Moales Empire Collapsing, Moales’ state funded childcare sites being foreclosed on

Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr., the bullying, flamboyant chairman of the Bridgeport Board of Education and former campaign treasurer for Mayor Bill Finch, is finally facing the music as he and his church are being served with foreclosure papers on all of his church’s properties, including the buildings that house the taxpayer-funded day-care centers owned and operated by his mother and sister.

Once considered virtually untouchable, the Malloy and Finch ally has served as the outspoken leader in the on-going effort to make Paul Vallas the permanent superintendent of schools in Bridgeport, despite the fact that fact that Vallas doesn’t have the legal credentials to serve as Bridgeport’s superintendent.

Fighting to implement the will of Governor Malloy and Mayor Bill Finch, Moales and the other loyalists on the Bridgeport Board of Education have worked unceasingly to support and protect Vallas and his education reform efforts

But at the same time, more and more public dollars have been flowing to daycare centers operated by Moales’ mother and sister.  As a result of Governor Malloy’s actions, the amount of public money going to the Moales family has increased to approximately $1 million a year.

Since the daycare centers rent space from Kenneth Moales, Jr. and his church, Moales himself has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of this public spending.

But the dark storm clouds that have hovered on the horizon have now moved directly over Moales and his financial empire.

A new lawsuit, brought by the company that loaned Moales at least $8.2 million to build one of his churches, seeks to immediately foreclose on all church properties.

Foundation Capital Resources, Inc. a company that lends money to fundamentalist churches is presently delivering the lawsuit to Moales and all of the other entities that Moales owes money.  The lawsuit was filed with the Bridgeport City Clerk’s Office within the last 48 hours.

The foreclosure lawsuit seeks a deficiency judgment against Moales and his church and the immediate possession of all the church’s properties including;

  • The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit – Home of the War Cry  located at 695 Union Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • The Love Christian Academy located at 729 Union Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • The Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, Kingdom’s Little Ones Academy and the Bishop Moales Fine Arts Center at 1243 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • The Kingdom’s Little Ones Christian Daycare at 1277 Stratford Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • The House of Virtue on Central Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06607

The full list of properties to be foreclosed upon include: 1209-1211 Stratford Avenue, 1221 Stratford Avenue, 1231-1243 Stratford Avenue, 1259-1263 Stratford Avenue, 1273 Stratford Avenue, 851 Central Avenue, 852-854 Central Avenue, 316 Deacon Street, 1065-1081 Central Avenue, 1044-1046 Central Avenue, 1054-1056 Central Avenue, 1062-1074 Central Avenue, 685-695 Union Avenue, 715 Union Avenue and 729 Union Avenue.

With many of the properties, the lawsuit not only seeks the properties in question, but any and all personal property located at those properties.

The lawsuit also lists other parties that have pending claims against Moales’ and his church including at least a half-dozen construction contractors, HOP Energy LC, the Community Bank of Bridgeport and the State of Connecticut’s Department of Revenue Services.

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And Surprise: Bridgeport Board of Education votes 5-3 to ask Pryor to waive Paul Vallas’ Certification, Bridgeport Board of Education Committee votes 3-2 to undermine our nation’s democratic traditions.

  • Apartheid First

    Wow. Maybe Moales can go to the school his child attends, the exclusive Fairfield Country Day School (perhaps I, a mere plebian, have the name wrong, I’m not in the ivy-league prep nursery school loop) and beg to have all the children currently attending his family’s daycares enrolled. After all, Moales seems to know a good education when he sees it. It’s just too bad young children in Bridgeport cannot enjoy a quality education; they are not deemed the equals of Moales’ own children, nor the children of Fairfield county’s plutocrats.

  • Castles Burning

    As always, very detailed reporting. Comments on the anticipated impact of his financial situation on his political credibility??

  • 1987tsd


    Bridgeport…where the circus never left town.

    • Linda174

      Time to turn around and reform the holy moly tabernacle…bring in the MFA, Missionaries For America.

      • brutus2011

        Big smiles.

  • JMC

    Wow, this is huge! Great reporting and writing, Jon!

  • Guest

    This financial irresponsibility is truly disconcerting. Here we have an elected official who cannot keep his financial house in order. Moales provides a paid for service to the community and due to his financial irresponsibility will put many children and parents out of the child care they need. As big an asshole Moales is, parents rely on that childcare service.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    When you have Board of Ed representatives like Holy Moly and Hernan Illingsworth who feed off the empty bucket of Bridgeport and CT tax dollars they are not serving the children of Bridgeport….they are milking them. They are vampires at the trough of the public trust. Good appointments Finch, Malloy, and Pryor. Keep up the good work. Maybe you should begin vetting Holy and Hernan’s replacements. Maybe Ernie Newton and Christina Ayala should apply……they would fit!