Capital Prep: 33 days into 2nd marking period – Principal Perry MIA

Thy myth and the reality surrounding Steve Perry, “America’s most trusted educator,” continues to come to light.

With its extended year and day academic schedule, Hartford’s Capital Prep Magnet School recently completed the 33rd day of its second marking period.

But regardless of what Steve Perry may have submitted on his time card, the $150,000 plus city employee has missed an extraordinary number of school days.

In fact, if he was a student and missed this many school days he’d be gone or on his way out.

The facts:

Week #1:  During the last week of August, while his students attended classes, Steve Perry was busy at the 2013 Dallas Megafest, where “Bishop T.D. Jakes’ MegaFest Brings Hollywood To Church In Dallas.” (Video

Week #2:  Thursday, September 5th, Perry joined his mentor, Michele Rhee, at the Rhee’s Los Angeles “Teacher Town Hall” (Video

Week #3: Thursday, September 12th and Steve Perry was with Rhee in Birmingham, Alabama (Video

Week #4:  Perry is back on the road to join Rhee’s at her Philadelphia event on September 16th (Video and then went on to Jackson, Mississippi for a solo appearance on September 19th.

Week #5:  Perry goes off to sunny Ft. Lauderdale for a speech on September 26th.

And that doesn’t even count his September trip to Rochester, New York on September 21st and any other events that haven’t yet come to light.

Not to mention, last Thursday, October 10th, when criticized here at Wait, What? about tweeting during the school day, Perry snapped back “One spent his morning counting my tweets not realizing I was on a plane & on my personal leave. It’s so not about kids for these union thugs.”

On a plane?

Not about the kids?

At least nine trips out-of-state in the first 33 days of Capital Prep’s marking period and Steven Perry is lecturing people about his commitment to the kids?

Parents, teachers and taxpayers in Connecticut should be asking Hartford’s superintendent of schools, Christina Kishimoto and the Hartford Board of Education what they are doing to make sure that “America’s most trusted educator” isn’t wasting the public’s scarce resources.

  • Fed Up in Hartford

    And surely he didn’t take a Thur night red-eye from the West Coast (or anywhere else, for that matter) just to get back to school for a Fri. So we have to assume that if he’s somewhere else on Thur, he’s also skipping school on Fri. Total abuse of his office and our tax dollars! Fire this Rhee wannabe!

  • buygoldandprosper

    Week one was clearly a religious holiday.
    Weeks two, three four and five can be considered
    professional development.
    Any other questions can be submitted to the Three-card Monty game file, where every card comes up black.
    Harsh? Perhaps. True? Most definitely.
    If the glove fits…
    Does Connecticut have an Attorney General?

  • Linda174

    Drip, drip, drip.

    Who pays for his airfare and hotel accommodations?

    Rhee First?

  • Jim Spellman

    White Boy never get away with this shit – just sayin.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Really? It took a while to expose, but what was the former President of the CT Board of Regents but a White Boy making more than double Perry and working “remotely” from Minnesota? What about Vallas? Given that his family (or wife at least) is still in Illinois, I would have some doubts about his continuous presence in B’port. I think there was a scandal in his first (or was it second? or third?) probationary period or whatever they called it, when, after several people pointed out his absences from Central Office, he handed in a sheaf of time cards detailing how he “made up” the work on Saturday afternoons and Sundays… prime time for managing a public school district… And then there’s Adamowski, who has no known office hours or contact with teachers, students, or parents, yet, for 2 years, he has collected a quarter of a million per annum plus bennies… Pryor lives in some swank NYC apartment he got when post-9/11 disaster relief went into buoying up the luxury housing market of lower Manhattan; what are his working hours?
      I think the list of white guys gaming the system is pretty long. Perry is certainly doing it (maybe it’s “that” half of him…).
      But Jim Spellman, why play the race card?

      • Jim Spellman

        I refuse to be so PC that I refrain from humor of Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Religion – all is fair game. To you, my comment was offensive – To me it was hysterical. Perhaps having served in the Marines and playing football till I was 33, both social settings in which humor is different than the main stream, best explain my world view. in fact, those who I served with and were team mates of would find it hysterically funny that I would be accused of “playing the race card” – in fact I think it funny ,too.
        Peace and Love,
        Jim Spellman

    • buygoldandprosper

      Pryor and Vallas and Adamowski are gweilo, and spooky to all. They are getting away with loads more than Mr. Perry.
      Come on…my comment can be interpreted as racist by some. Your comment is redneck nonsense!
      Go put your hood on and have a parade.

  • Linda174

    5:37pm. Blabbing about a 6.5 hour school day when he has many ZERO hour school days…is this guy sane?

    @DrStevePerry: You can’t get the best out of your kids in a 6.5 hr school day w a duty free lunch. Our kids, esp the most needy, require place in our heart

  • Charlie Puffers

    I feel bad for the staff at Capital. They are probably wishing Perry’s excessive absences could remain a secret. Looking forward to his next jaunt is undoubtedly how they are coping with working for a tyrant.

    • Linda174

      Especially when they can’t have lunch. The celebrity could do lunch duty if he was in school. No wonder he has such a high turnover.

  • jrp1900

    Jonathan’s series on Steve Perry makes abundantly clear that “America’s most trusted educator” is no educator at all. He is really an entrepreneur. And what exactly is Mr. Perry selling ? Why, like all good con men, he is essentially selling himself! It would be interesting to know if Mr. Perry has run afoul of any laws, or any contractual clauses, by giving paid (?) speeches at times when he should have been working in Hartford. Even if he did not receive an honorarium on these occasions, I presume that he did not foot the bill for his own plane ticket. This is all worth looking into.

    Perry is an affront to all truly committed teachers in struggling public schools. He pretends to have solutions to educational problems, but, in reality, all he is doing is manipulating children and racking up the money. It’s comforting to know that his scam cannot last. A man with his overweening ego, and with his poor sense of judgment, is bound to crash and burn. We just have to wait…