Hartford Board of Education schedule re-vote for Monday (Capital Prep deal not part of vote yet)

Matt Poland, the Chairman of the Hartford Board of Education, has scheduled a “Special Meeting” of the board on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. in the plaza level conference room at 260 Constitution Plaza in Hartford.

According to the agenda that was sent out at 4:59 pm Friday (for a Monday meeting, state law requires that agendas be publicly available by 5pm at the latest), it appears that Superintendent Kishimoto, Chairman Poland and Mayor Segarra are seeking to get the Hartford Board to approve all of the elements of the secret one-year settlement in the Sheff v. O’Neil case except for the language associated with Capital Prep Steve Perry’s ability to set up his own company and move management of Capital Prep and SAND elementary to his private control.

The language of the new resolution that the Hartford Board intends to vote on also appears to try and appease parents at SAND elementary by suggesting that rather than target SAND from the outset, Kishimoto must go through a review process of up to three schools, and include the local school governance councils, before picking a school for some sort of takeover/makeover.

The proponents of the re-vote will argue that Hartford MUST approve this secret Sheff plan in order to receive money that Governor Malloy and the State Department of Education has “put on the table” to fund additional magnet schools in Hartford.

On the other hand, there is no particular reason that these discussions have to be secret and a greater degree of transparency would assure parents, teachers and taxpayers that an honest plan was being considered.  Transparency would also have allowed the public to have a better understanding about how Steve Perry’s absurd and counterproduce initiative was inserted into the Sheff settlement.

Hartford is not a party to the Sheff v. O’Neill lawsuit and it is beyond insulting that Governor Malloy and his Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor are dictating – in secret – what the Hartford Board of Education MUST DO in order to fulfill a settlement that is not made public until after the decisions are made and yet still needs legislative approval in order to be implemented.

Hartford and its children, parents and teachers deserve better from the state’s highest elected and appointed officials.

Meanwhile, you can read a Hartford Courant editorial on the original vote here: http://www.courant.com/news/opinion/editorials/hc-ed-hartford-school-fiasco-20131122,0,7673428.story and a commentary piece by East Hartford State Representative Jason Rojas about finding a more common sense approach for moving forward on the Sheff issues here:    http://www.courant.com/news/opinion/hc-op-rojas-sheff-school-plan-needs-new-look-1124-20131122,0,49998.story.

  • mookalaboona

    I will further say that WE ALL deserve better from the state’s highest elected and appointed officials.

  • AMSY

    Courant is still ignoring Perry’s attendance record I see.

    • Linda174

      While the BOE/HPS central office pretend to “investigate”. It’s all a charade hoping the peasants will forget and get busy with turkey dinners and shopping.

    • blondie

      the corporates stick together. The notion of old school journalism is not in mainstream newspapers. There is no Chris Hedges or Glenn Greenwald at the Courant. Bloggers and Indy News is the way to go.

  • educationmatters

    Remember – we are but ignorant peons beholden to their great wisdom and experience. We should be nothing but grateful that they would deign to include us at all in their process and who are we to question their intellect and motives?

  • brutus2011

    Well, let’s remind them of the power of the polis at the next election.

    • educationmatters

      School board ran unopposed this year and the majority is chosen by the mayor. The city votes for the Democrat slate to the point there is no Republican Party any longer in Hartford. So whoever is nominated by the town committee walks into office. they have zero fear of the electoral process. Hartford is essentially a one-party Oligarchy.

  • Metaphors

    Maybe the BOE will do what is best for students this time ’round…even if it takes three times to vote on amended items

    • blondie

      Ever plan on walking through the front door legitimately? Amendments – MOUs… “Maybe” is the key word and Hartford residents were resoundingly clear – they did not want C Prep. Accept it with dignity.

      Every C Prep teacher who has posted a comment only drives home the point of how unprofessionally losing SAND was handled. Further, not one sound, scholarly educational point has been made in a single comment.

      Clearly this is not a school which needs to replicate.

      Great schools don’t need to make secret deals – the public clamors for them and they are FULLY TRANSPARENT.
      Why not get accredited?? Why not show us the stats on grads after they leave C Prep?

      Why is every state in the nation talking about Finland and sending every high level official over to Finland to see its model. Of course the Minister of Education says due to the disparity our children face, we cannot replicate their model.
      Metaphors – you wouldn’t get into the teacher prep program at Finland. It’s easier to get into medical school in Finland and then be prepared to put in 5 years for your Masters – longer than most of our doctoral programs..

      Finland ties the health of their democracy to the health of their educational system. The goal is to create citizens who work together for the good of all – not form a private corporation with one man who has no background in education as sole president.

