And massive foreclosure lawsuit against Kenneth Moales Jr. and his Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, Inc. officially filed

While controversy swirls around Paul Vallas and the illegal attempt to keep him as head of Bridgeport Schools, the case of FOUNDATION CAPITAL RESOURCES, INC. v. PRAYER TABERNACLE CHURCH OF LOVE, INC. Et Al, was officially filed on July 11, 2013.

Kenneth Moales Jr. is now one step closer to losing his church and all its properties including the space he rents to his mother and sister that house the controversial state-funded daycare centers.

The church also apparently owns the house Moales and his family live in and the lawsuit seeks to take immediately possession of that property and all of its contents.

Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr., served as the campaign treasurer in Mayor Bill Finch’s last mayoral campaign and is one of Governor Malloy’s loudest supporters in Bridgeport.

More recently Moales has served as the bullying, combative chairman of the Bridgeport Board of Education.

In that position he has not only insulted any board of education members who have opposed his positions but has gone so far as the threaten opposing board members in public settings.

Over the last few days Moales has been the point person, along with Mayor Bill Finch, in announcing that Vallas will not leave his post as head of Bridgeport’s schools despite Connecticut Superior Court Judge Bellis’ ruling that Vallas must leave the position immediately since he doesn’t have the credentials necessary to hold the job.

Following the ruling, Kenneth Moales Jr. even held a small rally for Vallas at his church.

Kenneth Moales was also one of the key players in one of the more absurd moments in the whole Vallas debacle.

Following Judge Bellis’ order that Vallas vacate his office effective immediately; Mayor Bill Finch released a statement stating, “What could this judge, whose children do not attend Bridgeport schools, be possibly thinking?”

Of course, the irony is that Kenneth Moales sends his children to one of the most expensive private schools in Fairfield Country and was quoted in the Connecticut Post in April as saying, “I have the financial means to give my children the best. Why would I not give my children the best? … The best for my sons is at Fairfield Country Day.”

He also told a Bridgeport parent that enrolling a child in Bridgeport was like child abuse.

Well, financial means or not, Moales has not been making the necessary payments on an $8.2 million loan he and his church received from Foundation Capital Resources, Inc. a company that lends money to fundamentalist churches.

In response to Moales’ failure to make the payments, Foundation Capital Resources has been taking various legal steps over the past year to collect the money that Moales and his church owes the lender.

Moales’ failure to pay has now led to the official filing of a lawsuit that seeks the immediate possession of all the church’s properties including;

  • The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit – Home of the War Cry  located at 695 Union Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • The Love Christian Academy located at 729 Union Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • The Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, Kingdom’s Little Ones Academy and the Bishop Moales Fine Arts Center at 1243 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • The Kingdom’s Little Ones Christian Daycare at 1277 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • The House of Virtue on Central Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • A church owned residence located at 851 Central Avenue that appears to be where Moales resides.
  • And a variety of other properties in Bridgeport.

The foreclosure lawsuit not only seeks the immediate possession of all of the properties in question, but the suit demands all personal property located in those buildings.

  • jschmidt2

    sounds like he’d get along well with Sharpton and Jesse J

    • msavage

      Hmmm….what does this have to do with Sharpton and Jesse J? Must be you’re making the connection because they’re all “men of the cloth,” right? Couldn’t have anything to do with the color of their skin, could it?

      • jschmidt2

        they’re all scam artists.

      • JMC

        Maybe, L., it has something to do with the fact that Sharpton and Jackson became wealthy men without doing anything identifiable as contributing to the economy long before they were paid to be TV personalities.

        • sharewhut

          Somehow I don’t see them, personally or through their organizations, paying off or even taking over the debts from the bank.
          They will however, provide their organizations/names to solicit donations. Any surplus donations will (after a percentage to organizations to cover ‘expenses’) will be put in a trust overseen by reverend Moales to be used for future school/church expenses as he deems appropriate…

      • sharewhut

        They will interject themselves in the situation. These children of color are being victimized by a predatory bank ‘s purely racial profiling of an innocent, struggling, minority run charitable and religious organization.
        No mention of (and will be completely ‘overlooked’ by media) the reverend’s personal lifestyle or how his family benefits from the whole mess.
        The state and feds MUST step in to prevent this! And not only must they stop this racial injustice, the bank must be required to make Mr. Moales ‘whole’ by forgiving all outstanding debt and paying him for the pain and mental anguish from the damage to his reputation brought on by this unwarranted attack!
        And the state/city must immediately increase value of contracts to assure reverend et al will never be exposed to this kind of victimization affecting the children again!
        And make it clear, that any financial institution denying loans to the reverend in the future will be doing so solely on the basis of race not creditwothiness, and will be sanctioned accordingly.

    • buygoldandprosper

      Out of line with that comment, BUT TRUE.
      Scammers all, just like Dan gets along …the way a dog makes friends. That is just how low our world has become. We only have ourselves to blame.
      Maybe some Catholic priests ( at least the ones not in lock-up) could hold a fundraiser? Nah! The diocese is still in lay-off mode, buying out staff faster than you can say “drop those drawers ,son, and let us play”.
      And I never knew this…
      “…the six elementary schools in Bridgeport, known as the “Cathedral Cluster.”
      EEEWWWW! A new kind of kink…a Bridgeport Cluster F**K!

      • msavage

        Yep–plenty of scammers out there–from every race, political party, gender, etc.

