Bridgeport’s Kenneth Moales Jr. goes off the deep end; passes out flyer attacking CT Post and their lead reporter

At last night’s Board of Education meeting, Kenneth Moales Jr. passed out a flyer attacking the Connecticut Post and one of their more experienced, leading reporters, Dan Trepfer.

The flyer is a stunning assault on a free and independent media and aimed at limiting the newspaper’s coverage of important events in Bridgeport and Connecticut.

Interestingly the attack was aimed exclusively on the Connecticut Post and one of its reporters despite the fact that the issues Moales is yelping about were covered earlier and in great detail here at Wait, What?  Apparently Moales does not see electronic graffiti as much of a threat as does Paul Vallas.

In the diatribe, Moales, who owns the title of head-cheerleader for Paul Vallas and is also a leading supporter of Governor Malloy and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, wrote that the reporter Dan Trepfer;

“…was enlisted by the working families party to stage an attack against COHS (Cathedral of the Holy Spirit) and myself (Pastor Kenneth Moales, Jr.) to cloud the issues and mobilize detractors and enemies of education reform to in some way delay or destroy much needed education reform in the city.)”

Moales’ hand-out goes on to say;

“Let it be known the Connecticut Post is not concerned about our mortgage or our occupancy.  These issues are a smoke screen.  We are not the first and not the only church with banking and contracting issues.  It is my belief that the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and I are being attached to cloud the real issues in the City.”

Finally Moales’ concluded;

“I am asking all of our supporters to please contact the above reporter [[email protected] (203)330-6308) and ask him to focus on the real issues that are destroying the future of our children and or our city.  The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is one of the great things happening in the city of Bridgeport.  The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Love Christian Academy, Kingdom’s Little Ones Daycare, Kingdom’s Little Ones Academy are not he source of the issues plaguing our district and city…It is our prayer that the Connecticut post would stop the sensationalism and focus on what is destroying our country’s future.  The Black Church is not and has never been an enemy of the State.”

The attack on the Connecticut Post reporter and the implication that balanced, fair report is somehow an affront to “The Black Church” is a new low for Moales and the pro-Vallas, pro-Finch, Pro-Malloy team.

One thing is certain.  You can add Kenneth Moales Jr. to the list of people who are working overtime to ensure that Governor Malloy is unelectable in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

If you have time today, drop a note to the Connecticut Post and urge them to keep their focus on a strong and independent media.

Key Connecticut Post personnel are:

Reporter Dan Tepfer: [email protected]

Executive Editor:  [email protected]

Deputy Managing Editor: [email protected]

News Managing Editor: [email protected]

Editorial Page Editor: [email protected]

The Moales Flyer can be found here:

  • leoniehaimson

    good post but it would be helpful to identify Moales as head of the Board of Ed for non-Bridgeport readers.

    • Bill Morrison

      That has been well-covered in this and numerous other threads.

      • Pete Spain

        Leonie, forgive us, many of us in Bridgeport have a hard time (sharp cognitive dissonance) stating the fact that Mr. Moales, Jr., is the current head of the Bridgeport Board of Ed.

  • buygoldandpropser

    Reverend Money Bags is sounding, more and more, like Jim Jones of Peoples Temple fame.
    Bridgeport? Jonestown? Not much difference…

    • R.L.

      His flock is drinking a different kind of Kool-Aid.

  • Magister

    While he’s on a tear about biased journalism, maybe Moales should hand out a flier about the Courant as well.

    • R.L.

      The Courant, the NY Times, the Washington Post, the NY Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, YAHOO News, The Associated Press, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TNT, LMNOP………….

  • Linda174

    He uses church stationery to create a one page diatribe against one reporter and then he passes this out at a BOE meeting and he is the board chair?

    Why was he allowed to use this meeting to tarnish one person and promote lies while running a city BOE meeting?

    By the way Reverend, of the 98% of the teachers who do not send their children to BPS, how many DO NOT live in Bridgeport?

    You fail to mention that YOU live in Bridgeport, you are the BOE chair and you do NOT send your kids to BPS.

    It has also been reported by other BOE members that you said sending your kids to the city public schools would be “child abuse”.

    I’m confused.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    So Holy Moly uses the public forum of a BOE meeting to hand out flyers protesting the mess he is in and the press for putting him there? This man must have come to earth on a space ship. Did the Vallas, Pryor, Finch, Malloy PR team think this stuff up?? Moales is beyond an embarrassment as Bridgeport plummets into an urban cesspool.

    I am proud of the CT Post to get out from under Linda Lambeck’s one sided reporting a la the Courant. Where does it end?

  • Linda174

    Also, isn’t Vallas one of the 93% Caucasian BOE employees?

    If 96% receive free or reduced lunch they must qualify…what’s his point? Maybe the parents could use some decent paying jobs.

    How many teachers in the district do NOT have children, therefore they can’t send them to any school?

    This looks like a hissy fit and Moales is throwing his own crap around hoping something will stick to someone else.

    Does he owe $7-$8 million or not?

