Capital Prep’s Steve Perry responds to defeat tweeting – “there will be head injuries”

Moments ago, Instead of walking the halls, working with his staff or supporting students, Steve Perry has, once again, turned his back on his 500 students and returned to his twitter account.

At 9:33 AM Steve Perry tweets:

Dr. Steve Perry‏@DrStevePerry

“The only way to lose a fight is to stop fighting. All this did was piss me off. It’s so on. Strap up, there will be head injuries.”

Head injuries?

Did he say “head injuries?”

A public employee, on the job, responsible for the safety of 500 students just tweeted — “Strap up, there will be head injuries.”

Does he mean Hartford’s Mayor and the Board of Education members who voted to defeat his proposal?

Does he mean the students and parents of SAND elementary school?

Does he mean the Hartford Federation of Teachers and other Hartford teachers who spoke so eloquently at the Hartford Board of Education meeting last night?

Does he mean those of us who are out here speaking the truth and working to protect Connecticut’s students, parents, teachers and schools?

What the _____ does he mean — “Strap Up, there will be head injuries.” ???????

Can someone place a call to security or at least Hartford’s Superintendent of Schools, Christina Kishimoto.

Mr. Perry needs to be escorted to the door and put on administrative leave immediately before he does something really dangerous.

  • Sad IN Bridgeport

    Most teachers know better than to tweet something so unprofessional on Twitter or Facebook. There are consequences for those who forget. Why not him?

  • sharris

    I might open a twitter account just for this guy – hoping they’ll let him tweet from jail.

  • Ebony in Hartford

    I am so pleased Dr Perry is revealing his thuggish mannerisms online for the ed world to see. He is one scary guy who depends on fear and platitudes because he is lacking in real intellectual capabilities. The year I worked at Capital Prep, 2011-2012, was one of the most nerve-wracking of my life. I was anxious to return to work on Sundays, it was such a uncomfortable and anti-intellectual environment.

    I hope that now that folks are paying attention, they will realize that handing public school to him to run for profit is a terrible idea that will harm students.

    • ReTired

      Anytime schools are run for profit only bad comes from the experiment. The power players at CBIA must be smiling as they tried decades ago to get their corporate feet in the door and failed-too bad we can’t go back in time! All is not well in CT education.

  • Striking

    The arrogance of power – it’s even in his twitter handle: Dr. Steve Perry. I saw the interview on ch 3 last night…looks and sounds like he is god’s gift to everything. It’s a remarkable place to be when serving the public.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Seriously……….sounds like is mixing the Cool Aid as we speak. He is a dangerous person and needs to get on with the next phase of his life.

    • I <3 Kool Aid ;)

      I agree with everything but the Kool-Aid comment. I dont see any connection between Kool-Aid and danger. I think that comment was a little insensitive. I drink Kool-Aid and I am far from dangerous.

      • educationmatters

        Not true – I’ve seen what Kool-Aid dies to walls.

        • jonpelto

          Now I know I’m among the seniors in our group….

        • I <3 Kool-Aid ;)

          The kool-aid reference sounded more like a racial comment to me but thank you for clarifying.

        • TMS

          I’m black and don’t see how the Kool-Aid reference would be a racial comment. I didn’t realize it was something only consumed by blacks. I’m so out of the loop. However, I am old and totally get the Jim Jones reference.

      • jonpelto

        If you didn’t catch the kool-aid reference is shows you are on the younger end of the spectrum of wait, what readers 🙂
        For us old-times kool-aid was what we had when we walked the miles home from school….but then some guy named Jones ruined it…..

  • WordToYourMoms

    When will Mayor Segarra and the Board of Education step up to deal with the remarkably inappropriate messages on social media by Steve Perry and Chair Matt Poland?

    I am amazed that such public figures would demonize public education, try to induce guilt-trips on parents for opposing school closure, and put forth what is either (at worst) a threat or (at best) really insensitive word choice.

  • readdoctor

    Can someone call in the adults in Hartford on Principal Perry? Perhaps one of the district’s school psychologists could work with him on his verbal skills. Or perhaps the Mayor could step in and say enough is enough?

  • # Not a Fan

    Who can we call? I think that this is a call to action. We need to do something about him before something worse happens. It is bad enough that he is the man in charge so many young people and so many staff members. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • brutus2011

    I think Perry’s macho responses are calculated to bolster his image as a tough educator somewhat along the lines of Joe Clark of the movie “Lean On Me.”

