Perry returns to the paid speaking circuit (while taxpayers pick up his salary and benefits)

Tonight, December 1, 2013, Steve Perry will be speaking at George Washington University from 7pm – 9pm (no word whether the will be back in time for school tomorrow morning).  But he’ll certainly be missing another school day on Friday when he speaks at the METCO Directors’ Association meeting outside of Boston from 8:30am – 9:30am.

This comes on top of last week’s self-promotion schedule that included multiple radio interviews, many of which occurred during the school day.  Perry’s radio interviews include time on the “The Bev Smith Show,” Washington D.C.’s WHUR 96.3 FM, Philadelphia’s WURD 900 AM and Cincinnati’s WDBZ 1230 AM.

Just imagine what would happen if any other public school administrator or teacher expected and demanded full-time pay while missing about 20 percent of the school days… And when they were at school, they couldn’t to all of their school related duties because they had to do media interviews multiple times a week.

The Connecticut State Board of Education defines excessive absenteeism as missing 10 percent of school – for excused OR unexcused reasons.

So far this school year, Capital Prep’s Steve Perry has been absent about 20 percent of the school day.

Neither Hartford’s Superintendent of Schools nor Hartford’s Board of Education have taken any disciplinary action….

The time for action is long past due.

Capital Prep’s Steve Perry must be held accountable for his abuses.

Superintendent Kishimoto, Mayor Segarra, Chairman Poland and the Hartford Board of Education… the students, parents, teachers and taxpayers of Hartford and Connecticut await your action.

And while you are at it;

  • What is the status of the Perry’s failure to implement the eighteen month old bullying action plan that the State Department of Education ordered for Capital Prep.?
  • And what is going on with the investigation that BOE Chairman Poland ordered two weeks ago and told WNPR Connecticut Public Radio that he wanted answers within twenty-four hours?
  • Jim Spellman

    Whether it be due to being one of Dannell’s favorites, poster child for the Corporate Ed. movement, or a Minority ( Please, save me the PC responses ), Perry is not accountable to that which others are.
    He will continue until stopped – and I do not see that being done until the 2014 Election.

  • concerned parent

    Is his school office still filled with all the lighting for his Thursday slot on CNN..Perry’s Principles?
    I cannot believe people buy into his talk… that’s all it is.

    • Gloria A. Brown

      Interesting that his Twitter profile still says CNN contributor when he was canned by them long ago. Another example of Perry’s difficulty with the truth- and his need for self-promotion

  • speaking up


    Superintendent Kishimoto, Mayor Segarra, Chairman Poland and the Hartford Board of Education:

    Please do let us know what the plan is to address these issues.

  • Honey Badger

    Perhaps, since Poland actually can’t be voted off the BOE, he doesn’t believe he needs to follow through.

  • jrp1900

    Mr. Perry is so dedicated to the education of poor minority children in “failing school districts,” that he takes every God-given opportunity to make a paid appearance, in some public forum, to speak on behalf of his charges. This admirable and selfless commitment to “the children” is very touching. If only more school administrators were like Perry–the children would hardly know who is their principal, as they would hardly ever see them!

    If a child missed 20% of the academic year that child would be considered truant. If a teacher missed 20% of the year, Perry, as the school “manager,” would be more than happy to kick that teacher to the curbside. If a typical administrator missed 20% of the year, the Superintendent and the District Central Office would certainly show signs of concern. But with Steve Perry, the situation is much different: a 20% absenteeism rate is nothing to fret about.

    Perhaps Steve Perry should really show his day-to-day commitment to children by going absent from school100% of the time. That is to say, perhaps he should find another job. He doesn’t seem to have enough time in his busy life to be an ordinary principal. Come on Steve: show your love for the children by becoming a full-time “media personality”!

  • Gloria A. Brown

    Just had to share this tweet from Steve Perry

    Dr. Steve Perry ‏@DrStevePerry
    @JOwensTeacher @lanecindy1234 @rolandsmartin I believe that the biggest issue in our schools is the quality or lack thereof of leadership.

    • Linda174

      Reflect much?

    • educationmatters

      Literally laughing out loud.

