Malloy has faced pushback from teachers unions on his efforts surrounding teacher evaluation.”  – American Enterprise Institute 12/2/2013

Malloy who said teachers need only show up for four years to get tenure

Malloy who said he didn’t mind teaching to the test as long as the test scores went up

Malloy who dramatically expanded the amount of standardized testing

Malloy who pushed through an unfair and inappropriate teacher evaluation program linked to those standardized tests

Malloy who dramatically increased the amount of taxpayer funds diverted to charter schools and private companies.

In fact, when looking at Malloy’s record in support of the corporate education reform industry, the American Enterprise Institute was the perfect place for him to crow about his “successes.”

Who is the American Enterprise Institute?

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan called the American Enterprise Institute “one of the beachheads of the modern conservative movement.”

The Walton Foundation, one of the country’s three biggest funders of the corporate education reform industry is also a major funder of the American Enterprise Institute.  The Walton Foundation has relied on the neoconservative group to back their education reform ideas and the Walmart Company itself.  According to the New York Times, Wal-Mart “has discovered a reliable ally: prominent conservative research groups like the American Enterprise Institute…”

From 1985 through 2005, the American Enterprise Institute received more than $40 million from right-wing foundations.

In addition to their work on behalf of the Tobacco industry in which they sought to downplay the social costs associated with smoking, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has played a major role in the effort to deny Global Warming.

From 2006 to 2010, the American Institute received more than $1.7 million from fossil fuel interests including major funding from the Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil.  In return they’ve published numerous studies downplaying the effects of Global Warming

And when it comes to collective bargaining and the right of Americans to join unions, here are just a few headlines from recent American Enterprise Institute publications and speeches;

“Public Unions Must Go…Public unions have been a 50-year mistake.”  – American Enterprise Institute 2/22/2011

“Break up the big… unions!” – American Enterprise Institute 10/19/2012

“Despite wins in last night’s elections, teachers unions are weakening” American Enterprise Institute 11/7/2012

The more you know, the more fitting it is that Governor Malloy went to the American Enterprise Institute to deliver his “education reform” message.

  • Jim Spellman

    Ground may be broken today by JFK, MLK, and RFK turning in their graves at this Rat Bastard usurpation of the Democrat banner.

  • henryberry

    Malloy as representative of the Democratic party version of the plutocratic state (embodied in Obama too) is becoming more and more evident to more and more people. Malloy’s appearance at the American Enterprise Institute verifies that differences between the Republican/conservative version of the plutocratic state and the Democratic version are becoming increasingly negligible and meaningless. Unable to turn to either political party to stem the predations and larger designs of the plutocrats ((which voters thought they were doing in voting for Obama), the public will have to devise and apply its own means for resistance.

  • You point out something in this article I was not aware of, namely that Walmart’s foundation is a “conservative” force. Does that explain why they pay minimum wage at Walmart stores? I have been studying the origin of the “new conservatives” who sound more like the communists of 1917 who believed educated people need not to be paid or the late Andropov era “reforms” which only paid with incentives that were never paid! Such nonsense should not happen here in the USA, and we must not allow policies that support with tax dollars anyone who hires people yet does not pay them. A fair and living age is the basis of any democracy and sound business model. Incentives are paid on top of minimum wage in the financial world; what is with the all the noise about acountability tied to wage payments when administrators are not paid within that paradigm? If admistrators were only paid a percentage of the number of all students who graduate with As, what do you think that w
    ould lead to in the schools?

  • Linda174

    ‘Twas the Night Before PISA Day!
    ‘Twas the night before PISA Day, when all through the foundations
    The wonks were all dreaming about Bill Gates’s donations;

    The rankings were crafted for each nation with care,
    In hopes that more grants would come from billionaires;

    The children were tested and stressed at their desks;
    While visions of bubble sheets made them feel quite grotesque;

    Suburban moms in their ‘kerchiefs, and dads in their caps,
    Hoped on test day their children’s brains wouldn’t collapse,

    When out at the DOE there arose such a clatter,
    I looked up from Klein’s tablet to see what was the matter.

    Away from the SmartBoard I flew like a flash,
    Almost as fast as a PARCC test can crash!

    The glow of my iPad on new-fallen snow,
    Gave off heat like a John King Common Core show,

    When what did I see coming ’round the corner,
    But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reformers,

    – See more at:

  • Mary Gallucci

    Check out one of the “experts” referenced by the AEI–none other than Steven Adamowski:

    • jonpelto

      Well that explains a lot!

    • cindy

      Never-ending circular validation.

  • Mary Gallucci

    Here it says you need a special plug-in to get all the goods from Malloy:

  • mookalaboona

    I appeal to all my teacher colleagues reading this: Call CEA, AFT, or write to their presidents, post on their facebook pages, WHATEVER. What you need to say is, if Malloy runs for governor, we don’t want CEA or AFT to endorse him for governor. If they don’t want to endorse the other party, that’s fine. But it would be a slap in the face to every teacher if our union(s) endorse this clown who is in the process of destroying public education as we know it. Jon has done an outstanding job of exposing this bully. My time is closing, this is my 41st year, and probably my last. But most of you will feel the effects of what is happening now, and will continue to happen if he gets another 4 years.

  • jrp1900

    I remember when Malloy spoke of educational “reform” as “the civil rights issue of our time.” These noble-sounding words led me to ask (as the young might say): “what’s up with that?”
    It seemed to me, in an era that Michelle Alexander has described as “the New Jim Crow,” that the civil rights issue of our time is still civil rights. Urban minorities experience more unemployment, more poverty, more imprisonment and more police brutality than their fellow Americans. They live shorter lives and have more chronic health problems, often because they lack health insurance. And, yes, their school districts are starved of resources.
    According to Malloy, “failing schools” are the historic equivalents of slavery, segregation and lynch law. And in order to ensure the civil rights of minorities, we need to test children to death and to assess and evaluate teachers to the point where they hate their chosen profession. And then we need to open a few charter schools. And when this new system of tests and evaluations and privatization is firmly in place, then we can finally say that minorities are “free at last, free at last.”
    Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?
    In one sense, it’s reassuring to see Malloy at the American Enterprise Institute. I was sure that he didn’t believe all that stuff about “the civil rights issue of our time,” but he felt it had to be said to make us all swallow the bitter pill of “education reform.” I suppose it might just have been possible that Malloy believed his own rhetoric, but, to be fair to the guy, I didn’t want to believe that he was that stupid. It’s nice to know, for sure, that he was just being plain cynical. We can see now that he is the typical American politician: snout to the ground, tail wagging, following the trail of money. Thank the stars some things never change!
    When I hear of the Walton Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute I don’t immediately think of civil rights. These guys are very concerned about the “rights” of corporations, but they generally don’t give a rat’s ass about the rights of the little people, especially the urban poor. And they clearly have a very low opinion of unions, one the few ways in which the powerless can organize to defend their rights.
    Malloy is obviously angling for something big at the national level in the event his gubernatorial bid should prove unsuccessful. He seems to be doing a “Joe Lieberman”: going far right to stay in the game. If there are any Democrats left in Malloy’s inner circle, they should press the Governor with the question: “Hey Dan, what’s up with that?”

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  • Ed Harris

    So, there doesn’t appear to much difference between Malloy and NJ’s Christie.

  • Tom Burns

    Thank you for that information