    Perry reminds me of a “Rush Limbaugh.” Limbaugh makes a ton of money from his carefully crafted conservative image. Also “Ann Coulter” comes to mind.

    Its all about the money–the mean green. Sorry to sound jaded….

    • Linda174

      I think this is VERY serious. I am thinking, but this must be reported. I don’t know of any professional who can tweet a threat and have no consequences. He is a very sick man.

      • #Not A Fan

        As somebody who worked for him, he is serious. He is probably attacking his employees verbally everyday–looking for the mole who is leaking information–telling them what he will do to destroy them should they go against him…etc. His ‘morning meeting’ is his biggest form of bullying. The things he says to his employees and the way he threatens their careers and livelihood is worse than any twitter tirade of his I have ever read. He is an egomaniac–He is ill.

        • educationmatters

          It was the topic of this morning’s meeting – and will continue to be for a while. He’s been planning the takeover, had people ready to go. It never seemed to occur to him that he should be waiting until he actually had the go-ahead. But, then again, it never occurs to narcissists that they might not get what they want…

        • Linda174

          Very sick man…..he needs to be fired.

  • Magister

    I’d categorize his latest tweet as churlish “tough guy” talk, but not threatening. He is merely odious, boorish and unprofessional, and an emotional toddler throwing tantrum, having not gotten his way.
    It vicariously embarrasses me that this person calls himself an educator (although he clearly is not).

    • sharewhut
      • Magister

        Well, that seems pretty clear then, doesn’t it? Apparently these rules are only for the little people.

    • Linda174

      I disagree completely. A teacher or student could not send a message like this without consequences. He needs help.

      • Magister

        I agree that there should be consequences for his unprofessionalism. I certainly would face consequences if I said stuff like that. I meant that I can’t take his testosterone-fueled, playground bravado seriously.

  • JMC

    Say goodbye to your career, Steve.

    • Linda174

      Tweet captured, sent everywhere. This man needs to go to a psychiatric facility and be kept away from children.

    • TMS

      Unfortunately, probably not. It’s obvious the superintendent, board president AND the mayor are afraid of him. These are elected officials who have no fear or respect for the voting residents, but shake in their boots when in the presence of Perry. I think “truthsayer” hit the nail square on the head.

      • blondie

        I think they have a loose cannon on their hands who will surely bring them down and they are at a loss on how to handle him. He’s become a growing concern and they have lost complete control over him.

        They’re not afraid. They may have been hoping to profit with him so they allowed his antics, not realizing it only empowered him and these are ultimate results. He’s out of line and they don’t know how to take back the power they gave him.

        It is not bullying nor puffery. I’ve studied such personalities through scholarly articles and research for the past six years and he is truly angry. He is showing his true colors and threatening people people publicly indicated his worded intent and is an implicit threat. This is not a first for Perry or a temper tantrum.

        The Hartford Federation of Teachers has called for an investigation by Kishimoto, Poland, the BOE, and other Hartford Public School officials so clearly his statement is being taken quite seriously.

        • JMC

          I share your concern, TMS, and I also agree with blondie that Perry’s bosses will have to do something now. If they don’t and something happens, they could certainly be held liable for refusing to enforce their own clear safety guidelines.

      • thinker

        Guys like this eventually take themselves down. This tweet is a case in point – irrational, threatening and best of all in writing. The problem is the imploding is painful and usually takes time. My guess is it would have to transpire into some sort of criminal activity – that results in police invovlement – to take him out of the picture. The mayor and board of ed don’t seem to have the will to do it.

  • truthsayer

    With zero tolerance for violence, any student or teacher that tweeted that would be suspended or fired. No question. This guy is a idiot but he must be spreading around the money pretty liberally not to have the school board, Kishimoto and Malloy completely and publicly condemning him.

    • TMS

      I think you said it all. Bless those parents, they have the guts to stand up for their kids. What I don’t understand why money can be found for improvements for the “failing schools” once it’s taken over, but there’s no money when it remains public. Please help me understand what I’m missing in the equation.

  • athena212

    I’d like to know why no one above this man is taking any action concerning his inappropriate comments on twitter. It is classic edubully at its worst, and serves no positive purpose in education. The sooner we show these narcisscits the door, the faster we can go back to the serious business of educating our students. He is a very sick man indeed.

    • WordToYourMoms

      It looks like some action — or lip service — is about to be taken.

      Have any of you sent letters of complaint to the Board of Education?

  • athena212

    narcissists, sorry.

