Silence from Finch as his campaign treasurer embarrasses himself and his allies

The fact that Mayor Finch hasn’t spoken out against Kenneth Moales is almost as disturbing as Moales’ behavior.

As reported in the Wait, What? post, And in Bridgeport, the winner is Finch’s Campaign Treasurer, Kenneth Moales, Jr., earlier this week the five Democratic Board of Education members loyal to Mayor Bill Finch elected Reverend Kenneth Moales Jr. as the new chair of the Bridgeport Board of Education.

Close to the end of the last Board of Education meeting, when one of the non-Finch allied members had the floor and was introducing a motion to censure Moales for what she called “insensitive, disrespectful, disparaging, racist and stereotypical” comments that Moales had made, Moales went – quite frankly – berserk.

Moales has displayed similarly bizarre or erratic behavior at previous meetings.  At one point he confronted Maria Pereira, one of the other members who have opposed Moales, Vallas and the Finch faction, by suggesting that she was on Ritalin or you’re special ed.”  At another time he referred to Sauda Baraka as Tonto.

Despite the outrageous behavior, there was no apparent effort to get Finch’s lieutenant under control.

This time, according to a story in the CT Post, Moales shouted, “Welcome to the new administration…I’d like to make a motion to adjourn. Can I get a second? Welcome to Kenneth Moales Jr.’s administration. The meeting is adjourned, in Jesus’ name have a great night. Welcome to the new revelation.”

Of course, his motion was out of order and no formal vote was taken, but four of the five Democrats stood up and walked out.

Moales then returned to the meeting and confronted the author of the censure motion, Sauda Baraka saying, “I assure you, you will regret doing that in front of my wife and kids.”

Now the CT Post has weighed in on Moales and his behavior.

In an editorial entitled, School board’s future depends on new leader, the paper wrote of the last board meeting;

“To no one’s surprise, the board elected the vice chairman, Kenneth Moales, with the same 5-vote majority that determines nearly every major decision that comes before the board. What happened next surprised almost everyone, as board member Sauda Baraka raised a motion to censure Moales for what she called a series of inappropriate remarks at previous board meetings.

Moales’ response, his first action as board chairman, was to talk over her and proclaim: “Welcome to Kenneth Moales Jr.’s administration. The meeting is adjourned, in Jesus’ name have a great night. Welcome to the new revelation.”

Somehow managing to make matters worse, Moales then approached Baraka as the meeting was breaking up and said, “I assure you, you will regret doing that in front of my wife and kids.”

The chairman of the board threatened a fellow member, in plain sight. Even in Bridgeport, that’s not something you see every day.”

The editorial went on to observe, “It is up to Moales, the duly elected leader, to make things right on the board. That doesn’t mean shutting down meetings when things don’t go his way, or talking over dissenting voices. And it certainly doesn’t include threats to fellow board members, or anyone else.”

But despite the various media reports and a demand by Baraka that Finch speak out; there has been nothing but silence from Bridgeport’s chief elected official.

That silence speaks volumes.

  • buygoldandprosper

    Bill Finch? The one who was caught on tape guaranteeing Chris Murphy the election? What do you expect?
    Bridgeport is the cesspool of Connecticut. Bill Finch and Malloy are a perfect example of why nappies and politicians need to be changed frequently, and for the same reason.

    • Apartheid First

      This Bridgeport stuff has me thinking I’m watching a B-movie (or C)version of The Big Easy… appropriate that Vallas is now in B’port.

  • Sleepless in Bridgeport

    Of course you will hear nothing from Finch….Maybe his adolescent Deputy Mayor for Educational Embarassment will make a statement. As John Belushi said in Animal House “What this calls for is a stupid and insignificant gesture”. It is truly all about the money. Pray for Bridgeport.

    • Apartheid First

      What a great comment–on so many levels!
      Deputy Mayor for Educational Embarrassment! animal house! Just wow.
      By the way, what is it with these invented posts? Deputy this, chief that?

      • JMC

        Great and relevant comment SiB. And AF, your own very scintillating and effervescent comments recently have been a pleasure, too.

  • Bridgeport’s educational leaders are the embarrassment of the nation–that is the BOE, Superintendent and his jokers—and my taxes actually pay for this crap—come on parents–get with it and oust these phonies-they take your money, yet have no substance—I will be talking to the powers that be–SOON–and if nothing changes–then we will proceed with legal action, which I abhor–but might be necessary in this case–and if Mr. Vallas or anyone else is serving in their position illegally–then they must be removed and made to pay back any salary or benefits that they have received to date–this is sickening-accountability for everyone, except those in charge–I will have a better idea of what is going on this Thursday–and if it is not copasetic–we will get busy–Tom
    I am basing my actions and thoughts based on the validity of the comments made on this post–I have confidence in Mr. Pelto to only state facts -and I will proceed accordingly–Tom Burns -New Haven Teacher