Update: “Strap up [my gun], there will be head injuries” (Steve Perry 11/20/13)

Thursday morning, November 21, 2013 and Capital Preparatory Magnet School Principal Steve Perry’s outrageous tweet is still featured on his twitter page.

Dr. Steve Perry‏@DrStevePerry

“The only way to lose a fight is to stop fighting. All this did was piss me off. It’s so on. Strap up, there will be head injuries.”

Strap up is slang for putting on a concealed pistol and “there will be head injuries” doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination.

If a student posted that threat, they’d be arrested, suspended and probably prohibited from ever returning to public school.

If a teacher said that, they be fired and papers filed to have their certification revoked by the State Board of Education.

But Steve Perry said it…

And there has been almost complete silence.

Only John Dankosky, the host of WNPR’s public affairs program Where We Live, stepped forward and tweeted Perry…

John Dankosky‏@johndankosky

So, you probably will think this is a bad question, but what did you mean by “Strap up, there will be head injuries,” @DrStevePerry?

Perry responded:

Dr. Steve Perry ‏@DrStevePerry11h

@johndankosky John, does the word metaphor mean anything to you? I really and truly used to think that you were a real actual news guy.


 Dr. Steve Perry ‏@DrStevePerry11h

@johndankosky by the way, you didn’t answer my question what is it about the failed system that makes you angry?

So Perry is saying the threat was just a “metaphor” and by the way, Dankosky isn’t a real journalist for asking?

The police wouldn’t let the kid off if they said – it was just a metaphor

The teacher wouldn’t keep their job by saying, I was just joking.

Later, after talking with Matt Poland, the Chairman of the Hartford Board of Education, Dankosky reported;

“Hartford School Board chair asks district for investigation after @DrStevePerry tweet about “head injuries.” Tells me he’s “appalled.”


“Poland wants to look at “what’s going on” at Capital Prep Under @DrStevePerry. Wants answers within 24 hours.”

Of course, Chairman Poland, Hartford Superintendent Kishimoto and Hartford officials were silent when, day after day, Perry’s bully, abusive tweeting and excessive absences were reported here at Wait, What?

But apparently an investigation has been called for…although Perry is still on the job…

And perhaps the most interesting point of all…

Steve Perry, a public school principal, posts a threat on the internet that he will carry a gun and there will be head injuries but other than here at Wait, What? and what John Dankosky is doing at WNPR Connecticut Public radio, there is absolutely no Connecticut media coverage at all.


Nothing in the Hartford Courant or any other newspaper or on-line media outlet. 

Nothing on any Connecticut TV news broadcast.

Why the special treatment for Steve Perry when no student, teacher or administrator would be able to post a threat and say… does the word metaphor mean anything to you.

Stay tuned for developments.  Dankosky’s “Where We Live Program” airs at 9am to he may have more to say on this issue. 

You can listen to Where We Live on the radio or hear it streaming live at http://wnpr.org/programs/where-we-live

  • WordToYourMoms

    WNPR/John Dankosky *is* the media.

    My point: don’t wait on the Courant for anything. There are plenty of other media sources out there.

    As for Poland, he was trolling on Twitter and Facebook at the same time last night as telling WNPR how appalled he was about Perry’s tweet.

    • Sleepless in Bridgeport

      Las Vegas says Poland doesn’t have the guts to take any action because he is scared and Kishimoto is in bed with Perry as part of the Malloy, Pryor, Adamowski Cabal and rules don’t apply to them and their spawn. Only the public school teachers and administrators they are trying to drive out of the profession. Perry is going to eventually prove to be a case study in education reform gone bad.

  • CONconn
  • ReTired

    Today’s New York Times featured an article on new recruits entering the profession-http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/21/education/campaign-seeks-to-recruit-top-students-to-become-teachers.html?smid=fb-share.
    I ask: Would a truly intelligent young person want to enter this profession and work in an inner city school, or better yet, work in CT?

    • brutus2011

      When I went through a university ed program, I did not fully comprehend what was waiting for me on the other side.

      Nothing can prepare you for a buck-wild school and learning environment where the administrators are covering their rear ends and where the real and malevolent power resides in the central office and city hall.

      My first classroom in the toughest high school in New Haven (at the time) was an incredibly rich experience that emblazoned on my mind that my kids, especially my boys, had as much potential as anyone–if the socio-economics were not such a factor.

      It was brutal at first but my students soon learned that I was for real and one of them–just older and wiser for my mistakes that many of them had yet to make.

      I say all of this to say that any person who chooses to enter the teaching profession in today’s climate is either uninformed or an idiot.

      As long as the management structure of our schools remains the same then my advice is to find another profession other than public school teaching.

      Not because the kids are “too much trouble” but because those who administer the system have far too much power and will use it ruthlessly to maintain their quality of life for themselves and their friends.

      • ReTired

        My thoughts exactly; you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head! Sad social commentary on our political and educational leaders. Now that unions derailed one can easily predict that those time-honored pensions will fall also-then what? Where’s the attraction then? Glad I’m ReTired.

  • henryberry

    Don’t let John Dankosky’s good nature and engaging manner fool you. He’s got the instincts of an old-time newsman, and the ethical orientation of a genuine socially-conscious citizen. He knows his business and won’t be “timidified” (is that a word?) in the presence of the so-called “higher powers” of politicians or bedazzled by self-styled celebrities such as Perry. My explanation for the timidity and shuffling of the Connecticut mainstream media is that they don’t want to risk not getting invited to the governor’s Christmas party. They must serve some pretty good cookies there. And attendees come away with a beanie signed by the governor they can display on their desks and wear to UConn football games.

  • Jeff Klaus

    Sounds to me like a football reference.

    • Guest

      Sounds to me like you’re a corporate privatizer. Why don’t you give Perry the seed money to privatize his own school instead of advocating the theft of money from students, public schools, and tax payers? Those who can teach. Those that can’t become bankers and are thieves. Banker! another 4 letter word.

      • Linda174

        He already sold out to AF, his charter of “choice”.

    • CONconn

      …says the corporate banker who is married to an education privatizer.

    • AMSY

      Awww. Still upset your wife couldn’t rob the taxpayers and take over Clark school?

    • WordToYourMoms
  • readdoctor

    Webters defines dignity as: ” a way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control : the quality of being worthy of honor or respect. In my humble opinion Principal Perry tweets indicate he no longer meets this bar.