A hatemonger continues to lose control…While allegations of abusive disciplinary policies surface.

It’s another day and the Steven Perry, the principal of Capital Preparatory school in Hartford Connecticut has returned to his obsessive use of Twitter to promote his mongering.

As administrators, teachers, parents and community members across the nation have become increasingly aware of the short and long term effects of bullying, Steven Perry has become a prime example of the lack of humanity and decency in the corporate education reform industry.

While taking over $150,000 in taxpayer salary and benefits every year, Steven Perry uses public resources to insult, harangue, disparage, malign, defame and denigrate those with whom he disagrees with on political issues.

Yesterday, Perry’s approach can be seen when he tweeted, “There is a small group of suburban middle class, “educators” who are fighting violently to keep this system. They’re on the ropes now.”

When a reader asked, “Violently”?? Did you really mean to use the term “violently”?

Perry tweeted, “Clearly, I wrote it.”

Steven Perry desperately wants to be seen as part of the “solution,” but his inappropriate outbursts reveal a man who is not only part of the problem but is unwilling to follow the most basic rules, regulations and policies associated with his publicly-funded position.

While every American is guaranteed freedom of speech, in the days and weeks ahead we’ll learn more and more about Perry’s inappropriate and potentially illegal behavior and conduct.

Like most bullies, in response to the allegations, we’ll hear him whining about being misunderstood, mistreated or he’ll  start blaming others for his actions; but the laws about the inappropriate use of public resources is clear, concise and applies to everyone — even Steven Perry.

Take this past Friday as an example,

With the school day under way, when he was supposed to be attending to his duties as a principal of a “no excuses” school, the captain left the helm to return to his uncontrolled and vitriolic hate toward public school advocate Diane Ravitch and the American Federation of Teacher’s President, Randi Weingarten.

Among Perry’s many tweets including the following:

“Do you REALLY believe only ppl who can pay for school should get #schoolchoice? Wow. Just admit it’s about jobs. (9:04 am)”

“You REALLY believe poor minority kids should ONLY be ALLOWED to go to the poor minority schools in their ‘hood? (9:06 am)”

And then over the course of the next five hours, Steven Perry returns to his personal twitter account more than a dozen times to engage in political activities in direct violation of the laws and of the State of Connecticut and his employer, the City of Hartford.

Perhaps the most outrageous attacks were aimed that the union that represents his teachers.  Perry tweeted;

“Remember I said I would shine the light of truth on the unions & they would come out? Introducing Andrea Johnson, Hartford’s union boss.”

“Our efforts to end racist #zipcodediscrimination laws has got union bosses in full attack mode.”

“Union bosses like Andrea Johnson use good teachers’ dues & works to push silly grievances…”

“HFT has lost every grievance they’ve brought against CPrep since 2005…”

Connecticut taxpayers are sick and tired of high ranking officials at the federal, state and local level wasting scarce resources and acting as if laws, rules and policies apply to everyone but themselves.

Here in Connecticut, state and municipal employees have lost their jobs for engaging in inappropriate activities such as politics and bullying on the public dime.

Steve Perry has been devoting a disproportionate amount of time on his private consulting, despite his public salary and the limitations that go with engaging in private business on public time.

Even more serious are allegations contained in documents received from two Capital Prep teachers who left the school after the last year.  One with years of experience and another who was relatively new to the school have provided reports that appear to reveal that Steven Perry’s discipline policies lead to what could only be defined as servere emotional, and even physical, abuse.

As the documents and stories are confirmed they will be turned over the State’s child advocate and other appropriate officials.

In the meantime, let us hope up the General Assembly’s Committee on Children and Education Committee will hold a public hearing on what could very well be the abusive disciplinary policies of schools like Achievement First, Jumoke Academy and Capital Prep.

As one former Capital Prep parent recently explained, “As a result of their abusive policies, my child came home crying day after day.  I pull him out and he returned to our local school district where he is doing much better.”

Steven Perry may himself “America’s Most Trusted Educator,” but more and more former teachers, parents and students have ample evidence to proving otherwise.

  • Fed Up in Hartford

    Where are the State’s Auditors? They should be investigating Perry’s misuse/abuse of authority, publicly paid time, abrogation of his legal oversight responsibilities towards kids in his school, misappropriation of funds, etc. This little bully is merely the cognitively limited younger brother of Michelle Rhee, left behind in Hartford to carry on her miscreant agenda. He’s a rotten apple at the bottom of the barrel that needs to be tossed out before his damage is irreparable. And that goes also for the supt and school board members who’ve promoted him, renewed his contracts, and generally praised his foul mouth and harmful actions over the years.

  • Guy Brandenburg

    I suggest looking at his phd “dissertation”. You can find a link to it on Mercedes Schneider’s blog. It raises a bunch of red flags, so much that I suspect it’s totally bogus.
    He came from “Anytown”? The university supposedly named in there for his six (count’em! six!) fifteen-minute interviews on best Upward Bound practices that constituted his ENTIRE research, doesn’t even exist? (He, or his paid dissertation-writer calls it “Lexmark University”. What on earth???)

