Remember when merging CSU & Community Colleges was going to save money so they could hire more faculty…

They said it was all about adding faculty for Connecticut’s public colleges. While the number of students had increased dramatically, the number of full-time faculty had declined by 10 percent over the past eight years.

First came Malloy’s merger of the Connecticut State Universities and the Community Colleges.  The promise was that the plan would save at least $4.3 million, money that would then be used to hire new faculty.

State Senator Beth Bye, the legislator’s strongest advocate for the merger, echoed Malloy’s claim, writing in a commentary piece that, “One financial benefit of the governor’s proposed overhaul is that an estimated $4.3 million is saved by eliminating duplicative administrative costs…” Senator Bye added that the savings would be used to add faculty.

Then came the tuition increases.  The cost for an in-state student attending one of the Connecticut State Universities and living on campus jumped to $19,119.

But Mike Meotti, Governor Malloy’s point person on the merger, and the Executive Vice President of the Board of Regents promised, “This recommended increase will allow our state colleges and universities to hire additional faculty…”

Meanwhile, Governor Malloy’s own spokesman called the increase “fairly modest” and defended the decision to raise tuition during a recession saying that the money would be spent on new faculty.

But today, the Board of Regents announced that the $5.5 million that they pledged to use to hire at least 47 new faculty is being eliminated as a result of Governor Malloy’s recent $14.4 million cut to the new system.

As noted in today’s CTMirror, “A letter from the college system’s chief financial officer instructed college presidents not to move forward with hiring the new positions the appointed Board of Regents for Higher Education approved three months ago.”

And surprise, surprise, the CT Mirror found that “the Malloy administration was not immediately available for comment” on this recent development.

At this point, since Malloy took office last year he has cut state spending on public college and universities by more than 14%, reaffirming his position as the Governor who has made the deepest cuts in the history of Connecticut’s public higher education system.

The result being that, once again, Connecticut students and parents are left paying more and getting less.

The CTMirror story can be found here:

  • Getting sick and tired

    The more I read about politicians, superintendents, and boards of education the more I think that they are the ones to be given standardized tests in the various content areas to see how well they understand their respective fields and what their jobs entail. Then I think the MMPI should be given to inform the voters of their personality traits and finally a lie detector test to see how much truth they will tell. Finally they should be held accountable to their respective constituents by paying back or doing time for any type of harm they do to the state, city, town, or school system.

    • msavage

      All great ideas, in my opinion. Is it time for the tar and feathers yet? Hot oil? Pitchforks?

  • Suesylvester

    Personally, I think when they talk to us they should say..”it’s our best guess at this time” The statements made compared to the actions taken clearly identify that is what they are doing…guessing.

  • sharewhut

    Does AF have plans to move into the Post-secondary education field?
    I’m sure Malfoy is set to hand over the system.
    “Welcome to the AF Central Connecticut State University, brought to you by Microsoft”

  • David

    Wasn’t Pryor in the paper today looking for charter school applications/interest to open 4 new schools? And where is this monies coming from?

  • Whether its the CEO and top executives of Citibank or the CT Board of Regents you don’t see any reduction of their incomes when it comes to tightening the belt. No, its lets have the worker bees that remain do more with less. Its a scary slope we are sliding down in this state and country

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