Education reform industry becomes cash cow for former Malloy aide

When Roy Occhiogrosso left his job as Governor Malloy’s $160,000 a- year-advisor and mouth-piece late last year, he re-joined Global Strategy Group, a political consulting firm that had worked on Malloy’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

And with that move, the education reform industry’s cash started pouring into Occhiogrosso’s company.

In just the last few months, Occhiogrosso and Global Strategies Group have signed contracts with Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now, Inc. (ConnCAN) and A Better Connecticut, the new education reform front group that was co-founded this year by ConnCAN’s CEO.

ConnCAN is the charter school advocacy lobby group that was created by the same donors who helped Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor; develop Achievement First, Inc. the charter school management company that now runs schools in Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island.

Occhiogrosso and Global Strategies were first hired by ConnCAN for $35,800 to develop a survey that would show widespread support for education reforms and Malloy.  The profit for a survey like the one completed is in the range of $25,000 or more.

Then, with the survey in hand, A Better Connecticut provided Occhiogrosso and Global Strategies with a $200,000 contract to coordinate a PR campaign which spent $2,138,700 in April and May.

The official reports filed by A Better Connecticut with the Office of State Ethics fail to disclose whether Occhiogrosso and company are also collecting the traditional “buyers fee” for placing the advertising.  Usually advertising companies collect a 15% fee when placing television and other advertising.  Whether that $300,000 fee is on top of or part of the $200,000 contract isn’t clear.

What is clear is that education reform organizations are spending record amounts to thank Governor Malloy and lobby for his education reform initiatives and as a result of those efforts no one is benefiting more financially than Malloy’s former chief advisor and his company.

  • cindy

    We really need to have every organization going forward sign disclosures:

    Full Disclosure:
    When doing business with the State of Connecticut, Governor Malloy or the Connecticut State Board of Education, please disclose if you have any prior direct or indirect connection with any of the following: The Gates Foundation, Teach For America, Pierson, Arne Duncan, The Broad Foundation, The Walton Family, ConnCan, etc.

    If so, could you disclose how this relationship benefits your
    organization, if you receive funding, and if so how is that funding

    Many thanks for your full and transparent disclosure.

    Have I left anyone out?

  • buyoldandprosper

    Global Strategies? The same firm that the youngest Malloy spawn interned with? King Dan should reveal what the compensation was, just to show he cares about honest government…like Queen Cathy and her gig with GHAC. She makes close to $200K in spite of having very few skills with an organization/budget of that size and in spite of getting “hired” in the worst recession in modern history…it is public knowledge. And we know Dan, being a Yankee, cares about open and honest government.

  • msavage

    Yeah–Roy O is another sociopathic, snake-like, conscience-less, scum-bag, thieving loser. No surprise there. Check out an interesting article equating the amount of money cut from public education funding to the amount of money shirked by sociopathic, snake-like, conscience-less, scum-bag, thieving large corporations via “legal” tax-avoidance methods:

    • buygoldandprosper

      You don’t seem to care for the old maggot, Roy…

  • buygoldandprosper

    Speaking of cash…LET THE SPENDING BEGIN!!
    Debtor-Dan is spending like a drunk sailor. Vote buying the legal way by spreading public money all over the state…money he does not have.
    Check you local papers. No doubt someone in your town will be on the receiving end.

  • buygoldandprosper
  • buygoldandprosper

    Little tiny Connecticut stands out again!

    I sure am glad that Dan is spending $60 MILLIOIN++, PER MILE, for the busyway he envisioned.