    • Linda174

      Here it is with link:

      Notice that twice Perry advocates redoing the study with additional methods and a larger sample. HE could have done the study with additional methods and a larger sample. With a larger Upward Bound staff sample (which exists had he pursued it), Perry could have incorporated both qualitative and quantitative components to his study. But he also would have had to be sure that his study provided a unique and substantial contribution above and beyond that of the existing Upward Bound research.

      Perry cut corners and chose not to conduct the study that he advocates “other” researchers conduct.

      Perry also advocates positions popular in educational reform, including the small schools” effort that Gates both championed and abandoned, and the extension of the school year (which he follows with a cost benefit analysis– which should be done prior to implementation).

      Perry does not consider the cost– financial and otherwise– of his other ideas, including the cost of the “yearlong academic supports”; the “mandated staff-student meeting time,” and even the “group and one-on-one activities.”

      I am left wondering what it is about Perry’s dissertation that makes it worthwhile.

      I can think of nothing.

      But it did get him that “doctor” title….

    • Fed Up in Hartford

      Great idea! Here’s the link to Mercedes Schneider’s revealing info re the “dissertation.” Just as the Neag School is guilty of providing false credentials for Vallas, so too the Univ of Hartford deserves to be slapped down for its allowing just one faculty member to sign off on such a flimsy piece of work that should never pass for doctorate or even master’s thesis level “research.” What an institutional failure, both from the perspective of graduate student teaching oversight and candidate quality control! If grad degrees can so easily and hastily be purchased, Perry should have looked for one of the on-line degree mills, which would at least have brought less direct embarrassment to Hartford and he could have fudged his tel interviews altogether — oops, maybe he did?!

      • Fed Up in Hartford
      • Mary Gallucci

        I guess that’s why it’s called U-HA.
        Some of these “university” programs sound like the higher-ed equivalent of charter schools.
        Does the State of Connecticut let anyone set up shop and offer doctoral programs?
        Perry himself seems confused about whether he has an E.D. or a Ph.D.–next he’ll be claiming and M.D.

        • Linda174

          Proctologist seems fitting since he has his head up his ____.

        • jrp1900

          Linda 174: That must be why he talks s..

  • Castles Burning

    Fed Up,
    I have not thought of the concept of the rotten apple for so long. It is so apt. Thank you.

    Jonathan, excellent research and I hope that it is not too much to hope for some “closure” on this issue soon.

  • jrp1900

    I am no psychiatrist, but might I venture a speculative diagnosis that Steven Perry is slightly deranged? His vituperative language and his compulsive need to “rumble” with his critics suggest an aggressive-defensiveness often seen in narcissistic personality types. What kind of person happily embraces the stupid title of “America’s most trusted educator”?
    It figures that Mr. Perry would subscribe to the inhuman “reform” creed of “no excuses.” You have to be simple-minded and self-righteous if you think that serious problems like poverty, homelessness, and neglect are mere “excuses” for educational “underachievement.” Universe to Mr. Perry: the world is more complex than black and white! The “no excuses” mantra is also an excuse for reformers like Perry not to learn how to communicate with their students as one human being to another. Perry doesn’t want to hear what the students have to say about their own lives, and this makes it easier for him to view them, and to push them around, as mere statistics in his magnet school. Perry does not seem to realize that his students are irreducible individuals. It is profoundly disrespectful of the children to only see them as “poor minority kids” trapped in “failing schools. I am not saying that inner city children are not victimized by the racist dimensions of American public schooling (I think it undeniable that this is indeed the case). What I am saying is that Mr. Perry (and other reformers) are wedded to the stereotype of black deficiency and backwardness, when they ought to point out the deprivation and neglect are predictable outcomes of a stratified and unequal society. And corporate educational reform does nothing to touch these factors. In fact, it actually exacerbates them. Mr. Perry is under the serious delusion that school privatization means emancipation of the oppressed. This has never been the case with privatization of any social good. Mr. Perry should read some history.
    The “no excuses” creed is bound to be abusive of children, because, as I said above, it is wholly dismissive of the child’s individuality. Which is to say, it refuses to take into account who the child is, what is her world, what has she been through and what are her frustrations and her dreams. Anyone who pushes “no excuses” with young children is a moral brute, more interested in power, discipline and “results” than in the well-being of people. It is the mentality we find among military officers and among prison guards–and with good reason: these people are charged with running highly stratified “societies” where the majority of people are without rights and must obey in a clear command structure. Whatever you think of the military or the penitentiary, most people would agree that they are NOT good models for the schooling of children. Mr. Perry is not a “progressive reformer.” He is a man lost in the dark, dark ages.

