Meanwhile, Malloy’s Special Master Adamowski joins Vallas in the land where laws don’t apply….

Re-posting from June 28, 2013

As the Malloy/Pryor/Vallas illegal strategies for Bridgeport collapse —- watch out because the citizens of Windham and New London are under assault as a result of the fact that Special Master Steven Adamowski has joined Vallas in the land where laws don’t apply….

Last month, the Connecticut Education Association filed a complaint against Paul Vallas, the pseudo Superintendent of Bridgeport’s school system.  The complaint focused on the fact that Paul Vallas was breaking Connecticut law “by not allowing teachers, parents, and community leaders to participate in the educational process” as required by Connecticut’s School Governance Council law (Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-223 j.)

As the CEA documents revealed, the Connecticut General Assembly and Governor Malloy claim to be strong supporters of School Governance Councils, the system that was put in place to ensure that parents, teachers and the community have a greater voice in local education decisions.

But as readers of Wait, What? know, Paul Vallas has systematically undermined the role of parents, teachers and anyone else who has the audacity to question his dictatorial approach to decision-making.

For example, Vallas’ predilection for signing no-bid contracts, co will costing Connecticut and Bridgeport taxpayers millions of dollars over the coming years.

While Vallas’ efforts to block community, parent and teacher involvement are well documented, knowledgeable observers note that Special Master Steven Adamowski has violated these same laws just as much, if not more than Vallas.

Adamowski serves as the Malloy Administration’s hand-picked “Special Master” for the Windham and New London schools systems.  Not surprisingly, he received the $225,000-a-year plus benefits job via a no-bid contract that was run through SERC, the State Education Resource Center.  SERC is the same vehicle that Malloy’s Commissioner of Education used to give no-bid contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to a series of out-of-state consultants who were retained to help Malloy and Pryor develop Connecticut’s “education reform” bill.

As observers have reported, Adamowski’s wanton disregard for School Governance Councils (and turnaround committees) in Windham and New London not only violates Connecticut law, but has systematically crushed the democratic rights of the citizens of those two communities.

Adamowski’s alleged actions include failing to provide parents, teachers and the community in both Windham and New London with the opportunity to review the fiscal objectives of the draft budget for the school and provide advice before it was submitted to the superintendent, the failure to allow School Governance Councils to participate in the hiring process of administrators, refusing to provide ample involvement in analyzing school achievement data and school needs relative to the improvement plan for the school, failing to allow School Governance Councils to assist local schools principals when making programmatic and operational changes for improving school achievement.  And the list goes on and on.

In New London, Adamowski even mishandled the legal process surrounding the evaluation of the local superintendent by instructing the local board of education to evaluate the superintendent in executive session, six months after the end of the year, in direct violation of state statutes.

When the Connecticut Education Association filed their complaint against Vallas, Commissioner Stefan Pryor, Vallas’ friend and confidant, was quick to dismiss the complaint.

Considering the evidence against Adamowski appears to be just as strong, if not stronger than the case against Vallas, let’s hope parents, teachers and community leaders in New London and Windham will bring a similar complaint against Special Master Adamowski.

Of course, Commissioner Stefan Pryor will probably work just as hard to stonewall action against Adamowski, but at least the people will know that violating the law will not go unnoticed.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Too bad this state does not have an Attorney General…we got Jepsen, who came back from Florida to be with his buddy Dan, who promised him…what? A warm office to snooze in? Shares in the loot?
    Shame on Dan Malloy and Education Deform!

  • Castles Burning

    Yes, let us hope . . . A similar complaint is only fair and just, qualities that we need to reinforce whenever we can.

  • ReTired

    Let’s hope that the leaders of CEA take their dismissed complaint to the next level.

  • R.L.

    These guys are racketeers.
    “A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, will not be affected, or would not otherwise exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering.[1] Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party.”
    Where is the FBI?

    • Rose Reyes

      RL: Good I want to share!

    • brutus2011

      Funny you should mention racketeers, I have been thinking about all these education management people as “edugangsters.” I know, not very creative but all education managers, public and charter, run opaque operations and essentially do whatever the heck they want. This is a huge toxic spill with a half life of generations.