  • brutus2011

    I also have to chime in on the professional conduct thing.

    The CT SDE has, or did have, a flyer that specifically detailed accountable conduct outside of school. Or that a CT educator is, or was, accountable for what could be deemed inappropriate behavior including dismissal and loss of license. (I couldn’t find it in my papers although I know I saved a copy because it shocked me that I could be so accountable and culpable on such a low salary!)

    Anyway, this has me wondering if Stephan Pryor has given Perry some special dispensation like he gave Vallas. (ok, sorry for the snipe)

  • notafanforeal


  • notafanforeal

    I personally know students and a parent who were kicked out for much less than that! He is a loose cannon, who needs to be taken down immediately. THIS NEEDS MEDIA EXPOSURE!!!!!

    • Lady in Black

      You don’t get it. Staff, the ones in the inner circle, have each others backs and will cover each other. How do you think Perry can be gone all the time and no one complains…that has been going on for years!!!! Perry has their backs too…you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that has gone on there. Perry’s wife is involved with the school, his best friend from youth, and many other friends run the school and they run wild. It’s a cult of personality. No other school district or group of parents would permit the stuff that happens there but it happens there because the kids and parents are desperate for their kid to get out of Hartford and go to college. Perry and his band take advantage.

      • Ebony in Hartford

        Even the folks at the corporate funded Achieve Hartford are Perry’s minions thought they claim to be non-partisan. How this guy managed to fool so many people boggles the mind. Cult of personality indeed.

        • Lady in Black

          It’s much worse than the VP having an affair, which not only the entire school knew about but has been spread around the entire district and surrounding schools. And yes, both are still employed and were probably going to get promoted in this takeover. Both involved are long-time Perry cronies (i.e. protected). How about using school resources for personal business, how about nepotism, how about having unqualified people managing the school. Hartford is a laughing stock of the surrounding districts. Only in Hartford would this happen.

        • TMS

          Lady in Black, I you are talking about oversight and accountability. Apparently, Segarra, Poland or Kishimoto feel no obligation to the taxpayers to make sure the money is being spent properly and on the students. That’s why it makes me chuckle when I here, “it’s for the kids”, “the kids lose, again” from Perry and the rest. If you follow the money you’ll see that very little of it has been going to the kids.

          I also get tired of hearing, “something is better than nothing”. It should be the “right thing”, but I guess it makes one think that these people are just desperate to help these “failing schools” and “poor kids”. It gives the same sense of direction as a stop-light fire drill where everyone gets out of the car at a stop light, runs around the car and gets back in before the light turns green. You end up right back where you started.

  • Luv2Teach

    Hartford BOE saved themselves a lot of problems (? lawsuits?) by not granting this intemperate, abusive, undignified, frequently truant Perry the right to take over 2 schools under his clandestine corporation. He might not have even the one magnet school after the threats he made today. WNPR tweeted that the board chairman is FINALLY going to look into what’s going on at C-prep under Steve Perry! More on WNPR tomorrow.

    • blondie

      But I don’t know how sincere that statement is. He still chimed in he thought C Prep was good model to replicate and is successful. Guess he never took a class on data analysis.

      The top always wants to investigate when the flames start licking their toes. A week ago, he wasn’t concerned in the least despite all the information out there – mainly thanks to this blog. Now suddenly the tweets concern him. And anything else???

  • Lady in Black

    There is a lot more that the Board of Ed should be concerned about at Capital Prep, in addition to the threats, taxpayer time Perry spends on Twitter, speaking, traveling and promoting his books. The school is run as a boys club, with largely men that Perry has known for years as his trusted team. A few women are in positions of leadership but they are not threatening women. The people in the inner circle get special treatment, keeping their jobs even after committing offenses that would get them fired anywhere else. Furthermore, you have unqualified people in most of the leadership positions, who only got thir jobs because Perry circumvented hiring practices. I would not be surprised to hear one day of sexual harassment claims, financial improprieties or fraudulent test scores. The crew that runs the school is anti-establishment, entitled and power hungry. They would do anything to win, even if its to cheat, lie and steal. The ends justify the means…

  • concerned parent

    I am a parent concerned for my kids. My child told me today that Perry and Beganski were playing on their phones today during a schoolwide event and that this is common. I have also been made aware of the physical punishments going on and that are denied when questioned…students being made to run stairs…students being denied lunch while standing facing corner in main office…etc…the security guard even confirmed this is a standard practice when I inquired how the school gets away with this. I could go on and on.

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