NEWS FLASH: Steven Adamowski hired as state employee before State Board of Education met to extend Special Master’s role.

As if it couldn’t get any more unethical or bizarre, official State of Connecticut documents reveal that “Special Master” Steven Adamowski became a $162,000.09, Durational Project Manager on August 30, 2013….

Five days before the State Board of Education met to receive the Special Master’s report on his work in Windham and New London and to decide whether or not to extend his term as Special Master for the two communities.

As reported here in Wait, What?, the Hartford Courant and other media outlets, Steven Adamowski was given a no-bid $225,000 plus benefits contract through the State Education Resource Center two years ago.

On September 4, 2013, upon the recommendation of Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor, the Connecticut State Board of Education meet and voted to extend Steven Adamowski’s term as “Special Master” for one year.

At the meeting, Pryor announced that Special Master Steven Adamowski would taking a $62,000 pay cut to become a state employee in the State Department of Education, rather than remain an employee of SERC, the State Education Resource Center.

The move by Pryor and the State Board of Education generated a post here entitled What the Hell is going on: Pryor and State Board of Education make Adamowski a State Employee (September 5th)

Yesterday, a follow up article was published entitled News Flash: Mystery solved: Pryor’s appointment of Adamowski as state employee will push up Special Master’s pension! (September 9th).  This story reported that the move from SERC employee to state employee would allow Adamowski to boost his pension.  The post read, “Well the mystery has finally been resolved and the answer lies in exactly a dozen words deep inside the existing state statutes! Subsection 26 of Section 10-183b of the Connecticut State Statutes defines the term “Teacher” for the purposes of the Connecticut Teachers Retirement System…And subsection (D) of subsection 26 of Section 10-183b provides that “a member of the professional staff of the State Board of Education” may elect to be in the Teachers Retirement System instead of the State Employees Retirement System. The phrase, “a member of the professional staff of the State Board of Education” is not limited by whether or not the individual is certified to serve as a teacher or administrator.”

But now comes even more incredible news.

According to the hiring papers filed with the state, Commissioner Stefan Pryor appears to have hired Adamowski BEFORE the State Board of Education even decided whether to extend Adamowski’s term as Special Master.

The hiring documents reveal a hire date of August 30, 2013.

It is not clear how Pryor received the legal authority to hire Adamowski to the $162,000 durational project manager job….

It is even less unclear how Pryor could have managed to hire Adamowski before the State Board even met to consider continuing Adamowski’s status as Special Master.

  • mookalaboona


  • Thomas Drewry

    There’s no illusion left: Malloy’s DoE believes they are beyond democratic accountability. He long ago sealed his fate with classroom teachers. What remains to be seen is the extent to which Democratic legislators become implicated- few have spoken publicly about the transgressions and failures that can be traced back to their own legislation that invested an unwise and unwarranted degree of authority in a few appointed positions. Continued inaction will breed long-term estrangement.

  • Charlie Puffers

    This SFB Adamowski comes back to CT and makes school a miserable place for teachers and students and then to pour salt in the wound he and that sleazy Pryor are scheming with these back room deals to steal from the same teachers he has been screwing. I don’t think so. I will not vote for anyone who allows this to happen.

  • Mary Gallucci

    First off, it was obvious that the renewal was a done deal. I find it incredibly audacious, though, that Pryor could actually sign a contract with Adamowski days before.
    I guess the tyrannical Commissioner of Education, who has NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST AT ALL DUE TO HIS CHARTER SCHOOL BACKGROUND AND HIS CO-FOUNDING OF CHARTER SCHOOL COMPANY ACHIEVEMENT FIRST, could count on the vote of Andrea Comer, newly appointed to the SBE (but probably unofficially seated days before)–Comer once worked for Achievement First–as well as the votes of Allan Taylor–toadie to charter schools and all the rest. Estella Lopez could not stop fawning over Adamowski, even when he totally fudged the bilingual issue.
    Morgan Barth, another recent addition to the State Department of Education under Pryor also worked at Achievement First. But there is no conflict of interest.
    As far as I’m concerned, a state law was passed 2 years ago regarding a Special Master in Windham. The Special Master position has ceased to exist as the legislature conceived of it. As far as I’m concerned, that means Steven Adamowski has been terminated.
    I do not consider him the Special Master of Windham, or of New London, any longer.
    If the State Department of Ed, with Pryor, wish to have Adamowski serve at their pleasure, they can ask him to do (to them) whatever it is they want–at their pleasure. But he’s done in Windham.

  • Mary Gallucci

    Hmmm, wasn’t Gabrielle Ramos something like a durational project manager? did she get the boot in order to make room in the State Dept. of Ed for Adamowski?

  • jrp1900

    If Steven Adamowski is now a “durational project manager” does he still have status as a “special master”? Can he be both at once or is the role of master subsumed into the office of manager? If the State Board of Education renewed him for one more year as a Special Master does this have any bearing on his future employment as a durational project manager? Is he immediately answerable to the board or to Commissioner Pryor? Does he now have authority to dictate turnaround plans for any school that is seeking monies from the Commissioner’s network? Can Adamowski as Special Master overrule himself as durational project manager? Does his new title make him more or less accountable to the communities he works within?

    None of this is clear to me. It seems like Pryor and his staff are making things up as they go along. Of course, given the corrupt nature of so much Connecticut politics, they will probably be permitted to get away with their shenanigans. One thing is certain: it does not matter what office he occupies, or what title he holds, Mr. Adamowski is going to continue his blind crusade of specious corporate school “reform.”

  • Mmmmmm

    Why are legislators not paying attention to these things? Where are the parent groups?