    What does that have to do with the schools, one reporter and the CT Post?

    • Guest

      Call the reporter and support him and his efforts to expose the truth!

  • Apartheid First

    I find this highly improper.
    If a prominent elected official (such as BoE chairperson K. Moales) is deeply mired in financial trouble, it is a matter of concern to the citizens. Such issues must be handled scrupulously, otherwise the taint of special treatment and abuse of power will be unavoidable. Look at Christopher Dodd, who could not resist favorable interest rates and story-book Irish cottages. The foreclosures are alarming enough, with the implication of a lack of payment, but the lack of a certification of occupancy is unacceptable. Thousands of people are at risk being in an uninspected building.
    Just because Moales superstitiously claims that “God” is on his side, watching over his flock, does not mean he should get away with breaking the law.
    I also think it is improper, if not unethical, to hand out flyers at a BoE meeting where he is chair. He should do this on his own time, and meanwhile the BoE and the city should determine if he is violating any ethics rules.
    Moales should also more conscientiously separate his role on the BoE from his job as a pastor and financial advisor.

    • Linda174

      This act has to be some type of ethics violation…using a BOE meeting for his own personal agenda. He also appears weak and desperate.

      • Bill Morrison

        Moales has been abusing his position to further his personal agenda all along. Apparently, his entire tenure as Chairman of the Bridgeport Board of Education has been tainted by his corruption.

  • Magister

    Remember when they all simply used to ignore us not so long ago? The recent Vallas and Moales tantrums are a good sign.

    • Linda174

      First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

      Mahatma Gandhi

      • Bill Morrison


        I have always loved that quote! It is so appropriate now!

        • Bill Morrison

          Now, if we would only take to the streets! It would help hammer home the message that we aren’t going to take it any more!

          We also want our taxpayer dollars returned that were spent under Moales’ instigation to defend Vallas. As a private party, Vallas is responsible for his own defense. Moales is corrupt to use Bridgeport and state monies for this purpose.

        • R.L.

          We might be better served if we find a way to raise money and file some lawsuits. It seems to be the only thing that makes any difference. It’s obvious what story the corporate news wants to tell, even after they’ve been found out. Our elected officials are obviously more interested in cronyism than doing what they were elected to do. It needs to be law suits, and it needs to happen before the corporate starts appointing pro-reform judges.

        • Bill Morrison

          Why not do both? Lawsuits coupled with civil disobedience? They are both weapons of resistance that can make our position stronger.
          I know that many will not take to the streets because they say that they have jobs. We all have jobs. But, it’s like I say to my students about issues like school uniforms. What will the school do if all students came to school out of uniform, and did so every day? The school or the district cannot keep sending them home; if students stood up for what they believe, uniforms will go away. No one student can be singled out. If teachers stood proactively against the reformist corruption, no one teacher can be punished.

        • R.L.

          Maybe we can have a giant bake sale at the steps of the State Department of Education as well as the steps of the state supreme court. This could act as a fundraiser with civil disobediance mixed right in.

        • Guest

          Linda, love you btw. This is going to be a long, ugly, never ending fight. There’s a trillion dollars out there waiting to be diverted. These vultures will not be going away any time soon. Unless there’s some kind of nuclear option in which we can make them all disappear, the fighting will continue.

        • Linda174

          Agree…but if it takes too much effort, they can’t make the $$$$$ they thought, some may give up……coming soon the bubble/educrap bubble.

          They will be exposed. How much damage will they do in the meantime. Read, if you have time:

          Scary, but we are going in the exact opposite direction. It is the shame of our nation.

  • TMS

    Mr. Moales is the one putting up a smoke screen in an effort to divert justifiable scrutiny from his financial incompetence to school reform. Didn’t he receive millions in state (taxpayer) funds for his schools? I think I have every right to know about his mishandling of taxpayer dollars and I thank Mr. Tepfer and the CT Post for having the courage to call him on his $#!+.

  • Keasar


  • Keasar

    wait ? what ? you need holy ghost blessing
    the mess is now just beginning , please leave in peace and vote malloy

  • mookalaboona

    I wrote the following to all the people on the email chain at the CT. Post:


    This letter to you is not for publication, but I do want to write a letter commending you for your great reporting.

    I am a follower of John Pelto, and read all of his material. As a teacher of 40 years, I’m appalled at what the Malloy, Pryor, Vallas, and Adamowski camp is trying to do to education.

    When I graduated college and received tenure, I received a permanent teaching certificate. Permanent meant something to me. Years into my career, the state board nullified our “permanent” certification for 5 year renewable ones. I guess permanent meant nothing to them.

    I earned every five years my right to continue teaching. Yet Paul Vallas feels he is entitled so he doesn’t need certification. Adamowski as well. It’s a slap in the face to all the teachers who have to follow the law.

    Malloy slapped the face of every teacher when he proclaimed that all a teacher had to do was show up to receive tenure. I take tremendous issue with that. Isn’t it ironic that a young woman in Newtown who was non-tenured gave her life to protect her students. Guess she showed up governor.