  • Gloria A. Brown

    The new teacher evaluation plan passed by the legislature last year require much of both teachers and administrators. Is CP exempt as a magnet school? If not, who will be doing the multiple observations and all the paperwork required by this law? Most administrators who are at their schools every day are overwhelmed with all the required work. How is Steve Perry getting it all done?

    • educationmatters

      Only one administrator – the Vice-Principal – participated in the SEED training. He passed the test by 2 points. The other administrators do not possess O-92 certifications and we’re not eligible for the training. However…

      They are all doing (minimal) evaluations but without understanding the process, there are scores without supporting facts, scores with contradictory supporting facts and improper scores. And they are quickly put together so time isn’t really an issue.

      The unions position is that they cannot grieve the results of the process, only flaws in the process itself. The HFT is well aware the the administrators do not have O-92’s, did not take the appropriate coursework, did not take the evaluation training and did not pass the test but are refusing to engage with or take on Capital Prep.

    • Charlie Puffers

      That’s a great point. The admins in other Hartford schools are overwhelmed with the amount of time needed to do the new evals. Also, are there any other admins at Cap prep with an 092? If not, Perry is the only one who can do evals. Still wondering how Perry got his 092 w/o teaching.

  • Mother Hen

    I’m relieved that Governor Malloy is seeking to hold everyone accountable for how they spend every dollar.

  • Rafael G

    I have been trolling this blog ever since I came back the board of education meeting where the SAND parents first spoke. I believe someone attached a video in the comments section of A Powerful and Haunting…post, I speak in the video. And while I was at that time and continue to be very passionate about the subject at hand, I was also very uninformed about what was really going on. I read very fast and I retain about 90 percent of what I read. I also obsess when it comes to learning things. Eagle scout requires 21 merit badges, I earned 54. I love to read. Even more I love to read about people who do stupid things or say stupid things because I personally find it fascinating. I hate reading about about bad things happening in my city and Perry is just covering all of that for me.

    I began looking into him shortly after the November 19th BOE meeting, see because I had honestly never heard of him. I knew what Capital Prep was, I even think I had heard the principal’s name before…but i didn’t know WHO he has really. I didn’t NEED to know who he was (because I already knew my kids weren’t going to THAT school) until he decided he wanted to try and “takeover” my daughter’s school and use it as what we refer to in scouting as a “Feeder Pack” Troop 1 begets Cub Pack 1 and Cub Pack kids grow into Troop 1 kids. After that incident I have done well to aquaint myself with Dr.Perry in a manner nothing short of stalkerish. From watching his CNN segments to reading his tweets and his webpage to reading journalists and bloggers across the country criticize and praise him to reading his 176 page dissertation. yep. obsessive. I said it already. But the phrase “Know your enemy” comes to mind.

    I didnt go to a fancy school, I didnt go to school in the burbs, I lived, and still live in the Northend of Hartford. Bellevue Square, now called Mary Shepard Place. I went to S.A.N.D Everywhere School from K-6 I remember every single one of my teachers names, every single one. every grade, art, music and for Quirk Middle School same thing, etc. What I have realized quickly is that Steve Perry is an enemy to the City of Hartford. Though NOT the ultimate problem.The man himself is THE proponent of this “educational reform” garbage in our area, and whats worse is hes been allowed to spew his propaganda to other places. On one hand one could say what he he has done for a choice few students is wonderful, however the trauma left in his wake is nothing but unacceptable and the gains for the city do not outweigh the mockery hes making the whole system. The Mayor appoints himself to the board but can’t help take control of the “rebel with a cause”? There are so many questions I would have regarding why this man still works as an educational reformer but the one I honestly care about is why is he still being paid by MY city to go to everyone ELSE’s city?? If my kids went there I’d be pretty upset that I probably would never see him, How can a man who claims to care so much about the well fare of the children spend so much time away from the ones hes been placed in charge of? My school’s principal knows most of his kids names and im certain knows all of his faculty, Can “Dr.” Perry even tell you the names of his teachers? OTHER than his top staff? ALL of his actions show that he is simply in this for the money. His idea may have some merit, MAY even be worth attempting to replicate SOME where, but the man standing behind it has become nothing less than a dragon in need of slaying.