CT Post: “School board slips away from Finch”

Huge victory for the students, parents, teachers and citizens of Bridgeport.

Governor Malloy, Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor and Mayor Finch loses control of the Bridgeport Board of Education.

Kenneth Moales Jr. will  lose his position as Chairman of the Bridgeport Board of Education

And Bridgeport’s Faux superintendent of schools, Paul Vallas, will be packing up and shipping out.

Victory thanks to citizen uprising with the help of Bridgeport and Connecticut’s teachers, their union and the Working Families Party.

From the Connecticut Post:

BRIDGEPORT — The city Board of Education slipped out of the hands of Mayor Bill Finch and Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas on Tuesday despite the surprise win of a Republican school board candidate.

The majority of the nine-member school board tipped in favor of the Connecticut Working Families Party.

The winners include Democrats Howard Gardner, Dave Hennessey and Andre Baker, joined by incumbent Working Families member Sauda Baraka and Republican Joe Larcheveque.

Larcheveque won largely by the power of 593 votes he received at Black Rock school. Baker who was cross-endorsed by Democrats and the Working Families Party, was the top vote-getter by a long shot, with more than 5,200 votes, unofficially. Hennessey had an unofficial tally of 4,105 and Gardner 3,765. Larcheveque’s unofficial total was 1,751 votes; Baraka’s, 1,815.

The race pitted the Democratic party machine against the combined efforts of the Working Families Party, sympathetic Democrats and strong support from the city teacher’s union. To many, more was at stake than control of one the most troubled school districts in the state. Some had pegged it as the epicenter of a nationwide struggle over the control of public schools, a fight against efforts to cede control to corporate interest groups that seek to privatize educations.

Vallas was brought into the district in late 2011 after the local elected board was replaced by the state, a move later overturned by the state Supreme Court.

During the primary, the Democrats who won made it clear they are not fond of Vallas, and the Working Families Party has actively worked to remove him. In a statement issued early in the day Tuesday, Working Families Party Chair Lindsay Farrell made it clear replacing Vallas would be tops on their agenda.

Only the Republican candidates have stated outright they would join three incumbent Democrats on the board in supporting Vallas if he is deemed qualified by the state Supreme Court. The court is currently determining if the law was followed when Vallas, who has previously served as superintendent in Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans, received a waiver of a requirement that he hold an education administrator certificate to serve as superintendent in Connecticut.

You can read the latest at http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/City-school-board-tips-away-from-Finch-4958627.php or www.ctpost.com


  • Linda174
  • Donna
  • Mary Gallucci

    Yes, Bridgeport!

  • Billy Smidders


    Bridgeport, be proud! You just stood up to the machine and kicked its ass! The rest of America needs to follow in your footsteps and get rid of all the carpet baggers and opportunists that are plaguing their school systems and communities.

  • Castles Burning


  • Castles Burning

    Huge victory and one that has slowly but surely been in the making.

    Still, remember that Vallas’ last duty is to crush the teachers during contract negotiations.

  • Someone Who Cares

    Working Families Party and status quo advocates you won but remember it is all
    on you now. You will have control of the board and will bring in your choice of a leader, just hope you have a plan because simply removing Vallas is not a plan. I hope you have solutions on improving Bridgeports schools. The spotlight will be focused on you and your beliefs now not because we want to see you fail but because we need you to succeed for the kids sake. You wanted the awesome responsibility and now you have it, do something good with it. Some very smart people individuals ,such as Sharon Palmer, understands that the states economy is reliant on the urban centers improving their educational systems.

    With all that said I have to say I am scared for the kids of Bridgeport. In my conversations I have had on here and in person and been witness too I have not heard clear sensible solutions to very complex problems from the status quo, so I hope you have fooled us all and your only solutions are not to get rid of Vallas and go back to the way things were, but you have something else up your sleeve. I hope for the kids you prove me wrong. Good Luck Bridgeport I deeply want the kids to thrive.

    • Linda174

      Read Reign of Error by Diane Ravitch. There are many solutions; they just don’t include privatization, siphoning money to educronies and destroying the teaching profession.
      And there is no quick fix, drive by reform, make a buck, boost your rep. plan. YOU are the STATUS QUO….don’t be fooled.

    • Guest

      Dear Someone Who Cares Only of Themselves,

      Your diatribes clearly show you are in support of a group of people who are only out for themselves and only for themselves. You support the status quo of the last 20 years of testing and punishment. You support the profit making machines that charter management companies have become. Screw you and your high horse.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Status quo? really? every possible foolish solution has been tried in urban districts–look at Hartford: first they sold the schools to a private company, Edison or something like that–this company could not even keep students in the building for the minimum amount of time AND turn a profit, which is what private companies exist to do, so *they* bailed; then in marched a series of “reform” superintendents/CEOs, Amato, Adamowski, Kishismoto–they finessed the private thing a bit, aided by the Sheff settlement which did require some suburban districts, like Farmington, to accept a few Hartford students and it did get magnet schools going. But Adamowski could not wait to get the private companies back in, so he made it look like charters such as Achievement First would be similar to interdistrict magnet schools. While charters suck up public monies, they do not do what magnets do in terms of alleviating racial and economic isolation–in fact, they exacerbate those issues. Are these the non “status quo” programs you support? It is obvious where you are coming from and that, despite your patronizing and ill-concealed protests to the contrary, you have no desire for traditional public schools to succeed. Bridgeport schools did not and do not fail because of unions and the status quo and all the malarkey you reformers and charter-school proponents and shock therapists like to stigmatize–urban public schools have never been funded at the level they should be. Unlike the rest of the developed world, as has been shown again and again, the USA directs resources away from the poor and toward the privileged, spending less on poor and destitute children (who are also more numerous in the US thanks to regressive social policies) than other countries.
      Spare me your fears for “the kids of Bridgeport”. We don’t have solutions “up our sleeve”–WTH are you talking about?

    • Mary Gallucci

      By the way, an independent, grass-roots party like the Working Families Party can hardly be called “status quo.” Take your eyes off your tired talking points, “Someone Who Cares” (talk about clichés!) and say something meaningful for a change.

  • mookalaboona

    Great job Bridgeport. The first step in getting rid of Malloy and Pryor.