“I am going to keep this job till someone says I can’t” (Paul Vallas 9-14-13)

Ah, Paul… A Connecticut Superior Court Judge said you aren’t qualified to hold the job of superintendent in the state of Connecticut.  In fact, she actually ordered you to leave the post immediately….and you refused.

Now you are using upward toward $100,000 in precious taxpayer funds to fight the fact that someone DID tell you that you can’t keep the job.

The next chapter in your embarrassing attempt to hold on to a job that isn’t yours will take place before the Connecticut Supreme Court on September 23, 2013.

A piece of advice.  When you make sh*t up, you should at least make an attempt to try and make it believable enough to not look like a fool.

Instead, according to a new story in the Connecticut Post, “Paul Vallas says he isn’t going anywhere.”

The article goes on to say, “Despite a primary last Tuesday that makes it likely school board control will shift to members who do not support him, Vallas said in an interview late last week that he is going to work in the district until he is told to stop.

“I am going to keep this job till someone says I can’t…I have a three-year contract…” said Vallas.

The quote is a rather undiplomatic way for Vallas to remind Connecticut and Bridgeport taxpayers that thanks to Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch and Board of Education Chairman Kenneth Moales Jr, even when Vallas is thrown out, he will probably be demanding that taxpayers “buy out” his lucrative $234,000 a year, three year contract.

It is a contract Vallas has no right to have, but received on a five to four vote when the five members of the Bridgeport Board of Education loyal to Mayor Bill Finch decided that following the law was not something that applied to them.

If their approach to contracting is allowed to survive, Connecticut and Bridgeport taxpayers could be on the hook for three quarters of a million dollars when Paul Vallas is sent packing.

The Connecticut Post story overlooks those details but does manage to highlight Mayor Bill Finch’s statement that, “I want to keep Paul Vallas…He’s going to stay as long as I can keep him here.”

You can read the latest Vallas propaganda at http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Vallas-says-I-am-making-progress-4814988.php

  • brutus2011


    Just be glad Finch couldn’t get control of the BOE like DeStefano did in New Haven.

    But why am I still blathering over this…Finch doesn’t care, Moales has cashed out, DeStefano and Mayo in New Haven are cashing out, Admaowski finally got his pension,and Vallas is going to cash out after the Ct Supreme Court throws him out UNLESS he can be made to refund his illegal salary…

    Naw, now I AM dreaming.

  • Gloria A. Brown

    Look up “arrogant” in the dictionary and you will find Paul Vallas’ picture. Someone has already told you to leave, Paul- the court, which said you are not certified or qualified to be a Superintendent in CT. Pack your bags and go find somewhere else to peddle your snake oil.

  • Mary Gallucci

    There are so many things wrong with the Paul Vallas deal. For one thing, the UConn prof, Villanueva, who fabricated a “program” which he then presented to the ever-gullible and credulous State Board of Education, should be investigated. Since when do individual professors get to create programs and offer equivalency degrees? Since when does a self-respecting State Board of Education allow itself to be hoodwinked, shooting the messenger, as it were, when citizens Carmen Lopez and her co-defendant and blogger Jonathan Pelto pointed out that Vallas was not enrolled in a program and was not even hitting the books? Pryor, we now know, did not care if Paul Vallas was taking a class in bonsai houseplants–he was the Commissioner’s superintendent of choice.
    Then we have the stealthy Bridgeport Board of Education doing everything it can to keep Paul Vallas, despite public concerns and despite Vallas’s lack of credentials. The whole thing is a farce and we are supposed to pretend that we don’t see the man behind the curtain.
    Bridgeport could probably install some random number generator in Paul Vallas’s place and it would not be worse. But the children of Bridgeport deserve a true education and a real educator as Superintendent. And rather than getting severance pay, Vallas should be getting prison time and paying some hefty fines for perpetrating a fraud on the public and for a lifetime of destroying public schools.

  • Castles Burning

    Vallas’ use of the word someone is interesting. We know that he has never realized that he works FOR the Board of Education so we would not expect him to wait to hear from them about his contract (which as Jonathan explains was so quickly manufactured).

