Malloy at “conference” in Chicago hanging out with major education reform advocates…

The Hartford Courant headline reads, “Malloy In Chicago Talking Education,” while the CT Mirror headline informs readers that, “Malloy in Chicago to lead NGA education forum.”

The CT Mirror explains, “Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will be in Chicago on Monday and Tuesday to help lead an education forum for the National Governors Association.”

The Courant’s take on the trip is that, “Malloy will join U.S. Sec. of Education Arne Duncan, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and former North Carolina Gov. James Hunt at the event, which lasts two days. Among the topics to be discussed “building coalitions to accelerate momentum and results” and “developing and supporting effective teachers and leaders” and “reallocating resources to improve achievement and attainment.”

However, undoubtedly those descriptions were provided to Connecticut media outlets by Malloy’s press operation because it turns out they left off a few important facts…such as the truth.

What wasn’t included in the material provided to the Connecticut media was that the invitation only 2013 Governors Education Symposium is being hosted by the James B. Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy.  In fact, it is the fifth time the Hunt Institute has hosted the National Governors Association Education Symposium.

The Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy is named after North Carolina education reform advocate James Hunt.  The Hunt Institute’s executive director is Judith Rizzo, who served as the deputy chancellor for instruction for the New York City Public Schools.  A leading “reform advocate,” Rizzo takes credit for the creation of the Chancellor’s District that allowed the city’s chancellor to take over control of the city’s lowest-performing elementary, middle, and high schools.

Governor Malloy’s Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor brought in a “graduate” of that program to run his Connecticut turnaround program.  Debra Kurshan presently serves as Pryor’s turnaround chief.

In addition to their executive director, The Hunt Institute’s Board of Directors includes a number of major education reform politicians and advocates including former Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri who is credited with bringing Education Commissioner Deborah Gist to Rhode Island.

Gist, a supporter of Jeb Bush’s right-wing, Chief’s for Change superintendent group, is also attending Malloy’s event.  Chief’s for Change and Gist support the major expansion of charters, school vouchers and other privatization efforts, as well as on-line virtual education programs and the creation of massive and comprehensive student data collection systems to track all students.

Another leading presenter at this year’s “2013 Governors Education Symposium” is Mark Kramer, the co-founder and managing director of FSG, a consulting firm specializing in strategy, evaluation, and research.  FSG’s clients include the Chicago Public Schools, DC Public Schools, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, New Jersey Charter Public Schools Association, New Schools for New Orleans, New York City Leadership Academy, Newark Charter School Fund, and NewSchools Venture Fund.  Before starting FSG consulting, Kramer was the President of Kramer Capital Management, a venture capital firm.

You can see the full program here:

And the issue briefs for the conference here:

The Hunt Institute’s major funders include, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Broad Foundation, The Lumina Foundation for Education, The Southern Regional Education Board, Achieve, Inc., Alliance for Excellent Education and the GE Foundation

But as one out-of-state media outlet reported, the Hunt Institute is best known for being “one of the biggest advocates of the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.”

It is a sad commentary that Governor Malloy decided not to share the real details about his trip to Chicago.


  • Linda174

    Arne and Dannel, dubbed the patron saints of testing by Ravitch meet again. One edushyster takes care of the other. This hijacked reform movement has noting to do with children, teaching and learning. This is about the boys making a name for themselves. Follow the money and watch for their future appointmetns when they are no longer sucking off the public teat.

  • paulbogush

    NGA is divided into NGA and NGA Center for Best Practices. The Center for Best Practices makes for some interesting research.

  • Apartheid First

    I wonder if Malloy will be offering some glowing reports about Achievement First and their draconian disciplinary practices–all in the name of higher test scores. Disabled students, be shamed! You do not have the right culture for Achievement First! Where are the Jumoke numbers, by the way? I would imagine that they have a better PR operation (wasn’t that aspect led by Andrea Comer?), so that no pesky reports about suspending kindergartners and depriving disabled children of their rights need ever become public. “We do whatever it takes,” says Michael Sharpe.

    • Linda174

      All FUSE and AF schools need to stock up on the white tshirts for ostracizing baby scholars in the reorientation room. Follow the procedures or else test takers!

    • Apartheid First

      I wondered why there were so many copies of “A Clockwork Orange” on Dacia Toll’s and Michael Sharpe’s shelves…! It’s a school reform classic.

      • Apartheid First

        Here’s a link (School Reform Culture Room):

        I think there’s a cameo by Pryor.

  • jschmidt2

    I think Malloy would be a great Secy of Education in the Obama administration. Just think of what havoc he could do on a national level.

  • buygoldandprosper

    So! SOMEBODY did pay for dinner! We knew it was not Dan. Deep pockets and very short arms.
    Is there no backside he won’t shove his nose into prior to 2014? The state of Connecticut pays HOW MUCH to the Governors Association so Dan can get away from Cathy (who works sooooo hard!) a few nights a year.
    I REALLY hope that every voting educator is watching his antics as Douche-Bag Dan is out for himself first and last. And remember, ANYONE but Malloy in 2014.
    Back to the private sector for Dan so he can enjoy the havoc he haswreaked. Where did his kids go to school, again? When they were in public schools was there any favoritism for King Dan’s spawn?

  • buygoldandprosper

    Police: Traffic Stop Yields 34,500 Bags Of Heroin– WATERBURY

    Dan is out of town but will be conflicted…competition eliminated, that’s good! Product on the streets that is not taxed, that’s bad!
    Waterbury. If there is a cesspool bigger than Bridgeport it is Waterbury. Big John Rowland probably made the call and got her busted to protect local markets. The “favor” will boost his state retirement income.
    And this has to do with Dan in Chicago? Nope. I’m just ranting at the whores in this state.
    Watch street prices for junk in Connecticut…they will not be affected, unlike your gas in July!

    Connecticut is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!