        • JMC

          I couldn’t agree more, M. BTW, I have always admired your well-informed take on bankers and greed. I have recently discovered what I think is your conservative doppelgaenger, former fund manager Ann Barnhardt, a self confessed 35 yr. old virgin who is now living in a van after being financially raped by the IRS and who has sold her goods on eBay . If you discount her radical Catholicism and possible racism, and obvious conservatism, you may find she makes sense with her cri de coeur. Go to her site at and ignore the religious icons and saints. Scroll down about 70% on the web page to her 8 brilliant 20-min. youtube lectures on the coming word meltdown. You may want to start at, say, part 6, since you are already “hip”. Her account leaves no one unscathed and is terrifying. Let me know what you think.

        • msavage

          Virgin, conservative, Catholic, racist–aside from those things it sounds like she and I have a lot in common… 🙂 Will check it out.

        • msavage

          Made it through about 30 minutes from video number 6–and what she’s saying about the world economy and the bankers pretty much jibes with what I’ve heard elsewhere. After 30 minutes I couldn’t take any more, though–she strikes me as a woman with more than a few screws loose.

        • JMC

          You could be right!

  • R.L.

    He can always stay in a wing of the Finch estate when he becomes homeless.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Sounds like Dan Malloy, who is morally bankrupt himself and put each of his spawn in private schools when they could not make it in public schools. Of course he tried to keep them in public school and was always treated with kid gloves…even trading a sports field for a new hockey coach who would play his kid, but alas, they needed the best that the private sector could offer right down to their private attorneys. No public defender for the Malloy clan!!
    Only the best for Stamford’s lace curtain leader!

  • buygoldandprosper

    Maybe he should issue bonds! Not NOT BAILBONDS!! Junk bonds like these for the Webster Bank Basketball School, in Storrs:

    Midnight Rambler State Treasurer Denise Nappier said she was “disappointed” in the negative outlook, but she didn’t foresee the rating affecting the bond sales.

    Damn the ratings! Full speed ahead!!

  • 1987tsd

    Aww…ain’t that too bad. Karma is a bitch!

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Clear my memory…….didn’t Rowland go down for building a porch? This guy Moales build a whole fr___n city. Thank you Finchy bird and there is a cell waiting for you too. Don’t they impeach people for less then this? Where is our Attorney General? Oh probably on the dole also.

  • Tired of the BS!!

    Why is the hard earned money of Bridgeport taxpayer’s being spent defending Vallas? Taxes are not anyone’s personal stash! I want a rally, petition, someone’s head to roll over this. When were the taxpayers asked if our money should be spent to defend the fake superintendent? Bridgeporters Unite!!!!

    • Linda174

      Send this to everyone in Bridgeport:

      So, sure, the city’s school reform agenda the past two years has been shockingly undemocratic. But Mayor Bill Finch at the very start made clear that, in his view, sometimes democracy doesn’t work.

      And he’s done little else since then but try to prove the point.

      A partial list of highlights — springing a radical, months-in-the-making school board takeover on the public just days before it was made official; putting off as long as possible a court-ordered election so an appointed board could “lock in” changes; pushing a charter revision to take away an elected school board by calling it “education governance reforms”; and all that was before the Paul Vallas mess, where an illegitimate board hired a legally unqualified superintendent.

  • Apartheid First

    Who said, “If you’re going to fail, fail big?” Maybe no one said it, but we can attribute it to Rev. Moales. He sounds like he’d make good Bridgeport Mayor material. Or Connecticut governor. We know the types who run for these positions. When convicted felon Sideshow Bob beat out incumbent and crooked Mayor Quimby in an old Simpsons episode, Lisa knew something was up: “How could one convicted felon beat out another convicted felon so completely?”
    At least in the Simpson’s Springfield, Superintendent Chalmers was certified.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Maybe Moales can snag a job and dig his way out of debt the old fashioned way.

    “These hirings were proper!!!”,0,613483.column

  • Apartheid First

    Maybe the State Board of Education can go into a third executive session tomorrow to discuss Kenneth Moales’s finances. I mean, he is such a stalwart supporter of their imperialist interests in taking over school districts; he has so enthusiastically accepted state money in order to run charter schools; and he endlessly praises Vallas and shuts down real debate on the Bridgeport Board of Education. Why not help him out, say, by buying out these mortgages and calling them charter schools? Heck, they can use the Jumoke best practices and voila, they’ll close the achievement gap and the fiscal hole in Moales’s pockets at the same time (at least on paper).
    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the SBE executive session grills Kurshan–is it typical for the SBE to go into executive session to accept someone’s resignation? And then to take on the Vallas debacle! I wonder what Pryor will ORDER the complaint State Board of Ed to do? He’s so full of plans and projects for takeovers.
    I hope they bring up Vallas’s long years of experience (ruining school districts). A diligent reporter and investigator of Vallas’s background reports that he has never found anywhere any evidence that Paul Vallas “taught history”–something Vallas likes to throw out offhandedly. Well, facts are facts when you’re under oath, Paul–not that that matters to the SBE or to Pryor.

    • Apartheid First

      that’s compliant, not complaint!

    • msavage

      Please–don’t put ideas into their twisted little brains. After the corruption this group has exhibited, would you really put it past them to try something like bailing out Moales with taxpayer money?

    • R.L.

      They can finance it through SERC.