      It is insulting to all the other principals in Hartford as well, who actually put in the time and paid their dues, all while showing up for work. Never heard about one other Hartford principal tworking, let alone making threats – wait a joke, oh a metaphor. Head injuries is a metaphor for … hmmm – head injuries!

      There is nothing democratic about a secret, for profit, hostile takeover. HBOE take note because the constituents are speaking!! And from the comments on this blog they are growing in numbers at great speed. Yes we know you are reading the blog too.

  • hartfordtruth

    Pelto by mentioning Rojas’ “common sense” approach you backed Dr Perry’s #1 fight which is against zip code discrimination. Maybe I am starting to like your politics…

    Found in article:

    Lastly, let’s not use “school choice” to perpetuate the status quo when choice is limited to winning a lottery or knowing how to navigate the system. Choice should be more about where one chooses and can afford to live.

    • Charlie Puffers

      “Choice should be more about where one chooses and can afford to live.”

      What if you can’t choose where you live? Hmmm?? HT are you in favor of zip code discrimination?

      • hartfordtruth

        Hey, Chuck… maybe you should read a little more carefully. It seems like your point is exactly what Rojas is trying to make, which supports Dr Perry’s claim that zip code discrimination should be eliminated. I agree with you, Pelto, Rojas and Perry. We are like one big happy family.

        • blondie

          I usually try post research but this is total op-ed on your comments. You are attempting to prove/convince us of something which I have yet to figure out due to the lack of cogent arguments or any foundational facts. I see your goal is to try be of importance in some manner – not sure to whom though. Perry? The greater public?

          The difference between a pro and amateur in any endeavor to gain credibility or convince others your opinion should be taken seriously is: not being so blatantly ignorant and predictable in one’s statements and actions, which are totally irrelevant to the topic. Being boorish does not help either. “Hey Chuck” “we are like one big happy family” – – wow what underwhelming digs.

          Your comments to Jon about politics are akin to Dr. Seuss trying to take on Shakespeare (not to insult Dr. Seuss) but your words are indeed the hallmarks of an amateur at best. Jon does not mince words nor is he afraid to take corruption or the powers that be head on. However, his experience, ability to find facts deeply hidden, research legal issues, tie all the pieces together in extremely articulate posts are the hallmarks of a seasoned pro.

          I can see what you aim to be one day and it is not an advocate for truth or justice.

          You want power and to be noticed – that’s obvious. But high quality, narcissistic pros woo everyone under a charismatic spell and can spin their rhetoric with some hypnotic foundation which makes sense, capturing everyone’s imagination. They are very likable. People are drawn to them. The victims are so entranced they often don’t even see the impending doom.They manage to gain trust among the masses. (Think John Edwards before the fall from grace). You are far from meeting any of the above criteria despite your lofty goals.

          Thus far your ability to sway or convince anyone to action of any kind (other than yawing) through a relevant comment is well… gosh I can’t recall one single comment to use as an example.

          You have not offered any substantial discourse yet or refuted any of Jon’s claims with true data or facts, or other posters either. It’s been silly insults, threats of lawsuits, flawed logic, and very worrisome pedagogy thrown out quite carelessly. Your op-eds so to speak are weak.

          Jon offered a debate. Are you willing? I’ve responded to your comments with research and so far silence.

          I’m still waiting for you to counter the research I offered documenting teacher turnover has a negative effect on student achievement. All you seem hurl are the same one liners – lather, rinse, repeat.

          If C Prep had any redeeming qualities, you managed to embarrass the entire school in every way possible. How utterly sad for the good teachers and other staff. You truly are a liability to the school’s public reputation. Maybe I should stay quiet and encourage you to comment!

          Again, parents demand an accreditation audit process for the school!!! This person is teaching your children. He/she will not prepare anyone for the high level, critical thinking skills mandated in college. One has to possess such skills in order to teach them. And then one must understand the pedagogical processes to break down the skills for students to assimilate and use independently.

          I’ve yet to see this poster demonstrate any such skill or knowledge. I’m not trying to be mean but it is my observation based on comments I’ve read. I may be acerbic in my critique but he/she has put him/herself out there. I am entitled to my opinion.

          I certainly posted personal quips but I’ve also commented on various educational topics and with scholarly research. You have only posted quips and 1 or 2 Hartford Courant corporate media rhetoric.

          A political debate with Jon would be interesting but I hypothesize short – you may run out of one liners in round one. Though I highly doubt you will take him up on his offer. So it is a moot point.

        • hartfordtruth

          My comments may seem light on this website because no one can actually take you guys seriously. It’s like watching conspiracy theorists watch X Files.

          As for charts which display Capital data… most are based on outdated data. Create some with data from 2012-13, at least, and then we will exchange comments in an intellectual debate.

          And such points of contention like Capital has no AP courses are laughable because instead students take college classes at CCC. Most of which transfer to whatever college the kids choose to go to without having to score a 4.