    Thank you for your excellent reporting. This bunch needs to continually be exposed.

  • Linda174

    LETTER: Lack of Certification Only Part Vallas’ Problem

    A Courant editorial supports maintaining Paul Vallas as superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools, despite his lack of certification [July 23, “Why Make It So Difficult?”]. Rules were bent to allow him to get certification, but he chose not to do the work. The editorial citse his experience as a superintendent in Chicago and Philadelphia as proof of qualifications for the position. Here’s his legacy in those cities:

    Vallas turned over management of schools to outside for-profits, nonprofits and universities. Public school resources and the cities’ most advantaged students were lost to these private institutions.

    Today, thousands of people are being laid off: counselors, nurses, teachers and assistant principals. Sports programs, arts classes and much more are being decimated. Class sizes are expected to rise. Twenty-three public schools are being closed in Philadelphia, dozens in Chicago.

    In Bridgeport, Vallas was able to close the budget only because the commissioner of education provided a last-minute $3.5 million forgivable loan from the state of Connecticut. When Vallas and his supporter, Commissioner Stefan Pryor, move on, will Bridgeport fare better than Chicago or Philadelphia? I wouldn’t bet the farm on it!

    Margaret Rick, West Hartford
    The writer is a retired elementary school principal.

  • Linda174

    LETTER: Vallas Doesn’t Get A Pass

    I was astonished that The Courant would advocate a lawless position in its editorial “Why Make It So Hard For Paul Vallas To Help Bridgeport Schools?” [July 23,

    The law is the law. The state even made a loophole, and Mr. Vallas, the Bridgeport superintendent of schools, couldn’t fit through that with his made-up program.

    The court did not wander into its decision lightly. It has the duty to uphold what is written. One might think The Courant would recollect that this is the second time in recent history a court has rebuked Bridgeport for its failure to follow the law in administering its schools. The first time was when the city unilaterally disbanded the board of education without taking proper steps.

    The editorial, along with Vallas and his supporters, argues that the ends justify the means. This rebukes the democratic process that created these “parochial laws” that have created some of the best public educational systems in the country. Yet in cities like Bridgeport, the ends we all want will never be met, no matter what means we employ, as long as poverty strangles children and their families.

    Let’s get someone in who will make us uncomfortable with the economic justice issues at stake in urban education.

    Ken Krayeske , Hartford

    • Bill Morrison

      It’s interesting that The Courant would take the position that , “The end justifies the means.” That is a direct quote from Marx. It was used by people such as Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro to enact horrific pogroms and policies. I guess that, given Bridgeport’s current political leadership, the quote is appropriate!

  • Upper_Middle_Class_Male

    A reminder to anyone who thinks that a board of education appointed by the mayor would be a good idea: Kenneth Moales was a mayoral appointee to the board of education before the state supreme court mandated a return to an elected board.

    An appointed board would be filled with political types who don’t necessarily have any real qualifications, but who are loyal to the mayor. Moales has no respect for the Bridgeport Public Schools, evidence of which is his refusal to send his own children to the school system. I don’t respect the mayor, but he at least has his children educated in the public schools.

    Some once complained about the behavior of the Working Families Party board of education members, and I agree that they have too often seemed unnecessarily difficult. Mr. Moales, who is supposed to lead the board of education, is far worse. Moreover, he has become an extreme embarrassment to the school system and, one might think, to the mayor.

    Among other duties, a board chairman is responsible for civility, but Moales Moales’ behavior has been autocratic, belligerent and absolutely rude.

    A board chairman is responsible for allowing all board members’ views to be heard, but he is biased against the WFP members. The chairperson has no right to such behavior, which is more typical of a despot, not a leader.

    His latest blunder, writing the letter on his church’s stationery and distributing it at a board meeting, is evidence of his lack of judgment and his lack of class. His statement that the Connecticut Post reporter was attacking “the Black Church,” is race baiting. Reporter Tepfer wasn’t attacking “the Black Church”; he was reporting about the badly flawed actions of the pastor of ONE Black church.

    This school system is being humiliated by the actions of two men, the superintendent and the chairperson of the board of education. It’s time that both of them left.

    • msavage

      I find it interesting that you identify here as an “upper middle class male.” Why feed into the class system? The oligarchy has a plan for all of us. As far as they’re concerned, there’s only “us” and “them.” The obscenely, untouchably wealthy and the “rest of us”–male and female, middle class, poor, the moderately wealthy. As far as the oligarchy is concerned, we are good for only one thing–exploitation and providing a source of labor for the increasing of their wealth. If we are to turn this ship around and start to improve life for the vast majority of beings on this Earth, we need to identify the true enemy and band together to fight it. That means leaving behind boundaries like social class, gender and race, in my opinion. Boundaries which, I would suggest, are being deliberately strengthened and emphasized by a media which has fallen almost completely into the hands of the very oligarchy we need to be fighting.

      But back to the topic at hand: “It’s time that both of them left.”
      Agree 100% with this statement! Are you a Bridgeport resident? Please spread this message among your friends and neighbors.