Kenneth H. Moales… You are wanted by the Connecticut State Police (Literally)

As Kenneth H. Moales knows, there is an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Some people can’t seem to grasp the concept that in a nation of laws, the law applies to everyone.

Kenneth Moales Jr. may be Mayor Bill Finch’s campaign treasurer.  He may be Chairman of the Bridgeport Board of Education (for a few more months).  He may be a key ally in Governor Malloy and Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor’s effort to promote charter schools and the corporate education reform industry in Connecticut.

Kenneth Moales Jr. may even be the biggest supporter of faux superintendent of schools, Paul Vallas.

But the fancy suits, the swagger and the bullying can only cover up so much.

On September 11, 2013 an arrest warrant was issued for Kenneth H. Moales of Bridgeport Connecticut.  As of today, that warrant apparently remains unresolved.

The charge:  Failure to Appear.

One of the basic rules of a civil society is when people are called to court for breaking the law, they need to show up, preferably with a lawyer.

But Kenneth Moales Jr. decided to skip the court date when summoned for speeding and driving an unregistered vehicle last February.

Seven months later, an arrest warrant was issued for his failure to appear….

And now Kenneth Moales Jr. is still failing to follow the law.

The pattern is the same…

Paul Vallas doesn’t need to go through the legally mandated proper procedures to serve as the head of Bridgeport’s school.

Commissioner Stefan Pryor doesn’t need to follow the law when he waives Vallas’ need for certification.

Mayor Bill Finch doesn’t need to follow the law and allocate the local education funds needed to meet Bridgeport’s minimum budget requirement.

For more than two years, Kenneth Moales ran a church with a daycare center in it without ever getting the legally mandated certificate of occupancy.

And now we learn that Kenneth Moales apparently believes he doesn’t even have to show up in court when required.

One wonders how long it will be before Kenneth Moales Jr. turns himself into the Connecticut State Police to face up to his outstanding arrest warrant.

Kenneth Moales’ Docket Number is: S20N-MI13-6283886-S

Details can also be found at:

  • buygoldandprosper

    He is a man of God, and like our current governor (himself a Demi-God) the laws of mere mortals do not apply.
    Does this state have an Attorney General?

    • buygoldandprosper

      Upon reflection…more like a turd, circling the bowl we call Bridgeport.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Perhaps Holy Moly would like to do some post-graduate work at Bridgeport’s own “University of North Avenue” where you can get a degree in license plate design and pencil making. Hurry up before Vallas makes it into another Jumoke Academy.

  • Mary Gallucci

    I am not sure if this can get more baroque.
    Meanwhile, given how much people like Moales, Vallas, Adamowski, and Steve Perry get away with has made me realize that Vallas and Pryor made a huge strategic error. Instead of saying that Vallas should complete an education leadership program at UConn, they should have tried the Ed.D. program Perry ace’d so easily. Vallas could have had a doctorate by now! UConn has not yet cheapened itself enough to do this, but they are pretty close.

  • Castles Burning

    It is hard to imagine, given the details above, that Mr. Moales would turn himself in. Now that this warrant has become known to some of the public, should good-minded citizens attempt a “citizen’s” arrest? Does anyone know the procedures?

    I wonder about the onus upon state police or others mandated to “protect and serve” reading this column. His last known address is clearly stated and, if I recall correctly, all of his property has been publicized in the Post and elsewhere when discussing the bankruptcy.

    • Scoutz_honor_Bport
      • Castles Burning

        A very thorough investigation of the issue and what a pleasure to be reminded of Gomer Pyle. I imagine that my knowledge of the concept may originate with him. All should at least check out the video. I am going to again. THANKS.

  • sharewhut

    Vehicle probably owned by church, so it’s not his fault it’s not registered, right?
    “I don’t care if it rains or freezes s’long as I gots my plastic Jesus ridin’ on the dashboard o’ my car. I can go one hunert miles an hour long as I gots the Almighty power glued up there by my pair o’ fuzzy dice…”