    • Mary Gallucci

      So much about School Reform is violent and destructive–from the rhetoric of gaps, failing schools, ineffective teachers to the practices of “no excuses”, to the wrecking of communities by shuttering neighborhood schools and throwing the locals out of work, to the methods of the Vallases, Adamowskis, Pryors, and Perrys.
      Note how Perry encounters every criticism in a pugnacious spirit–he comes out swinging and shouting. No wonder teachers, staff, even parents at many charter/magnet schools are frightened–they are being bullied. No wonder the designation “Commissioner’s Network school” is like the sign on the gate before Dante’s Inferno: Abandon all hope, all who enter (the Commissioner’s Network).
      Children deserve an environment of peace, safety, and respect when they are in school. Reformers strip children of their dignity and “count” and measure them as if they were objects or chattel.

    • Tom Burns

      That is an unbelievably great post–the best I have seen–so cogent, so real, so true–Wow-great post my friend–Tom

  • GloriaB

    The accusations Steve Perry makes towards Diane Ravitch are absurd and totally unfounded. it is obvious that he has never read either of her books. One has to wonder if he can he even read and understand anything as well-written and research-supported as her work. Maybe he is only able to parrot the talking points of Michelle Rhee and the corporate deformers.

    • Linda174

      Two peas in a pod…must be desperate when these are the only two to dig up and send on a teacher bashing side show.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Sounds like time to get the straight jacket out and prepare the rubber room for this loon.

  • George

    Classic narcissistic sociopath

  • Linda174

    Where did he get the notion that a small group of suburban middle class educators are fighting him? He is off the rails. He’s the one who, at staff meetings, chanted the mantra: “We need to make it snow in here.” This was code for get the white kids to come to Capital prep…one may assume as a way to raise test scores. That has been reported by former teachers. His own words will be used against him. Maybe Michelle can reign him in…what a disastrous duo.

  • Jim Spellman

    How ironic that Mr. Perry begins to buckle under far, far less pressure , oversight, and criticism than the average Public School Teacher is subjected to daily.

    • Mary Gallucci

      Let’s place bets on who’s next to get a charter/magnet school: Ann Coulter (I nominate her for a charter pre-K, she is so the antithesis of warm and motherly); Rush Limbaugh; Howard Stern; and/or Dick Cheney and Halliburton.

  • Charlie Puffers

    Perry is targeting white woman – Ravitch, Weingarten, Johnson. Sounds like he might have some mother issues. It’s scary to watch a sociopath unravel. Everyone working in a Hartford school always considered him to be a fraudulent, self-promoter of the highest order. Now he is starting to crash and burn along with the rest of the city car owning, caviar consuming, insurance payment defaulting, evaluation neglecting government officials in our capital city.

    • Linda174

      Wow….that was a mouthful! You rock!

    • Mary Gallucci

      In some ways, it is so obvious that the Reformers are total frauds. The first time I heard Steven Adamowski talking about tests, and visions, and “high-performing, high-poverty” schools, and building capacity, I thought, this man is no educator. No teacher would ever think like that, let alone talk in such a way. It’s the same with Vallas–as for Pryor, I am not sure what he talks like, or stands for, but it is not education and it’s not children.
      I’ve had enough. Connecticut should set a precedent–and start revolting. There was an article in the so-called newspaper (propaganda sheet is more like it), the Willimantic Chronicle, about whether Mansfield will “field-test” the new Smarter Balanced tests. While there was something of a discussion regarding the pilot, I was disappointed that the Mansfield BoE has pretty much swallowed the Common Core nonsense without question. I would expect more intelligent–hence searching–debate about this looming corporate takeover of school curricula in that well-heeled, highly-educated district.
      It looks like, besides fighting the Goliath of corporate reformers and privatizers, those of us in distressed districts are going to have to put up resistance to high stakes testing, the Common Core, etc., etc, and we’ll have to save the Mansfields, Simsburys, and Greenwichs along the way.

      • Linda174

        Watch this Arkansas teen pull back the curtain on the national standards with a pc, some props, an old fashioned projector and screen.

        He beats our elected representatives easily.

        Check out the copyright and the disclaimer by the NGA and the CCSSO. Maybe we can fly him to Hartford to meet Malloy and his lackeys:


        • Mary Gallucci

          I hope they will be copyrighting the Common Bible, the Common Shakespeare, the Common Declaration of Independence, the Common Constitution, etc. We just won’t be able to read anything without paying a little royalty and making a little hat-tip to the Common Core or some corporate copyright holder. They can have the Human Genome, too.

        • Linda174

          You must watch the video when you have time. Send it to your BOE.

        • Guest

          Wow, great research by that young man. Very eye opening to me and I am involved.

        • Linda174

          Who says our kids aren’t smart? Check this out too:

          The Common Core Memorandum of Understanding: What a Story
          The question of who, exactly, is truly responsible for writing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has been a matter for debate. Here is how the CCSS website describes CCSS development:

          Building on the excellent foundation of standards states have laid, the Common Core State Standards are the first step in providing our young people with a high-quality education. It should be clear to every student, parent, and teacher what the standards of success are in every school.

          Teachers, parents and community leaders have all weighed in to help create the Common Core State Standards. [Emphasis added.]


      • jrp1900

        Mary Gallucci: Sadly, the Mansfields, Simburys and Greenwichs like to play the game when they know they are going to win.

  • Striking

    I don’t need 140 characters: Axxxxxxe #KissMine