          But I let you post without comment because a good deal of your ‘facts’ are not true facts.

          Continue on Scully.

        • Linda174

          You are your own worst enemy. Check Edushyter tomorrow.

        • Linda174

          Why don’t you post the number of students who compete four year degrees after graduating CP? How come you graduate so few? Why do you lose so many students?

        • blondie

          I will give you credit for making me laugh and once again proving my point with 100% accuracy. I was expecting a little better… sigh.

          Scully is hot and has brains. Thanks for the compliment!! Maybe your brand of education is a sci-fi mystery but Scully was never outsmarted and always exposed the sham (within 60 minutes no less). Always loved Mulder.

          So how about that debate? No??? And I’m still waiting for the response to my research.

          Smoke and mirror answers are not going to get you to the top or even to the 1st rung of the ladder. I may just change my name to Scully – I like that!! : )

          Maybe a career in creating names for posters should be considered. Seems to suit you better than the classroom.

        • Linda174

          He’s in the classroom? Hide the kids. I assumed another non-certified self appointed “leader” or perry cult-like follower.

        • blondie

          Could be an admin – just the way HT was commenting to another poster gave me a Scully like intuition he/she is a teacher.

          The vernacular did change though – was very similar to Perry’s tweets in the beginning which many called out.

          Later HT made it pretty clear he/she was there when C Prep started -for being an X Files fan, leaves clues easily while attempting to find out who is telling C Prep’s secrets. Go back to the comments under Jon’s post about Perry’s Shocking Bullying Incident. Clues are there.

        • Linda174

          A few posts back you criticized commenters for being rude or snarky. Is there a reason why you don’t take your own advice?

          You’ve spent too much time with Perry; if you are a grown man, you may want to adopt your own personality. His schtick isn’t working anymore.

        • Charlie Puffers

          Rojas he is saying you get to choose your school by where you can afford to live. That sounds like zip code discrimination to me. Can you differentiate your explanation so I’ll understand?

    • Concerned Parent

      Hartford Truth… Dr Perry….I’m scratching my head…. Dr Perry I believed your “hype” before my children started going to your school. I might have even believed that you were against zip code discrimination back then. But today sir I know better. Today I see how you cherry pick the children into your school….. I see it and so do your students…. I see how you try to tear down the “teaching” profession and fail to look at the root of the issue with many of our children… “poverty”. I thought you had an MSW and would truly understand what oppression meant?? Instead of nurturing wounded children you tear them down with demoralizing discipline tactics. I think what bothers me more then anything is that you outwardly LIE to the American public! The very institutions that you rant and rave on twitter about are mirrors of your own school and “discriminatory” ways.

  • Tom Burns

    This is sickening–if the Hartford BOE changes it’s mind and gives this school to “phony Steve” we have got a huge problem on our hands–do anything else but not this–with all of his latest actions he shouldn’t be allowed to be associated with any school nevertheless another school–let him work for other phonies like himself such as RHEE and Vallas (let this joker go) so we can get on with educating our kids–he is the poster child for saying that schools can run just as well without administrators as he is never attendant anyway) we in New Haven celebrate our partnership with our selfless administrators and believe they are a big part in our success–we must not allow weak or non-present leaders to be associated with our children–so we are watching this vote in a very serious way–and our collective action throughout the state will be heard loud and clear–as of now the state is our partner but if the Hartford BOE changes its mind with the Ok of our supposed state partner(Commissioner)–then partners we will no longer be–no where–no how–no way–for this is a certain step toward the dark side –Come on Hartford–Pony Up–T

  • Fishy

    Why is Kishimoto playing such a role in HPS’s future? Didn’t she get fired?

    Why can’t this vote wait until the next superintendent is hired?

    • Linda174

      It wasn’t supposed to be this difficult. The people were not supposed to get all the details. They didn’t anticipate Jon’s investigation, research and blog posts. The parents are catching on locally and nationally.

      Follow the money on a grand scale. The goal is to siphon taxpayer funds towards a variety of eduschemes. We are aware and we are spreading the word. This is not “reform”:

      • Linda174

        Meant to attach, click to enlarge and all roads lead back to Gates:

        • blondie

          Great map! Oh yes Gates, who like Rhee, never mentions his past educational experiment disasters – Guess it’s easier to buy people.

  • Fishy

    Did the courant already remove its story on Steve Perry’s Tweet?

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  • Concerned Parent

    Since Capital Prep is a “magnet” school the student’s home district school assists in the IEP. To bad we couldn’t get each Special Ed student’s district school for feedback if Capital Prep is following IEP’s and accommodations?? Your current model isn’t conducive to serve special ed students and children with language barriers and you know it. Come on Hartford Truth…. AKA Steve prove me wrong!!!