  • CC

    With the changes for the worst in education under Malloy, it makes the so-called reforms at the collegiate level, notably ConnSCRU, more suspicious than ever.

  • Bill Morrison

    We have a larger problem with Adamowski. As most of you know, last June I wrote and we distributed an Adamowski Rap Sheet identifying thirteen specific violations of the Connecticut Code of Professional Conduct committed by Adamowski while serving illegally as Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools. I cited specific violations and matched them to specific provisions of the Code and cited the specific evidence to support the claim. We then distributed these Rap Sheets at a Windham and a New London Board of Education meeting. I had also sent copies to every Connecticut State Legislator and to several education reporters in the state.
    In spite of having been interviewed by Ms. Julianne Hanckel of the New London Day, during which the three of us in attendance provided her with hundreds of documents supporting our claims, the story of Adamowski’s corruption went unpublished. Additionally, we have heard nothing from the State Legislators. Adamowski seems to be the Teflon Reformer in spite of his corruption and lack of professional ethics and qualifications. No uncertified teacher would ever be hired; Adamowski never even tried to become certified as Superintendent. Adamowski bullies his way through Boards of Education; no one stands in his way.
    We must start the process of ridding ourselves of him.

    • Magister

      Perhaps the judge who sued Vallas would be interested in seeing these documents.

      • Apartheid First

        It’s not the judge. I believe that the case in Bridgeport was brought by 2 residents based on the fact that Vallas works for that city/those taxpayers, and that he did not fulfill state-mandated certification requirements for the job. One must begin locally. Now that Adamowski works for the state, I am not sure how/who can sue him. But we should determine that. Given his penchant for secrecy and his avoidance of public forums, Adamowski clearly thinks he is above/outside of/beyond the law. A tyrant, as I said!

        • Rose Reyes

          As his charge to act on behalf of the BOE’s wouldn’t he also be held accountable to the same procedural checks and balances? Would the BOE’s file complaint?
          BTW BM where is that rap sheet??

  • Apartheid First

    The situation in Windham is truly a tyranny, with all the School Governance Councils ignored, the Board of Education cast aside, and parents utterly disenfranchised. Steven Adamowski does not even have a stacked Board of Ed, as Finch and Vallas do in Bridgeport; he does not have a Hartford BoE with a few elected members who actually research the claims and debunk the worst aspects of reform (like Robert Cotto)–no, here in Windham it is one man rule.
    The Board of Education was never consulted on the Norwich Free Academy deal, which will result in hundreds of thousands of Windham tax dollars going to a semi-private school far outside of the district, with no exchange possible (and one family stands to get over $100,000 in NFA tuition paid for their children, with no checks or balances–no lottery; in fact, while at the STEM magnet it is unclear whether there will be sibling privilege, at NFA Adamowski pronounced that one family gets to send all their kids there, at Windham’s cost, so I guess Adamowski does listen to one parent!). The BoE never heard of the Parish Hill deal–correction, the Region 11 BoE for Parish Hill heard, discussed, and voted on it, but Windham received nary a word! And this is, again, a one-way deal.
    As for Turnaround and the Commissioner’s Network–School Governance Councils are merely window dressing. Perhaps the endless mindless trainings led by Leadership Greater Hartford are for the purpose of buying time–until Adamowski finds enough complaint stage parents to stock the SGCs with–who will then vote for Achievement First or the Jumoke “best practices” charter school of profit as the turnaround model of choice.
    Legislators, where are you?

    • Rose Reyes

      Legislators? Our reps wrote up the regs for this jokester. And they won’t back down, admit their mistakes. Where’s the eval/audit on such a concept (SM)? As consumers, when we will demand back our money?

  • Charliepuffers

    Still amazes me that Kishimoto didn’t realize she was being set up to take the fall for the mess Adamowski left behind. Behind closed doors I’m quite sure Adamowski put the kabash on Tim Sullivan as a replacement because Tim would have exposed some of the nastiness. Kishimoto was in no position to reveal the truth since she helped create the fraud.

    • JMC

      Excellent observations!