    A Superior Court in CT has already told him that he is not qualified and ruled that he leave immediately. An appeal of that ruling, which is unlikely if you have read the prior trial, will be made by the Supreme Court in CT, a legal body.

    Could the someone be a reference to the person who first gave him this job–Pryor and who has done everything in his power to keep him here, along with the assistance of Malloy and Finch and at least a few compliments from Duncan.

  • Charlie Puffers

    “I’m going to keep this job till someone says I can’t….”

    OK. YOU CAN’T. Why didn’t you tell us it would be that easy? Now leave. Oh and take Adamowski, Kishimoto, Pryor, Snow, Ramos, and friends with you. We never wanted any of you in CT anyway. We will use your salaries to hire teachers, paras, librarians, counselors. We’ll use the money saved from getting rid of your consultant friends, testing contracts, and high tech playthings to reinstate the arts, pe, business, foreign language and tech ed courses. “Go on now, go, walk out that door! Just turn around now‚ cause you’re not welcome any more.”

    • jonpelto


    • buygoldandprosper

      Management has a way of sucking up those funds that you would like to go into the trenches. A perfect example is Stamford when they received stimulus money back in 2008.
      what did they do? Banked it for future expenses…
      Stimulate that!!

      • Brutus2011


        Why can’t people see this?

        • Linda174

          Order today, share with neighbors, collegues, family, friends:

    • Castles Burning

      Charlie Puffers, you are a genius. Thanks for taking decisive action.

    • Castles Burning

      Charlie Puffers, you are a genius. Thanks for taking decisive action.

  • Castles Burning

    In the Connecticut Post, Ms. Lambeck reports, “His track record in Bridgeport, Vallas said, includes ‘balancing two budgets in a row without laying off any teachers or closing any schools, finding a solution that will not only keep Dunbar (School) open but turning it into something I believe will ultimately be an extraordinary school, opening five high schools and putting laptops in the hands of all high school students. I think the election was about a lot of
    other things.'”

    But whose track record is this? As an alliance district, Bridgeport was the recipient of millions of dollars last year and the Fairfield Wheeler District Magnet (counted here as three) was planned and the money appropriated before Mr. Vallas arrived. Again, it was state funds that were used to turn Dunbar into a FUSE model, replicating what has been done before without looking at the exact needs of these particular students (when Mr. Vallas had the opportunity to choose “home-grown” models, such as the Classics Academy).

    The last that I read in the Post, Mayor Finch was trying not
    to pay the city’s proper portion of education funds to the State (I may be behind on this story). Teachers may not
    have been officially laid off but it would be interesting to compare the numbers prior to Mr. Vallas and now. Those who left were not always (ever??) replaced. Guidance counselors have been reduced. In short, statements like these do not
    provide a clear picture of what is happening in Bridgeport schools.

    Chromebooks–not sure to what extent they have been distributed–are not laptops and are for in class use only (which is a good decision).

    I think the election in many ways was about the wise citizens of Bridgeport beginning to see what Vallas does not have to offer them and what he has taken away from some of our schools.

  • Linda174

    Last three paragraphs of Ravitch Reign of Error:

    Yes, we must improve our schools. Start now, start here, by building the bonds of trust among schools and communities. The essential mission of the public schools is not merely to prepare workers for the global workforce but to prepare citizens with the minds, hearts, and characters to sustain our democracy in the future.

    Genuine school reform must be built on hope, not fear; on encouragement, not threats; on inspiration, not compulsion; on trust, not carrots and sticks; on belief in the dignity of the person, not a slavish devotion to data; on support and mutual respect, not a regime of punishment and blame. To be lasting, school reform must rely on collaboration and teamwork among students, parents, teachers, principals, administrators, and local communities.

    Despite its faults, the American system of democratically controlled schools has been the mainstay of our communities and the foundation for our nation’s success. We must work together to improve our public schools. We must extend the promise of equal educational opportunity to all the children of our nation. Protecting our public schools against privatization and saving them for future generations of American children is the civil rights issue of our time.

  • Magister

    “I’m going to keep this job till somebody says I can’t.”

    Hmmm, that’s what pink slipped teachers are saying all over the place as well.