Wait, What? makes Diane Ravitch’s blog twice today

America’s leading public school advocate generously featured two posts today stemming from Wait, What?

In “Steve Perry Loses a School and His Cool,” Diane reports on Wait, What’s investigative reporting on Capital Preparatory Principal Steve Perry and the coverage that information then received in yesterday’s Washington Post.

Diane also featured a Wait, What? post entitled “How Do You Spell Disaster? A Round-Up of Bloggers on Duncan’s Gaffe About the Moms” that highlighted the work of education bloggers from around the country and their coverage of Arne Duncan’s absurd claim that the problems associated with the roll-out of the Common Core Standards could be attributed to suburban, white moms who didn’t want to find out that their children weren’t that bright after all.

As always, it is a tremendous honor to be recognized on Diane Ravitch’s blog.

  • blondie

    I saw that today!! Congrats Jon! You deserve recognition for your tireless efforts and heartfelt advocacy on behalf of all of us. You are greatly, greatly, appreciated. You’ve accomplished many great achievements over the years and still use every day to the betterment of all. You don’t skip a beat!

    Many love to complain but you actually get out there and do the difficult work, making incredibly important changes for people who often have no voice.

    You bring us, truth, justice and so much more. You deserve the attention you’re getting – my guess is an award is in your future for your advocacy and tenacious fight for democracy. You’re too humble to take credit for what you do day in and day out and your concern it heartfelt. It takes a very special person to do what you do!

    As Linda would say, “A gold star for you!”

    • Linda174

      For you to my dear and all your brilliant insights and comments:

      • blondie

        Same to you! : )

        • JMC

          Same to all three of you!