Courant’s Jon Lender sheds light on Malloy’s PAC

For Wait, What readers who were intrigued by yesterday’s blog post entitled, “If money is the “mother’s milk of politics”, Governor Malloy’s cup runneth over,” Jon Lender, the courant’s legendary investigative reporter, has taken an even more detailed look into the recent activities of Governor Malloy’s Political Action Committee…or the political action committee that appears to be connected with Malloy.

As noted in my blog yesterday, Governor Malloy, and a number of Connecticut’s highest ranking public officials, attended a fundraiser last night at the home of Alan Lazowski.  Lazowski is the owner of LAZ parking, and the recent recipient of a multi-million dollar development contract given out by a commission that the Governor controls.

As the Courant notes, “Lazowski is CEO of Hartford-based LAZ Parking, one of the biggest parking operators in the country. In May, LAZ began a $990,980 contract to provide valet parking for patients at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington – a pact that has several renewal options that could extend it six years beyond its initial one-year term…”

Prosperity for Connecticut PAC has already raised over $200,000 thanks to more than a dozen fundraisers over the past year.

Lender’s news article sheds new light on a variety of issues associated with the PAC and its activities, but the most interesting part of the whole article was the official response from Malloy’s gubernatorial spokesperson.

In response to a statement of concern about the PAC by the Republican State Chairman Jerry Labriola, Malloy’s media staff told Lender, “Jerry’s histrionics aside, this fundraiser was not set up by the governor, but he agreed to attend along with many other political, business and community leaders. He’s attending this event for the same reason he attends any number of similar events: he is the chief elected official of the state,” said Andrew R. Doba, Malloy’s director of communications.

As usual, it seems the people who speak for the Governor can’t utter a single statement that doesn’t begin or end with bullying, threatening or insulting language.

Not to mention, this is definitely NOT just another PAC, nor was it an event that the Governor just happened to stop by at.

The invitation made it clear the event featured the Governor and the Governor has been the primary draw at the PAC’s other fundraisers.  Furthermore, it is well-known among the power elite that this is “the Governor’s PAC.”  An observer need only look at the names of the high-ranking lobbyists who have given to this PAC.

Definitely take the time to read Lender’s piece.  Although many of the quotes are in “political speech,” some of them are extremely telling.  There is absolutely no doubt that between what they said to Lender and what shows up in these political action committee reports we’ll be hearing more about this group and its activities.

You can read Lender’s piece here:,0,3461857.story

  • msavage

    When I read the article this morning and first read that quote associated with Andrew Doba, I thought for SURE there would be an attribution to Roy O. at the end. But nope, it’s ANOTHER member of Malloy’s administration speaking about another legislator in an insulting manner. We all behave like juveniles sometimes. Lord knows I’d be the first to admit that I do. But if I were lucky enough to have a high profile job paying that amount of money, you can bet I’d control my juvenile inclinations when acting in an official capacity. That kind of behavior should NOT be coming from the “director of communications” for the top legislator in the state. GROW UP, PEOPLE! This is the top office for the state of Connecticut, not junior high school!

    • Criot92

      Jerry Labriola is not a legislator. He’s a political employee of the Republican Party. He’s not a state official.

      • jonpelto

        True – although he is a public official and while name calling is part of political campaigns there has been a tradition to refrain from doing that in government settings

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        • sharewhut

          Sadly, gone are the days of “with all due respect to my esteemed colleague across the aisle”
          And before everyone starts posting “It’s the ‘s fault ” it goes both ways.

      • msavage

        Whatever–doesn’t change the fact that this is juvenile behavior from a representative of the governor–again.

        • jonpelto


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    • Suesylvester

      This is Connecticut behaving in a juvenile manner and bullying is SOP for our leadership!

  • JMC

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s…..Dannel Malloy! Who ya gonna believe, your lying eyes… or overpaid Malloy attack flack Andrew R. Doba?
    Hey Andrew, have you figured out yet that your Gov is an utter failure?

    Kudos to Jon Lender. Hmmm…is the passion for truth and journalistic excellence somehow related to the name Jon?

  • JM

    I’m sorry—I have to post this somewhere.

    On Patrick Riccard’s blog (don’t ask me why I was there) – his recent post starts with…

    “Too often, education reform discussions focus just on the hard facts.”

    I’ll leave it with that.

    • jonpelto

      Now that is a great quote

      Stupid facts

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  • Linda174

    Read this….this is disgusting and sickening. We can not reelect this buffoon. The norms and rules do not apply to these people. It IS time for a revolution.

    • msavage

      It’s not just Malloy–it’s Kennedy, UConn President Herbst, Calhoun, Auriemma, and dozens and dozens of other people who believe that they are worth more than ten times what the average CT citizen is making. And the people who make excuses for a system that pays a CEO millions, a university president half a million, a coach millions, and a teacher $40,000.

      But Yay! Another recruit for the revolution!

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